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NTEB EXCLUSIVE! First Video Of Russian Helicopters Violating Ukrainian Airspace.

NTEB has obtained from Ukrainian sources a dramatic first look at Russian military helicopters swarming over Crimea, launched from the Russian base in Anapa:

“Today (28 February) In the State Border Guard technical observation posts was tracked flying from Kerch direction at a height of up to 1 km more than 10 Russian military helicopters in Ukraine,” – said in a statement.

“At the airport” Kacha “was formalized 3 helicopter, which was filed on the appropriate application BSF.Remaining helicopters that crossed the state border of Ukraine violated the requirements of the relevant bilateral agreements”, – the report says. source – ZN UA

by NTEB News Desk

Obama Silent As Ukraine Prepares For War.

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine — Ukraine put its military on high alert Sunday in response to Russia’s move to seize control of the Crimean Peninsula, and it threatened war against Moscow if the Kremlin made further incursions into Ukrainian territory as Western powers scrambled to find a response to the crisis.


“This is the red alert, this is not a threat, this is actually a declaration of war to my country,” Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, told reporters in English, a day after Russia’s parliament approved the deployment of troops to any part of Ukraine where Moscow deems Russians are in danger. He warned that Ukraine was on the “brink of disaster” and appealed to the international community to stand by Kiev. source – NY Times

by NTEB News Desk

Aid Agency Chief: Syrian Refugees Creating ‘Regional Crisis’.

Image: Aid Agency Chief: Syrian Refugees Creating 'Regional Crisis'Syrian refugees walk among tents at the Karkamis refugee camp near Gaziantep, Turkey.

By Wanda Carruthers

In light of upcoming international peace talks between the opposing sides in Syria’s civil war, former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the numbers of refugees resulting from the war has created a “regional crisis” that demands attention.

“This is a regional crisis that demands a big international engagement,” Miliband, who is also president and CEO of aid agency International Rescue Committee, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday.

The conflict in Syria has resulted in a “scale of brutality … that hasn’t been seen for a very long time,” Miliband said.

As a result, millions of people are taking refuge in neighboring countries. He called for the international response to be “massively scaled up.”

Invitations were sent to 40 countries for a one-day meeting this week of foreign ministers for peace talks in Switzerland. Lakhdar Brahimi, the United Nations-Arab League special envoy to Syria, will moderate the meeting.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in the three-year conflict between Syrian rebels and the government of President Bashar Assad. Miliband maintained the upcoming peace talks would not end the war, but could bring attention to how the war is waged.

“I think it’s important to say that this peace conference, so called, no one believes it’s going to bring peace tomorrow. But it can address the conduct of the war, in terms of the targeting of civilians, in terms of the starving of the people in Aleppo [Syria],” he said.

Half of the Syrian population has been displaced from their homes into neighboring countries like Lebanon, Turley and Jordan, Miliband explained. He said the majority of those affected are “relatively middle-class people whose lives have been completely shattered.”

“The people caught in the middle are civilians,” he said. “The figures are what make this a potentially toxic crisis.”

“What you’ve got is kids without education. You’ve got parents who’ve lost loved ones. Sons, husbands, who’ve been killed. Who’ve lost everything at home. Who’ve been totally traumatized,” he added.

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Republicans Blame Obama for al-Qaida Resurgence in Iraq.

Image: Republicans Blame Obama for al-Qaida Resurgence in Iraq

By Drew MacKenzie

Three Republican leaders are demanding that President Barack Obama take immediate steps to help the Iraqi government quash the resurgence of al-Qaida groups that have retaken control of Fallujah and other areas in the western province of Anbar.

House Speaker John Boehner has joined with Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham in calling on the administration to “get engaged” and to stop acting, in their view, as if the situation in Iraq is no longer important to U.S. interests.

“The administration has chosen to spend much of its time and energy trying to explain why having terrorists holding key terrain in the Middle East is not the president’s problem,” Boehner said Thursday, according to The Washington Post.

“The U.S. has and will continue to have vital national interest in Iraq. It’s time that the president recognize this and get engaged.

“Precious blood was spilled . . . helping Iraqis remove a brutal dictator. That progress is now threatened. In the case of Fallujah, it’s been reversed. A status of forces agreement with Iraq should have been agreed to and this administration failed to deliver,” Boehner added.

Despite the criticism, however, the Ohio Republican said he is not in favor of sending U.S. troops back into Iraq and instead called on the administration to speed up delivery of vital military aid to the country.

McCain also weighed in on the situation in Fallujah, suggesting that the administration’s reaction to al-Qaida’s resurgence there suggest that U.S. troops who died there taking Fallujah during the war did so in vein. He blamed the resurgence on the president’s efforts to end the war as quickly as possible.

“What do we tell these young people and their families?” McCain said, according to the Post. “We have to tell them that their sacrifice was squandered by an administration that wanted to get out. The return of al-Qaida to Anbar is a sobering reminder to the administration that the tide of war is not receding.”

He joined with Graham on the Senate floor Thursday in blasting the administration for not working harder to negotiate a deal with the Iraqi government that would have kept some U.S. forces in Iraq. A continued U.S. presence there, they argued, would have aided Iraqi counter-insurgency operations and would have had a major influence on the direction of the country.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney hit back at the Republicans, saying the Obama administration is still fully supportive of Iraq and said that Boehner’s claims of U.S. lack of interest in the region are incorrect.

“Maybe he thinks that American men and women in uniform ought to be fighting today in Anbar province,” Carney said. “The president made a commitment to end the war in Iraq. He fulfilled that commitment.”

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Fall of Fallujah ‘Gut Punch’ To Marines Who Fought There.

Image: Fall of Fallujah 'Gut Punch' To Marines Who Fought ThereAn Iraqi soldier stands guard as families fleeing their homes in Fallujah wait to enter the city of Karbala on Jan. 6.

By Melanie Batley

U.S. Marines who successfully fought off Sunni insurgents in Fallujah during the Iraq war almost 10 years ago are reeling from the news that the al-Qaida-linked militants regained control of the city this month.

“I texted a couple of friends. Everyone was in disbelief,” Adam Banotai, a former Marine sergeant and squad leader involved in the 2004 invasion of Fallujah, told The New York Times.

“I don’t think anyone had the grand illusion that Fallujah or Ramadi was going to turn into Disneyland, but none of us thought it was going to fall back to a jihadist insurgency. It made me sick to my stomach to have that thrown in our face, everything we fought for so blatantly taken away,” he said.

Fallujah was host to one of the deadliest battles in the Iraq war after nearly 100 Marines were killed and hundreds were wounded. To many, the battle was a defining episode of the 12 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans of that battle are also questioning whether the mission was all for naught, according to the Times.

“This is just the beginning of the reckoning and accounting,” Kael Weston, a former State Department political adviser who worked with the Marines in the region for nearly three years, told the Times.

“The news went viral in the worst way. This has been a gut punch to the morale of the Marine Corps and painful for a lot of families who are saying, ‘I thought my son died for a reason.’,” he said.

Comparisons are also being made to the 1968 battle in Khe Sanh, Vietnam, according to the Times, when the Marine base held out against heavy attacks by the North Vietnamese only to abandon it months later.

Some are blaming Obama for not making more of an effort to keep some troops in Iraq to maintain security, while others say troops were pulled out at the wrong time and for political reasons.

“Lives were wasted, and now everyone back home sees that,” Pfc. James Cathcart, a veteran of the Fallujah battle, told the Times. “It was irresponsible to send us over there with no plan, and now to just give it all away.”

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US Embassy in Kabul Attacked on Christmas; No Casualties Reported.

KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan says its compound was hit by indirect fire just before dawn on Christmas Day. It says no Americans were injured.

An embassy official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations, says the attack happened at around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday, when “two rounds of indirect fire impacted the U.S. Embassy compound.” Indirect fire can refer to either mortars or rockets.

The Taliban claimed they fired four rockets at the embassy on Wednesday and inflicted heavy casualties. But the insurgents often exaggerate their claims.

Meanwhile, a roadside bombing in eastern Kabul wounded three Afghan policemen Wednesday.

Kabul police chief, Mohammad Zahir, says one suspect was arrested over that attack. He says police later uncovered an unexploded bomb in the same area and successfully neutralized it.

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Israel Tracks Western Jihadists in Syria, Worried About Their Return.

JERUSALEM — Israel is working with allies abroad to track Westerners fighting in Syria, concerned that such militants could attack Israeli or Jewish targets once back home, a senior Israeli official said on Tuesday.

Of an estimated 10,000 foreign combatants among rebels battling Syrian President Bashar Assad, around 20 percent are from the West and that number is rising, the official said.

“Think of a scenario, even one of them returning and getting instructions from someone he worked with, someone he fought beside, someone like [the al-Qaida-linked] Nusra Front, to carry out an attack,” said the official, who is privy to intelligence assessments. “This has been keeping us very, very busy lately.”

The official, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Israel was coordinating monitoring efforts with Western countries, whose legal options against fighters returning home were limited.

“It’s a problem [for Western authorities] to come and arrest someone just because he was in Syria. No one knows for sure what he did there,” the official said.

Security sources said Israeli officials monitoring Syria were meeting foreign counterparts more often, and Israeli diplomatic missions were scrutinizing visitors more closely.

The Israeli estimates for the number of Western combatants in Syria largely correspond to those cited in a report last week by the International Center for the Study of Radicalization, a partnership of five universities based at King’s College London.

The almost three-year-old Syrian civil war has indirectly helped Israel by diverting its Lebanese Hezbollah enemy, which has sent many guerrillas to fight for Assad’s army. Hezbollah battled Israel to a standstill in the 2006 Lebanon border war.

The official said Israel believed between 10,000 and 15,000 Hezbollah members have fought in Syria, but that it was not clear how many casualties the Iranian-backed group had suffered.

“There were many killed, wounded, but there are no numbers,” the official said. “It could be hundreds or thousands.”

“In all, their capabilities against Israel have been hurt. So their interest, for now, in opening a front against Israel is near zero,” the official said.

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