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Ryan, Republicans Blame Obama for Stalling Immigration.

Republicans are starting to lay the blame on President Barack Obama if an overhaul of the nation’s broken immigration system fails to become law.

The GOP’s emerging plan on immigration is to criticize Obama as an untrustworthy leader and his administration as an unreliable enforcer of any laws that might be passed. Perhaps realizing the odds of finding a consensus on immigration are long, the Republicans have started telling voters that if the GOP-led House doesn’t take action this election year, it is Obama’s fault.

“If the president had been serious about this the last five years, we’d be further along in this discussion,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, said Sunday.

House Republicans last week unveiled a road map for an overhaul of the nation’s broken immigration system that calls for increased border security, better law enforcement within the U.S. and a pathway to legal status — but not citizenship — for millions of adults who live in America unlawfully. The proposal requires those here illegally to pay back taxes and fines.

But one of its backers, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, said distrust of Obama poisons interest among some in his Republican caucus.

“Here’s the issue that all Republicans agree on: We don’t trust the president to enforce the law,” said Ryan, his party’s vice presidential nominee in 2012.

Ryan said a plan that puts security first could only pass the House if lawmakers believe the administration would enforce it — an unlikely prospect given Republicans’ deep opposition to Obama. The president’s waivers for provisions in his 4-year-old health care law have increased suspicions among Republicans.

“This isn’t a trust-but-verify, this is a verify-then-trust approach,” Ryan said.

Asked whether immigration legislation would make its way to Obama for him to sign into law, Ryan said he was skeptical: “I really don’t know the answer to that question. That is clearly in doubt.”

The Senate last year passed a comprehensive, bipartisan bill that addressed border security, provided enforcement measures and offered a long and difficult path to citizenship for those living here illegally. The measure stalled in the GOP-led House, where leaders want to take a more piecemeal approach.

In the meantime, Republicans have started uniting behind a message that Obama won’t hold up his end of the bargain.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said “there’s a lot of distrust of this administration in implanting the law.” And Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., last week warned that distrust of Obama would trump the desire to find a solution for the estimated 11 million people living in the United States illegally.

“We just don’t think government will enforce the law anyway,” Rubio said, recounting conversations he’s had with fellow Republicans.

Immigration legislation is a dicey political question for the GOP. The party’s conservative base opposes any measure that would create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants living here illegally, but many in the party worry that failing to act could strengthen support among many voters for Democratic candidates.

In 2012, Obama won re-election with the backing of 71 percent of Hispanic voters and 73 percent of Asian voters. The issue is important to both voting blocs.

The White House, meanwhile, is trying to give Republicans a chance to hammer out their intra-party differences in the hopes they find a way to give legal standing to those here illegally.

“We ought to see a pathway to citizenship for people,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said Sunday. “We don’t want to have a permanent separation of classes or two permanent different classes of Americans in this country.”

McDonough said the White House remains optimistic that legislation that includes citizenship could reach the president’s desk: “We feel pretty good that we’ll get a bill done this year.”

Jindal spoke to CNN’s “State of the Union.” Ryan appeared on ABC’s “This Week.” Cantor was interviewed on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” McDonough appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and CBS.


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Reports: Katie Couric Leaving ABC News for Yahoo!.

ABC newswoman and popular daytime talk show host Katie Couric is negotiating a deal with Yahoo Inc, a source with knowledge of the discussions said on Friday.

The negotiations would not affect her daytime talk show “Katie,” which is currently in its second season at the Disney-owned television channel, the source told Reuters on condition of anonymity because the talks had not concluded.

No further details were available. Yahoo did not respond to requests for comment.

The Hollywood Reporter said on Friday Couric was negotiating an exit package with ABC, where she has a role as a special correspondent for ABC News in addition to her daytime show.

While ABC would not confirm Couric’s move, an executive familiar with the situation did say she had an opportunity and alluded to a link-up with Yahoo.

“Katie is an incredible journalist and this was an opportunity that she couldn’t pass up,” the executive said.

“Thanks to the powerful association between ABC News and Yahoo we know that Katie will continue to work closely with us and welcome her on our air anytime.”

Couric joined ABC less than three years ago after anchoring the evening news at CBS, following a long stint at NBC’s “Today” show.

The Hollywood Reporter said Couric is expected to finish her daytime talk show’s second season and a decision about her future will not be made until December, when November ratings are in.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, hoping to revive growth at the struggling Internet company, has been trying to attract Internet traffic to the company’s many sites, partly by paying top-dollar for premium content. In August, the AllThingsD website reported that Mayer was personally orchestrating a Web interview show featuring Couric.

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Peter King: ‘Mutated’ Al Qaida Stronger Than Before 9/11.

Image: Peter King: 'Mutated' Al Qaida Stronger Than Before 9/11

By Greg Richter

Al Qaida is stronger than it was before the 9/11 terror attack because it has “mutated and spread” and can hit from many directions, says Republican Rep. Peter King of New York.

The former House Homeland Security chairman told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that the intercepted terrorist communications that caused the closings of 22 American embassies and consulates for a day across northern Africa and the Middle East is “a wake-up call.”

“Al Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula is probably the most deadly of all the Al Qaida affiliates,” King said.

“The assumption is that it’s probably most likely to happen in the Middle East at or about one of the embassies, but there’s no guarantee of that at all,” King told ABC.

“It could be in Europe, in the United States. It could be a series of combined attacks. It could be the same concept as the 2006 liquid explosive planned attacks where there were going to be a series of combined attacks carried out almost simultaneously. So we have to be ready for everything,” King said.

Appearing on the same show, Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, a Maryland Democrat, denied a New York Times report that putting emphasis on the terrorist threat was a good way to divert attention from the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance program.

“We have NSA people going to work every day whose purpose is to collect information against terrorist attacks,” Ruppersberger said, noting that many in the agency have died in their attempts to gather intelligence for the U.S. military. “The people who work at NSA are hardworking people who follow the law.”

King agreed, saying “It’s absolutely crazy to say there’s any conspiracy here. The government would have been totally negligent if it did not take the actions taken.”

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Soft Porn on Discovery Channel Stirs ‘One Million Moms’ Wrath.

Naked and Afraid

One Million Moms has taken on some of the biggest entities in American broadcasting to stand against immorality, violence and profanity in the media. Now it’s the Discovery Channel’s turn to feel the organization’s wrath.

One Million Moms, whose goal is “to stop the exploitation of children” with a focus on the entertainment media, has urged its members to send an email to executives at the television network urging them to cancel their weekly program Naked and Afraid, a program where cast members who are completely uncovered are dropped in the jungle with no food and no clothes.

The two survivalists, one male and one female, must endure the perils of the jungle for 21 days with only one survival item of their choice. A recent episode showed the man and the woman dropped on the beach of Panama, and neither appeared modest about their nudity. Their front sides were blurred out but not their backsides.

Eventually coverings for their genitals were made from leaves and vines, but the man and the woman were not covered completely, as the network must continue to blur out revealed body parts from time to time.

One Million Moms considers the show soft porn.

“Either Discovery desperately wanted to hear from One Million Moms or the network’s writers and producers have run out of ideas for new programs,” the organization said in a release on their website. “Discovery should be ashamed to air nudity and then call it entertainment. In fact, having the cast be naked is the basis for 50 percent of the show.

“Please send Discovery Channel an email letter urging they cancel this offensive show ‘Naked And Afraid’ immediately. Let them know the program is inappropriate and even the commercials are offensive, and so until the program is pulled your family will not be tuning into their network to avoid being exposed to nudity when there is more suitable, family-friendly entertainment available.” contains a section of its website called “successes.” It says that in 2012, ABC canceled its controversial show 666 Park Avenue because One Million Moms continuously contacted sponsors of the show. “Lack of advertisers played a huge part in ‘666 Park Avenue’ not returning for a second season,” the website says. The same held true for ABC’s program GCB after One Million Moms contacted that show’s advertisers.



Teenage Boy Expresses Dismay at Being Connected to Bombings.

A teenage boy who was apparently investigated as a possible suspect in the Boston bombings was upset at being identified in photos taken at the scene and circulated in the media, he told ABC News Thursday.

Salah Barhoun, 17, and another male were circled in a picture in Thursday’s New York Post, which said they may be under investigation for the bombing. Law enforcement officials circulated pictures of Barhoun as they tried to learn more about him, sources told ABC.

Officials are no longer investigating Barhoun or the other male in the photo, ABC reported.

Barhoun couldn’t believe his face was appearing on television and in social media.

“It’s the worst feeling that I can possibly feel. . . . I’m only 17,” he said.

Barhoun said he contacted the police Wednesday to clear his name after he saw pictures of himself on the Internet. He said he simply went to watch the race – one he originally wanted to run – and stayed to watch like thousands of other spectators.

The younger brother of Barhoun, who declined to give his name, said his mother was “sick and upset” that her son’s identity was circulated as possibly being connected to the bombings.

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Gay Agenda Makes Not-So-Subtle Inroads Into Prime-Time TV.

Grey's Anatomy
Arizona and Callie, a lesbian couple in the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy (Grey’s Anatomy)

The gay agenda’s voice is growing louder on prime-time TV—all in the name of entertainment diversity.

According to a new report from The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the number of regular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters on broadcast networks has risen to the highest ever recorded.

Indeed, more prime-time television shows are celebrating the gay lifestyle. Could this be a subtle way to further “mainstream” homosexual lifestyles that defy the Word of God? The gay agenda is celebrating the news.

“This year’s increase of LGBT characters on television reflects a cultural change in the way gay and lesbian people are seen in our society,” says GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “More and more Americans have come to accept their LGBT family members, friends, coworkers and peers, and as audiences tune into their favorite programs, they expect to see the same diversity of people they encounter in their daily lives.”

So, who’s giving airtime to the most gay characters? I was surprised by the results of the survey. ABC has the highest number, with 5.2 percent of their regular characters identifying as LGBT. Wait, what? Disney owns ABC. Disney is supposed to be a family-friendly company. For some reason, I don’t think old Walt ever imagined propagating the gay agenda, despite his imaginative fairy-tale characters.

And Fox, known for its hard-hitting conservative news broadcasts, is also on the LGBT bandwagon. Fox is in second place on GLAAD’s list with six LGBT characters, or 5.1 percent of its cast. Finally, CBS features fours LGBT characters, or 2.8 percent of its cast.

Graddick believes it’s vital for networks to weave complex and diverse storylines of LGBT people in the different programs they air. From her perspective, when young LGBT people see loving couples like Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy or Degrassi’s confident transgender high school student Adam Torres, they find characters they can look up to and slowly start building the courage to live authentically.

I disagree. I believe it’s vital for networks to weave in simple and moral storylines of characters with biblical values. That’s what’s largely missing from television today. From my perspective, when young LGBT people see television broadcasting that sends the message of God’s love and celebrates traditional morals, they find characters they can look up to and slowly start building the courage to turn away from sin and live a life for a loving God.

What say you? Should we be celebrating the gay culture on prime time TV? Or would you prefer to see broadcasting with more biblical values? Does it bother you that a Disney-owned network and a conservative bellwether are leading the charge in LGBT TV characters?


Jennifer LeClaire is news editor at Charisma. She is also the author of several books, including Did the Spirit of God Say That? You can email Jennifer at or visit her website here. You can also join Jennifer on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


Do women have themselves to blame for work-family imbalances?.


Even with economic advantages, advanced degrees  and a husband dedicated to sharing the burden, why do some working moms still feel that a high-powered career is not possible?

That is one of the central questions buzzing about the internet, our offices and dinner conversations since the Atlantic’s current cover story “Women Still Can’t Have It All,” hit a few daya ago.  Penned by a former chief policy adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the article explains her own struggles with work/life balance, as well as suggestions for how the American workplace should adjust and be more accommodating to working moms.

So, we thought we’d share some of our own conversations with you and we put together our own, admittedly unscientific focus group of working moms. ABC’s veteran White House correspondent Ann Compton, correspondent Reena Ninan, and ‘Good Morning America‘ contributor and author Claire Shipman joined Top Line’s own Amy Walter tackle the question: Can women have it all?

“I’ve always thought women can have it all,” says Compton, who  has worked full-time with ABC’s White House team for more than thirty years — through seven presidents, and four kids. The keys, she says, are flexibility and a supportive spouse.

“My generation of women have this luxury of — if you want to stay at home, and take a couple years off for your career, that’s possible,” counters Ninan. “Perhaps a generation ago, it wasn’t an option.”

Walter reminds that sometimes having it all comes with a lot of guilt — and it’s a guilt women put on themselves. “When women don’t succeed at doing all those things, they internalize it and blame themselves,” says Walter. Women beat themselves up much more than men, she argues.

“We are raised to be perfect,” says Shipman. “That’s not what works in the real world. Making mistakes, doing things with shortcuts, taking risks [works]. And I think that’s hard for women.”

But do young women today even want to “have it all?” And what about men having it all? Check out this week’s Top Line for more and let us know what you think below.


By Amy Walter, Richard Coolidge, Sara Just & Sherisse Pham | Power Players

Poll: Obama’s gay marriage stance could hurt him.


President Obama participates in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, May 9, 2012. (Pete Souza/The White Hous …

A New York Times/CBS News poll released Monday night shows the possible political perils of President Obama’s recent announcement that he supports same-sex marriage.

Most of those polled say the president’s position will not impact how they vote. But among those who say it will influence their choice, 26 percent said they are less likely to vote for Obama as a result, while 16 percent say they are more likely to.

And in what is expected to be a tight race, “even a small shift in swing states could be costly,” says the Times.

Also troubling for the president is that a majority of voters suspect that his decision was politically motivated.

Sixty-seven percent said they thought Obama’s announcement was made “mostly for political reasons,” while 24 percent said it was “mostly because he thinks it is right.”

In another potentially damaging sign, 70 percent of Independents attribute the president’s move to politics, along with nearly half of Democrats.

Overall, Romney now has a three-point edge over Obama — a lead that is within the poll’s margin of error — despite improving views of the economy. The Times/CBS poll had the race dead even a month ago. Romney now leads Obama among Independents, and has a 1-point advantage (again within the margin of error) among women.

The economy remains by far the most important issue to voters, with 62 percent naming it their top concern, followed by the budget deficit at 11 percent and health care at 9 percent. Just 7 percent pick same-sex marriage as the most important issue in the election.

The controversial issue also carries risks for Romney. A “well-known, openly gay” Romney supporter withdrew his backing for the former Massachusetts governor on Monday, citing his stance on same-sex marriage.

“You have chosen to be on the wrong side of history and I do not support your run for president any longer,” wrote Bill White, the chairman and CEO of a New York-based consulting firm, in a letter obtained by CNN.


By Joel Roberts | The Ticket 

AFA Pledges Advertiser Boycott of ABC’s ‘Good Christian B*tches’.

tvremotecroppedABC is preparing a pilot for a new series entitled “Good Christian B*tches.”

A star, Leslie Bibb, has been chosen for the series, and the show’s executive producer, Darren Star, brought “Sex and the City” and “90210” to the small screen.

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, issued the following statement in response:

“The very title of this new series is an egregious display of religious bigotry, prejudice and bias.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently railed against ‘stereotypical thinking when it comes to public matters, but apparently ABC wasn’t paying attention, and is perfectly willing to engage in blatant and inexcusable negative stereotypes when it comes to the Christian community.

“There’s no chance ABC would approve a series entitled ‘Good Muslim B*tches,’ or ‘Good Jewish B*tches,’ or ‘Good Black B*tches.’

This is just more proof that Christians alone can now be targeted for the most offensive kind of bigoted discrimination, with approval from the very people who see themselves as paragons of tolerance.

“In fact, according to the left’s own template, this entire series is a hate crime since it singles out one group of people for vitriol and abuse.

“Yesterday, President Barack Obama said we must not ‘demonize’ the Muslim community.

Well, Mr. President, how about calling on ABC not to demonize the Christian community?

“If ABC continues with plans to produce this series, AFA will call for a boycott of both national and local advertisers, and will urge viewers in every community to contact their local ABC affiliate to strongly urge them not to broadcast this toxic waste.”

American Family Association is a pro-family advocacy organization with over 2.5 million online supporters.

By Cindy Roberts.

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