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Evangelist: Gospel Profoundly Affected Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela
One of South Africa’s leading evangelists says he believes the gospel profoundly affected Nelson Mandela’s outlook as he re-entered politics after his years in prison. (CBN News)

One of South Africa’s leading evangelists says he believes the gospel profoundly affected Nelson Mandela‘s outlook as he re-entered politics after his years in prison.

Evangelist Michael Cassidy said Billy Grahamasked him to visit Mandela in 1992 in response to a letter Mandela had written to Graham after he left prison.

He said he personally took a signed copy of Graham’s book, Peace with God, to Mandela.

“I remember him telling me that when he was in prison he never missed Bible study or church service or Sunday nights. I was very impressed by that,” Cassidy said.

“I personally like to believe that the Christian gospel also informed his responses. It wasn’t just pragmatic politics. These were principles in his heart and soul and mind that he had come to believe were right,” he continued.

At Mandela’s request, Cassidy went to network with other church leaders to press for reconciliation, both before and after Mandela’s election in 1994.

“He was saddened that there were portions of the church that had given explicit or implicit support for the apartheid system and had legitimized it theologically,” he reminisced.

“But it was not lost on him that the church was a very important player in the whole process whereby apartheid was brought to an end,” Cassidy added.

Cassidy said Mandela wrote a letter to Graham saying he was touched by one of Graham’s TV broadcasts while in prison.


Egypt Arrests Most Famous Christian Convert.


Bishoy Armiya
Bishoy Armiya, Egypt’s most famous Christian convert from Islam, has been arrested by national security forces. (CBN News)

Bishoy Armiya, Egypt’s most famous Christian convert from Islam, has been arrested by national security forces.

Armiya, formerly known as Mohammed Hegazy, had fought publicly to change his religion on his identification card. He and his family had been running for their lives after Muslim leaders pronounced a death sentence against him.

In a 2010 interview, he told CBN News he had been jailed and tortured by Egyptian state security agents who wanted him to return to Islam.

Now Mideast Christian News reports he’s been arrested again, this time for proselytizing.

“The defendant photographed military and police institutions, a Copt who was attacked by Muslim Brotherhood members, and Nazlet Ebeid and Badraman villages, where the defendant met with several Christian citizens. Security services tracked him down and were able to arrest him,” a security source told MCN.

While converting to Islam is considered the norm, Muslims who convert to Christianity risk prosecution or death at the hands of extremists.



Pastor Who Lost His Kids: ‘God Will Not Forsake Us’.


Typhoon Haiyan
Two weeks after Typhoon Haiyan struck, villagers are still struggling to survive. (Operation Blessing, Facebook)

Aid is still urgently needed several weeks after super Typhoon Haiyan battered the central Philippines.

Survivors are trying to cope with the loss of loved ones, homes and possessions. Two weeks after Typhoon Haiyan struck villagers are still struggling to survive.

People living in the interior communities are finding it difficult to go where they can get medical aid and relief goods because they must trudge through filthy debris.

But some are still unselfishly helping others, like one pastor who lost half of his family in the disaster.

The stinky piles of garbage are everywhere. And dead bodies are still being discovered, like the granddaughter of Rico Villalino, who shared his heartache with CBN News.

“That is my granddaughter along the road. We just found her this morning. The other one is still missing. We also lost our house. Everything is gone,” he said.

One female pastor, who accompanied CBN News, prayed for Villalino and invited him to attend church.

Many like Villalino have turned to God because of the tragedy. But even the most faithful church workers have also experienced hardship and loss.

All three of Pastor Dante Lingo’s children were swept away by the surging waters.

“We were holding on to the beam of our ceiling when the big waves collapsed our house and we were swallowed by the big waves,” Pastor Lingo, from Hope in Christ Christian Fellowship, told CBN News.

Only one son survived. When the waters subsided they found the bodies of their sons aged 13 and 7 clutching each other, while the body of their 5-year-old daughter was found the next day.

“We will miss them so much. We worked so hard for their future,” Dolor Lingo, the children’s mother, said.

“They helped us in our feeding ministry. We feed the children but all that is gone. We don’t know where to start but we believe God will not forsake us. He has a purpose why we are still alive,” she said.

Dolor is also grieving over the death of her mother and 13 other family members.

The news team noticed a wound on Dolor’s foot. They took her and surviving family members to a CBN Disaster Relief medical clinic.

A doctor examined and cleaned Dolor’s wound. She was also given tetanus shot, vitamins and medicines for her family.

The family also spend time with a CBN counselor who listened to them and prayed for their needs.

“We did not expect that people like you will come here to help us. Your smiles make our hearts smile as well. Especially with what happened to our family, you have comforted and encouraged us,” Pastor Lingo said.

“The Lord said in the Bible, ‘Whoever wants to follow me should carry his cross everyday,'” he continued.

“What happened to our life is like what happened to Job. He lost his children and his possessions. This is a very difficult time for us but we shall cling to the Lord because He alone gives us strength. And we will cling to His Word because His Word alone will sustain us,” he added.



TBN Founder Paul Crouch Dies at 79.

Paul Crouch, who co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network in 1973, died early Saturday at age 79.

“We are grateful for the life of this amazing servant of God,” said an announcement on TBN’s website. “Please pray for the Crouch family during this time.”

Crouch died at 2:32 a.m. in California, according to a posting on the network’s Facebook page.

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No further details were available, though the Christian Broadcasting Network reported on its website that Crouch had “suffered for more than a decade with chronic heart problems.”

“The televangelist was hospitalized for congestive heart failure two years ago and received a pacemaker last year,” the CBN report said. “He went back into the hospital last month and for a while needed a ventilator to help him breathe.

“But he had returned home early in November amid reports he was doing better,” the network reported.

According to his biography, Crouch and his wife, Jan, founded TBN as Trinity Broadcasting Systems in 1973. The network purchased its first station, KTBN-TV 40 in Southern California, the following year.

Two other co-founders were Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, who left after just two years to form their own ministry, the PTL Club.

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., TBN bills itself as the largest faith network in the country and the seventh-largest owner of television stations. It has studios in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, and in New York City.

The network also has 84 satellite channels and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. TBN has also produced movies and television programming.

Among the televangelists whose programs have been aired on the network are Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Robert Hagee, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, and Joel Osteen.

TBN marked its 40th anniversary this year.

Crouch served as the network’s president and chairman, with Jan Crouch working as vice-president and programming director.

In recent years, however, one of the couple two sons, Matthew, also a TBN vice president, took over the network’s daily operations, according to the CBN report.

Another son, Paul Crouch Jr., works for the The Word Network, the world’s largest African-American religious network, CBN reports.

According to his biography, Paul Crouch Sr. was born in 1934 to parents who were missionaries in St. Joseph, Mo. He is a graduate of the Central Bible Institute and Seminary in Springfield, Mo., earning a theology degree in 1955.

Two years later, he met his wife, Jan.

Crouch began his broadcasting career in the 1950s, CNN reports, working in radio and eventually managing the television and film production operations for the Assemblies of God in Los Angeles in the early 1960s.

His books include “I Had No Father But God” and “Hello World.”

Crouch served on the board of The Holy Land Experience, an interactive biblical museum in Orlando, according to CNN.

TBN’s Facebook page has been filled with condolences from a cross section of individuals.

“Paul Crouch was a giant amongst men whose trail blazed television ministry for the 21st century,” Jakes said in a posting. “His brilliant faith and business acumen brought Christ to many who wouldn’t have been otherwise exposed.”

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LGBT Advocates Panic Over Story Exposing Transgender Bathroom Harassment.


Transgender garbage
LGBT advocates are getting antsy over the transgender bathroom situation at a Colorado high school (CBN News)
story broken last week by Pacific Justice Institute and picked up by media outlets around the world has inspired near-panic among transgender advocates who have now begun their own counter-campaign in an attempt to divert attention away from the story.PJI sent a legal demand letter to Florence High School, near Colorado Springs, raising serious questions and concerns about the school’s decision to allow a boy who sometimes identifies as female to have full access to female bathrooms on campus.  PJI represents students and their families whose privacy rights are being violated by the school’s decision.

PJI urged school officials to immediately identify any factual allegations they considered to be disputed.  School officials have yet to respond to this invitation, but Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti instead gave an interview to a transgender activist in which she was defensive of the school’s actions and dismissive of some of the allegations.  This interview was seized upon by advocates, who claimed it somehow proved the story to be a fabrication.  Under intense pressure, several news sites took down or retracted their stories rather than investigating further.  Not so fast, say PJI attorneys.“Transgender activists are in full damage control mode because they know how explosive and damaging to their cause this story is,” noted Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.  “The central issue in this case—a high school’s decision to give a biological teenage boy full access to teenage girls’ bathrooms is both disturbing and not seriously disputed.  It is very revealing that the Superintendent is seeking sympathy from transgender activists instead of addressing the serious concerns raised in our letter.”

PJI has requested a detailed response from school officials by the end of this week.



Study: Anti-Christian Faith Sentiment Growing at Breakneck Speed.

Audrey Jarvis
College student Audrey Jarvis was asked twice to remove her cross, or at least hide it, at a student orientation. (CBN)

Hostility against Christian Americans is growing at an alarming rate, according to a new survey from the Family Research Council and Liberty Institute.

The Liberty Institute’s Jeff Mateer noted that while last year’s survey was based on 600 cases, “this survey that we’re releasing right now is almost 1,200. So we’ve almost doubled in just one year.”

One such case involved college student named Audrey Jarvis, who was asked twice to remove her cross, or at least hide it, at a student orientation.

“My supervisor came up to me out of nowhere and asked me to remove my cross necklace because he thought it would be offensive to incoming freshmen,” she recalled.

Jarvis received an apology from her college, but couldn’t forget how hurtful the man was who found her cross so objectionable.

“I think he was just kind of ignorant to the fact that his words could offend me in attempting to not offend somebody else,” she said.

In another case, Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk got in trouble with his lesbian commanding officer when she ordered him to answer how he felt about gay marriage.

“This is about religious freedom because I expressly stated that I had a religious conviction that wouldn’t allow me to answer the question the way it was posed to me,” Monk said.

Former NFL running back Craig James found himself a victim of growing anti-faith sentiment when just one hour into a new job as a FOX Sports analyst, he was booted off the air.

James and the Liberty Institute insist it was because a top network manager disapproved of a statement James made about gay marriage 15 months before in a political debate.

“They knew who I was, what I stood for,” James told CBN News. “And I’m being punished—I was fired—for my religious beliefs.”

FOX says James just wasn’t a good fit, but Liberty Institute is fighting to get James his job back.

“This is not about Craig James,” the former NFL running back said. “This is about an American who had a job and someone came back—a big corporation—and said, ‘Hey, we can’t allow you on our network because of your belief and definition of what marriage is.'”

With some 1,200 cases like these documented in the new Religious Hostility Survey, Mateer says he’s frightened for his country.

“The threats are increasing at a dramatic rate, and this survey demonstrates that,” Mateer said.

Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel also fights for the rights of people of faith.

“What we’re seeing is instead of religious liberty being protected as it is affirmed by the First Amendment, people of religious faith, particularly Christians, are finding themselves the targets of discrimination,” Staver said.

Monk says now when Christians facing hostility must hold steady, mostly for other believers.

“They need to see us stand firm in our faith,” he told CBN News. “And when they see that, I think we’ll see a turn of events.”

Mateer noted that when believers fight back, they almost always win. So only by meekly accepting defeat will they let the enemies of religion triumph.

“They’ve stated their objective is to remove God from our public life. Well, if we remain silent, that’s going to happen,” Mateer warned.

New LGBT Protection Law Criminalizing Believers?.

gay rights
A new LGBT protection law in San Antonio has critics saying the ordinance protects sexual minorities while criminalizing biblical beliefs.

More than 180 cities across the country have now passed LGBT laws that suppress the views of Christians.

Dubbed “nondiscrimination” by LGBT activists, the ordinances provide new protection for sexual minorities while also severely curtailing religious liberty.

So far, the laws have gone largely unnoticed. But a measure passed in San Antonio Sept. 5 has drawn national attention, both for its scope and for passing in this large, Hispanic-majority city traditionally known for its family values.

The ordinance forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Although hundreds of believers across San Antonio attended a city council hearing to protest the ordinance; it passed easily with an 8-3 vote, backed by Mayor Julian Castro, a rising star in Democratic politics.

The Sunday after the vote, CBN News visited churches across the city where believers expressed shock over the vote and fear about what it would mean.

Believers Shocked
“The right for us to speak out and say, ‘I disagree. It doesn’t sound right.’ Now we’re labeled a hater, a bigot, homophobic,” Jacob Herrera, with Faith Outreach Center International, explained.

“It criminalized what you thought about the LGB community and I don’t think that’s right.” Leonard Pena, with Abundant Life Church, said.

“My faith, my belief and how I’ve raised my family—I can get in trouble for that because they don’t agree with that,” Rosalie Astran, a fellow church member, said.

Councilman Carleton Soules, one of the “no” votes, questioned the ordinance’s supporters repeatedly during the public hearing. He later told CBN News he thought the measure was acted on too quickly.

“We didn’t put the ordinance up on the website,” he said. “It was fast-tracked through. Anytime we are going at light speed to do something that’s unpopular that throws a lot of red flags.”

Red Flags
For San Antonio’s faith community there are several red flags. The ordinance criminalizes those with a biblical view of sexuality as it forbids bias against homosexuality or bi-sexuality.

Those charged and declared guilty by the city will face a Class C misdemeanor on their record and fines of up to $500 a day.

Also, the ordinance forbids appointed officials on city boards from showing any bias.

Allan Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, a San-Antonio-based Christian legal nonprofit, has worked to analyze and explain the ordinance for San Antonio’s churches.

He said the ordinance is vague and unclear but he believes it can and will be used against Christians, especially those in the business world who disagree with unbiblical sexuality.

“The leverage of the city to pressure any business to caving in is enormous under this,” he explained.

Even Councilman Soules is warning people of faith.

“I believe if you’re a small business owner, operating within the city limits of San Antonio, or you’re a business owner that wants to do business with the city, you need to tread carefully,” he said.

Church Asleep at the Wheel
CBN News spoke with key church leaders who protested the ordinance. Until now, they say, the city’s faith community has been asleep at the wheel. Case in point: Less than 7 percent of registered voters turned out for May’s city election.

“Politics in San Antonio has always been low-key and there have never been any troubles, so most people had quit voting,” Pastor Steve Branson, with Village Parkway Baptist Church, explained.

After jump-starting opposition to the ordinance but failing to persuade the council, Branson and other pastors and their congregations are motivated to push back.

“We’re starting to speak,” Branson said. “I can guarantee you it won’t be quiet anymore.”

Haunting Comparisons
For African-American churches, there’s outrage over gays equating their issue with civil rights.

“What we have is very cherished laws of anti-discrimination, hewn out of the heat of civil rights. These laws, everyone values. Now the activist, the homosexual, lesbian, gender-confused community has activists that they want to insert into those laws and then use them against people of faith,” pastor Charles Flowers, with Faith Outreach Center International, explained.

Pastor Eli Bonilla, with Abundant Life Church, said for Latino churches, overflowing with immigrants, the new ordinance is a haunting reminder of what they left behind in their native countries.

“We have some that are budding business people and all of sudden they feel themselves with the same angst that they felt when they came from their countries, where evangelicals have always been put on the side, on the periphery,” he said.

“They tell me that that’s the same gut feeling they get when they hear this ordinance,” he said.

What Now, Pastor?
Abundant Life youth pastor Gabriel Colmenero said his high school students, many who lead Bible clubs in their public schools, are now unsure about what they can and cannot say.

“They are asking me, ‘What do we do now, Brother Gabe?'” he said. “Well, we’re going to start praying about that, how to teach them what to do, how to confront their friends who may be homosexual.”

If LGBT laws can pass in cities like San Antonio, well-known for its churches and conservative values, there’s concern that they can pass anywhere.

For many pastors in San Antonio, there’s awareness that the spotlight is now on their city and that now is the time for them to speak out against the ordinance.

“I’ve had emails from 50 states,” Branson said. “I’ve had people say we’re praying for you—please keep this up.'”

Those who oppose the ordinance may push for a citywide referendum on it or a vote to recall council members that voted for it—or both. Lawsuits are also expected from both sides.

“If we don’t fight this thing with everything we’ve got, our rights will be taken away and our mouths will be muzzled and that just can’t happen, here in the land of the free,”  Herrera said.

What’s not escaping Herrera and others is the fact that this battle is taking place in the city that still remembers the Alamo, a city known for fighting for its freedom against all odds.



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