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Adelola Tamunotonye Olaore, alias, ex-militant, extort money, General Africa
By SaharaReporters, New York

The State Security Service (SSS) today paraded a suspect, ex-militant Adelola Tamunotonye Olaore, alias “General Africa” over a plot to assassinate and extort money from Senator Aloysius Etok in Abuja.

Senator Etok is the man that Governor Goodswill Akpabio openly admitted having rigged into office, although the Senator has said his election was transparent.

But Senator Etok also occupies the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial Seat, the same seat that the governor covets in 2015 when he cannot run for a third term, giving the impression it is merely being held in trust for him.

The suspect, who was born in Port Harcourt, hails from Okeho in Kajola Local Government of Oyo State.  He confessed to having been contracted by three of Governor Akpabio’s loyalists to assassinate Senator Etok.  In order to convince the Senator [he was not lying] he offered to furnish him with details of the Governor’s purported Bank Account and Energy Company in South Africa.

Adelola said that he wanted to broker peace between Governor Akpabio and Senator Etok, having followed the political wrangling between the duo over the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial Seat.

He confessed to having used the political rift to extort money but he was apprehended by the security operatives.

That development following a directive from the SSS to the Senator who had written a letter to the service titled “REPORT OF THE PLANNED ASSASINATION BY A MAN WHO CALLS HIMSELF GENERAL AFRICA (AN-EX MILLITANT)”

The Senator was asked to play along with the suspect, leading to his arrest on April 29.
Governor Akpabio, a personal friend of President Goodluck Jonathan, has made it plain he will represent the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District in the Senate in 2015, an ambition that has the entire Peoples Democratic Party machinery in the state behind him, including a faction of the legislature which recently adopted a resolution warning Senator Etok they will only support Akpabio’s Senatorial candidature in the forthcoming election.

Speaking recently in an interview about the political manipulations in Akwa Ibom State, the Senator said, “That is what happened during my second term struggle that as soon as they knew I was going to contest, my wife was kidnapped. After the release of my wife, my mother in law was kidnapped.

“When she was released, she died because of the torture she received in the hands of the kidnappers. As a result of that my father in law died out the heart break. Therefore, I also want Nigerians to ask Governor Akpabio what I have done to him. I have not done anything to him. I want all of you, like I am going to send a petition to the President, to ask Governor Akpabio to let me be. That his hit squad which he has resurrected should let me live. If anything happens to me, I want the world to know that Governor Akpabio is after my life.”

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