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Full Circle.

Cursed is the ground… And there shall be no more curse.
Genesis 3:17; Revelation 22:3

Recommended Reading
Philippians 1:20-26 [ ]

In a well-crafted novel, a problem is usually introduced in the opening pages, often involving life-and-death matters. A plot then unfolds with twists and turns, all connected with a heroic protagonist. Then the story climaxes and concludes in a way that satisfies the reader.

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The Bible isn’t a novel, but it  is  inspired by a Master Author. In its opening pages we’re introduced to a set of terrible problems. The plot unfolds with twists and turns, centered around one heroic personage — Jesus Christ. The book concludes with the story coming full circle in a satisfying way.

In Genesis 1-3, humanity is separated from God by a serpent and by sin, and a curse falls over creation. In Revelation 19-22, sin is dealt with, the serpent condemned, paradise restored, and God’s people eternally satisfied. In the New Earth, the curse of sin will be reversed, revealing once again the beauty God designed for us. No curse will spoil the new creation, and no dullness will dim our eyesight. So we will see it. How wonderful to read God’s Book, knowing it is all written for us to claim!

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.
C. S. Lewis, in  Mere Christianity

Deuteronomy 9-11

By David Jeremiah.

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