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Praying For Grace To Crossover.

Father lord, I join my brothers and sisters to declear and proclaim that You have been so good to us throughout the year and we pray that You will deliver us from 2010 and through Your grace usher us into 2011.

Abba, as we all wait on You, may we all remember all Your wondrous works upon our lives, thank You for blessings us, for those You used to bless us and for the ones, You use us to bless.

Elohim, we honour You for all Your faithful servants, You brought on our way and used them to bless and empower us, we pray that all Your faithful servants all over the globe, we pray that You will usher them all into 2011 and that You will increase Your ever flowing grace upon their lives in 2011.

Mighty Man In Battle, we pray that You will fight every battle the enemies will wage tonight in other to stop us from crossing over, fight our battles that we shall hold our peace into 2011 and cause us to praise our way through to 2011.

Great Giver, we pray that You will give us a great grace, strength, mighty and power as we waiting upon You into 2011.

Another Year Is Dawning.

We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.
2 Corinthians 5:8

Recommended Reading
2 Corinthians 5:6-8

“Another year is dawning,” prayed the hymnist, “dear Father, let it be, on earth or else in heaven, another year with Thee.”

The Lord has brought us through another year, for which we’re thankful.

But we’re not promised another one on earth.

 If the Lord chooses to take us home at some point in the future, that’s not a bad prospect.

 Paul said he’d rather be “present with the Lord.”

Note that he didn’t say “in heaven.

” Yes, he was going to heaven, but his primary focus was seeing Jesus.

 The golden streets are real, but they simply lead to the throne where Jesus is.

 The Celestial City is awaiting, but it would be hollow without the presence of Christ.

 We can’t wait to bathe in the Crystal River, but it’s only possible because we’ve first bathed in the fountain filled with blood.

 And while we’re eager to see the loved ones who have preceded us, we want to see our Savior first of all.

Whether on earth or in heaven, may your New Year be blessed!

The dear ones in glory, how they beckon me to come…

But I long to meet my Savior first of all.

Fanny Crosby

Psalm 119

By David Jeremiah.

Taking Control by Letting It Go.

“I will put my trust in Him.”-Hebrews 2:13Taking Control by Letting Go.

Every Tuesday morning I meet with the Creative and Donor Services teams of the Crystal Cathedral. Before we discuss the weekly tasks at hand, we first talk briefly about our devotional reading for the week.
 Recently, we read, “Faith is- Riding Wild Horses” (p. 194, Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People, by Dr. Robert H. Schuller).
Dr. Schuller describes learning how to harness events that seem out of our control.


One wonderful staff member, Joanne, shared a time when she had actually gone horseback riding as a young girl.

Joanne is athletic (she’s been accomplished in dance and ballet all her life), but, at the time, riding a horse was an all-new experience to her.

She told us how, during the ride, her horse suddenly broke loose of the pack and began to run.

Joanne had never been on a running horse before.

She said her first reaction was fear.

The fear caused her to tense up, becoming rigid and upright in the saddle.

 But, quickly, her natural athletic senses (and the very brief “dos and don’ts” she’d heard at the stable) took over.

She remembers letting go of her fear by relaxing and leaning into the motion of the graceful horse beneath her.

 Bending her knees, she began to enjoy this new and thrilling experience.

Many scriptures in the Bible encourage us to praise and trust God in ALL things: “My praise shall be continually of You” (Psalm 71:6).

Hebrews 2:12 says, “In the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You.

” And Job goes so far as to say, “…though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him!” (Job 13:15).

What marvelous unexplored possibilities and opportunities are ours to discover when events seem to slip out of our control?

When they do, go with it, lean into the motion that God creates… or allows to take place…in your life.

Look for positive opportunities in all of life’s circumstances.


Lord God, sometimes things feel crazy, totally out of control. I claim Your grace and guiding hand, Jesus Christ.

 Open my eyes and my heart to the excitement or the discovery of learning something new from the fears and challenges I now face. Amen.

* * *

Reflect upon a time when you lost control. Over the course of these events, as you look back, what positive benefits were created for you and others when this happened?

By Jim Coleman

Closing Well.

 Finishing Well


For twenty-five years I have directed Texas Rangers baseball.

And all of those seasons have taught me a valuable spiritual lesson from the National Pastime.

I have learned how important it is to be a good closer.

In baseball parlance, the “closer” is the pitcher who comes into the game in the last inning to protect the lead and finish off the win.

 It all comes down to the closer.

 If he does well the collective efforts of eight position players and the pitchers that proceeded will have a happy ending.

 If the closer fails, all of that effort is wasted.

 There is nothing more demoralizing than playing a great game for eight innings and seeing it all blow up in the last one.

So what is the spiritual lesson learned from a baseball closer?

Closing out well is critical as a follower of Christ.

 I am praying and seeking to be a good closer in my faith walk with Jesus.

 Sadly that is not a given. Many great men of the Bible did not finish well.

 They allowed the efforts of many around them to end in frustration and anguish because they did not close well.

 The honest portrayal of human success and failing is something I love about God’s Word.

 It is one important aspect that makes the Bible unique and real.

The successes and failures are equally displayed.

 Men with great stories still managed to not close well.


 How about the story of Saul?

 How sad to hear words like this at the end of your journey.

“How foolish!” Samuel exclaimed.

 “You have disobeyed the command of the LORD your God.

 Had you obeyed, the LORD would have established your kingdom over Israel forever.

 But now your dynasty must end, for the LORD has sought out a man after his own heart.

The LORD has already chosen him to be king over his people, for you have not obeyed the LORD’s command.” (1 Sam 13, NLT)

Imagine when the prophet came to Eli and proclaimed this dire message.

What a kick in the spiritual gut this must have been.

“Therefore, the LORD, the God of Israel, says: The terrible things you are doing cannot continue!

 I had promised that your branch of the tribe of Levi would always be my priests.

 But I will honor only those who honor me, and I will despise those who despise me.”

I would be willing to imagine that Saul and Eli were planning on closing well.

They had moments of great leadership and fellowship with God.

 But they couldn’t close.

 You know that Saul’s story ended in madness.

The results for Levi’s sons were horrific.

His family needed a man who could start well, stay strong, and close it out with integrity and faith.

I want to finish strong.

 I want to close this journey with an effort that honors the One who was willing to finish for me.

Paul understood athletics.

Sports can be a good metaphor for life and he knew that well.

At the end of my life race I have a couple of options that I could hear.

a) You were running a good race.

Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?

 That kind of persuasion does not come from the one who calls you. (Gal 5)

b) You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. (2 Tim 4)

I choose b) for the words I want to hear.

I pray that I will close well.

Scripture Of The Day: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”2 Timothy 4:7

By Dave Burchett.

Thanking Him For Grace To End Well.

Father lord, I join my brothers and sisters to praise, worship and adore You for when 2010 began, You were with us, by Your grace we abideth in You and You alone all way through.

Uncreated Creator, we adore You for the beginning of this year was predestined by Your word, our destined was secured under Your Supremacy, we honour You for honouring us all the way through the year.

Elohim, we bless You Lord, for shaping, organising, programming this year for our good, benefits and betterment all way through, cause Your grace of abundance made everything fall in place in our own favour.

God of Abundance, we magnify You for even though we started so little this year, we worship You for our future all the way through has been fruitful, flourishing, blessful, empowering and inspiring and above all we have You in our lives all way through.

Wonderful Maker, we praise You for given us the understanding to know that obeying You Lord is the fundamental of a wise living, we honour You for given us grace to live wisely all through the year, we adore You for by Your grace, we acquire good moral insights, praise be to You forever and ever more.

Awesome One, we honour You for the end of the matter of 2010 is far greater than the beginning,  we magnify You for bestowing the virtues of patience and for taking pride out of our lives.

Alpha And Omega, we praise You for declearing that it is done and that You are the Beginning and the Ending, we worship You for giving us a certain measure of grace to finish well, we love You for giving us the power to overcome and be crowned in victory all way through the year. Amen.

Too Late!

The beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom.

The rich man also died and was buried.
Luke 16:22

Recommended Reading
Luke 16:19-31

The same Bible that teaches about heaven warns of hell.

 In our Lord’s story of the rich man and the beggar, the latter served God faithfully on earth, but suffered an incurable skin disease and had to beg for food.

 The rich man, on the other hand, fared sumptuously every day but evidently had no relationship with the Lord.

 In a flash their respective earthly lives ended, and their roles were reversed in eternity.

The problem wasn’t primarily economic but spiritual.

 The rich man had previously had access to the Scriptures–“Moses and the prophets” (verse 31)–but had paid no attention.

 He was too busy buying things.

We only have a few remaining hours in this year to think about heaven and hell, only a day to make a lasting decision for Christ.

 Listen to Moses, the prophets, the Lord Jesus, and the voice of the Holy Spirit.

 Give yourself wholeheartedly to Christ today, while you still can and while there’s still time.

What does it profit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

The saddest road to hell is the one that runs under the pulpit, past the Bible, and through the middle of warnings and invitations.
J. C. Ryle

Ephesians 4-5

By David Jeremiah.

Becoming More Christ-Like (3).

 “… we become more and more like him.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18 TLB

 To make us more Christ-like God will use His Word, other people, and difficult circumstances.

God’s Word provides the truth we need to know, God’s people provide the support we need to grow, and difficult circumstances provide the environment we need to show Christ-likeness.

 If you apply God’s Word, connect regularly with other believers, and learn to trust God in every situation, you will become more like Jesus.

 Count on it; it will happen! You say:

1) ‘Some days I wonder if I’ll ever get there.

‘ Spiritual maturity is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

 It’s a gradual, progressive development that will require commitment and discipline.

‘This will continue until we are… mature, just as Christ is… ‘ (Ephesians 4:13 CEV).

 Even when you falter and fail, God will be faithful to you.

 He is committed to your spiritual growth as long as you are!

2) ‘Sometimes I wonder if I’ve chosen the right career.

‘ All of us have times of doubt and confusion.

 Don’t worry about it.

 God’s more concerned about your character than your career, because you’ll take your character into eternity with you.

The Bible says: ‘… Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.

 Instead, fix your attention on God.

 You’ll be changed from the inside out…

 Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you’ (Romans 12:2 TM).

 Every day you must make a decision, a counter-cultural decision to focus on becoming like Jesus.

 As you do, God’s indwelling Spirit will empower you to carry it out.

By Bob Gass.

We All Matter (2)

 “How good… when [people] live together in unity.” – Psalm 133:1 NIV

 Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

And creating positive synergy means having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, focusing on the right goal.

After World War II, Chester Nimitz, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, wanted to keep alive public interest in naval aviation.

As a result the Blue Angels Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron was created and performed its first exhibition within the year.

 To this day the team has clear objectives.

 They select only qualified candidates who consistently operate at peak performance.

 After being carefully screened, a pilot must receive sixteen votes from the existing members.

 If one votes no, the candidate is out of the running.

 No reasons or explanations required-that’s the level of trust and respect the members have for one another’s judgment.

 As a Blue Angel your teammates become like your family, and when a new member is enlisted you’re entrusting him with your life.

Making the squad isn’t a one-shot deal either.

You’re responsible for playing your part, demonstrating your value and pursuing excellence on a daily basis.

You have to earn the right to wear the crest.

 Nothing short of total commitment is accepted. So, would you qualify to be a Blue Angel?

 Are you a sole-trader or a team player? Are you loyal and reliable?

When the chips are down, can others rely on you to put their interests ahead of your own?

By Bob Gass.

We All Matter (1).

  “… God has arranged the parts… just as he wanted them… ” – 1 Corinthians 12:18 NIV

 Ever tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing?

 It changes the end result, doesn’t it?

In the church God is building today, everyone has a place.

Paul writes, ‘… the whole building… fitted together, is growing… ‘ (Ephesians 2:21 NAS).

A bundle of sticks is stronger than a single twig.

 So, ‘… in Christ we… form one body, and each member belongs to all the others’ (Romans 12:5 NIV).

A non-serving Christian is a contradiction in terms.

 In Nehemiah’s day, the Tekoites were farmers who helped repair the wall, ‘… but their nobles would not put their shoulders to the work’ (Nehemiah 3:5 NRS).

 Bricklaying wasn’t part of their job description, so they let others do the heavy lifting.

 We all know people who subscribe to that philosophy!

 Never underestimate the significance of your assignment.

 ‘… parts… that seem… least important are… the most necessary’ (1 Corinthians 12:22 NLT).

 Think about who’s more important: a world leader or a sanitation worker.

 When Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, although he was the leader of the free world, it was ‘business as usual’ for the nation.

Conversely, when Philadelphia refuse collectors went on strike the city descended into chaos as piles of rotting refuse built up everywhere.

 The point is, you don’t have to be a seminary graduate to pray and read the Bible, or a prophet to hear from God, or a specialist to minister to hurting people.

 To do great things for God, be faithful in little ones (Luke 16:10).

Until you are willing to serve time on the assembly line, God can’t promote you to management!

By Bob Gass.

Are You Too B-U-S-Y?

  “… that Satan might not outwit us… ” – 2 Corinthians 2:11 NIV

 Addressing a worldwide convention of demons, satan told them:

 ‘As long as Christians stay close to God we’ve no power over them, so:

 1) Keep them busy with non-essentials.

 2) Tempt them to overspend and go into debt.

 3) Make them work long hours to maintain empty lifestyles.

 4) Discourage them from spending family time, for when homes disintegrate there’s no refuge from work.

 5) Overstimulate their minds with television and computers so that they can’t hear God speaking to them.

 6) Fill their coffee tables and nightstands with newspapers and magazines so they’ve no time for Bible reading.

 7) Flood their letter boxes with sweepstakes, promotions and get-rich-quick schemes; keep them chasing material things.

 8) Put glamorous models on TV and on magazine covers to keep them focused on outward appearances; that way they’ll be dissatisfied with themselves and their mates.

 9) Make sure couples are too exhausted for physical intimacy; that way they’ll be tempted to look elsewhere.

10) Emphasise Santa and the Easter Bunny; that way you’ll divert them from the real meaning of the holidays.

11) Involve them in ‘good’ causes so they won’t have any time for ‘eternal’ ones.

12) Make them self-sufficient.

 Keep them so busy working in their own strength that they’ll never know the joy of God’s power working through them.

 Do these twelve things faithfully.

 I promise-it’ll work!

‘ Have you figured out the difference between being busy and being successful in what God’s called you to do?

 Sometimes being B-U-S-Y just means Being Under Satan’s Yoke!

By Bob Gass.

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