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Praying For His Will Of Deliverance Upon Us Over Every Spirit Of Doubt.

Giver Of Hope, Lord God, I join my brothers and sisters to thank, reverence and praise You, for by through the hope, we have in You, through Christ Jesus, we are able to be still, calm and at peace even in the midst of our circumstances and tribulations and from today, tomorrow and forever more, we pray that Your peace will continue to dominate our lives, as long as we have breath in us, this we pray and believe in Jesus name. Amen. 

Great Revealer, Father,  we command every works and manipulations of the enemies that are trying to hinder Your revelations in our lives to cease, Lord Jesus, we beseech Thee to remove every veils that is covering our hearts, spirits and bodies and prevent us from seeing You as You are but Father, we beseech Thee to open our spiritual eyes to be able to behold Your glory, supremacy and revelations and may Your glory transform us into what You want us to become, this we ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Giver Of Covenant Blessings, Lord, we pray Thee to deliver us from every tools of doubts, that the enemies is trying to use against us, in other to hinder the flow of Your covenant blessings and we ask for forgiveness, in every areas, we have considered yielding to doubt and from today, we receive a certain measure of grace to live, walk and abide in obedience to Your promises to Your elites and as we do so, we pray that Your covenant blessings will out run and overflow in every phases and areas of our lives, this we ask and recieve in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord Jesus, we decree, declear and proclaim that You are Our Rivers Of everflowing abundance and we are fully persuaded that their is no lack in You, cause Your name alone represents abundance and we pray this day that Your abundance will flow and continue to run in our lives, for You are the good Shepherd and we employ You to continue to be our Shepherd, so that we shall not want and finally today, Lord Jesus, we beseech Thee to remove every lacks and emptiness and fill us with Your eternal abundance, this we decree, pray, believe and receive in Jesus name. Amen, Amen and Amen.

Praying For Confidence To Trust In God`s Divine Protection.

Giver Of Grace, I join my brothers and sisters to pray for grace to wait patiently on God to save us, for we will depend on Him and Him alone, for He is to be trusted above every reasonable doubt and above every human understanding.

Our Saviour, we pray Thee and Thee Alone to protect and save us, for You are our our Defender and we shall never never be defeated but instead, we shall always celebrate and jubilate in victories at all times and in all seasons, as Your throne has numbered our days to be.

Great Rescuer, we pray that You will rescue us from every forms and works of attacks that the enemies, has been using against us for so long and we pray Thee to scatter their defense, bring them to their knees and may shame be, their portion, all their days.

Great Remoter, we pray that You will bring the evil ones down, from their place of honor to a place of shame, disgrace and powerlessness, and we pray back to sender to all their works, manipulations and incantations, may their wickedness return back to them in a trillion folds. Amen.

Praying For Grace That Comes With Outstanding Confidence.

Receiver Of Our Praises, I join my brothers and sisters to praise You, Abba, how wonderful, You have showed Your love for us and we pray that when ever we are surrounded and attacked, we pray that You will fight our cause and give us peace through Your love.

Grace Giver, we pray that You will give us a certain grace to overcome fears in every aspect of our lives, we pray You will hear our cries and when ever we call for help, we pray that You will give us grace that comes with outstanding help to win, overcome and conquer.

God Of Faithfulness, we pray a certain grace and wisdom to love You fully and be faithful to You in all seasons, we pray that You will protect as many that are faithful to You but punish the proud as they deserve.

Courageous One, we pray that You will give as many that believes in You a certain grace to be strong and courageous at all times, all seasons and in all the days of their lives and give them a certain outstanding hope through Your word and promises. Amen.

Praying For Certain Wisdom To Be Confident In The Lord, At All Times.

God Of Zion, I join my brothers and sisters to decree, declear and proclaim that all the days of our lives, we will worship and praise You and You alone till the very end, for we trust, believe and are confident in You.

Giver Of Joy, we will rejoice and be glad because of Your constant love upon our lives, for You know all our sufferings, You see our troubles and we pray that You will give us grace that comes with outstanding patience to wait, while You put and work out things for our good.

Freedom Giver, we pray that You will never never let our enemies capture us, for we are fully persuaded that You have given us freedom through Christ Jesus to go where we wish in accordance to Your perfect Will upon our lives.

Merciful One, we pray that You will be merciful to us, Lord change every of our sorrows to joy, every troubles to happiness, disappointment to appointment, for we are tired of the wicked turn the world to their own will, we pray that You will wipe our tears and restore every thing about us that is yet to be restored.

Change Bringer, we pray that the joy and peace of the Lord will lengthen our lives and we pray that Your grace will make us strong, bold, firm when confronted by troubles and problems but we pray Lord that You will use them and work our ways to glory, promotion, change, break-throughs and fruitfulness. Amen.

Praying For Grace To Build Our Confidence In God.

Our Great Protector, I join my brothers and sisters to pray that You will protect us in every hour, every where and any where for we trust in Your great safety and we pray that Your Eyes of protection will watch over us all our days.

Great God, we pray that all times, no matter what the situations or circumstances may be, we sing praises and worships to You because You are our God at all times, in all seasons for every thing we have comes from You and You alone.

Excellent God, we pray that You will cause us to be excellent and fruitful in all our endeavours and works and may our greatest pleasure in life be in serving You and doing Your great works.

Supreme God, we pray that You will give us grace to build, remodify our faiths in You more, more and more that no matter the circumstances may be, we shall be unshakeable and may we never see troubles that those who seek other gods see and all our days, we will worship You and You alone.

Jehovah Jireh, we declear and decree that You are all we have and You provide and supply all our needs, wants and desires and we yield, submit and commit our futures and destinies into Your Mighty hands.

Gift Giver, we thank You for all their gifts that You have given us and we magnify You for the gifts that You are still about to give us and we shall testify to the ends of the earth, how good Your gifts are. Amen.

Praying For Strength To Dwell In His Great Confidence.

Our Great Protector, I join my brothers and sisters to pray that at any point in times, we will find safety in You, You and You alone and may we pay deaf ears to all utterances of the enemies but instead we will always bounce in Your great promises.

Fighter of our battles, we pray that You will fight our battles and deliver us from all the bows and arrows of the enemies and liberate us from every of their evil shadows but may Your light shine unlimitedly upon our lives.

God of all good and perfect things, we pray that You will shiver us from every evil thoughts and desires that the enemies will lay in our hearts but by Your grace, we pray that we shall live, dwell and abide in the good works of Christ and we pray that You will give us grace to engage in good works all our days. Amen.

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