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Benny Hinn: Pastor Jack Hayford Saved My Life.


Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

Pastor Jack Hayford presided over the remarriage of Benny and Suzanne Hinn earlier this year. But fewer know how much Hayford helped the Hinns after their marriage fell apart.

Hinn doesn’t mince words: “Jack Hayford saved my life. He saved my life, no doubt. I love that man with depth. I mean, I love him, like, beyond words. Pastor Jack saved my life. I can actually say that with absolute honestly. He not only saved my life; he saved Suzanne’s life and saved our marriage. Pastor Jack Hayford is the loveliest, sweetest man. I really, really, truly, big-time love him.”

Hinn told Charisma News how angry he was when he went to visit Hayford, about once a month. He was angry with his ex-wife, angry with the situation—just angry. But Hinn says, “he loved on me—and that’s what I think began to break me. He was not condemning me. He was loving me.”

During the restoration process, Hayford told Hinn to take his ex-wife to a movie.

“I said, ‘OK, Pastor, which movie?’ He said, “Les Miserables. You take her and spend time with her.” And I said, “OK.” So we did. Man, they sang every line in that movie. They sang and sang and sang. It’s a beautiful story,” Hinn says.

“But since we’ve been remarried, I’ve watched at least 20 movies with her alone. I’ve spent more time with her probably in the last few months than I did in 30 years. We watch movies together at home, and we hold each other. She’ll say to me, ‘Why didn’t you do this when we were married?’ I say, ‘I don’t know’.”


Benny Hinn Offers Intimate Details of Life After Remarriage.


Benny and Suzanne Hinn marriage
Benny and Suzanne Hinn after their remarriage ceremony. (Steve Strang)

Many of the ugly details of Benny Hinn’s divorce were made very public. And many were not. Much the same, many of the beautiful details of his reconciliation with Suzanne were made public. And many were not. In this exclusive interview, Hinn tells Charisma News parts of the story that few people know.

Charisma: Tell me what life is like with your wife now that your marriage is restored.

Hinn: We have lot of peace and joy. Suzanne just talked to me this morning, and she never ever says hello to me anymore. She says, “Hello, my love!” I like that. She used to say, “Hey, Benny!” Now she says, “Hello, my love,” and she did that this morning. And I say, “Hey, my baby, my darling!” We are calling each other names, sweet names, like “baby,” “darling,” “honey,” “sweetheart,” “You’re my treasure.” When we started that, my kids said, “Daddy, are you OK?” They’re wondering, like, “Are you guys all right?”

We were married for 30 years, and we didn’t have time for each other most of those 30. Then we were divorced for three years. I think during the three years, we both woke up to the reality of life without each other, the horrible things you go through when you’re divorced—the anger, the pain, the bitterness, all that crazy stuff that happens to you. And then you say, “You know what? It’s a much happier life going back to the person you really care for.” That’s what happened to us. We cling to each other like there’s nowhere to go except stay together.

Charisma: We couldn’t be more thrilled for you and your wife. So there’s total forgiveness?

Hinn: Suzanne has forgiven me, and I have forgiven her, too, for some of the things that happened during our divorce, because we were nasty to each other. It was not a nice time for us. It was one of the worst experiences of my life because there was just a lot of anger that was coming out, and it was not nice. And that’s why I say to people, “If you think your problem is big, you don’t know what we’ve gone through.” Sue and I were just vicious at each other, which was really sad.

You know, what’s amazing is how close love and hate are. That’s what I’ve learned going through this—that love and hate have a very thin line. A very thin line. You can slip into one so quick, it’s almost scary. I heard that years ago from a friend of mine named Fred Brown, and I thought he was lying to me. [But it] is true. Love and hate have a very thin border, so we have to protect our love because we can easily, easily slip back into hating that same person.

Charisma: Any closing advice for couples having marriage trouble?

Hinn: Number one is invite Jesus back into your marriage. You’ve got to bring Him back, and that’s one thing I resisted. Because [ReinhardBonnke told me two years before I was healed, “You must get back to your wife,Benny.” I said, “No!” Because, I said, “I don’t want to go back to the madness.” And I knew the minute I would say, “Lord, come back into my marriage,” He would heal it because that’s just the Lord. But I did not want to do it.

Number two is to spend time together. Sue and I had lost our friendship. This is funny, but I took her to one movie in all the 30 years we were married. I took her to one movie, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, and that was, like, in the ’80s, when it came out. I took her to a drive-in in Orlando.

Third is to pray with each other. Sue and I do that every day. Even when she’s not with me, I call her and we pray on the phone. That really has brought peace into our life, which is precious. And then you don’t want to lose it because you cherish that.



Islam Posts Rapid Growth in US—Are Christians Ready?.

The Crescent Project is helping Christians learn how to reach out to Muslims. (Facebook)

According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of mosques in the U.S. soared 74 percent between 2000 and 2010. The report also found there are now 2.6 million Muslims living in the U.S.—an increase of 66 percent.

What are Christians doing to reach out to them? According to the Crescent Project, they’re not doing enough.

Fouad Masri, founder and president of the Crescent Project, says Christians need to listen to Jesus.

“Jesus says, ‘You are the light of the world,'” Masri says. “Jesus is asking us to shine our light. Today, more than ever, Muslims see that they are in darkness. Muslims, for the first time, are asking questions.”

Unfortunately, Christians don’t know how to be a light to Muslims today. Masri says that’s why the Crescent Project is holding its Oasis Conference in the Dallas area next week.

“We’re asking Christians to come to the conference,” he says. “Join us in praying for Muslims. Join us and learn how to share the gospel with Muslims.”

According to Masri, you probably have Muslims in your hometown.

“It could be someone who’s a student, an immigrant, somebody who’s a refugee,” he says. “We’re asking Christians to lock arms with us and [share] this beautiful message about Jesus with our Muslim neighbors.”

The Oasis Conference is being held at 121 Community Church in Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Masri says the training is highly effective.

“Three out of four [people] who come to our training have never shared the gospel with Muslims,” he says. “However, after they go through the training, 74 percent of them get involved in reaching Muslims.”

The training does even more than that.

“Four out of five [alumni] become mobilizers,” Masri says. “They start talking to churches [and] friends about the issues of Islam in America, about the issues of Islam overseas and about how to build bridges with Muslims.”

According to Masri, because many Muslims are searching for truth, many are surprised when they hear Jesus is still alive. He references two Afghan women who watched the story of Jesus on video and began to cry. Was it because of the crucifixion scene?

Masri explains, “They said, ‘No. We’re crying because Jesus rose from the dead, and nobody has told us for 2,000 years. For 2,000 years, we never heard that the end of the story was resurrection.'”

This article originally appeared on



Weeping, Pastor Ron Carpenter Confesses ‘Horror’ of His Marriage.

Ron and Hope Carpenter
Ron and Hope Carpenter

Pastor Ron Carpenter told a horror story to his Redemption World Outreach Center congregation on Sunday. It was a story of betrayal and brokenness that led to the Pentecostal leader breaking down sobbing in front of his megachurch, located in Greenville, S.C.

After more than one long-term affair, Carpenter’s wife, Hope, voluntarily checked in to a one-year rehabilitation program over the weekend. Her psychological state is so fragile that doctors are beginning immediate treatment.

Charisma News previously reported on Carpenter’s initial announcement and his decision not to reconcile with his wife.

When Hope confessed her first affair in 2010, Carpenter wound up in the hospital. Doctors thought he was having a heart attack. The stress of keeping his wife’s infidelity and emotional instability a secret for nearly a decade took its toll on the megachurch pastor.

“I cannot tell you the horror of having something like plutonium inside of me, a secret in me,” Carpenter told his church. “And I have to grab a microphone every Sunday and Wednesday and talk to the world, having lost all my confidence, humiliated, shamed and embarrassed.”

“There was no remorse. There was no compassion,” he continued, describing his wife’s behavior. “The erratic behavior, random, random, reckless, careless behavior only escalated, and the situation in 2011, 2012 just deteriorated worse and worse. I don’t know how I have come before you and done what I have done. The state of my mind and the preoccupation … the volatility of my home. I don’t know how I’ve done what I’ve done.”

Carpenter had renewed hope in January when he said something started turning.

“Her motherhood started coming back,” he said. “Her attitude toward me began to change. She began to have a desire again to be restored to ministry. I saw her devotional life pick back up. I saw her time with God begin to be productive and consistent. … I thought, ‘Maybe we have done it. Maybe we’ve beat this thing.’”

Despite renewed hope, Carpenter soon found out his wife had started another affair right after she broke off the first one. His wife was actually having an affair during the entire restoration process, and he never knew it.

Still, Carpenter is walking in the Word.

“Hope is not well,” he told his congregation. “You need to know that. We don’t know what’s wrong. But these are not the actions of anybody that is right. I am bearing the expense of one year of treatment that is extensive, calling together the best Christian counselors and clinical psychiatrists and therapists that money can buy, and I am committed totally and completely to my kids one day having a mother that is whole and that is well.”


Jack Hayford: What You Can Do to Stand for Israel.

(Morgue file)

Here are five practical ways to support God’s chosen people:

1. Equip yourself with reliable information, avoiding bigotry and disallowing “blind spots.” Recognize the disposition of the popular press. Assess reports cautiously but not with paranoia. Become familiar with the basics of history in the Middle East, and understand the unique dynamics of what’s occurred in the past century.

2. Accept with continuing faithfulness the Bible’s call to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Ps. 122:6), and pray that our nation will govern in the light of Genesis 12:1-3 (“I will bless those who bless you …”).

3. Prayerfully consider visiting Israel as a point of practical support. (See p. 48.)

4. Show friendship toward Jewish people. Affirm that, as a Christian believer, you stand with Israel as a point of your Bible-based commitment to God.

5. While acknowledging the terrorist habits of radical Muslims, be gracious to others who identify themselves among the people groups in conflict.

Take action because it’s such a pivotal time. Today the showdown that we face is so close to becoming a marshaling of the nations of the earth against Israel and whoever is left that stands with them.

Yet, ultimately, the final issue will be who is for Christ and His way and who is not. The Lord has called us to be a people who will touch people and will stand with moral and biblical convictions for critical issues. By reason of what’s discussed on these pages, it’s obvious this is one of those. Let’s take our stand!

Please visit the website of Pastor Jack Hayford at


Step into the Impossible.


“For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

The angel Gabriel told Mary that God was planning to do something humanly impossible. All human logic would agree a virgin could not give birth to a child. It is impossible. Yet this is exactly what was to happen.

When God speaks of doing the impossible, it is no longer absurd. When was the last time God did the impossible in your life? When was the last time God spoke to you about what He wanted to do and you were scared to death by its magnitude?

God still does the impossible! Too often we acknowledge our belief that God can do whatever He wants; then we add a safety clause: “But I just don’t think God will do that with me!” We become practical atheists, believing that God can perform miracles but never expecting a miracle in our own lives.

God wanted to bring salvation to all of humanity. It is critical that Mary not only believed God could perform a miracle, but also adjusted her life to the awesome work He planned to do through her.

The difference between a Christian and a moral person is the divine. The difference between a church and a social club is the miraculous.

Some can duplicate the morality of a Christian, but no one can reproduce the miraculous that should be a part of the Christian experience. Do you believe that nothing is impossible for God? Tell us onFacebook.


Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby are the authors of numerous books, includingExperiencing God, Day By Day, from which this article was adapted.

How God Is Moving in Syria Despite Heartbreaking Persecution.

Syrian Christians pray
Lebanese and Syrian Christian Maronites pray for peace in Syria, in Harisa, Jounieh. (Reuters/Hasan Shaaban)

In this exclusive interview with Charisma News, Jane (not her real name), a Syrian Christian, gave us a firsthand account of what it’s like to be a Christian in the war-torn country during this dangerous and uncertain time.

Charisma News: This is a classic case of where the media has trumped up the story in Damascus where 1,100 people were gassed on Wednesday, Aug. 21.
Jane: Actually, we read everything, and we said to our people here that most of the media lie about what happened. We know there’s a lot of kidnapping of people. We know a guy who’s 17 years old who was kidnapped, and he said there were hundreds of bodies, and a lot of children and women were kidnapped. Many times they burn them, take pictures and show villagers, and everyone’s talking about this. That may have happened, but we don’t know the real truth. Yesterday the UN, in a closed meeting, said, “We don’t have any information that the Assad soldiers did that. And we already have a group from the UN inside Syria, and they don’t find any proof, so we remain until there is proof toward this situation.” Both sides may use chemicals, and we are sure the rebels are using the chemicals because we are there.

Charisma News: What do you see God doing in spite of all the persecution and what’s being reported?
Jane: We are now experiencing that this is the best spiritual time for Syria and other countries, like Egypt, because as much as their suffering is great, they are growing. We experience how refugees run away from their places because of the bombing from the government. They came to Damascus and to the churches, and they came to find the truth of the real God.

Many of the Muslim families came to our church, and now our church has 2,000 families of refugees. They told us, “We don’t know if this is the real Islam.” We said, “Yes, this is Islam. This is what they teach in Quran.” They said, “We don’t want to follow Muhammad anymore. We don’t want Islam. We want to know the real God.” So we give them New Testaments, and we follow up with them, have meetings, preach the gospel, and then we give them food. Thank God, we saw how He is moving among those families that before we couldn’t reach because they don’t even know there are Christians in this country. They are covered; it’s very hard. So we thank God, because everything happens because of His goodness.

We saw that this war is not from God because of how much the terrorists came and tried to strip the Christians, telling them to go out from the country—“This is our country. It’s our country.” At the same time, we are experiencing how much evil is active now because there is a big change on the other side, where we have a lot of opportunities to show Jesus Christ. And we have one prayer a day for the country for six months, inviting people from any denomination—Muslim denominations and Christian denominations—and we pray with them for the country. And when we pray, we pray for Sunni and Shia and Christians and Jews and enemy religions. We pray for all denominations, and we pray for all people. That prayer meeting, God opened from this prayer to make resolutions among Sunni and Shia.

We believe God is doing miracles because He promised us from 2004 that a big revival is coming. It wasn’t like we were expecting. We expected big places, a crowd of people would come to the place. But His way is opposite, not like our ways, because this is through the war. Thank God, at the same time, we believe that somebody is being saved. We are waiting and believe that God will change the situation for victor[y], and we are using the suffering time that believers get stronger and people come more. Even though we have a lot problems, a lot of suffering, a lot of hurting, we still, we can’t do anything but stand still.

Charisma News: How can we pray for the situation there?
Jane: American believers have to wake up and know that there are other members of the body who are suffering. It’s very important to have more information about what’s happening on the other side because suffering is caused by the people who are supported by your government, by your taxes and your money.

It’s very hard for us when we are walking on the street and there are a lot of mortars above our heads and around us. Thank God He protects the believers. But this is the life we are living now. We walk down the street, and we don’t know if we will come back to our home or not. Everyone is going from Syria, from Damascus and Aleppo. We are leaving our home, and we don’t know if we will come back. It’s a very hard life because every moment we are expecting death. We hear of tortures, kidnappings, 500 die, 700 die, 200 die. This is a big problem. My area now is very dangerous, but we’re still alive, thank God.

You have to pray for awakening of your government. Because one day those people who are supported by your government, they will kill your people. Believe me, this is their aim. This is their goal. We want you to pray for that, that the country will stop the killing, stop the Syrian forces, that terrorists will not be supported by the Turkish board or the Muslim board. It’s very hard for us when we heard how much people come against our country. It’s very, very dangerous for us.

Please pray that God will stop the terrorists and not let them enter any more. Already we have 600,000 terrorists—from Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and many areas. We also want you to pray for the Turks because they are now trying to build a kingdom of God above Syria. This is the dream of the believers, except for Syria.

At the same time, we are expecting more and more people coming to Jesus Christ, and we want you to pray for distributing the New Testament. We have had good experiences with this. Many years ago, our church had a vision to have one New Testament for each Syrian—that’s 23 million. In our country, the government gave us permission, and we distributed more than 300,000 New Testaments. But during the war, we distributed 50,000 and 20,000 audio New Testaments and 3,000 children Bibles. This is a big aim, and we are already doing it in no time. Thank God He is using this ministry, and we have many, many experiences about how God is using this ministry and people being blessed by the New Testament.

We want you to pray also for the children, for the situation, the economic situation. People are very down. People don’t work now. Prior to the situation, if someone has any problem, they can’t go to the police station because the police station is controlled by the terrorists, and we can’t have any solutions from the government. We need real protection and for God to stop this war.

Charisma News: Like you say, the reality of death is everywhere. I’m sure every time you step out, there is a supernatural protection on you.
Jane: We can be kidnapped any time because of our faith. We expect our daughters may be kidnapped. It’s not an easy life. We expect death. We are always prepared for death. I told my daughters that someone may come and kill us at our door.

The terrorists are full in this country. You will see some blood, you will have some pain, but He will open the heavens, and we will enjoy being with Jesus and angels, and He will say, “I forgive you, God loves you, Jesus loves you.” Many times He will use us and will glorify His name through our life, but we are in a very dangerous situation.

We need your prayers. We are blessed by this suffering, and we are aimed at winning. What’s happened in America? We are really worried. The Christians, the believers there, are sleeping. They don’t know anything about suffering in other countries. They are blind.

We are not supporting the regime, but we know that the regime with people is much better, and we can accept it, and we can live with them from Sunni. Before, we had a big freedom to worship God, and we could do huge events and no one would stop us—Muslim or other nations—because we had the freedom from our government. They gave us a church where we could do whatever wanted—even rent a big stadium. You can do what you want, and no one can stop you.

I had a female friend who was once asked, “Why do you get the New Testament in school?” She’s a believer from a Muslim background. The principal of the school is against her, but the government agreed that the people who are following what is written in the New Testament are the best and follow exactly what is written. “Go, and no one can stop you because of this book, we support printing it, and everyone who wants to read it can read it. Call me if someone stops you.” We have a lot of stories like this. In the end, people who produce the New Testament get protection from the Secret Police because it is very legal to distribute them in our country.

We had freedom before. Assad wasn’t against them and ministry, but his fault was he wanted to give freedom to all, and the last time, when we had freedom under Assad’s regime, it was like going crazy. In 10 years, they were building mosques in a crazy way and wondering why we have so many mosques. We are afraid one day they’ll say we don’t have freedom of religion. So Assad gives all people freedom. We are Christians. We keep the situation. While we are not weak, we begin to grow.



Regent President Carlos Campo Steps Down.

Carlos Campo
Dr. Carlos Campo

Regent University has announced that Dr. Carlos Campo is stepping down as president.

“We are very appreciative of Carlos’ work these past five years, and in particular his role in developing new partnerships and friendships at the local, national and global level,” says Daniel Sellers, chair of the Regent board of trustees. “The board is grateful for his endeavors, which have enhanced our community.”

Campo came to Regent in 2008 as chief academic officer and was starting his fourth year as president.

“I am blessed and honored to have served as president of Regent University,” Campo says. “It’s been a privilege to work with the staff, faculty and board to serve our students. I would also like to thank the great people of Hampton Roads, who have made us feel so welcome in this community.”



New Jersey Megachurch Takes ‘Organic’ Approach to Community Service.

Pastor Dharius Daniels
Pastor Dharius Daniels

Kingdom Church, which has 6,100 members spread across campuses in Ewing and Burlington, N.J., is taking a different approach to church ministry by partnering with 14 local organizations to further their existing efforts and impact when serving the community.

Motivated by their biblical beliefs, hundreds of Kingdom Church members participate monthly through the church’s ICARE Ministry to assist in meeting the needs of the community through other organizations.

“There are so many organizations who are already being the hands and feet of Jesus through serving our community,” says senior pastor Dharius Daniels. “As Christians, we are called to serve those in need. But rather than developing Kingdom Church-specific programs, we want to partner together with these existing organizations to provide financial, physical and spiritual support toward their efforts.”

Kingdom Church has worked with various community organizations over the past 12 months, including assisting in painting a mural at Trenton YMCA; visiting patients at the Arcadia Nursing Home; feeding the homeless at Trenton Salvation Army and Rescue Mission of Trenton; and providing over 2,500 emergency blankets, 4,500 water bottles and 700 toys, coats and clothing items to organizations such as Anchor House, Womanspace and HomeFront.

Most recently, Kingdom Church has made an impact on the Young Scholars’ Institute (YSI) in Trenton, participating in its “Yard Sale and Clean Up Day,” during which church members helped coordinate volunteer efforts, clear landscaping and clean the facility.

“The mission of Young Scholars’ Institute is to empower Trenton-area youth through educational, recreational and cultural activities to help them develop the skills necessary to excel academically and to maximize their academic, vocational and career choices,” says Jerri L. Morrison, executive director of YSI. “Kingdom Church was a blessing to YSI. I am so thankful for their help.”

Daniels, who was invited to be a featured speaker at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ 2013 youth event in Dallas, Texas, in conjunction with the annual MegaFest, believes in taking a practical approach to meet the needs of those within the diverse community.

“We take an organic approach to community involvement,” Daniels says. “We have individuals within our church from all walks of life. Some are in need of financial support. Others are dealing with corporate or marriage issues. We customize different groups, classes and ministries to help people in a way that is most helpful to their situation and lifestyle.”

Founded in 2005, Kingdom Church is a nondenominational church. With its main campus located in Ewing, Kingdom Church also has a congregation in Burlington, which currently meets at Burlington Township Middle School. The church is hopeful it can build a smaller satellite campus for its Burlington congregation over the next year.



Why Reaching Men Is Becoming Critical.

The need to disciple men has reached a critical point
The need to disciple men has reached a critical point. (Stock Free Images)

My father-in-law and I have lunch once a week. Last Monday our waitress, Stephanie (not her real name), seemed a little down so I struck up a conversation.

She told us the parking lot in front of the restaurant had flooded during a torrential Florida storm the day before and now her car wouldn’t start. She had tears in her eyes, so I knew there had to be more to the story.

I guessed she was so overwhelmed by what for most of us would be a small inconvenience because she didn’t have much money. I told her how sorry we were and that we would say a prayer for her when we prayed over lunch.

Then I asked her a few more questions. She is 26 years old, a single mom with 6- and 8-year-old boys, and has no family in Orlando. The father of her children isn’t in the picture—he’s a bad actor. So she’s left to raise two sons without a father figure by working for tips.

Her mother died when she was 14 and her younger brother was 8 years old. Their father did not step up. Perhaps he didn’t know how, but he failed them. She made some bad choices, but now she’s trying to do the right thing by her two sons. Yet she worries they have no male influence.

When she brought our food, she started walking away. On impulse, I called her back and invited her to join us as we prayed; she did, and I sensed that God encouraged her heart.

Then she went on to say she was deeply worried about her younger brother, now 20, who, without a positive father figure, is on the cusp of becoming a bad actor too. So I told her about the work we do with men and gave her a copy of The Man in the Mirror for him.

I don’t know if I will ever see Stephanie again. I hope so. But if not, Dad and I did what we could that day. I trust God is already sovereignly orchestrating others to make appearances in her life. And I will continue to pray for her as the Lord brings her to mind.

It’s an all too familiar pattern, isn’t it? Stephanie has five men in her life. Her father? A bad actor. The father of her children? A bad actor. Her brother? Which way will he go? Her two sons? What will become of them?

What a perfect example of why God wants us to disciple men. Experiences like this are why we can never, and will never, tire or lose our passion to help evangelize and disciple men. The mission of men’s discipleship is for all of the broken people, like Stephanie and her sons, left in the wake of misguided men. Those men have no idea of the destructive forces they are setting in motion that will devastate multiple generations.

That’s why we must urgently help every church disciple every man.


Patrick Morley is founder and CEO of Man in the Mirror. After building one of Florida’s 100 largest privately held companies, in 1991, he founded Man in the Mirror, a nonprofit organization to help men find meaning and purpose in life. Dr. Morley is the best-selling author of The Man in the Mirror, No Man Left Behind, Dad in the Mirror, and A Man’s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines.

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