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Faithless Fear.

He himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion, and they woke him up, and told him, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are dying?” – Mark 4:38

These words imply that the disciples thought Jesus did not care about them in their danger – that He was neglecting them by sleeping while they might die. This was not true at all! They were never safer than they were that moment, in the middle of the storm. The boat the Lord traveled on could not sink . Faith should have trusted despite the darkness.

Yet don’t we also, at least in our hearts, say the same thing to our Lord? When we are in a difficult time and He does not come to save us; when we seem about to be crushed by the waves of adversity, and no relief comes down from Him. Do we never say, “Jesus does not care that I’m dying” ? When we pray so hard and long that a heavy burden would be lifted and no answer comes, does the thought arise in our minds that Jesus doesn’t hear us?

Such a complaint is never just. Sometimes he may notseemto care. The disciples had some lessons to learn. One was how helpless they were in the face of a dangerous world. Another was that Christ alone could deliver them. They could not learn these lessons except in the storm with their Master asleep. Like the disciples, we have lessons we cannot learn until Christ withholds his help for awhile. Sometimes He hides Himself for a season just to teach us faith, but He is never indifferent to us. He never neglects or forgets us. He always pays attention and at the right moment He comes to help us.

We should learn to trust our Lord so strongly that any time we are scared we can have peace from our worry knowing that He will take care of us.  After all, no matter what happens in this life we are assured of salvation and eternal peace and joy in the next!

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: June 23rd…

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Psalm 96-100 1 Kings 11:14-12:24 Acts 15:22-41 Psalm 77:10-20

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