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Of Public Relations, Political Infection And Defection In Nigeria By Alaba Yusuf.

By Alaba Yusuf

“For forms of government, let the fools contest; whatever is best administered is best governed” – British Political Philosopher, Lord Acton

Let’s try to draw attention, and if possible affection, to this composition by way of definition of the terms public relations, politics, infection and defection. At this juncture, it is pertinent to ask the question: ‘what books do political scientists read nowadays given the rat race pervading the Nigerian political space?’ Not even the multimedia benefits of the Digital Age can cope with the robotic catapulting being displayed by highly placed Nigerian politicians in view of the forthcoming 2015 General Elections. Actually, it will take a man who rides on the meteor’s tiger to understand the game these men and women play with people’s mandate. You may name it cash-for-crossing transaction.

Amidst this enormous confusion, let’s lean on the back of public relations, PR, for probable explanation before drawing a tangible conclusion. PR is a dynamic discipline in human social engineering. It seeks and creates understanding between two or more people or organisations for mutual benefit, progress and development. Essentially, effective PR is the cumulative attitudinal latitude that extracts a man from the multitude and places him or her on an enviable altitude – such as the revered Nelson Mandela, the Madiba of the World. We all know the word and place for those who swim against the tide of good Public Relations. If unsure, search your history books.

So vital is PR that it forms the kernel of human aggregation; be it for political, religious, environmental or sundry reasons. Man always has to be seen as creating or generating understanding within society.  Therefore political actors, often times, perform highly or lowly to motivate or bamboozle their core audience – the spectators or constituents. And since politics is derived from the free association of men and women with common interest in a body called a political party, the leader and the led therefore require good PR to steam a dream team. This in politics-speak is referred to as Constituency Consultation.

Ideally, this arrangement constitutes an embodiment of people’s power or mandate; which by inference means a representative government. Old Athenians taught the world about the beauty of village square parliament; from which modern politics took a cue. Hence, a government of the people, by the people and for the people is labelled: Democracy! Little wonder, there is a dream and desire for the dividends of democracy. It is in itself a genuine and expected reciprocity of the people’s political faith in their elected representatives.

But when things fall apart and the ideal centre no longer holds, everybody gets confused and pandemonium reigns supreme. Such is the macabre dance in the Nigerian political theatre today where representatives brazenly play god to those they are representing. The falcon seems to have no ears for the whistle of the falconer. So much that people’s power now whither like flowers, in their twilight, in the hands of political mercenaries and gangsters.

Come to think of it, political parties are supposed to be based on ideological principles with clear-cut manifestoes for community development where chosen leaders serve the people selflessly. The opposite seems the case in Nigeria today. Now looters and rulers, much like Lords of the Manor, feast and oppress the masses that truly hold the key to power. Many politicians even buy their way into office, in order to find the net to fish in the country’s oil-rich treasury. The outcome is often so bare: mass looting, brigandage, unlimited corruption, nepotism, outright arrogance and cut-throat competition at elections. What a shame?

Sadly, in the 21st century, where advanced democracies are upping their political games seamlessly through global best practice of due process, transparency, responsibility and accountability; the Nigerian nation, albeit Africa, is still groping in the woods, like the primitive man, defying the laws of human relations and social contract.

If not, how do we explain the unabated spate of political crisscrossing or jumpology, as folks in Raypower’s Political Platform want us to believe? Check out the interplay of defection forces in David Mark’s Senate and Aminu Tambuwal’s House of Representatives. The States and Local Government Areas are even worse for it. Our parliaments nationwide are now veritable platforms for political summersaults. Where is the people’s interest in all of this? Just imagine if this gets copied into our business, religious and matrimonial relationships. Are we losing it? A people without ideological adherence can hardly seek relevance in the Comity of nations. Ours is being tagged a ‘Dollarised Democracy;’ one that enables the highest bidder to have the key to the treasury and an authority to steal. Funny enough, we all celebrate the looters in our midst; especially when they dangle a bit of benevolence through shady philanthropy – pet project, foundation or charity. This is not to say that there are no honest wealthy people who genuinely help the needy in our midst.

Like a coin, Public Relations is two-faced. One side is positive: publicity, promotion and branding. Whereas the other dwells on negatives: conflict, crisis and even war! Now that the lure of lucre has taken over the land politically; most young people do have taste buds craving the sweetness of quick money and power. So gun-running, kidnapping, armed robbery, thuggery, area-boyism, jeunsoke-ism, tasase-ism, no-shaking-ism have all become free-for-all ‘associations’ at the beck and call of political actors, to recruit an ‘army’ of young people.

This seemingly incurable affliction has become so contagious and has risen to the proportion of a serious infection in the nation. For want of appropriate terminology it is called defection. Otherwise political prostitution might be apt. It is a situation where a member of one political divide can jump to and from the other at will, without much ado!  And like any other business in Nigeria, copy-catism has dominated this anomalous and chameleonic political residency and expediency.

In fact, it is a pestilence that may soon ravage whatever is left of our commonalty, sanity, humanity, power of value and revered culture as a people. The young ones who daily face gross unemployment, school closure, lack of social welfare and infrastructure; are reading these verses and vices from their elders and so-called leaders. And very soon they shall overtake these current players. May the common brand we have, Nigeria, be strong enough to withstand the concomitant tidal wave of assaults that may follow in future.

Finally, instead of this prevalent heated political climate, exacerbated by bread and butter partisanship, each representative of the people at all levels, should ask him or herself:  ‘have I truly served my people well?’ Let them score themselves honestly on the ration of 1-10.  Because, in the words of a British Sage, Lord Acton: “for forms of government let the fools contest, whatever is best administered is best governed.”  After all, the beauty of democracy lies in people’s power of perception and ability to unravel deception. This is a lesson for those angling for political space now, in 2015 and beyond. Public Relations and good reputation, without doubt, will determine who we are and not mere political hypocrisy, or any infection of defection.

*The writer, Alaba Yusuf, is a International Publicist, Strategist and Commentator based in Abuja.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Full List Of Defecting PDP Senators Released.


By Saharareporters, New York

Saharareporters has obtained the full list of 11 Senators that submitted a letter to Senate President David Mark today asking to defect to the opposition   All progressives Congress (APC) party.

The defecting senators are  as follows :
1. Senator Bukola Saraki-Kwara Central
2. Senator Umaru Dahiru-Sokoto South
3. Senator Magnus Ngei Abe -Rivers South-East
4. Senator Wilson Asinobi Ake-Rivers  West
5. Sen. Bindawa Muhammed Jibrilla-Adamawa North
6. Sen. Mohammed Danjuma Goje-Gombe central
7. Sen. Aisha Jummai Alhassan-Taraba North
8. Sen. Mohammed Ali Ndume-Borno South
9. Senator Mohammed Shaba Lafiaji-Kwara North
10. Sen. Abdulahi Adamu-Nasarawa West
11. Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir-Sokoto East

Sack Me If You Can, PDP Chairman Bamanga Tukur Dares President Jonathan.


PDP Chair, Bamanga Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to remove him from office if he can.

Tukur’s outburst followed the refusal of members of the party’s National Working Committee to attend a meeting he called at the party’s secretariat in Abuja last Wednesday.

The Adamawa State born politician, who is growing isolated at the top levels of the party where he is being held responsible for its dwindling influence and the defection of members, was infuriated by the attitude of his fellow national officers.  He told reporters that he can only be removed from office through a properly conducted National Convention and that unless and until that takes place, nobody, including President Jonathan can remove him.

The National Chairman also dismissed the allegation that he has been asked to resign by the President, and accused the opposition of planting the story to create disharmony in the party.

“I am an elected National Chairman, I have my certificate of return, I cannot resign,” he bragged.  “The convention brought me, so it has to take the convention that brought me for me to resign. So, not even the President can ask me to resign. Remember, some members of the NWC were asked to go recently because the election that brought them was flawed, so Mr. President cannot tread that route again.”

PDP Begs Tambuwal To Sack 37 Defecting House Of Reps Members.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Peoples Democratic Party has appealed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, to help sack the 37 members of the House who defected from the ruling party to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

The PDP argued that the affected lawmakers should vacate their seats immediately having left the party that brought them to the legislature.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, the PDP remained silent on the issue of those who had in the past defected from other political parties to the PDP.

Before the recent jumbo defection from the PDP, the ruling party had benefited from the defection of numerous politicians and office holders from opposition parties to the PDP.

The last few weeks have witnessed a reversal of the former trend. The ruling party took a big political hit when five of its governors left it and defected to the APC. This was followed a few days ago by the decision of 37 PDP federal lawmakers to defect. A top source within a splinter group in the PDP told SaharaReporters that more defections from the ruling party were in the offing.

Mr. Metuh’s statement said that the attention of his party was drawn to “claims by 37 defecting members of the House of Representatives elected on the platform of the PDP to the APC that they obtained an injunction restraining the leadership of the National Assembly and the Party from declaring their seats vacant in line with provisions of the Constitution.” He added: “We have, after a careful review, discovered that this claim is false. For the avoidance of doubt, the order of the Court clearly says that ‘status quo’ be maintained which means the affected members shall remain members of the PDP.

“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in section 68 (i) (g) clearly spells out the consequences of cross carpeting when there is no division in any Party. We wish to re-emphasize here that the courts have pronounced, and INEC has concurred that there are no factions in the PDP.

“Since the affected members have renounced their membership of the PDP, we call on the Presiding Officer in the House of Representatives to declare the 37 seats vacant without any further delay. This action shall be in adherence to our grand norm, which is the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).”

Bleeding PDP Warns That Defection Of Members Is ‘Betrayal’.

PDP chair, Bamanga Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described Wednesday’s defection of 37 of its members in the House of Representatives, as ‘betrayal,’ warning that those members should know the implication of their actions.

The declaration is contained in a statement issued by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, at the end of a meeting of the National Woking Committee of the party in Abuja.

“The PDP condemns what is fast unfolding as a desperate attempt by selfish politicians to cause confusion in our body polity,” he said. “We wish to assure all our members and supporters nationwide that the PDP remains unshaken by the departure of Fifth Columnists. We shall undoubtedly emerge stronger and more cohesive after these events.”

He said that if the defection was confirmed to be true, it was “treacherous and a huge betrayal” not only of the PDP but of voters who worked hard for the election of the defectors on the platform of the PDP.

Quoting Section 68 (1) (g) of the constitution, Metuh stressed that the courts have declared that the PDP is ONE and is not bedeviled by any factions.

“Any member of the National or State Assemblies who therefore renounces his membership of a UNITED PDP must be ready to face the consequences of defection in line with provisions of the Constitution,” he said.

Despite the purported defection of some members, he noted that the party still maintains a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, and urged members “to utilize their majority to strengthen the support for President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda and the only recognized National Leadership of the Party.”

7 Cuban Dancers Defect From National Ballet.

Image: 7 Cuban Dancers Defect From National Ballet

Cuban dancers Sadaise Arencibia and Victor Estevez perform at the inauguration of the 23rd International Ballet Festival in October 2012. Seven members of the National Ballet of Cuba defected last month.(AP)

Seven young members of the National Ballet of Cuba defected last month while on a performing tour in Mexico, an island dance official said Wednesday.

A ballet company official, who lacked authorization to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the defections but did not offer details, saying only that “there were seven who did not return.”

The defections were received with sadness in Cuban ballet circles.

“It pains us,” said Ramona de Saa, director of Havana‘s National Ballet School, where six of the dancers were trained before joining the company.

Saa added that she considered one of the ballerinas, whom she did not name, to be like a daughter.

Cuban exile blog “Cafe Fuerte” reported that six of the seven subsequently traveled to Miami: Randy Crespo, 22; Edward Gonzalez, 23; Jose Justiz, 20; Ariadnni Martin, 20; Luis Victor Santana, 23; and Annie Ruiz Diaz, 24. It said 20-year-old Alejandro Mendez was still in Mexico.

“It is the most difficult decision I have made in my life, but we’re not thinking about the past but rather the future,” the website quoted Ruiz Diaz as saying. “We were intent on seeking a better artistic life and economic well-being for our families.”

The National Ballet is a pride of Cuban officials and has churned out many world-class dancers.

However it has seen a number of high-profile defections over the years as performers are lured overseas by the promise of greater creative and economic opportunity. In March 2011, five members of the company stayed behind after a performance in Canada.

For Cuban officials, defections by the likes of dancers, athletes and doctors are bitter betrayals. Communist authorities lament what they call theft of talent that they train free of charge, but at great cost to the government.

De Saa said defecting dancers often overestimate their chances of succeeding abroad and ultimately don’t find a company to take them on.

“We are privileged,” she said. “In the world, the situation of ballet is very difficult.”
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Head of Syrian military police defects.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – The head of Syria‘s military police has defected from the army and declared allegiance to the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to a video and a Syrian security source.

The high-level defection, while not a strategically significant development in the 21-month-old conflict, will be a blow to morale for Assad’s forces, which are hitting back at a string of rebel advances across the country.

“I am General Abdelaziz Jassim al-Shalal, head of the military police. I have defected because of the deviation of the army from its primary duty of protecting the country and its transformation into gangs of killing and destruction,” the officer said in a video published on YouTube.

A Syrian security source confirmed the defection but played down its significance.

“Shalal did defect but he was due to retire in a month and he only defected to play hero,” the source said.

Wearing a camouflage uniform with red officer insignia on the shoulder, Shalal spoke from a desk in a room in an undisclosed location. Some rebel sources said he had fled to Turkey. It was not clear when Shalal had changed sides.

“The army has destroyed cities and villages and has committed massacres against an unarmed population that took to the streets to demand freedom,” he said. “Long live free Syria.”

(Reporting by Erika Solomon; Editing by Alistair Lyon)



Pentagon cheers defection of Syrian general.

WASHINGTON (AP)The Pentagon is cheering the defection of a Syrian general and expressing hope that it triggers more high-level cracks in the regime.

A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Capt. John Kirby, said the U.S. considers the defection of Brig. Gen. Manaf Tlaas to be significant because he once was a member of the regime’s inner circle. He is a son of a former Syrian defense minister who was friends with the father of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Kirby said he was unaware of any contact that U.S. authorities may have had with the general since he left Syria. It is not clear where Tlaas is.


Associated PressBy The Associated Press | Associated Press 

Report: 33 Syrian members of Syrian military , including general, colonels, defect to Turkey.

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey’s state-run news agency says 33 more members of the Syrian military have defected to Turkey with their families at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries over Syria‘s downing of a Turkish plane.

The Anadolu Agency said Monday that the group, which includes a general and two colonels, crossed into Turkey overnight. They were being hosted at a refugee camp near the border.

There was no further information on the group.

Thousands of soldiers have abandoned the regime, but most are low-level conscripts. The Free Syria Army — the loosely linked group of rebel forces — is made up largely of defectors.

Defectors affiliated with the Free Syrian Army and based in Turkey are known to collect food and other supplies to deliver to comrades on smuggling routes.


Associated PressBy The Associated Press | Associated Press 

Labour Party Will Trounce Opposition At Coming Polls – Mimiko.

Ondo State governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko has warned oppositions to the
Labour Party government to be prepared for an unprecedented disgrace in
coming elections declaring that  the ruling party will win massively.

He made the declaration in his office yesterday wile playing host to the
former Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the Southern
Senatorial District of the state, Chief Tola Akintemi  who defected  to the
Labour party  (LP) with his supporters.

According to the governor, Labour Party remains the biggest-ever political
party in the history of the state saying that “it is not about winning, but
winning big and massively.

“We will continue to pursue our life-changing transformational agenda
irrespective of impending distractions or adversaries of the opposition. I
am sure that come election time, we are not only interested in beating
the opposition, we are interested in disgracing them electorally.

“We cannot have too many people in a party; we still go out and harvest
more people into the party, we will allow level playing ground for
everybody and continue to transform the peoples’ lives and make Ondo
State in all its ramifications a cynosure of all eyes”, Mimiko declared.
The governor described Akintemi as a frontline politician and a great
organizer of men and asked him to bring his wealth of experience to bear
on the party organization in the state.

The State Chairman of Labour Party, Chief Olu Ogidan had earlier
received Chief Akintemi into the party at a forum in the state capital which
was attended by the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ali Olanusi and the Speaker
of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Samuel Adesina.

Chief Ogidan, who described the former PDP chieftain as a reliable and
progressive politician, noted that his defection into the progressive fold
would further accelerate the development of the state.

The LP chairman maintained that the doors of the party are open for any
trustworthy and progressive-minded politician, stressing however that its
doors would remain shut against spoilers and liars who would see good
things and pretend not to see.

His words “Chief Akintemi is an asset to the state in terms of politics. His
coming to Labour Party is a welcome development. Our slogan is that
there is room for all. There is room for trustworthy people, people that are
progressive in mind, people that are ready to join the moving train. In our
party, there is no room for liars, there is no room for spoilers”.

While welcoming him into LP, the Deputy -Governor, Alhaji Ali Olanusi
congratulated the defector for the bold step taken, describing him as one
of the pillars of the PDP in the state.

Olanusi also described him as a progressive politician whose wealth of
experience would be useful in building the state.

Responding, Chief Tola Akintemi debunked the rumour that his planned
defection was based on financial inducement, stressing that the present
administration of Dr Olusegun Mimiko has brought both national and
international recognitions to the state through programme initiation and

While saying that the electorate have benefited immensely from the
dividends of democracy being delivered by Mimiko’s government, he also
vowed to contribute his quota to the development of the state and urged
the people to give unflinching support to the government.

He said “the last one year has been devoted to consultations and
meetings, particularly  with people of my immediate constituency and
larger groups where the Speaker, Secretary to the State Government and
Chairmen of Boards among others hailed from as well as the construction
of Mega Primary Schools in our area. In short, the community has
prevailed  over political considerations.”

Akintemi added “it is also a belief in Ondo State and beyond that the
landmark programmes of the present administration under Dr Olusegun
Mimiko have brought our state into the national and international
integration, integration that has uplifted the socio-political benefits due to
our dear people”.

By  African Examiner.

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