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More  Nigerians have continued to express their support for the convening of a  National Conference to discuss critical national issues.
Joining this call is a group of professionals from the South-South  and South-East. They are, however, of the view that there should be no  general elections until the conclusion of the conference.
Addressing a news conference on Thursday in Lagos, the group faulted  the Nigerian Constitution, insisting that the proposed National  Conference should be subjected to a referendum which would lead to a new  constitution for the country.
The Deputy President of South-East, South-South Professionals, Nuhu  Yakubau, said, “The only logical way to go is to subject the outcome of  the national discuss to a referendum of the people so that the  referendum would decide by ticking on every point. That is the  referendum that we should be subjecting the National Dialogue to and not  to the National Assembly.”
The Group’s President, Emeka Ugwu-Oju also added, “We are saying that  we the people are not going to be stampeded into any deadline that we  must have an election in 2015.
“What is the election for? The election is to get the mandate of the  people. So the people say let’s fix our house because the mandate we’ve  been giving have been leading us into a dead end”, He said.

Source: Radio Biafra.

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