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Natural to love…

By Pastor Bobby Schuller

“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.”
-Psalm 103:8

If you are able to be the type of person that can receive love from God, have your deep, empty, desperate chasm filled with God’s life and love and goodness, something happens to you where you naturally start to love your neighbor.

It’s a very uncanny thing. You may know what I’m talking about. Something happens where you have an incredible quiet time or prayer time, and then all of a sudden, it’s just natural to love people that are near you. You just care about them and genuinely want to help them, and you’re more available, and more interruptible. It’s a wonderful thing.

Because God is love, when you love someone, he or she experiences God. Love is the affect that God has on our world. It’s like electricity. We all know the affects of electricity, although we can’t see it or taste it. It’s like wind. We can’t see wind but we see its affects. And love, when you see love, something from God is going on there.

Prayer: Dear Lord, as I experience your love, I become more available to others – to help them, to care for them, to love them. Amen.

Reflection: After you have spent some alone time with God, how does your heart change towards others?


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