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Main Text: Joshua 3:5, Numbers 11:18, Ex 13:12, 1Chr 15:12, Rom 6:1.

“And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for to morrow the LORD will do wonders among you” Joshua 3:5.

From the above scriptures, it appears God was giving Joshua the recipe for a brighter and wonder filled tomorrow (future).

They were to wash themselves and their garments, meaning that they were to abstain from everything that might pollute their minds from a profitable attention to the miracle about to be wrought in their behalf for their tomorrow.

In essence, they will have to sanctify themselves, which literally means a separation or setting apart from something’s and consecrate unto God.

To sanctify anything is to declare that it belongs to God.

Do you belong to God?

God wants us to look at our lives and consider the strength of our existence and the basis of our lives on the earth.

Our lives fall or stand as a result of what or who we commit our lives to.

It is always the business of God to bless and prosper us; on the other hand the enemy of our soul has made it his business to not just steal the blessings of God from our lives but also bent on killing and destroying our lives.

The devil is defeated!!

Everyone of us has a tomorrow to look forward to, while some are hopeful of a blissful tomorrow, some are already hopeless and defeated before their tomorrow comes Understand that there is a condition for you to fulfil in order to see the wonders of God in your tomorrow which is sanctification and total commitment to God.

How much you become relevant, and how much you continue to remain relevant in today’s world depends on your tomorrow.

A man’s tomorrow is determined on three (3) folds:

1. The basis of your life

2. The power behind your life

3. The covenant that is dominating your life.

There is a wonderful relationship between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday lies in the realm of the past

Today lies in the realm of the present

Tomorrow lies n the realm of the future

You may have no power over your yesterday and your today but you can actually do something about your tomorrow.

The tragedy of humanity is not securing your tomorrow; the tragedy is doing nothing about your tomorrow.

If you do nothing about your tomorrow, your tomorrow will do something about you whether you like it or not.

What you become tomorrow will be a product of what you decide today.

Those who will not put up a fight concerning their tomorrow will never possess their tomorrow; rather their tomorrow will possess them.

The wonders of tomorrow are the function of the preparation of today.

It is foolishness to seek the glory of God when there is no preparation for it.

For some Christian’s lack of preparation has made them to become victims instead of victors that God created them to be.

I dare you to pause for a moment and take a hard look at your past and present and let it be a catalyst to motivate and give you the impetus that you need to be in the driving seat for your tomorrow (Future).

It is no longer in God’s hands; He has giving us the condition; it is firmly in your hands what you decide to do today to bring about a wonderful and glorious tomorrow.

There are so many Christians that would be possessed by their tomorrow, because they would enter into it without the proper and adequate preparation.

Are you getting yourself into gear for your tomorrow that will be filled with wonders?.

Waist no more time, begin to sanctify yourself by purging yourself from every sin of omission and commission and make a firm decision that you will live your life for God and by God’s standard.

May God direct help from above for you this week.


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