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The Truth About Angels.

You may learn in us not to think beyond what is written.
1 Corinthians 4:6

Recommended Reading
Acts 12:5-11 [ ]

New York Magazine recently carried a story on the evolution of angels. Years ago, angels were primarily creatures we read about in the Bible, heard about in missionary stories, and saw on Christmas cards. Until a hundred years ago, they were typically portrayed as male; but gradually they became increasingly feminine and beautiful, and now the media and retailers often portray them sensually. Angels have also become New Age symbols of mysterious charm. Even some Christians get caught up in angel mania and go beyond biblical teaching on this subject.

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Remember: The Bible is our only factual, definitive, trustworthy source of angelic truth. We don’t have to be speculative. Our culture is fascinated by angels, but too many people make angels into something they’re not — just as they often do with God. Rejoice in the reality of angels and study the truth about them in the Bible. But be cautious about going beyond what Scripture says on this subject (while being equally cautious not to neglect anything the Bible does teach us).

Ignorance of angels and their actions is inexcusable, seeing the Scripture speaks in no uncertain terms about them.
Herbert Lockyer, Sr., in  All the Angels in the Bible

Joshua 1-4

By David Jeremiah.


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