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A Nation Without Empathy By Femi Fani-Kayode.

By Femi Fani-Kayode

A few days ago (12th February 2014) in Borno state Boko Haram killed 60 innocent Nigerians and carted off 24 young girls without any trace. On January 27th 2014 no less than 70 innocent Nigerians were murdered in cold blood by Boko Haram in a series of attacks in Borno and Adamawa states.

On January 14th 2014 at least 50 innocent Nigerians were blown to pieces by a Boko Haram suicide bomber in  the heart of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state. Not too long before then they attacked an army barracks in Borno, killed 200 soldiers, carted off the wives and children of our military personnel and burnt the barracks to the ground.

A few weeks prior to that, numerous schools were attacked and hundreds of our children were either shot to death, hacked to pieces or had their throats cut and blood drained. Consequently many schools have been closed down in Borno and Yobe states respectively.

A few weeks back no less than 160 of our soldiers were killed by Boko Haram in one skirmish simply because they ran out of bullets. Worst still it has been generally acknowleged that the Boko Haram fighters are better equipped and better supplied than our soldiers. Goodness me….what a mess.

Finally no less than 130 churches were burnt down in Borno state in 2013 alone and the Catholic Church alone lost 53 churches out of that figure. All in all Nigeria has lost almost 8000 innocent civilians to Boko Haram in the last three years and that includes women and children. It does not however include the vast number of women that have been captured and kidnapped by them and that are now being used as sex-slaves.

All this and yet some complain about the fact that I recently wrote that we have a   ”President without balls” who is simply incapable of facing the challenge of Boko Haram. Given his accursed weakness in the face of what is undoubtedly the greatest insurgency and rebellion of our time since the civil war and given his inability to behave like a real Commander-in-Chief and to properly engage and crush the enemy, I do not regret my choice of words (or title) for that celebrated essay. As a matter of fact I ought to have gone much further because our President deserves far worse.

As I wrote in another contribution almost one month ago, ”the problem that we have is the President himself- a President who prides himself on his own weakness and incompetence and whose love of false prophets and strange women knows no bounds and has no end. A President who is as confused and as clueless as the comic character called Chancey Gardner in the celebrated 1970’s Peter Seller’s Hollywood blockbuster titled ”Being There”. A President who does not understand the meaning of the word ”class” or ”honesty” and who breaks his own word consistently. A President who has abdicated his responsibilities, destroyed his own political party, divided his own country, alienated his own friends, humiliated his own mentor, abandoned his own people, brought ridicule to his own faith, cowers before his own officials, betrays his own governors, scorns the international community and BREAKS HIS SOLEMN OATH TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE NIGERIAN PEOPLE. A President who does not even have the nerve or the guts to call to order any of the numerous Jezebels that control him. He is the problem we have in our country today and until he resigns, is impeached or is voted out of power nothing will change and Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse. That is what you get when you vote for a man who never wore shoes to school’- (‘JONATHAN, TUKUR AND A GOVERNMENT OF JEZEBELS’, Premium Times, 19th January, 2014).

It is no wonder that President Goodluck Jonathan has been endorsed for a second term by a motely and hitherto unknown group known as the ”Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria”. As my good friend and brother and the Kakaki Nupe, Mr. Sam Nda Isaiah, recently wrote in response to this rather strange ”endorsement” from an equally strange group- ”the devil is a liar”.

Each time a precious soul is snuffed out and a life is cut short by Boko Haram, whether that person be a christian or a muslim, or a northerner or a southerner, it takes something away from our collective humanity and it wounds our nation’s soul. Worse still it diminishes us before the entire world and confirms the fact that our country has been turned into a human abbatoir and slaughterhouse where, no matter how many innocents are butchered, no-one really cares anymore.

Such matters no longer even make it to the front pages of our newspapers anymore and neither do our politicians or newspaper columnists even talk or write about it anymore. All that stopped long ago and now we see such atrocities as a norm that we must just accept and live with. We have accepted it as our ”lot in life” and, as our President said last year, we regard it simply as ”Nigeria’s contribution to the war against terror”. Early in 2013 our President also said that he regarded Boko Haram as his ”siblings” whom he ”could not move against” whilst Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the erstwhile National Chairman of his political party the PDP, described them as ”freedom fighters”.  Can you imagine that? These are commendations from Mr. President and the then serving National Chairman of the PDP for Boko Haram barely one year ago. Jumping Jehoshaphat. It is only in Nigeria that a terrorist organisation can kill thousands of it’s citizens in the most brutal, violent and horrendous manner and yet the President and the National Chairman of the ruling party still feel comfortable and safe with calling them their ”siblings” and ”freedom fighters”. What a terrible insult this is on the Nigerian people and what a bitter pill to swallow for the family members of all those that have been killed in the last three years by these terrorists. I really do wonder whose ”freedom” Boko Haram is fighting for, whose interest they seek to further and protect and what blood ties exist between them and our President. What a shameful and insensitive set of leaders we have and what an indolent and insensitive followership who are not prepared to call them to order and keep them on their toes when they make such outrageous comments and who have absolutely no empathy with or sympathy for the many victims of Boko Haram.

The truth is that we as a people have lost all sense of compassion and decency when it comes to such matters and our feelings and conciences have become seared. To the majority of Nigerians those precious souls and compatriots that have been killed by Boko Haram over the last three years are just a number- they are nothing but distant names, from a distant place, belonging to distant figures.

There is simply no sense of national outrage from our people about this insidious rebellion and about these brutal killings and vicious attacks and neither is their any sense of urgency on the part of our government to bring it to an end. Given the way we conduct ourselves one would not have thought that Nigeria is currently enmeshed in the most brutal war against terror in it’s entire history.

Yet as we go on with our day to day business and act as if all is well thousands are being killed in the north-eastern part of our country by Boko Haram. There can be no greater evidence of man’s inhumanity to man when one considers our attitude. Such inhumanity and insensitivity to the plight of others has taken firm root in the Nigeria of today. What a monuemental tragedy this is. When did we, as a people, degenerate to this abysmal level of lack of empathy and when did we stop becoming our brother’s keeper?

As millions of Nigerians join the world to celebrate Valentines day today and indeed throughout this weekend, please let us spare a thought and say a little prayer for those whose loved ones will not be with them on this day, or indeed on any other day, simply because they have been murdered or kidnapped by Boko Haram.

May God heal their wounds and have mercy on them even as we grieve with them. And may God forgive our President and the majority of the Nigerian people for simply ”not giving a damn” about their sad and unfortunate plight.


Chief Tony Anenih, To Everything There is a Season By Pius Adesanmi.


Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi

And a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to spit on June 12 and a time to be an Abacha forever zealot. A time to receive more than two hundred billion naira for road construction and a time not to construct or repair a single road. A time to work for Obasanjo’s third term agenda and a time to insist that Yar’Adua could rule Nigeria forever as a ghost from a Saudi hospital bed. A time to abandon the Turai-Cabal train when it became clear that Yar’Adua would die and a time to work for Jonathan 2015. A time for your iyanga to go and disturb the sleep of trouble and a time for trouble to respond by sending wahala your way in the person of Sam Nda-Isaiah. A time to be reminded by Sam Nda-Isaiah that, at over 80 years-old, it is painful to watch you dance naked at the behest of your latest master in Aso Rock and a time for you to know that it is time to leave us alone and retire to your country home. Indeed, there is a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Perhaps there is also a time of never? A time never to leave us alone? A time never to sever your umbilical cord from Aso Rock and, by extension, the treasury of the Nigerian people? Perhaps you cannot and dare not retire to your country home to drink palm wine surrounded by the love and care of your children and grandchildren in the evening of your life? A time never to ever quit that cycle of rent-collecting and patronage-dependent hangers-on in Aso Rock? Perhaps you operate only on this time of never?

Most Nigerians who wonder why a man four decades your junior still gets to summon you to Abuja in the dead of night (even if he is President) to attend to all kinds of demeaning domestic party issues; most Nigerians who wonder why it is still possible to summon you to Aso Rock to settle a petty quarrel between the wives of two local government chairmen; most Nigerians who shudder and grind their teeth painfully in disgust whenever they see you in those Aso Rock photo-ops with your children and grandchildren (what is papa still looking for at his age, they query) just don’t understand that you operate on the time of never. You can never quit that circle, no matter how demeaning the errands get. You dare not quit.

You are not alone in the time of never. You are in the gracious company of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, who has just accepted an appointment “tougher than the PDP”, to borrow the words of President Jonathan. When I heard that the President had appointed a man in his 80s to run the Nigerian Railway Corporation, I told those who sought my opinion that the appointment makes perfect sense. Those transformation trains doing Lagos to Kano in three to four days in the 21st century are refurbished World War II trains. You need an age mate of the trains to oversee things.

I have written before about an epidemic of old and expired politicians who dare not retire to their country homes in the evening of their lives and the spat between you and Sam Nda-Isaiah provides an opportunity for me to revisit that issue. It’s a generational thing. In fact, it’s a generational curse. In my reflection on the spat between Professor Ango Abdullahi and Mujahid Dokubo Asari back in 2013, I described this curse on the generation of Nigeria’s grandpas in politics as the fate of the door. Permit me to reproduce in some detail what I had to say in that essay:


“And this is where I must come back to the question of political grandpas who are rolling in the mud and fighting over the spoils of Nigerian statehood with new actors on the stage barely older than their grandchildren. Before Dokubo Asari and Ango Abdullahi, there were Olusegun Obasanjo and Ayo Fayose trying to determine who was a bastard and who fathered the said bastard. In essence, Ango Abdullahi is not the only grandpa in politics. We have them in abundance. We have an epidemic of septuagenarians and octogenarians who will not stop disturbing the peace of the country.

Week in, week out, they are giving orders, spitting fire on the national stage, oozing smoke from the centre of their heads like D.O. Fagunwa’s Anjonu Iberu (the ghomid of fear). For Ango Abdullahi, Olusegun Obasanjo, Edwin Clark, Tony Anenih, Bamanga Tukur, and so many others in that category, it is joro jara joro every week, fighting for the spoils of Nigerian statehood with guys in their forties. So and so must be president, so and so cannot be governor. Every statement they make is an arrow in the heart of genuine democracy. One is even insisting that his son must be the next governor of Adamawa state.

We must ask: who cursed the Nigerian grandpa in politics with the fate of the door? In the developed world, these are people who, by now, would be enjoying a dignified retirement from public life, perhaps in a country cottage or on a ranch somewhere, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, and only granting the occasional interview to guide the country in the right direction. Instead of a peaceful countryside retirement, the Nigerian grandpa in politics is fated, like the door in Yoruba philosophy, never to know or find peace. “Wahala lon pa lekun” (It is wahala that kills the door), goes the Yoruba proverb. Open, close, open, close, a door never finds peace. Such is the terrible fate of the Nigerian grandpa in politics in the evening of his life. In his advanced age, for instance, Tony Anenih is still doing joro jara joro in the dead of night between Benin and Abuja. This is the terrible fate of the door.

The Nigerian grandpa in politics is responsible for his own fate of the door. In the morning and the afternoon of his life, he did not work to create a Nigeria that would grant him a deserved rest in the evening of his life. Where will they find rest and peace of mind in the Nigeria of today that is the product of their fifty years of visionless and corrupt leadership? Even if they built fortresses in their villages and hometowns, they must still generate their own electricity and water and provide their own security. They must fear Boko Haram, armed robbers, and kidnappers who now target the elderly. Some, like Tony Anenih, didn’t even have enough vision to tar the road to his own gate. Therefore, they must continue to patronize Aso Rock, Governors, Ministers, and Senators their children’s age in order to enjoy military helicopters and other resources of the Nigerian state. Given this state of affairs, I’m afraid that there is no guarantee that Ango Abdullahi will not still be rolling in the mud with boys his grandchildren’s age in the next decade of his life.


This essay was published in May 2013. At the time, a member of your generation, Professor Ango Abdullahi was in the gutter with Dokubo Asari over the fate of President Jonathan. You can see that I mentioned you generously in the essay. You can see how much of your future spat with Sam Nda-Isaiah I foresaw. Sam Nda-Isaiah says that you have hung around government for too long and have grown so used to the wrong way of running government that all the wrong things now appear right and normal to you. He warns you not to write letters defending President Jonathan again.

On that score he is wrong. You will write more letters and invade the public sphere with more solicited and unsolicited actions on behalf of the Jonathan presidency – and the presidency after Jonathan’s if God spares your life that long. As usual, those actions will be beneath you but you will carry them out anyway. I don’t think that Sam Nda-Isaiah understands the predicament of your generation. You cannot quit. You dare not. By spending the better part of the last fifty years ruining Nigeria, you and your generational peers have created a Nigeria in which you cannot find peace, quiet, and rest. You are not serving as an errand boy for Aso Rock in your 80s; Bamanga Tukur is not hopping from appointment to appointment in his 80s because you both need the money. You are both in serious money. What you need now is the protection that closeness and chumminess with the presidency affords you in the evening of your lives. You need presidential aura and power to protect you from the mess and the nightmare that is Nigeria. You need protection from the Nigeria you made, protection from the hell you made of Nigeria. For your generation, it will forever be a time to stay put and a time to never quit. Until that time that you have no control over arrives…

Kano State APC House Of Reps Members Refuse To Defect With Shekarau To PDP.


By SaharaReporters, New York

Kano State members of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the Congress for Political Change (CPC) that collapsed into the All Progressives Congress have refused to defect with their leader, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“We wish to make it categorically clear today that we are not leaving the APC for any political party,” the Leader of APC Kano Caucus and Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon Suleiman Kawu, said at a press briefing today. “We have sacrificed a lot and have come a long way in the struggle to emancipate our people from the bondage of PDP misrule.”

Their declaration followed an announcement earlier in the day in his home by Shekarau, the immediate past governor of Kano State, that he was leaving the APC for the PDP.

Making their position known, the legislators said that the birth of APC became imperative due to the fact that the PDP-led government has held Nigeria and Nigerians to ransom for almost 16 years with no visible development.


They called on the leadership and all the party faithful to ensure transparency, fairness, internal democracy and adherence to the rule of law and laid down procedures, towards providing a level playing ground for party members to realise their individual ambitions without hindrance.


Said the APC Kano Caucus members, “At this crucial stage of our journey, we will not look back, or backtrack, we will not look sideways, we will not leave our beloved APC for anything else.”


Stressing their disappointment with the PDP, they said, “Today under PDP, we are witnessing unprecedented level of corruption, insecurity, poverty and political instability in Nigeria more than ever before. We therefore see the coming of APC as an opportunity to right the many wrongs of the PDP and once again put Nigeria back on the pedestal of growth, development, economic prosperity and make it an egalitarian society where rule of law and social justice prevail for the common good.”

Ex-Kano Governor, Shekarau, Dumps APC For PDP- PREMIUM TIMES.


Former Governor of Kano, Ibrahim Shekarau
By Premium Times/ News Agency Of Nigeria

Ibrahim Shekarau, one of the founding members of APC, has moved to the PDP.

The immediate past governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau, has dumped the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Mr. Shekarau, backed by his supporters from the 44 local government areas of Kano, made the declaration at his Bompai GRA residence in Kano on Wednesday.

He said the decision is to satisfy the aspirations of the people of the state who felt left out from the APC.

“We intended with the merger to form a solid foundation for entrenchment of democracy,” Mr, Shekarau, the presidential candidate of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, in 2011, said.

“The Legacy Group sacrificed all interests for the merger, but for the past six months all agreements reached by the merged parties had not being met.
“No clear leaders, no registration of APC members at any levels. This shows a clear lack of commitment, transparency and accountability to all concerned,” he said.

The supporters participated in the declaration and affirmed the decision to defect to PDP.

Mr. Shekarau had last week met with a former Sokoto Governor and founding members of the APC, Attahiru Bafarawa, last week. Mr. Bafarawa has since decamped to the PDP. Both men accuse the APC of giving the party’s structures in their states to their current state governors who last year decamped to the APC from the PDP.

2015: Peace will return to Nigeria if Jonathan drops his second term ambition – Shuluwa.


Elder statesman and one of the pioneers of the crisis-ridden Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Abu King Shuluwa has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to announce his second term ambition in order to save the ruling party and the country from further crisis.Shuluwa observed that the crisis currently rocking the party had direct links with the general perception that Jonathan would run for a second term in office.He told newsmen last weekend, in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, that “whether we like it or not, the exit of Alhaji Bamaga Tukur as the Chairman of the PDP will not reduce the crisis in the party.“The man was just a sacrificial lamb; the fact is that he was just a victim of circumstance because he was not the problem of the party.“The truth is that, Tukur as chairman was not the reason for the series of problems rocking the PDP today, but President Jonathan.“It all stems from the fact that there is a general perception that he will run in the 2015 election and some people are not happy with the development.“The moment Jonathan tells the people that he would not contest, calm will return to the party and the country. What we are witnessing is not the issue of Tukur, it is all about Jonathan, let him talk. He has not spoken but his body language clearly shows that he wants to contest.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Mixed Metaphors: Ethical Jungles By Sonala Olumhense.



Sonala Olumhense

I do not often find reason to support President Goodluck Jonathan’s tragi-comedy of a government, but I am in his corner over his investigation of curious financial donations being made by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Lamido Sanusi Lamido, to interests of his own choosing.

Among others, the CBN boss is reported to have given N4 billion given to Bayero University Kano; N10 billion given to Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto; N500 million to the University of Benin; and N100 million to Kano, his home town.

The presidency alleges that by the donations, Mr. Sanusi violated due process and politicized his office.  As part of the enquiry last week, it summoned the Executive Secretary of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), Jim Obazee, to cough up information on the donations.

The trouble is that Mr. Sanusi recently called out the Jonathan government in a letter to the President in September 2013, a document that subsequently leaked to the press.  In it, he declared that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation had failed to repatriate to the Federation Account in 2012 and 2013 a whopping $49.8 billion.

Following subsequent “reconciliation” manoeuvres, the government declared that (only) a few dollars were actually yet to be “reconciled.”

President Jonathan would then ask Mr. Sanusi to resign his appointment, a kind offer the CBN chief turned down, saying that only the federal legislature could truncate his tenure.

Apparently, that has Mr. Jonathan got upset, resulting in the current “investigation.”  It would appear to be a serious gamble to get Mr. Jonathan upset, because it gets him thinking rule of law and due process and undue politicization.

I wish the president well, but Mr. Sanusi has been in the donation business for a couple of years.  In “Damnocracy Dividends,” another edition of my Mixed Metaphors in April 2012, I focused on the donation industry into which the CBN boss had ventured.

At that time, he had just donated the N100 million to Kano, completely unperturbed that anyone might suggest he had overstepped his bounds.

Mr. Jonathan made no such suggestion.

When the stench began to spread, Mr. Sanusi asked the bank to explain his conduct.  That was when Professor Sam Olofin of the CBN Board, falling on his face, told Nigerians that the “plan” had been [for Sanusi] to visit Kano and also St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madala, to make a donation to help Boko Haram bomb victims there.

The donation to Madalla was not made, apparently because the parish priest was not available.  Still Sanusi, completely without shame, led his delegation to the Emir of Kano and plunked down N100m.

As I said, President Jonathan saw nothing wrong.  Sanusi had not crossed any ethical or administrative boundary he recognized.

I wrote, “What Sanusi’s conduct confirms is that the rules by which we are playing at the highest levels in this country are no rules at all.  It is a jungle in which we make our own rules.”

That is the jungle that permits a leader to identify wrong only when he is personally challenged.  It explains why thieving government officials are never challenged, well-known thieves are given appointments and National Awards, and convicted thieves are given state pardon.

Speaking of identifications, how do you gauge the sincerity of the current government in Nigeria?  There may be no easier measure than the swiftness with which it announces an unpopular or policy or idea.  In 2011, one of President Jonathan’s first explorations was the option of a seven year term.

Earlier, when he took power in 2010, the first substantive action he announced was the decision to buy three new jets.  In the 2014 budget, he wants to buy another one.

Now, where is the devil?  Is anybody really looking for this guy?

Remember that in January 2012, President Jonathan, speaking at a New Year service at the First Baptist Church in Garki, Abuja, unveiled him as the one responsible for our problems.

“When you compare Nigeria to other nations, Nigeria is not moving fast enough,” he said.  “We have our challenges and that is where the devil comes in and puts road blocks.”

He is apparently still not under arrest.

And on the subject of arrests, Professor Attahiru Jega, the chairman of the so-called “Independent” National Electoral Commission, has warned Nigerians not to expect perfect elections next year.

Of course.  In March 2011, Professor Jega had wonderful news concerning Nigeria’s brand new electoral register.  “I must tell you that we have caught some high-profile double registrants and we may be able to start with them in terms of prosecution,” he said at the National Summit on Free and Fair Elections, declaring that justice was coming to Nigeria’s Big Men who “feel confident that they will get away with whatever they do.”
According to him, “For the first time, we are saying that if you violate the law, we have the capacity to apprehend and prosecute you.”

When you think about it, he actually said, “capacity.”  I thought he meant “intention.”  Little wonder not one big man has seen justice since those violations.  And now, Jega is about to sell another election.  Why should they be perfect?

Justice is easy, apparently, to impose on the vulnerable: Under Nigeria’s new Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, homosexuality has been “abolished.” Nigerians are not to practice it, or know it, or countenance it.

We do not see it, do not recognize it and do not maintain knowledge of it in our heads, unless we first purge it by identifying to the government people we know to be guilty of it.

When we do that, the government will presumably pause in its task of protecting the lootocracy, symbolized by the federal executive and the legislature, to assemble the guilty and ensure they are punished severely, with up to 14 years in jail.

And then, in addition to banning the gathering of homosexuals, the law prescribes 10 years for anyone or group who “supports the registration, operation and sustenance of gay clubs, societies, organizations, processions or meetings.”

To be clear, I have an objection to gay marriage, but Nigeria is going to be jailing people because they are gay in a country where the biggest thieves are celebrated, given National Honours and made leaders?

We are going to be jailing parents who love their children whether they are gay or straight because love does not discriminate?  We are going to be jailing doctors and nurses because they treat HIV& AIDS patients knowing but not telling the government that they are gay?  We are going to be jailing young boys and girls because they are reported to be gay but cannot hire the same expensive lawyers who defend the rich?

Finally, it turns out that Bamanga Tukur, the former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was merely reassigned, not neutralized.  In the PDP family, you are never bad enough to lose.


In an ethical jungle, you play for keeps.  There are no rules.


Countdown Calendar: There Are 490 Goodluck Jonathan Days Left.


In Strong Letter To Senate Leadership, 52 Senators Object To Attempts To Declare Seats of Defectors Vacant.


By SaharaReporters, New York

Fifty-two members of the Nigeria Senate, nearly half of its membership of 109, have written to the leadership of the National Assembly to express their objection to any attempts to declare vacant the seat of any member of the Upper House who defects to another political party.

In the letter, dated January 20, the Senators warned that such vacancies should be declared only through a process of recall by the relevant constituents or by the pronouncement of a court of competent and final jurisdiction, rather than what they called ‘politics of intimidation, harassment and or comment that could jeopardize the peaceful co-existence of unity of Nigeria.’

The Senators, citing the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which has resulted in some Senators planning to defect to other political parties, stressed the need to forestall imminent crisis in the polity.  Urging the Senate to continue to accommodate all legislators irrespective of their views, they said Nigeria could only make progress when they tolerate and respect one another and the rule of law.

“Having reaffirmed our confidence in the National Assembly as the only institution empowered by the Constitution to protect and defend the collective interest and yearning of Nigeria are however concerned about some comments, statements and threat in the print and electronic media credited to some elected and unelected persons threatening to declare vacant, the seats of some Senators who are the representatives of the Nigerian people in the National Assembly,” they said.

They stressed that they view such threats with serious concern as they are mischievous and capable of undermining the independence of the legislature and taking away the mandate given to such Senators as the representatives of the Nigerian people.

They further drew attention to a pending legal matter at the Federal High Court in Abuja on the same subject matter, pointing out that it is the practice of the Senate that where a matter is pending in a law court, it cannot be a subject of discussion or debate on the floor of Senate.

“We hereby note that this is not the first experience in the Senate where some Senators have moved to political parties of their choice as a result of one reason or the other, whereas, such has not caused any political tension or intimidation,” the letter cautioned.  “It is our resolve that the Senate should maintain and sustain this principle and precedence.”


Breaking: Jonathan Appoints Bamanga Tukur As Nigeria Railway Corporation Chairman – PREMIUM TIMES.

By Premium Times

President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed the immediate past National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bamanga Tukur, as Chairman of the Board of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

Mr. Tukur last week resigned his position as National Chairman of the PDP. He has since been replaced with ex-Bauchi governor, Adamu Muazu.

Mr. Tukur’s appointment as Railway Corporation, NRC, chairman was announced in a statement by the Special Assistant (Media) to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sam Nwaobasi.

The position of NRC chairman was formerly held by Kawu Baraje, the former factional chairman of the PDP who has since led his faction to fuse into the All Progressives Congress. Mr. Baraje resigned in the height of the PDP crisis in late 2013.

Mr. Jonathan, according to the statement, has also approved the appointment of Ghaji Ismaila Bello as Director-General of the National Population Commission with effect from January 8, 2014.

According to its enabling law, the Nigeria Railway Corporation is charged with facilitating effective “carriage of passengers and goods in a manner that will offer full value for money; meet cost of operation; improve market share and quality of services; ensure safety of operations and maximum efficiency; meet social responsibility in a manner that will meet the requirements of rail users, trade, commerce, industry and general public”.

President Jonathan had after announcing Mr. Tukur’s resignation as PDP chairman at the National Executive Committee meeting of the party, on January 16, hinted that he would reward the former party chief with another appointment.

“He (Mr. Tukur) is not guilty of any offence and I am going to give him an assignment that is tougher than PDP chairman,” the president said at that event.

President Jonathan is currently away in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.


OFFICIAL : President Jonathan Announces Bamanga Tukur’s Resignation As PDP Chairman.


Bamanga Tukur
By Saharareporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan finally presented the resignation letter of embattled party chieftain, Bamanga Tukur, to the 63rd meeting of the National Executive Committee of the  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the party’s secretariat in Abuja today.

The president took the unusual step of reading Mr. Tukur’s resignation letter to members after pulling it out of an envelope.

He praised Tukur, who was also present at the meeting, and said that he had not committed any crime to warrant his forced resignation promising to give him a bigger assignment.

Saharareporters sources stated that the President hopes to make  Mr. Tukur Nigeria’s ambassador to China in coming days.

Saharareporters had revealed last night that Mr. Tukur’s resignation will be made public today at the NEC meeting after he was barred from a crucial caucus meeting at the Aso Rock Villa yesterday.

A new chairman of the party will emerge next week Monday according to President Jonathan.

Bamanga Tukur’s Tenure As PDP Chair Laid To Rest: Barred From Attending PDP’s Caucus Meeting At The Presidential Villa.


Bamanga Tukur earlier today

PDP leaders arriving for an NWC meeting at the Aso Rock Villa

PDP meeting without Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York

The drama surrounding the fate of the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Bamanga Tukur has come to an end. Saharareporters can confirm that the embattled party chief has not only resigned but is being prevented from attending the National Working Committee meeting of the party currently going on inside the Aso Rock presidential villa in Abuja.

Our source at the meeting said that the announcement of Tukur’s resignation will be made tomorrow after the meeting of the Executive Council meeting.

Only two days ago, Mr. Tukur was daring President Goodluck Jonathan to sack him if he could. He claimed that he was elected by a constituted convention of the party, and only another convention could sack him.

The ruling party under Mr. Tukur has been going through internal strife that led to a massive decamping of party members to the opposition All Progressive Congress, APC.

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