Prayer zone for a better, empowering, inspiring, promoting, prospering, progressing and more successful life through Christ Jesus

By Soyombo Ayomikun

A solemn gathering
Of minds burning for change
Both young and old
Seeking to light the path into tomorrow
That was my picture of the National Confab

Then I heard
That 492 souls will be gathered
Invited to come with empty pouches
As ripe gold awaits to be carted away
At the National Confab

Allegedly 9 million naira goes
To each man that gets the slot
As if it were some ‘ghost contracts’
In a land where diseases and poverty daily strikes
The weak ones labelled ‘masses’

A storm of pains
Whirled within my heart’s chambers
As I sensed that a gathering of ‘Judases’
Is about to be baptized
At the National Confab

I’m now seeing pictures
Of men gathering to drink our good roads
Of souls converging to eat our education
A buffet of deceit and lies
At the National Confab

We have journeyed
A long long way
Than to now be making a joke
Of what should be a glorious venture
A conference of Nigeria’s brightest minds

We don’t want a gathering of vultures
Devoid of passions or dreams
We don’t want an assembly
Of souls infested by greed
At our National Confab

The Confab we want is that of sacrificial hearts
With no gains of coins or gold attached
With no remuneration that will lure in ‘Judases’
A confab of the weak,the strong, & the mighty
With beautiful dream-filled hearts…for Nigeria!!!

Soyombo tweets from @alabaster85

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters


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