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By GTB Management

Dear Colleagues and Esteemed Stakeholders: We have been paying a lot of attention to your reactions to the post by Mr. Junaid Korede Agbabiaka (JKA), on work­ ing conditions at Guaranty Trust Bank PLC and are deeply humbled by the passion and intensity of your comments, which confirm your interest in the success of our great organization.

As always,we appreciate feedback from all our stakeholders regarding how we can improve our performance as an organization and continue to adhere to the values for which we have become known over the last 22 years; Excellence,Professionalism,Discipline and Integrity.

Our every action and decision as an institution,including those reached after our recent appraisal exercise are in line with the Bank’s corporate strategy, which was adopted in November 2011.

This operational approach requires that a defined percentage of the lowest performing employees be asked to leave annually to create room for new individuals and fresh ideas as part of an ongoing rejuvenating programme.

You are however our valued stakeholders and we are listening to your suggestions and advise.Kindly know that each comment you have taken time to post here is being given utmost attention, as we strive to truly further improve ourselves as individuals and as an institution.

We have therefore set up a dedicated URL for you, to get responses to all grievances and enquiries,whilst calling on you to make suggestions on how best we can sustain Guaranty Trust Bank pic as a Proudly African andTruly international institution.

Once again, we thank you for your support and presently have people online to discuss areas of concern with you.
Thank you.

Yours Faithfully



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