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Former NBA Star Rodman in NKorea Next Week for ‘Hoops Not Nukes’.

LONDON — Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who has struck up a friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, will visit the reclusive state next week to train its basketball team, sponsors said Thursday.

The eccentric former Chicago Bulls star is organizing a friendship exhibition game between North Korea and a team of mainly former NBA players on January 8, Kim’s birthday.

Sponsors Paddy Power said the December 19-23 training sessions and match are unaffected by the turbulent political events in North Korea, where Kim’s uncle and former mentor Jang Song Thaek was recently purged in a surprise move.

“Those events don’t change anything for us,” said Rory Scott, a spokesman for the Irish bookmakers. “We’re doing this because our customers love sport, which is the universal language.

“Let’s call it ‘hoops not nukes’,” he said.

Scott, who is accompanying Rodman on the trip along with a television documentary crew, said the players in the U.S. team will be announced in the coming days.

“It will be a mix of former NBA players, including a couple of legends, and some young guys,” Scott said. “Dennis is going to spend some time with the North Korean team this month before the game. We are all getting excited about this now.”

He refused to reveal how much Rodman would be paid for his involvement.

The heavily tattooed Rodman has developed an extraordinary relationship with Kim since making his first trip to North Korea in March, when he declared the young ruler a “friend for life.”

Kim, who was educated in Switzerland, is reported to be a keen basketball fan and especially of the Chicago Bulls, for whom Rodman played a key role in winning three NBA titles alongside Michael Jordan in the 1990s.

A U.S. think tank said this month that satellite pictures showed that North Korea had stepped up its nuclear activity in line with the regime’s vows to expand its weapons program.

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How to win the Super Bowl!

Acts 1:8

This evening the world will watch the Chicago Bears beat the Indianapolis Colts (I mean play the Indianapolis Colts).

I shouldn’t have made a prediction like that!

How many Bears fans do we have here this morning?.


 How many Colts fans do we have here this morning?.

Wonderful! How many Jesus fans do we have here at the Grace Baptist Church this morning? Raise your hands! Oh that is great!

This morning I want to compare the playing of the Super Bowl, and all the fans that will be watching the Super Bowl to that of the Christian life.

Now, there is a greater Super Bowl being played, even as I speak!

King Jesus, and His team is on one side of the playing field, and Satan and all his demons are on the other side of the playing field!

Which side are you going to be?.

 I hope you are on Jesus’ team, and you can be on His team before you leave this morning!

As I thought about how to win the Super Bowl, I thought about how the Christian life is compared to the sports world.

We have a lot in common with the world of sports.

The Bible even pictures the Christian life as a boxing match, a race, and a wrestling match.

Now how can you win at the Super Bowl of Life?

1-Tell everybody whose team you are on!

Acts 1:8 says

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

A true fan is not ashamed to stand up and be counted for his or her team!

 As many of you have already stated, a fan is not hesitant to say what team they are pulling for, unless it happens to be the New York Yankees!

Just kidding! Are there any Yankee fans here today! I’ve tried my best to convert you into Brave fans, but all to no avail!

You want to be a winner right, so you pull for the Yankees, instead of the Braves!

Well friends, I really do not know who will win the big game tonight, but I guarantee that the Colt fans are going to let everyone know when Peyton Manning throws a touchdown pass, and the Bears Fans are going to let everyone know when they score a touchdown or kick a field goal.
I’ve even seen fans would fight you over their team if you said something about them.

It is easy to tell who a true fan is pulling for. Just look at their shirts, coats, socks, and even their underwear and they will have the logo of their favorite team on them.

It is said that Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever, would wear his North Carolina Tarheels gym shorts underneath his Chicago Bulls uniform.

Once a Tarheel, always a Tarheel. AMEN! That is why the Lord painted the sky above us Tarheel Blue!

 How many Tarheel fans do we have here today?.

 How many Duke Blue devil fans do we have?.

 If those fans can tell everyone whose side they are on, let’s go out into the world and let them know we are on God’s team!

By Marvin D. Patterson.

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