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Loving kindness…

By Bobby Schuller, Hour of Power Pastor

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own…”
-1 Corinthians 6:19

In the early centuries of the Roman Empire, at the first onset of disease, sick people were pushed away, and thrown into the roadways before they were dead. They treated unburied corpses as dirt hoping to avert the spread and contagion of fatal diseases.

By comparison, Dionysius, who was a bishop of the early church, said that most of our brother Christians, however, showed unbounded love and loyalty, never sparing themselves and thinking only of one another. Heedless of danger, they took charge of the sick, attending to their every need, ministering to them in Christ. Then, when infected by others, they departed this life serenely happy for having drawn unto themselves the sickness of their neighbors, cheerfully accepting their pains. Many, in nursing and curing others, transferred their deaths unto themselves, and died in their neighbor’s stead. The best of our brothers and sisters lost their lives in this manner. A number of presbyters, deacons, and laymen won high commendation so that death, which was the result of great piety and strong faith and seemed in every way the equal to martyrdom.

The loving kindness of the first and second century Christians is what unraveled the selfishness of Pagan culture.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to shed my selfish nature by considering, first, the needs and cares of others. Amen.

Reflection: How do we show this Christian loving kindness today?


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