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A parent’s love…

By Bobby Schuller, Hour of Power Pastor

“Which one of you, if your son would ask for a loaf of bread, would give him a stone? Or if he asks for fish, you would give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to you whom he loves?”
-Luke 11:11

When I became a dad, I realized what God’s love could mean for me.

I take great pleasure in my two kids. I do not take pleasure in them because they merit it. It’s not as if they do good works for me. They don’t have to finish a list of good things before I say, “Oh, I take so much pleasure in them and love them so because of what they did for me.” I would never say that and I would be a bad father if I did.

I’ve looked at my children since the day they were born and, with real pleasure, I say I love them. I see my daughter sleeping in her bed and I think she’s just so beautiful. I adore her so much. I see my sweet son, and I just want to kiss his chubby cheeks.

Do my children do something in order to earn my love? Do I see them as horrible, barely hanging on and, because of that, I allow them to stay in my house, eat my food, and sleep under my roof? No. I adore them with all my heart. I cherish them. I know that, even as they become adults, if they were to fall and walk away, even then I would still adore them. With all my heart, I would want them to do the right thing because I love them and want them to have happy lives.

This is how becoming a parent has helped me understand God’s love towards me and towards you, as well.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am your child. I am loved by you in even greater ways that a parent loves his or her offspring. I open my heart to receive your perfect love. Amen.

Reflection: How does your perception of God’s love change when you compare it to a selfless parent’s love?

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