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GOOD OR BAD NEWS: Nigeria to hug Gold discovered in Kogi, as Biafra separate from it.

Kogi gold

GUARDIAN – Kinsfield Energy Limited has made a commercial gold ore discovery at one of the fields in Yagba West Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Adekunle Akintola, who made the announcement, said, “Kinsfield Energy has done geological mapping, geophysical survey, geochemical sampling and currently contracting core drilling of the gold fields.”Akintola said gold mining is a very lucrative business next to petroleum and it is internationally priced, maintaining, “Our vision is to pursue an aggressive policy of acquisition and development of gold and bitumen fields across Africa.He assured that Kinsfield is committed to utilizing the extractive opportunities in both Africa and North America for optimum value.

Source: Radio Biafra.

APC to assume House leadership soon.



There are strong indications that the All Progressives Congress, APC, may, on resumption from recess of the House of Representatives on January 13, 2014, assume the leadership of the House from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
This, however, may not affect the offices of the speaker and deputy speaker respectively.

The impending development which Vanguard scooped yesterday, is followed by the defection of 37 members of the PDP to APC late last month.
Speculations had been rife since December 2013, shortly before the House went on Christmas break, that the change would have occurred.


A member of the House and PDP decampee who spoke to Vanguard on conditions of anonymity, said the first quarter of the new year would herald changes that would affect the leadership structure of the House.

He said: “Within the House, 2014 will be a remarkable year for Nigeria, remarkable in the sense that, of course, the trend which began in late 2013 in terms of power shift will continue and what that means is that APC should be able to get the requisite 181 members which gives it complete majority. When that happens chances are that the leadership will shift from PDP to APC.

“APC has between 172 to 174 members in the House. And what we just need, I think is between 8 and 9 new members in terms of those crossing from PDP to APC. And that will be the APC requisite that will shape the House and points the future direction of the House.

“But what is certain is that if everything does not change, the leadership, the majority leader will need to relinquish that position because at the end of the day, a party cannot be in the minority and still hold the position of the Majority Leader.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

Army retires 30 Generals.


FOLLOWING the promotions and postings of 27 major generals by the Nigerian Army Council, indications have emerged that the Army authorities have issued terminal letters to 30 generals, preparatory to their leaving the force between today, 31st December and 31st January 2014.

Among the generals that have so far received the letters are some principal staff officers at army and defence headquarters, commandants of tri-service institutions, corps-commanders, as well as those of Army-owned training institutions.

Nigerian Tribune gathered from authoritative military sources that while some of the generals have served the mandatory 35 years in service, others have been caught up by the age on rank requirement for retirement and some have become not promotable by virtue of the fact that they have not been successful with the promotion boards for the three scheduled opportunities.

On why such large number of generals would be allowed to leave service, even after President Goodluck Jonathan had, in the past, reiterated the need to keep these officers that cost the nation colossal amount of money to train, the source said; “Yes, the services of the officers would still be needed by the Army, but it will be in a different capacity.”

According to the military source, the top hierarchy of the armed forces is heavy and if the terms and conditions of service are not followed, the young officers will not get to the top too.

“For the sake of ensuring that the top of the service is not too heavy, thereby hindering deserved promotions and movement (postings) of officers with new ideas and innovations, these officers (retirees) have to be retired in line with the Armed Forces Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS).”

The source also disclosed that the ever dynamic internal security outburst spearheaded by the Boko Haram debacle, threats of kidnapping, armed robbery and renewed banditry along the nation’s border areas are also areas the army intends to pay more attention in the coming year.

“Towards this end, tested and highly trained officers who have garnered both local and international experiences, will not just be discarded. Their services will be required in strategic planning, training and support in dealing with moves aimed at containing and curtailing the myriads of security challenges facing the nation,” it was gathered.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Tackle poverty, insecurity; take not Nigerians for granted – Atiku warns.


Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has raised the alarm over poverty rate in the country, calling on the Federal Government to rise up to the task of governance.According to him, elected and appointed officials must be proactive in tackling issues affecting the people, as they have exercised enough patience with successive administrations.In a New Year message by his Media Office in Abuja on Monday, Atiku, while congratulating Nigerians, thanked God for keeping the nation together despite its myriad of security, political and socio-economic challenges.“Despite our challenges in the area of security, infrastructure, politics and economy, I am grateful to God for keeping us together as one,” he said.“It is my hope that we all will face the future of our country with confidence and fervent hope that God will grant us the better tomorrow we are working for.”The Turaki Admawa, urged leaders at different levels to brace up to the challenges of nation-building and economic prosperity for the nation and its people.Continuing, Atiku noted that “With hard work and dedication, elected leaders and public servants can rise to the expected challenges of national development and economic prosperity to redress the deepening poverty of ordinary Nigerians in 2014.“Public office holders should not take the magnanimity of the Nigerian people for granted,” he added.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Obasanjo’s letter to Jonathan danger signal, says Chukwumerije.


Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Senator Uche Chukwumerije,

yesterday described former President Olusegun Obasanjo‘s open letter to President Jonathan as a sign of looming disaster.

Chukwumrije in a statement last night said a second term for Jonathan is necessary to foster a sense of participation of all ethnic components in the administration of the country at the highest level.

He warned that never again will the Igbo nation allow itself to be made a sacrificial lamb in the nation’s political history.

He described as alarmist Obasanjo’s warning that the military is being primed for “possible abuse and misuse… for unwholesome personal and political interest…”

The statement reads: “For System Nigeria, a period of almost half a century of silent ostracisation of a group in political wilderness should be enough of a part of the total reparation exacted from Ndigbo since the end of the civil war.

“This major ethnic nationality has never produced an elected President of Nigeria. Still on the future of Nigeria (and specifically fate of Igbo ethnic nationality) in the dark shadows of new but predictable hazards of replay of ancient systemic uncertainties.

“The lengthy loud ambiguities of our Delphic Oracle reek with offensive smells – innuendos of betrayals and lurking disasters, of cyclical visitations of ignored history, of clear blinks of danger signs from 1966 milepost.

“When such an alarm comes from a revered leader, it is an invitation to a ship wreck from familiar quarters. Predictably, rehearsed but hollow threats of impeachment was a logical fall-out of the alarm. Timely counter threats of treasonable felony followed.”

He added: “We must avert this disaster. For Ndigbo, System Nigeria can never make us again the sacrificial lamb of its fractured history. Never again.

“If to foster a sense of participation of all ethnic components in the management of Nigeria is the prime purpose of rotation of the presidency, the formal acceptance of the current six-zone structure, (the successor to the former regions), should be the most effective mode of implementation of the formula.

“A second term for Jonathan is important to establish this necessity. This gives to the federal edifice the solid foundation.”

The lawmaker noted that the turbulent history of Nigeria suggests the six-zone format as a “dialectical necessity in the current phase of our nation-building.”

He said the formula would bring all the sectors of the federation nearer to a level playing ground.

He stated that “the reference to dialectical movement is to the history of the dynamics of power relationships among regions, ethnic blocs and under-girding hegemonies.

“The direction of Nigeria’s political evolution since 1962 has been the inexorable pace of disintegration of hegemonic strongholds in favour of progressive democratisation of the political space.

“Seen from this view, a second tenure for Jonathan is a necessity. It strengthens the precedent of a six-zone structure and reinforces a new convention/formula that adopts this rotation format for the Presidency as the recipe of national stability.”

He lamented that a major ethnic group like Ndigbo have since independence been excluded from Nigeria’s elected presidency.

He said: “The official name of the competition rule is ‘democracy is a game of numbers’. But the buzz code of the System is ‘exclusion of the Igbos for the meantime’.

“Obasanjo has allegedly said as much a long time ago, warning that it was an insult to the System for Ndigbo to expect access to the presidency in less than 100 years from end of the civil war.

“OBJ’s choice of use of regions as rotation units to warehouse manipulation of selection of presidential materials gives credence to this allegation.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

Thanks but no thanks, Tunde Bakare rejects President Gooodluck’s bung in the form of X’mas Cow.


The presiding overseer of the Latter Rain Church and the convener of Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare has lambasted the Presidency for giving him a cow as gift this Christmas.
He told his congregation in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, on Sunday that he did not solicit for the cow which he said was dumped at the office of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, in Lagos by people from the Presidency.
According to Bakare, “I had a cow from the Presidency. I didn’t ask for it. They dropped it at the Save Nigeria Group office… But is it cow that we need? If you check their books, one cow could have been bought for $5,000. The rest of the money is pocketed! We don’t need cow, we need a country that will move forward!”
He added that “they prevailed on me not to return it. Thanks for the cow, but no thanks! That means no cow for me next year (laughs). But we will have good roads, schools etc! We are the cause of our problems. We feel big when Mr President sends us hampers etc… We go to them for contracts etc… Until we change ourselves, we cannot expect change from those who lead us!”
He said the way things are going, very soon people in power will be giving out elephants as gift during festive periods, saying it was wasteful to give such gifts when the money used in purchasing them could be used to provide hospitals, good roads, schools, etc.
He announced that he was giving out the cow, adding that the problem with Nigeria was that the nation has low men in high places.

Source: Radio Biafra.
By David Odey

Gov Akpabio advocates economic integration between Southsouth & Southeast.


Akwa Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio has stressed the need for economic integration between Southsouth and Southeast geopolitical zones, to fast-track development and mutual co-existence.

The governor, who spoke at the weekend at Nnewi in Anambra State after being conferred with the chieftaincy title of “Omelu-Ora” by Igwe of Nnewi, His Royal Highness, Igwe Kenneth Orilu III, as part of activities concluding a week-long celebration of Igwe’s 50 years on the throne, said: “We as great sons and daughters of Southeast and Southsouth must make efforts to unite the two geopolitical zones.”

He said: “By this gesture, we have re-united the Southsouth and the Southeast, which is something Governor Peter Obi and I have been trying to do in the last six years. These geopolitical zones must be united.


“That was why we started the Southeast and Southsouth Governors’ Forum. Today we are having a meeting to bring about economic integration of the geopolitical zones. When we have a united Southsouth and Southeast, we will have a greater voice in the comity of states in the country.”

Akpabio hailed the Igwe of Nnewi for the honour done him, saying: “I receive the title because your background and pedigrees are well known to all. I found out that you are a grand patron of the Men’s Fellowship of Anglican Church. This shows you have brought Christianity into governance; you have brought God into your throne. This is why I associate with you because every authority comes from God and that is what you are practicing.”

He described Nnewi town as the spiritual headquarters of Igbo land.

Governor Obi said the conferment of “Omelu-Ora” chieftaincy title on Governor Akpabio by the Igwe-in-council of Nnewi was justified. He described the Akwa Ibom governor as a true Nigerian committed to the country’s transformation.

Governor Akpabio’s wife, Unoma, was also honoured by the Igwe of Nnewi with the chieftaincy title of ‘Ada Eji Eze Mba’ of Nnewi town.

Source: Radio Biafra.

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