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God Reigns In The Heart Of His people

God is especially present in the hearts of His people, by His Holy Spirit; and indeed the hearts of holy men are temples in the truth of things, and in type and shadow they are heaven itself. For God reigns in the hearts of His servants; there is His Kingdom.

Singing Him Praises For All He Did For Us In October, Worshipping Him For All He Will Do For Us In November

Father lord, I join my brothers, sisters to magnify, honour, praise, adore You for all You did for us throughout the month of October, so many started the 1st of October with us but so many could not see this last day of October, we exalt You,  Father lord, Their is no other God expect You, You are the omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotent, we thank You for the gift of life, good health, great provisions, great protection throughout the month of October, we thank You for Your great grace that sailed us through the month, we glorify You For Your great mercies that has granted us the privlege, honour to see, testify, live, dwell in the month of November, we pray that Your reign of grace without limit will flood our lives with great grace,  hopes, direction, leading of the Holy spirit,  gift of life, good health, great provisions, supplies, empowerment, inspiration, wisdom throughout the month of November, we pray that Your throne will usher us into unlimited arena of greatness, fruitfulness, increase, prosperity, success, promotion, change in this month, we pray that our faith, confidence, trust in You will take a new dimension in this month, may everything concerning us be filled with unlimited testimonies, miracles throughout this month. Amen.

Surrendering All Glory To The Master Of The Universe

Father, we appreciate all the love, care, kindness that You showed us throughout this month, we exalt, worship, magnify, adore You for giving us the privlege to witness this last day of the month, so many began the month with us, some didn’t see half of the month, some saw half but couldn’t see this last day, we only made it by Your special grace and by blood of Christ that sailed us through, You are ever worthy Abba.

Father, we are more than greatful for Your mighty hands that protected us all way through, we thank You for Your divine protection, Guidance that saw us through all days throughout the month, we glorify You for covering us under the shadows of Your great wings even at the point where our human nature was limited and the enemies were ready to swallow us up, Your throne intervened,  conquered every devourers for our sakes. Amen.

Abba, we praise You for Your great provisions, supplies upon our lives all way through, even at the points, where we don’t know how to make it through, Your grace intervened, restored hopes unto us, Your divine abundance granted us the opportunity, privlege to dwell, abide, live in the reign of Your great  plenty, fruitfulness all way through. Amen

Worshipping Him For A Great Month Spent Under The Light Of His Glory.

Father lord, I join my brothers, my sisters to celebrate, honour, worship Your Majesty for Your great love upon our lives throughout the month, we celebrate You(Jesus, we celebrate You Abba) for all that You have done for us, we thank You for causing us to shine, excel, prosper, successed and we thank You for causing those that wished us failure to come back, celebrate our victory, our crown and glory, we thank You for Your mighty hands that protected us throughtout the month from every evil influence of the enemies, we worship You for given Your Angels charge to direct, lead, empower, inspire us throughout the month, their is no one like You, their is no one to be compared to You, You are more than worthy Lord, we praise You for supplying us with far more than we needed according to your abundance in glory throughout the month, we can do nothing without you, we need You to reign in our lives far more than ever before, more than we can carry, we pray that our lives shall speak of Your great works all our days. Amen.

We Surrender Our All, All And All To You

Prayer Of Freedom Over All Persecuted Christians.

Father lord, I join my brothers, sisters to pray for all persecuted christians, we pray Lord that as You are the One that called them to Your throne, fight their battles that they will hold their peace, strengthen them through this trial times, we pray that this trials shall be a ladder to reconstructing of their faith, confidence, believe in You, You, You alone, we pray that You shall grant them strength that of a camel to labour in prayers day, night for as many that You direct them to, wisdom, understanding to preach  hope to the world through Your gospel, we pray for the greater portion of Paul, Silas grace upon as many that are locked up for the sake of the gospel, we pray that as many that are persecuting them,  use them in mysterious ways to win, bring, yield, convert those souls to Your throne, on grounds, where they are not allowed before to preach Your word, may Your word become a great pillar, a gateway to those grounds, communities, nations, we pray that You will restore, renew, promote, bless, favour them all the days. Amen.

You are The Potter, We Are The Clay

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