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Fuel for the fire…

By Bobby Schuller, Hour of Power Pastor

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to humankind by which we must be saved.”
-Acts 4:12

Many of us find ourselves caught in this idea that “salvation” means that God has just barely accepted me. I was hanging by a string over a fiery furnace and God just barely rescued me from that fire. But that’s not the truth.

When we’ve received salvation, when we’re saved by grace, it means that from the moment you were born, God took pleasure in you, God smiled upon you and said, “That’s my kid! I love my kid! He/she’s wonderful, so wonderful to me.”

Even as you have sinned, made mistakes, God wants desperately for you to turn and live in the fullness of his life. His grace means living in the total joy, rapture, and delight of God’s good pleasure.

Grace is fuel for the Christian fire.

Prayer: Dear Lord, knowing that you look at me through eyes of fatherly love lifts me up and encourages me to live fully the life you have given me. With that love in my heart, I am emboldened to share your love with others, especially with those who do not yet know you. Amen.

Reflection: With the fuel of God’s grace in your life, what is your picture of living “the fullness of his life”?


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