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A Vaulted Tale.

And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshipped Him.
Matthew 2:11

Recommended Reading
Acts 17:22-31 ( )

J. Edgar Parks wrote about a man named George Mason, a banker who inadvertently locked himself in his bank vault on Christmas Eve. He didn’t get out until the morning after Christmas, when he slipped out sheepishly but silently as the door automatically swung open. What bothered him most was that nobody had missed him. He had been so detached from Christmas preparations that not a single person had noticed his absence. He resolved to never again “miss” Christmas.

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Few people are ever locked in a bank vault, but lots of people miss Christmas. They may party, spend, give, receive, and concentrate on the things of the world. But none of that speaks of the essence of Christmas. The true celebration of Christmas is when we ponder afresh the grace of God who became human, entered history through a virgin’s womb, and brought redemption to the world. Pondering these things leads to prayer, and prayer leads to worship, and worship leads to obedience and joyful service.

If you’re in a vault of your own making — busyness or bitterness or business — break out of it. Worship Christ the Newborn King.

Titus 1-Philemon 1

By David Jeremiah.

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