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By SaharaReporters, New York

Kano State members of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the Congress for Political Change (CPC) that collapsed into the All Progressives Congress have refused to defect with their leader, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“We wish to make it categorically clear today that we are not leaving the APC for any political party,” the Leader of APC Kano Caucus and Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon Suleiman Kawu, said at a press briefing today. “We have sacrificed a lot and have come a long way in the struggle to emancipate our people from the bondage of PDP misrule.”

Their declaration followed an announcement earlier in the day in his home by Shekarau, the immediate past governor of Kano State, that he was leaving the APC for the PDP.

Making their position known, the legislators said that the birth of APC became imperative due to the fact that the PDP-led government has held Nigeria and Nigerians to ransom for almost 16 years with no visible development.


They called on the leadership and all the party faithful to ensure transparency, fairness, internal democracy and adherence to the rule of law and laid down procedures, towards providing a level playing ground for party members to realise their individual ambitions without hindrance.


Said the APC Kano Caucus members, “At this crucial stage of our journey, we will not look back, or backtrack, we will not look sideways, we will not leave our beloved APC for anything else.”


Stressing their disappointment with the PDP, they said, “Today under PDP, we are witnessing unprecedented level of corruption, insecurity, poverty and political instability in Nigeria more than ever before. We therefore see the coming of APC as an opportunity to right the many wrongs of the PDP and once again put Nigeria back on the pedestal of growth, development, economic prosperity and make it an egalitarian society where rule of law and social justice prevail for the common good.”

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