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A New Year to Make Amends.

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.
James 5:16

Recommended Reading
James 5:13-20 [ ]

In 1955, Joe Rota got a job as an elevator operator aboard the transatlantic ocean liner, the  SS United States.  On his first day at sea, the elevator door opened and in walked legendary actor Burt Lancaster with his two young sons. Without thinking, Rota shouted, “Burt!” The actor was visibly disturbed, protectively putting his arms around his boys. Rota realized his outburst had been inappropriate. Later when he saw Lancaster glance at the elevator and then head for the stairs, he followed him. “Mr. Lancaster, can I talk to you a moment?” he asked. He explained he was new on the job and had been surprised to see the actor. “I have to apologize,” said Rota. Lancaster smiled and said, “That’s perfectly all right. I understand. Take me up.” From that point, the two were friends.1

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Sometimes we inadvertently disturb someone. We say something we later realize was inappropriate. Determine here at the beginning of the year to make amends. A humble word of apology can heal a relationship as quickly as it was damaged.

Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
Benjamin Franklin

1Steven Ujifusa, A Man and His Ship (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2012), 328.

Exodus 8-13

By David Jeremiah


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