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Become that person…

By Pastor Bobby Schuller 
“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”
-John 15:8
Jesus was talking to farmers when he said, “You’ll know them by the fruit.” When I lived in Oklahoma, I loved farmers. Farmers have a good way of seeing the world.
I used to go fishing with my buddies in the summer, often near to farms in the woods. We’d knock on a farmhouse door and ask the farmer that answered, “Can we go fishing in your pond?”
The farmer would look us up and down, and he’d say, “You look like good men. You can fish on my land.” Somehow, he just intuitively knew we were not going to harm his land. 
The farmer sees the world in a way that’s simple, the way Jesus would want us to view life. He wants us to judge people, especially those speaking into our lives, by their fruit. He wants us to surround ourselves with people who live lives as fruit bearers. He doesn’t want us to be tricked by people who speak well and are attractive, but are grumpy, angry, legalistic, selfish, greedy, or negative in any way. 
Surround yourself with people who remind you of Jesus, and then become that kind of person.
Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to identify those people in my life who are fruit bearers. I want to surround myself with these people to help me become more like you. Amen.
Reflection: Is there someone in your life you consider a “fruit bearer”?


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