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Ted Cruz Hints He Might Vote for ‘Terrific’ Rick Perry in 2016.

Image: Ted Cruz Hints He Might Vote for 'Terrific' Rick Perry in 2016

By Lisa Barron

Sen. Ted Cruz says Texas Gov. Rick Perry is “terrific,” despite the Republican governor’s past swipes at the state’s junior senator for his involvement in the government shutdown, among other things.

Cruz told the Dallas Morning News in a recent interview that under Perry, the Lone Star State‘s economy has been “remarkable.” He even suggested he might vote for Perry in the GOP primary should the governor decide to repeat his 2012 bid for the White House in 2016.

“Rick Perry’s been a terrific governor,” he said, adding: “I can tell you this: as a voter, the person for whom I intend to vote in the 2016 Republican primary is whoever is standing up and leading, effectively fighting for free-market principles and the Constitution.”

Perry, who has not announced whether he will seek the presidency again, has insulted Cruz in recent months. During a trip to Israel and England in October, he called the government shutdown in October that was championed by his fellow Republican “political theater” and told the Washington Times that the senator’s name had not been mentioned overseas.

Cruz has also been mentioned as a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, but a November survey by Public Policy Polling found both good and bad news for the tea party favorite.

While he is by far the top choice of Texas Republicans to be the party’s presidential candidate in 2016, 50 percent of all Texans say Cruz has been bad for the state’s reputation, compared to 37 percent who think he’s been good for it.

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Cruz Takes Action to Renounce Canadian Citizenship.

Image: Cruz Takes Action to Renounce Canadian Citizenship

By Greg Richter

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has hired lawyers to officially renounce his Canadian citizenship and expects the process to be completed in 2014, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Cruz says he was not aware of his dual citizenship until it was brought to his attentionby the newspaper earlier this year.

Cruz’s parents were living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, when he was born on Dec. 22, 1970. Though his mother was an American citizen and his father a Cuban citizen at the time, Cruz became an automatic Canadian citizen just by being born in that country. The United States has the same policy.

But Cruz was also born an American citizen since at least one of his parents, in this case his mother, was an American citizen. Cruz’s father has since become a naturalized American. The Cruz family moved to the United States when Ted was 4 years old.

The dual citizenship doesn’t disqualify Cruz for elected office, including the presidency, but many think his circumstances could recall the “birther” movement, in which some conservative foes of President Barack Obama challenged his qualifications because they believe he was not born in the United States.

Like Cruz’s situation, Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen, but his mother was. That aside, Hawaiian officials have produced a birth certificate showing he was born in the state of Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961.

Though Cruz is just finishing up his freshman year in the U.S. Senate he already is being talked about as a possible GOP frontrunner in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Cruz told The Dallas Morning News he has not attempted to renounce his citizenship previously because he wasn’t even aware he had it. His mother had told him he would have had to make an affirmative act to have claimed it.

Further, he said, “There was no reason to retain counsel to analyze Canadian law, because it wasn’t relevant to anything I was doing.”

Now, serving as a U.S. Senator, he says, he believes it is improper to be a citizen of another country. He does not, however, have any ill will toward America’s northern neighbor, he said.

As for a presidential bid, Cruz gave the same line he always does when asked about any political plans: “My political perspective is focused on representing the state of Texas.”

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Ted Cruz: No Surprise Washington Establishment Pushed Back Against Me.

Image: Ted Cruz: No Surprise Washington Establishment Pushed Back Against Me

By Greg Richter

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, spent his first year in Washington making a name for himself and making enemies in both parties.

The tea party favorite told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday he isn’t surprised at the negative reception he received for his efforts.

“Nobody should be surprised if you’re trying to change Washington that the Washington establishment pushes back,” Cruz told reporter Jonathan Karl.

Cruz told Karl it wasn’t him personally who had such influence, but the tea party movement he represents. Cruz was called a “wacko bird” by fellow GOP Sen. John McCain n the spring, and by fall was leading Republicans in both houses of Congress to reject a budget deal that led to a partial government shutdown.

The shutdown hurt Republicans politically, but Cruz doesn’t think his party is to blame.

“I think it was absolutely a mistake for President [Barack] Obama and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid to force a government shutdown,” he told “This Week.”

Karl noted that Republican House Speaker John Boehner was critical of Cruz and outside conservative groups over the shutdown.

“I can’t help what other people say,” Cruz replied.

He called being a runner up to the pope for Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” as a “very strange thing,” but also admitted being the subject of a best-selling coloring book was also “a sign that the world is a crazy place.”

The book, not authorized by Cruz, says that millions of Americans see Obamacare, the president’s signature healthcare law, as being more dangerous than any war.

Questioned by Karl whether he agreed with that statement, Cruz answered, “No, of course not.”

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Ted Cruz Blasts Budget Deal, Warns Nation Nearing ‘Point of No Return’.

Image: Ted Cruz Blasts Budget Deal, Warns Nation Nearing 'Point of No Return'

By David A. Patten

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is blasting the bipartisan budget deal that passed the Senate this week, saying the deal “went backwards” and would only worsen the nation’s spiraling debt.

The budget compromise that had been championed by GOP Rep. Paul Ryan in the House passed the Senate by a 63 to 36 vote.

Speaking in an exclusive Newsmax Magazine interview, Cruz said Friday: “It’s a sad statement that the easiest way to get bipartisan agreement in Washington is to increase spending, debt, and taxes.

“That’s why the American people are so frustrated with career politicians in Washington in both parties, because they’re not listening to the American people and they’re not working to solve the enormous fiscal and economic challenges that we’re facing,” he added.

The deal on the budget reduces the impact of the automatic sequester cuts by about $63 billion over two years. Its includes a controversial 1 percent cut in cost-of-living pension adjustments to some military retirees that Cruz opposes, and only cuts $23 billion from spending over the next decade.

Critics have pointed out the $23 billion over 10 years is only about 3 percent of the federal government’s $680 billion deficit for 2013 alone.

The U.S. national debt, which was roughly $10 trillion when President Obama took office, now stands at over $17 trillion. And Cruz warned time is running out to fix it.

“We have a brief window of time to turn things around,” he said. “We don’t have a long time.”

He added: “We are nearing the point of no return.”

Cruz described himself as “profoundly optimistic” that the nation will eventually get its balance sheet back in order – but not thanks to Washington.

“The answer’s going to have to come from the American people,” he said. “It’s not going to come from Washington. It’s got to come from millions and millions of Americans across this country standing up, and holding elected officials accountable, telling elected officials of both parties, ‘Stop doing what you’ve been doing over and over again, it’s not working.’”

Increasingly, Cruz is being mentioned among the top potential contenders for the 2016 GOP nomination. Perhaps due to the spotlight shined on him during the shutdown over Obamacare, Cruz’s name recognition has skyrocketed.

The freshman senator from Texas recently was named the third most influential figure in the world in a Rasmussen poll, behind only Pope Francis and President Obama.

The price for his meteoric rise: Cruz is sustaining more frequent political attacks by rivals. New York Republican Rep. Peter King, reportedly flirting with tossing his own hat in the ring for the 2016 nomination, recently described Cruz and fellow movement-conservative Rand Paul as “out of touch with the American people.”

Asked his reaction to that broadside, Cruz replied that King is “certainly entitled to his opinion.”

But he added: “Nobody should be surprised that the Washington establishment doesn’t want to change. No one should be surprised that the Washington establishment fights back.

“You don’t get a $17 trillion national debt without a whole lot of bipartisan cooperation, without a whole lot of Republicans going along to get along with Democrats and exploding the size, power, and spending of the federal government. And that’s why so many people across this country are rightly fed up with Washington.”

But Cruz says the sequester unfairly requires the military to bear a disproportionate burden.

“I think we owe it to the men and women in the military to stand with them, to support them,” he said. “One of the most disturbing aspects of this recent budget deal is that it cuts the retirements of our veterans, retroactively, and it doesn’t do the same thing for civilian employees.”

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Ted Cruz Named American Spectator’s ‘Man of the Year’.

Sen. Ted Cruz has been named “Man of the Year” by The American Spectator , which describes the freshman tea party Republican one of the most important and effective senators in the country.

The conservative magazine compared Cruz to the first senator from Texas, Sam Houston, by using an excerpt from John F. Kennedy’s famous book, “Profiles in Courage.”

“Houston and his senatorial colleagues from different eras in American history were held up as examples of senators who persisted in spite of ‘the risks to their careers, the unpopularity of their courses, the defamation of their characters’ and ferocious attacks on ‘their reputations and principles,'” the Spectator said

“Nothing describes Ted Cruz better,” the magazine observed.

The Spectator listed some of Cruz’s accomplishments, calling them “extraordinary for a freshman senator.”

Most noteworthy, the publication pointed out, was that Cruz became the face of the movement to defund Obamacare when he led the effort to shut down the government in October as a way to deny funding for the new healthcare law. They also gave the senator credit for leading in the Senate battle to deny passage of a bipartisan gun control measure that would have expanded background checks to all commercial guns in the country.

Cruz’s stance against a U.S. military attack on Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons in civil war there was also listed as extraordinary accomplishment, along with his outspoken opposition to the Senate “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration bill.

The Spectator also noted that recent polls showing waning support for Obamacare and the Democrats in contrast to growing support for Republicans “are nothing if not vindication for Cruz.”

The Texas Republican, The Spectator concluded is a living example of what Ronald Reagan meant when he said that if the Republican Party wanted to lead the country, it needed to be a party of “bold colors.”

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By Courtney Coren

Ted Cruz Takes Heat on Facebook for Praising Mandela.

While Texas Sen. Ted Cruz offered strong support for the courage and perseverance of South African president and global human-rights icon Nelson Mandela, some political supporters were angry at his remarks.

“Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe… Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free,” Cruz wrote in a statement. It also was posted to his Facebook page, where it earned him more than 6,200 likes by Saturday night.

Story continues below video.

But others expressed outrage that Cruz didn’t, as others have in the wake of Mandela’s death Thursday at 95, call him out as a communist and terrorist, ABC News reported.

“Honoring him is like honoring the Prince of Darkness,” one of Cruz’s followers posted in response.

Others made it personal, comparing Cruz to the National Party of South Africa that Mandela opposed.

“Yo Cruz, I grew up in Apartheid era South Africa and you are the embodiment if the hard headed fascism that was the National Party of that time.” one commenter wrote. “You are who Mandela fought against, you and your half-witted tea party thinking is what he was willing to go to prison for (and if necessary die for) fighting against. He was the antithesis of your conservative crap.”

But Cruz earned the support of some conservative leaders who spoke out against the criticism lobbed against him over the Mandela praise.

Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker and CNN “Crossfire” host, offered similar high regard for Mandela, telling CNN that he was “one of the greatest leaders of our lifetime.”

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That Ted Cruz Pun: Apology My Foot By Qansy Salako.

By Qansy Salako

The Republican Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, recently stepped on quite a number of unprotected balls with his latest pun on the Obamacare healthcare law. He said to his fellow tea baggers at a rally: [Quote] “You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately. They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website.” [Unquote]

That was enough to set the whole Nigerian blogosphere and internet discussion groups afire as many educated Diaspora Nigerians have since been falling atop each other to express their outrage over how they feel violated, dehumanized and insulted by the political quip. You would think Ted was a Nigerian senator, governor or president.

It was former US secretary of state, broda Colin Powell, who had complained about Nigeria and its “culture of corruption” some 15 years ago, followed by some CNN documentary mentioning Nigerians and bank robbery and now Cruz. It is at each of these unremarkable events that I am reminded that Nigerians actually do have what they call “sensibility,” because bored Diasporic Nigerians never wasted the opportunity to do public letters with signature drives seeking apology from perceived wrongdoers based outside Nigeria.

This new round of pretentious indignation over Cruz’s reminded me of one embarrassing event that happened to me sometime in 1992 or 1993. I was still in academia back then on a research faculty position at UC Davis, California. We were about 30 staff in my Institute which is within the Internal Medicine Department/School of Medicine in Sacramento. I got to the office one morning and found about 20 copies of a 419 letter stickered on my office door. UC Davis Campus Police had circulated the letter the day before to alert the university community of what the Nigerian advance fee fraud letter looked/read like and to warn everyone to be careful not to fall a victim of the rising syndicated crime wave. The letter was unmistakably Nigerian with its wazobia name of the writer, inferior grammar and the familiar stupid plot. I was the only Nigerian-American on the staff.

Unbeknownst to me, the rest of the staff had decided to pull a Ted Cruz on me by sticking their copies of the letter on my door, slipping some under it and scrolling some in the pocket of my lab coat that was hung in the central area for lab coats. I whistled in to begin the day’s work, thinking of my ongoing experiments, the manuscript and the staff training manual that I would work on. I made to turn my door knob, then saw the papers on the door. I perused one and noticed they were all copies of the same letter that I had seen the day before. I looked sideways and saw that about five of our staff were already gathered by the copy machine a few feet away. Immediately, I realized what was going on – ee wo o, these people wanted to catch my first reaction. I thought to myself, this is not the time to feel or behave like an insulted Nigerian. So instead, I turned on my Nigerian sense of humor and went to the group by the copy machine whose number had somehow risen to about eight and said: “I suppose I’m gonna have to come up with a new trick since you won’t fall for this one anymore.” Everybody had a hearty laugh, including to my horrors, visiting medical fellows from Taiwan and France and the two professors who started and own the Institute.

Other Nigerians might have handled the same event differently, of course. In fact, some might have started a letter of protest to the university’s HR or even the president. But I was able to choose my method because I only felt embarrassed not insulted. I didn’t take it personal. My characteristic Salako self confidence remained intact and unshaken throughout the ordeal. Neither did I surrender my ego to easy bruising nor did I have any attention deficit disorder that needed to be cured with protest letters, faxes or phone calls over a shame that I know is bigger than me. I won’t have brain-drained to faraway UC Davis anyway if my country was not being run by a group of rogue leadership.

I personally have no problem with whatever reaction any Nigerian chooses to exercise against global ridicule that we as Nigerians have condemned ourselves to live in. There are 160 million of us; reactions to events are bound to differ. I just wish reactionary Nigerians with sensitive egos could direct half of their lame indignation activism to those ruining our country and disrespecting the citizens every day. Indeed, there are millions of well hinged Nigerians with demonstrated intellect and hard work and who are making remarkable contributions across all economic sectors all over the world. But somehow, these good Nigerian qualities are regressed compared to the dominant criminal traits that have come to define us all.

For about 40 years now, we as Nigerians have watched helplessly as our country gradually became defined to the world by state run corruption, a brand of worldwide fraud that is based on mutual stupidity of the scammer and scammed, drug trafficking, identity theft crimes, etc, not to talk of ritual killings for money at home. Ted Cruz is only 42 years old. He had probably lived all of his adult life seeing the Nigerian 419 fraud becoming a new reality across the world, reading ubiquitous news about official recklessness and stupidity of our leaderships and probably concluded by the time he became a senator that the Nigeria nation state is one giant criminal enterprise. I know a lot of Nigerians who hold similar opinion and they are neither white Republicans nor Democrat Latinos.

The Nigerian self pride is naturally crude and oftentimes misplaced. Nigeria is the only place you would see dirt poor citizens walking or pushing menial carts in dignity even as they wait in sealed off streets for their commissioner, minister, senator, governor or president to drive or fly past. I am not even sure Nigerians know how and what they feel. Nigeria is where you would find the most cheated and disrespected human being alive claiming the happiest living and yet hating to be born in Nigeria, more than anywhere in the world. Go figure.

The contents of some of the letters written to Cruz are a different kettle of fish. The logical thread in most of the letters is to remind Cruz that Nigerians are the most educated immigrant subset in the US with significant contributions across the American economic spectrum and that the Nigerian criminals are a tiny minority not representing a proportion higher than in any other population group. Beyond that, the supporting logic in some of those letters ranges from the absurd to our official state of delusion.

One Nigerian who actually wrote in support of Cruz stated in his own letter:

[Quote] “To silence these protests, please Senator, challenge them to a debate about Biafra and why the division of that country is the answer to all the problems. Thanks for being realistic and truthful.” [Unquote]

This one made me rub my jaw for hours. What has Ted Cruz yabbis in Texas got to do with the price of overripe pawpaw in Nnewi? Could this kind of dopey letter possibly elevate the current level of respect Cruz has for the Nigerian or validate what he already knows and feels?

The Nigerian ambassador to the US, Ade Adefuye, stated in his own protest letter to Cruz: [Quote] “You yourself made the point that the so-called email scammers have disappeared from the scene. But it is not because they were recruited to work on Obamacare. It is because of the successful efforts of our government working through the Embassy and the international law enforcing agents to curb the activities of these few law breakers.” [Unquote]

What else would Adefuye say about corruption when he works for President Goodluck Jonathan who himself has been telling Nigerians and the world that corruption is not as serious in Nigeria as we believe it to be. Well, Adefuye should know that I personally still receive at least two 419 email per week which I delete at sight. Really, to believe that Jonathan’s anti-corruption antics have reduced Nigerian 419 activities on the global stage or dented our culture of corruption within Nigeria is to believe that Obasanjo was a rich and successful farmer before he was released from Abacha’s prison to again involuntarily become the president of our Republic in 1999.

Amazingly, indignant Nigerians protesting Cruz only want an apology, fake or genuine, forced out of him, just as it was with Powell and the CNN documentary. But of course, what else could they have required from Ted, sue Cruz? Then what, after the apology? Lay in wait for another unfriendly but truthful statement by a prominent person about Nigeria and then kaboom, unleash the typical hollow Nigerian rage? Collect another apology then sit back? Would this legislate against unwanted world views of Nigeria or intimidate foes into loving Nigerians? Is this what the Akunyuli’s new branding of Nigeria all about – great country, good people? Folks need to grab hold of themselves and go to a rehab for anger management. It is my opinion that blowing your top just to get apologies from those who call out Nigeria on its shady characteristics is to live in the frivolity of a grand self delusion.

If only the same vigor of protest phone calls, letters and email directed at Colin Powell, CNN and Cruz could be directed at our pernicious political class at home twice a year. Perhaps the feckless leadership cabal would not be so brazen in how they pillage our resources and disparage our dignity, abandoning the business of governance and letting criminality fester at home and abroad to define us to the world. Just twice a year. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Diasporic Nigerian activist groups. I am yet to see a concerted and sustained protest by signature hunting Nigerians abroad directed at the Nigerian leaderships to force the much needed change in our country.

Instead, what we see is folks hobnobbing with pilferers of our commonwealth, seeking life saving appointments, plots of land and political relevance at home. They did not mount a quarter of this Cruz type outrage against the deceit of the Nigerian government over the oil subsidy in support of the January 2012 Occupy Nigeria when local salvers like Santa Sanusi was making stupid cases for the government or spent and overrated Iweala was promising one million jobs from the subsidy savings. Today, we now know as some of us saw and stated at the time that the whole so-called subsidy policy was all a scam, an official fraud.

Members of the Diaspora Nigerian groups are the first to hop on flights into Abuja or attend patronizing dinner invitations when our odious leaderships come calling on useless trips abroad. So we end up with oversize state and federal government cabinets that look like university faculty roll calls, but nothing works in the country. Poverty is all you see all over the place with citizens still groping in the dark for basic needs of life such as access to water, healthcare and food, in 2013.

Well, the Ted Cruz and future Ted Cruz’es currently in college are seeing all of our shenanigans, including the news of the $1.6 million spent by our government in the purchase of two armored cars for a bimbo minister in our aviation ministry where rustic airplanes drop from the sky like raw mangoes on a wild farm killing Nigerians in hundreds as if we were at war. It is only a matter of time that another Colin or Cruz would grow up and use our primitive reality in another political exchange within their own political world. Getting up in arms of misplaced rage and fury is not what would make the world laugh with us; we haven’t got much cheer to share with the world. Unless we direct our fragile sensibility at the uncivilized leadership elites destroying our heritage, dignity and future, we will be doomed to unending letter writing and signature hunts each time the world laughs at us.


Cruz: GOP ‘Gray Beards’ Pushing ‘Bad Samaritan Theory’.

Image: Cruz: GOP 'Gray Beards' Pushing 'Bad Samaritan Theory'

By Greg Richter

The “gray beards” of the GOP want to let Obamacare implode on its own, but that is little solace for the people who will be hurt in the process, says Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Cruz, the tea party hero who piloted the effort to defund Obamacare leading to a government shutdown, calls that the “Bad Samaritan theory.”

It inflicts harm on the American people just so the Republican Party can benefit from it, Cruz said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” 

Members of his own party have attacked Cruz and his cohorts, including Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, with Sen. John McCain calling Cruz’s actions a “fool’s errand.” They say he hurt the Republican brand, crashing the party’s approval ratings to record lows.

But Cruz was hailed as a hero when he returned to Texas for the Republican Women State Convention in San Antonio on Saturday.

Cruz told CNN, “I don’t work for the party bosses in Washington. I work for the people of Texas, and I fight for them.”

CNN’s Dana Bash brought up reports that acrimonious GOP closed-door meetings were more like an intervention, with Cruz refusing to flinch. Cruz responded that he said the same things in those meetings he would have said if a CNN camera had been in the room, but the same wasn’t so for those party “gray beards” he mentioned.

“What they’re telling their constituents is very different from what they’re saying behind closed doors,” Cruz said.

Senate Republicans such as McCain sabotaged the effort when they criticized him and House Republicans rather that standing beside them, Cruz said.

“I wish that Senate Republicans had come in like the cavalry to support [House Republicans],” Cruz said. Instead, he argued, they made a decision “to come in like the Air Force and dive-bomb them.”

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Capitol Police Start Probe Into Twitter Threats to Cruz.

Authorities are investigating threats made over Twitter against Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz over his push to defund Obamacare.

The online threats started Friday on the account of a person identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr., who uses the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54, reports The Hill. His tweets urged people to “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home,” while other tweets made several times over the past month listed Cruz’ home address in Houston.

Also on Friday, @ArmyVet54 posted another threat, saying the Senator “needs tobe [sic] taught a street wise [sic] lesson.”

His page was later taken down, however the same tweets started appearing on another site under the name @KingKong3259.

The account’s profile described himself as having served in both the Army and Navy.

Cruz spokesman Sean Rushton refused comment, beyond saying that the proper authorities have been notified.

Cruz isn’t the only target of @ArmyVet54’s ire. He appears to be angry at several Republicans, mentioning former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and others in a series of often-profane tweets sent out to his 30-or-so followers.

Washington’s Capitol Police takes all threats to Congressmen seriously, and Officer Shennel Antrobus, a spokesman for the Capitol Police told CNN an investigation is underway.

Threats to public officials can result in time behind bars. For example, 22-year-old Donte Jamar Sims of North Carolina got a six-month sentence for threatening through Twitter to kill President Barack Obama during the 2012 Democratic National Convention. And in June, Jarvis Britton, 26, of Alabama, was sentenced to a year behind bars for tweeting threats against Obama.

Saturday morning, @ArmyVet54 denied threatening Cruz or anyone else. The tweet later reappeared under the name @KingKong3259

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By Sandy Fitzgerald

Cruz: I Forgot Ties to Overseas Holding Company.

Tea party favorite Ted Cruz says he forgot to disclose a piece of financial information when he ran for office in 2012. The Texas senator says he did nothing wrong and is working to fix the error.
A Senate ethics committee is looking into a promissory note Cruz holds from a Caribbean-based holding company.
According to Time, Cruz failed to disclose his relationship with the holding company when he filed his campaign papers last year.
Cruz invested in a Jamaican private equity firm founded by his college roommate more than a decade ago. When his wife started working for the Department of Treasury in 2003 Cruz severed all ties with the company, with the exception of a promissory note.
Cruz said the omission was an oversight. “In 2011, there was an inadvertent omission of this promissory note, and after a conversation with my college roommate I remembered it,” Cruz says.
Cruz, who is most recently known for his efforts to get rid of Obamacare, corrected the error himself in May, but the paperwork contained errors, according to Time.
In the paperwork, Cruz said the promissory note was for Caribbean Equity Partners Investment Holdings with a value between $100,000 and $250,000. But, according to Time, no company with that name is registered in Jamaica. There is, however, a company by the name of Caribbean Equity Partners Limited, of which Cruz was a founding director and preferential shareholder.
The Senate Select Committee on Ethics asked Cruz to amend the papers, and asked him to provide the nature of the promissory note, the entity that issued it, the city the entity was located in, and the date the note was issued. Cruz says he is in the process of getting this information for the committee.
The Texas senator says he has had no connection to the firm in more than a decade, is no longer a director or shareholder, and has received no money from the promissory note or the company.
According to Senate ethics, there are no prohibitions on being a director of a company or holding shares in, or notes on, a private equity firm or holding company. The rules state Senators can’t get paid for positions outside of their government service and must disclose all financial holdings.
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By Lisa Furgison

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