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Military said 63 Boko Haram terrorists men killed in raid.


The Defence Headquarters said yesterday that 63 Boko Haram members were killed last weekend during ground and air operations on their bases in Bama, Borno State and Lake Chad.

Two soldiers were wounded in encounters with the insurgents.

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau boasted in a new video that the sect will wreak more havoc on Nigerians.

He also derided the $7million bounty on his head by the United States.

The military claimed that the first clash occurred at Alafa Forest, where 56 insurgents were killed. The Nation could not verify the facts independently.


The remaining seven fell to the repelling attacks of the Multi-National Joint Task Force on an island in Lake Chad

There was no reaction yet as at last night by the leadership of Boko Haram on the crossfire with government troops.

The latest Defence Headquarters figures brought the casualty figures on the side of the sect to about 113 within two weeks.

The DHQ had last week said 50 Boko Haram insurgents and 15 soldiers were killed in a pre-dawn attack on Mohammed Kuru Barracks in Bama last Friday.

It also said five civilians died during the attack on the barracks by the insurgents.

A statement in Abuja by the Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, said the operations were part of steps at tracking fleeing insurgents who attacked Mohammed Kuru Barracks in Bama about two weeks ago.

The statement said: “Nigerian security forces have launched ground and air operations on terrorists locations in the Forest at Alafa, about 21km from Bama, Borno State. Over 56 terrorists died in the ensuing intensive fight over the weekend.

“Two soldiers were wounded in the operation which is meant to track fleeing terrorists.

“Acting on intelligence reports which indicated renewed efforts by the terrorists to establish a new camp in the forests locations, the land and air operations have inflicted heavy casualty on the insurgents as indicated by the high level of their loss of men and materials.

“Air and land bombardments are continuing in different locations where terrorists have been reportedly sighted.

“In another development, troops of the Multi-National Joint Task Force have foiled an attempt by terrorists who were massing up on an island on Lake Chad with a view to carrying out an attack on some Nigerian communities.

“Seven of the terrorists died while others fleeing in different direction towards Niger and Chad Republic are being trailed by troops.

“Intelligence reports have confirmed that some of the wounded terrorists were seen in a canoe paddling towards Tumbun Telkandam in Chad Republic.”

Shekau, in a new video, promised to “decapitate and mutilate” more people in the name of Allah. Ridiculing the United States for putting a bounty on his head, he said: “You can’t in any way harm me.”

Shekau, who has been dubbed a “global terrorist” by the US and twice been declared killed by the military, claimed responsibility for a December 20 attack on a tank battalion barracks in Bama, north eastern Borno State.

“Brothers pulverised 21 armoured tanks. People were killed in their multitudes; bodies scattered all over,” he said, adding that his forces “blew out the brains” of soldiers who tried to hide under their blankets.

“Had Allah allowed us to eat them we would have eaten them but we are not cannibals,” he added, according to a news agency reports. “This is a victory from Allah.”

The video showed the terrorist leader seated on a mat, surrounded by masked fighters. It included footage of the attack, with burning buildings and fighter jets and armed, masked men walking around them.

The insurgents stormed the barracks by arriving in a convoy of trucks shortly before sunrise, opening fire on soldiers inside before torching the compound. Witnesses said they kidnapped soldiers along with women and children.

Shekau threatened more mayhem in the video sent to AFP on Saturday whose authenticity has not been verified, although it is one in a series sent to the news agency in which he features.

“As for killing, we will kill because Allah says we should decapitate, we should amputate limbs, we should mutilate,” he said.

Thousands of people have been killed since Boko Haram launched its uprising against the state in 2009.

Boko Haram means “Western education is forbidden” and the militia, which has links to al Qaeda, has attacked schools, universities and colleges, killing at least 40 children in one attack in September.

“They try to brainwash the people that we are fighting an ethnic war,” Shekau said in his latest video. “No, we are fighting a religious war, we are fighting (Nigerian President Goodluck) Jonathan, we are fighting Christians.”

He also shrugged off the bounties put on his head – $7 million by the United States and $312,500 by the Nigerian government. “We do not worship money,” he says. “You can’t in any way harm me.

Source: Radio Biafra.

We all have heard of ‘THE END’, This is it, unless… B’Haram to Biafrans/Christians : NIGERIA AMALGAMATION EXPIRES DECEMBER 31.

killed by bh

As the amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorate by the British will be put to an end this year on December 31, groups, regions and individuals have called for a new negotiation to decide whether the country should divide or not.
Certain documents signed into law at the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 indicate that the country was created as an experiment meant to last for 100 years, and break up if the peoples are not compatible.
The documents, known as ’Tinubu Square Edict’ or Accord of 1914 was said to be similar to the British/China accord of Hong Kong to be enforced for a centennial reign. Although the document is kept secret, this fact is generally known to the ruling class, most dons of political science and law as well as the government of UK. However, there has been a consistent effort by Nigerian government to keep this knowledge out of public as it may lead to agitation for breaking the country into two; pre-1914 status especially by those in the south.
But following the frequent agitation by those in South for balkanization indicates that the secret has been known to them. There are strong indications that the United States of America, USA, may be gearing up for a possible balkanisation of the country following developments in the last few years.
This indication is contained in a publication credited to NEWSRESCUE in America, where accounts of an article written by Director of the African Security Research Project in Washington, DC and Guest Columnist of AllAfrica Global Media, Mr. Daniel Volman and speakers in an AFRICOM conference held at Fort McNair were given. So let everybody be watchful and Muslims be aware of any possible scenario that may hinder our Deen. May Allah protects all Muslims and save the Nation.
Ta’awun Public Relations

Source: Radio Biafra.

Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria: An Asset or a Liability? By Leo Igwe.

By Leo Igwe

Today, criticizing Islam has become a dangerous undertaking even when such criticisms are warranted. Islamic clerics and intellectuals freely voice out their oppositions and criticisms of other religions or moral philosophies to the extent of inciting violence and hatred of whoever they perceive to be an ‘enemy’ of Islam. But anyone who dares point out the abuses and crimes being committed in the name of Mohammedan religion risks being accused of blasphemy or islamophobia- a term recently coined by those who want to make criticizing Islam a crime around the globe.

Such accusations make a critic of Islam look like a criminal. They make the fellow an endorsed target for murder and elimination by the ubiquitous foot soldiers of Allah, seeking slots in paradise.This development has created a climate of impunity and apprehension in many places as Muslim extremists rampage, kill, maim, loot and destroy in furtherance of their own interpretation of Islam, Sharia and the will of Allah.

So what we have in many countries is a situation where local authorities and governments turn a blind eye on atrocities being committed by Islamist because they do not want to offend Muslim sensibilities. They do not want to be portrayed as anti-Islam.

One such place where Islamic extremism is raging and wrecking havoc is northern Nigeria. Most parts of northern Nigeria are currently under siege from fanatics, jihadists and theocrats with competing and conflicting ideas of Sharia implementation and Islamic state. To put the situation into perspective, a brief historical background  is helpful here.

Shortly after Nigeria‘s return to civil rule in 1999, Muslim majority states in the north imposed Sharia law.  The process was marked by bloody clashes between Muslims and Christians in states with significant number of non Muslims like in Kaduna and Bauchi, Many lives were lost. Many people were displaced and property destroyed. At the end of the day, Sharia ruled -fully or partially- in many of the states. Right now the situation remains volatile. Tension and unease calm reign across the region. Hatred, division and suspicion caused by the introduction of Sharia law is not going away too soon. At the beginning of Sharia implementation, governments in these states assured the people that the law would not apply to non Muslims; that the law was for Muslims only. But this is not the case today. Most Sharia implementing states have become full fledged Islamic states where non Muslims are treated as second class citizens. In fact many Sharia implementing states have made Islam a state religion and promotion of Islam a state business.

Recently the government of Katsina state voted to spend 359 million in building mosques in 34 local councils in the states. Building mosques? What is the business of the Katsina state with building mosques? What makes building mosques in local councils a priority today? Is that how the government is tackling poverty and unemployment in the state?

Meanwhile in Kano state, Sharia implementation is getting serious nowadays. Kano state has a state funded Sharia police called Hisbah. Hisbah have been very active in the state. The Sharia police have literally usurped the role and duties of state police. They enforce Sharia law in ways that flagrantly violate the constitutional rights of non Muslims as well as Muslims. Apart from compelling- and teaching- Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan, Hisbah arbitrarily arrest and detain those whom they perceive to be prostitutes or homosexuals. They clamp down on the sale and drinking of alcohol.

Not too long ago, the sharia police destroyed  over 240,000 bottles of beer as part of its latest crackdown on ‘immoral practices’ in the state. Some of these goods belong to non Muslims or are for consumption by non Muslims. Who says that sharia implementation does not apply to non Muslims?

Sharia states have also been funding the propagation of Islam in the country. Two governors of sharia implementing states- Sokoto and Bauchi- were among those who gave cash rewards to mainly Igbos who converted to Islam in Abuja National Mosque. Couldn’t they have made better use of this money in developing there respective states? What is the business of state governors with the conversion of people from Christianity to Islam or vice versa?

Some of the reasons advanced for the Islamic insurgency in northern Nigeria are poverty, unemployment and marginalization of northern states. But here is a situation where the so called poor and marginalized states have enough money to waste building mosques and rewarding converts to Islamic religion. Is that really a wise way of spending or investing the scarce resources of these poor states? Today Sharia states have two layers of policing and court system. The Sharia layer of police and court is funded by the state government. Is that not a waste of limited resources?

The time has come for Sharia implementing states to call their politicians to order. They need to divest from state funding of Sharia and invest in building schools, colleges and skill acquisition centers. Sharia states should invest in schemes that create jobs, tackle poverty and empower the people; schemes that address the development needs of persons of all faiths and none.  Sharia implementing states should check the activities of Hisbah and other quasi Sharia policing organs in the region. These groups are spreading Islam-based hatred, fear and intolerance.If as they say, there is no compulsion in Islam, then there is no need for Sharia police at least in indigent Muslim majority states in northern Nigeria. Sharia agitators declared in 1999 that the destiny and development of Muslim majority states was tied to Sharia implementation. Going by the developments in northern Nigeria since then, one may ask: Is Sharia implementation now an asset or a liability?.


Borno State Governor Says Suspending 2015 Elections In Emergency States Means Boko Haram Has Won.


By Saharareporters, New York

The Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, today reacted to the plan by the Independent National Electoral Commission to exclude the states currently under emergency rule from the 2015 elections, saying the decision has grave repercussions for the country.

The governor made the remark while responding to questions by journalists, during which he noted that 2015 remains very far away for all mortals.

“Only God, our Creator, knows who will get to 2015 and in what state of health,” he said.  “It is also Allah that gives power to anyone He wills at the time He will and how He will.”

Of the proposal, he paid compliments to Professor Attahiru Jega, the electoral commission chairman, describing him as “a man associated with honour, integrity, an erudite and respected scholar” who has not committed any sin by his proposal, and commending him for INEC’s early preparations for the elections.

“I also think he is being sincere because if he had an ulterior motive he wouldn’t reveal the issue now,” the governor said.  “He could have waited till when Allah spares our lives in 2015 and he would announce the exclusion of the States, by which time politics could be intense and every segment would be dealing with its own political issues.”

He noted that the INEC chairman has not foreclosed the participation of the three affected States in the 2015 elections, adding that the proposal is dependent on hopes that security will improve in those states.

“But one important thing we should not ignore as a sovereign country is that suspending national election such as the 2015 in any part of the 36 States and the FCT on account of Boko Haram activities would amount to making the insurgents supreme over the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it will be defeatist on our part as a nation.”

He stressed that the objective of Boko Haram is to impose the group’s beliefs on Nigeria, subvert its constitution and its democracy and replace them with inhuman laws that support killings and destruction.  In that regard, he observed that should any part of the country be suspended from taking part in the 2015 election, the insurgents would presume themselves to be successful and to be inching closer to achieving their goals.

“We cannot allow that,” Governor Shettima emphasized.

He said that as a strategy, Borno and Yobe States and indeed any place affected by the insurgency should be the electoral commission’s main focus for conducting the 2015 elections in order to send a clear message to those who want us to go into extinction that we will not cave in to their violent needs.

He said that suspending the elections even in a polling unit mainly on account of Boko Haram would be a setback in the fight against terror and that it will not be good for us as a country or for our reputation abroad.

“I therefore call on the Federal Government all stakeholders in the country and friends of Nigeria to look at the issue with analytical mindset far beyond what reasons we might be talking about now,” he said.

“If Boko Haram is able to stop elections in three States, they might in no time, simply target additional States and gradually, they might stop elections in Nigeria.  We can’t allow that.”

Boko Haram Leader Shekau Appears In New Video, Claims Responsibility For Maiduguri Military Attacks,Threatens US.


By SaharaReporters, New York

Abubakar Shekau, the leader of terrorist Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has appeared in a new video and claimed responsibility for recent daring attacks that rocked military bases in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State and one of the hot beds of the Boko Haram insurgency since 2009.
In the approximately 40-minute video, which was distributed to select journalists in Maiduguri, Mr. Shekau vowed to take further attacks to the doorsteps of the United States of America, as he spoke in Hausa, Arabic and slightly in Kanuri.

In the video, the Islamist militant said, “Allah has blessed us with successful attacks in Maiduguri, which is a city known in past years as Bornu. It is not a surprise but the work of Allah and more will come.

“Allah gave us successful operations in the city. Three of our fighters carried out suicide bombings, three died in the course of our fight and one from our bullet attacks, not [from that of Nigerian soldiers] as they claimed.”

In the video, Mr. Shekau condemned Americans and vowed to take the attacks to their doorsteps. He said,“You stupid Americans, there is nothing you can do. You are saying that you will team up with Nigerian troops to finish us. You are liars that could not achieve that when we were holding sticks. And now we are marching into military formations.

“Our operation is beyond what you know and think, it is beyond Nigeria and Maiduguri, rather it is for the whole world and we will get to you by the power of Allah.”


Defendant in British Soldier Hacking Death: ‘I Love’ al-Qaida.

LONDON — A man accused of killing an off-duty British soldier in a frenzied knife attack on a London street defended his actions in court Monday, claiming he is a soldier fighting for the Muslim religion and declaring his love for al-Qaida.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, said that he attacked soldier Lee Rigby because he wanted to protest Britain’s invasion of Muslim lands. He claimed to be one of many fighters engaged in jihad, or holy war, against Western countries that wage war in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

When asked what his defense was, Adebolajo answered that he was a “soldier of Allah” and said he had no regrets for his actions.

“I will never regret obeying the command of Allah,” he said. “I’m a soldier. I can’t do anything else.”

Adebolajo spoke calmly and clearly as he was cross-examined at London’s Central Criminal Court on Monday, telling jurors that while he had never met anyone from al-Qaida, he was full of admiration for the terrorist group.

“I love them. I consider them brothers in Islam,” he said of the group responsible for the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Adebolajo and fellow defendant Michael Adebowale, 22, are accused of murder in connection with Rigby’s death, a brutal slaying that shocked the country. Rigby, 25, was walking near his barracks in south London in May when he was run over by a car, then stabbed and nearly decapitated.

The two suspects deny the murder charge, and Monday’s hearing was the jury’s first chance to hear directly from one of the defendants about what led to the attack.

Adebolajo laid out his life story, saying his parents were Christian and he used to read from the Bible, but he became frustrated and converted to Islam during his time at university.

He said he had tried to travel to Somalia so that he could live under Sharia law, but was detained by Kenyan troops before he could get there. He also said that he had taken part in anti-war demonstrations, but felt that they were not effective.

The suspect was at times combative toward the prosecutor, but remained unemotional until he spoke about his family.

“I love my wife. I love all my children very much. It’s very difficult to leave them. But every soldier has to go through this,” he said.

Turning to the attack, he said that he was not motivated by any personal grievances against Rigby — rather the plan was just to find a British soldier. He said that he made sure that Rigby was a soldier before he killed him, and hoped the death could “indirectly save the lives of many.”

“I was keen that the reason for the death of this man is not misunderstood. I wanted people to understand. . . . It only happened for one reason only, and that is foreign policy,” he said.

Adebolajo said he stayed at the scene waiting for police to arrive, then rushed at them because his religion forbade him to run away from the enemy. He denied a charge of trying to kill a police officer.

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Jihadist Suspect: UK Soldier Was Hacked to Death in ‘Humane’ Manner.

Image: Jihadist Suspect: UK Soldier Was Hacked to Death in 'Humane' Manner

Michael Adebolajo

By Joel Himelfarb

One of the two jihadists on trial for the hacking death of British soldier Lee Rigby told police he attempted to cut off the soldier’s head because it was “the most humane way to kill any creature,” the Independent reported.
In police interview sessions played for jurors at the Old Bailey, Michael Adebolajo added it seemed “almost as if Allah had chosen” Rigby as a target.
Rigby was the first soldier that Adebolajo and alleged accomplice Michael Adebowale saw May 22 as they sat in their car,  seethed with rage over British military involvement in Muslim nations and plotted a revenge attack.
They are charged with running over Rigby, who was walking to his barracks, with their car and then hacking him to death with a cleaver and knives in front of shocked passersby.
“I’m not sure how I struck the first blow but I learned . . .  the most humane way to kill any creature is to cut the jugular,” Adebolajo said.“So I struck at the neck and attempted to remove his head to be sure. That’s how Lee Rigby died.”
Adebolajo was shot as he charged towards a car with three police officers inside.
“To be killed on the battlefield is not something we shy away from and in fact this is something that Allah loves,” he said.
Police also found speeches in the possession of both men  by Anwar al-Awlaki, a jihadist mastermind killed in a September 2011 U.S. drone strike in Yemen., according to the Independent.
In his police interview, Adebolajo said Rigby was a legitimate target because “he joins the army with kind of an understanding that your life is at risk.”
The day before, jurors heard Adebolajo tell police he was ashamed to be called “British” because the word has become “associated with the murder, pillaging and rape of innocent people. This disgusts me to the core,” the London Evening Standard reported. “I swear to the ends of the earth it makes it difficult for me to sleep.”
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