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Bleeding PDP Warns That Defection Of Members Is ‘Betrayal’.

PDP chair, Bamanga Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described Wednesday’s defection of 37 of its members in the House of Representatives, as ‘betrayal,’ warning that those members should know the implication of their actions.

The declaration is contained in a statement issued by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, at the end of a meeting of the National Woking Committee of the party in Abuja.

“The PDP condemns what is fast unfolding as a desperate attempt by selfish politicians to cause confusion in our body polity,” he said. “We wish to assure all our members and supporters nationwide that the PDP remains unshaken by the departure of Fifth Columnists. We shall undoubtedly emerge stronger and more cohesive after these events.”

He said that if the defection was confirmed to be true, it was “treacherous and a huge betrayal” not only of the PDP but of voters who worked hard for the election of the defectors on the platform of the PDP.

Quoting Section 68 (1) (g) of the constitution, Metuh stressed that the courts have declared that the PDP is ONE and is not bedeviled by any factions.

“Any member of the National or State Assemblies who therefore renounces his membership of a UNITED PDP must be ready to face the consequences of defection in line with provisions of the Constitution,” he said.

Despite the purported defection of some members, he noted that the party still maintains a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, and urged members “to utilize their majority to strengthen the support for President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda and the only recognized National Leadership of the Party.”

Harry Reid: I’d Like to Lead Senate for 8 More Years.

Image: Harry Reid: I'd Like to Lead Senate for 8 More Years

By Lisa Barron

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he plans on staying right where he is for as long as he possibly can.

The Nevada Democrat is up for re-election in 2014, and in an interview with Roll CallWednesday, he confirmed that he intends to run. “I don’t want to do it more than eight more years,” said the 74-year-old former boxer.

Asked if Democratic Conference Secretary Patty Murray’s front and center role in the recent budget negotiations means she could take over the leadership, Reid responded, “If I drop dead? I don’t know.”

“I mean, I will someday. It’s just a question of if I do it while I’m here,” he said.

As for whether Reid thinks his party can maintain its majority in next year’s elections in light of issues such as the disastrous Obamacare rollout, he was optimistic, saying, “We’re always very honed-in on the races. We feel pretty good about how things are going.”

He also said he has not ruled out taking further steps to curb the GOP’s ability to filibuster, as he did last month when he used the so-called nuclear option to eliminate filibusters on most nominations.

“I have no intention of changing the rules tomorrow or the next day or, you know, [in] the foreseeable future, but this is a two-way street. I think that we should start legislating and not [waste] all of our time on nominations. That’s all I’ve been wasting my time on for years here is nominations,” Reid stated.

“I’m not precluding anything. It’s just according to how we get along here.”

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Krauthammer: Democrats Will Run From Obamacare Next Summer.

Democratic support of Obamacare is a “pretense” that will change next summer, at which time they’ll they “run for their lives,” syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said Thursday.

“[Support] is a pretense they’re going to have to maintain, probably until midsummer, at which point everybody is going to run for their lives. And the Democrats, individually in their races, are going to run away from this as hard as they can,” Krauthammer told “Fox & Friends.”

Democrats will have no choice but to watch as Obamacare unfolds. Those facing re-election could call for changes to the healthcare law sometime next year, Krauthammer predicted.

“The Democrats are going to have to watch this without any recourse unless they decide they’re going to jump ship. And I think that by mid-year, it’s likely that some of the vulnerable Democrats in the Senate are going to move for a delay or even a repeal,” he said.

Democrats facing midterm elections in 2014 are increasingly viewed as vulnerable, due to the problems facing Americans from Obamacare. Passed on a purely partisan vote, Krauthammer said Democrats “decided in 2009 and 2010 for a huge experiment on one-sixth of the American economy.”

Krauthammer maintained Democrats used the issue of people without healthcare insurance to “revolutionize all of American medicine.” Now that Obamacare has been implemented, it is “not stoppable, in the absence of repeal,” he said.

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By Wanda Carruthers

Sending Baucus to China Removes Democratic Critic of Obamacare.

Image: Sending Baucus to China Removes Democratic Critic of Obamacare

By Sandy Fitzgerald

Sending Montana Democratic Sen. Max Baucus off as the next U.S. ambassador to China could solve several problems for President Barack Obama, including removing one ofObamacare’s most vocal opponents from Capitol Hill.

Earlier this year, the outspoken lawmaker famously referred to Obamacare as a “huge train wreck,” saying it would be a failure if the government couldn’t afford money for research, reports The Washington Post. 

Baucus has also compared the launch to “Humpty Dumpty” with questions about whether the website could be eventually successful.

Removing Baucus from Washington means taking the outspoken critic away from his chairmanship of the Finance Committee since 2007. Baucus plans to retire next year, and ordinarily would be followed in the seat by second-ranking Democrat member Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va.

However, like Baucus, Rockefeller plans to retire after next year, so Baucus’ seat, if he leaves early, is expected to be taken by Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, the current chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senate aides told The Washington Post. Wyden has criticized the White House’s healthcare plans in the past, but he is not as strident with his opposition as Baucus.

But there are other possible reasons beyond Obamacare for the president to nominate Baucus, The Post reports.

Baucus, 72, is leaving office next year, but Republicans are expected to take the red state next year with Rep. Steve Daines.

However, if Baucus steps down early, The Post speculates, Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock can appoint a Democratic replacement who would be able to run for a full six-year term in 2014. Lt. Gov. John Walsh is already running for the seat, but if he is appointed to it early, he would be the incumbent when the election takes place, giving him an advantage over other candidates.

Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, who is Baucus’ former top hand, may also be considering a campaign, The Post reports, so his name could also be in the short list to fill Baucus’ seat.

Baucus though, does have extensive experience in China, having visited eight times. He also lead U.S. efforts in the 1990s to persuade China to enter the World Trade Organization and worked to establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations between the two countries.

In addition, Baucus has hosted Chinese trade delegations in both Montana and Washington D.C.

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Officials: Baucus to be Named Ambassador to China.

Democratic officials say President Barack Obama intends to nominate Montana Sen. Max Baucus as ambassador to China.

The nomination is subject to Senate confirmation. The Democrat had announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election.

The 72-year-old Baucus is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, with jurisdiction over taxes, trade and other areas.

He was instrumental in efforts to pass Obama’s health care law four years ago and has spent much of this year seeking to build support for a sweeping overhaul of the tax code.

There was no immediate comment from the White House.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to publicly discuss the nomination in advance of Obama’s announcement.

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Hillary Group Attacks Christie Over ‘Bridgegate’.

Image: Hillary Group Attacks Christie Over 'Bridgegate'

By Melanie Batley

A group linked to Hillary Clinton has joined the fray to attack New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the bridge closure controversy that has dogged his administration for weeks, already resulting in the resignation of two officials and a firestorm of accusations from state and national Democrats.

Correct the Record, a group formed by top supporters of the former first lady, created a graphic showing the Republican governor’s frowning face, a highway sign that reads “Lanes Closed. Expect Christie?” with another road sign say “political retribution.” The bottom of the ad says, “…the emerging facts aren’t lining up with the administration’s story,” CNN reported.

“Welcome to the world that is 2016,” Adrienne Elrod, communications director for the group, told The Washington Post.

“We’re watching every word that comes out of his mouth… He’s been able to enjoy for the most part being a pretty popular governor, but he’s never really been tested on the national stage.”

The organization is an offshoot of Democratic super PAC American Bridge, and is a research and response project dedicated to mobilizing against possible 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls, as part of a larger push to lay the groundwork for a 2016 Clinton candidacy.

Democrats allege that Christie ordered a September closure of lanes onto the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to New York as retribution for the refusal of Fort Lee Democratic Mayor Mark Sokolich to join other New Jersey mayors in endorsing Christie for re-election.

This week, Democrats in Washington D.C. turned up the heat on Christie with Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate’s transportation committee, asking Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to investigate the closures.

“You’ve got the DNC, some of the Hillary-tied PACs diving into this story,” Kevin Hagan, a New Jersey-based Democratic strategist told the Post. “You don’t want to continue to give your perceived opponent a pass.”

Democrats have also created a politically-charged YouTube video  with a narrative designed to raise the profile of the issue and link it to questions about Christie’s character and integrity.

“It undercuts his key argument that he’s a straight shooter,” Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin said of the controversy, according to the Post.
“It highlights the worst about his bombast and his condescension.”

And in a signal that Democrats intend to continue to escalate the issue, one Democratic leader told the Post that the “Bridgegate” episode reveals the Christie administration’s “Nixon-like dirty tricks,” while another compared it to Watergate, and a third speculated about impeachment.

Christie has continued to downplay accusations of wrongdoing, suggesting they are politically motivated and have been “sensationalized.”

“National Democrats will make an issue about everything about me, so get used to the new world everybody, you know?” Christie told a news conference Friday.

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Doug Schoen: Hillary Can Win the Nomination in 2016.

Hillary Clinton must separate herself from the policies of President Barack Obama — but not alienate him too much — if she runs for the president in 2016, says political consultant Doug Schoen, who worked on her 2008 run for the White House.

“She’s going to have to be critical without losing his base of support,” Schoen told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“Obama’s been very solicitous of her and she cannot run the risk of him turning on her …

“What I would choose to do which is talk about economic growth … Obama talks about redistribution. The Republicans, basically, say no to everything. We need a pro-growth strategy that involves entitlement reform and tax reform.”

Schoen said he is convinced the former Secretary of State, New York senator and First Lady can capture the Democratic primary this time around.

“She can win a primary. She probably will but the real question is after two terms of Obama probably with an approval rating at or below 40, it’s pretty darn tough for any Democrat or any candidate who runs to follow on a win,” he said.

George H. W. Bush won a third rough, straight Republican turf, but Ronald Reagan had close to a 55, 57 percent approval in 1988. So there’s a real challenge facing Hillary and it isn’t clear to me at this point that she has a strategy for dealing with it.”

Story continues below the video.

Schoen believes Clinton will need to fight off more Republican flak for her handling of the Benghazi attack, in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed on Sept. 11, 2012.

Clinton came under criticism when, during a hearing in which she was pressed for details, she said, “What difference does it make?”

“They’re going to say it does make a difference when four Americans lose their lives in the first attack on the 11th anniversary of 9/11,” Schoen said.

“These are real questions that she has to deal with. Call it tough love if you will, but these are questions she has to be prepared to deal with if she’s going to get elected.”

Schoen, who says he will support Clinton should she run, believes she will wait as long as possible to make an announcement.

“She will try to get through the 2014 election and probably a good way through 2015 before she announces,” Schoen said.

“It makes sense for her to announce later rather earlier.”

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By Bill Hoffmann

APC We’ll return Rivers’ oil well if voted in.


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has promised the people of Rivers State that it will ensure the return of all its oil well ceded to other states, if voted into power in the 2015 general elections.

This was even as the senator representing Rivers South-East gave reasons why the Governor of the state, Hon. Rotimin Amaechi, ditched the PDP for the APC. Rivers State Acting Chairman of the APC, David Ikanya, told the gathering at Eleme, during the inauguration of executive officers of the newly formed Save Rivers Movement, SRM, at Eleme Local Government Area, that should the party comes into power in 2015, it would correct all the injustices of the past.

He decried the injustice that have been done against the people of the state, saying the party would return all the oil wells that hitherto belonged to the state, but that has been forcefully transferred to other states.

“If voted into power in the next election, we shall ensure that all oil wells belonging to the state, which have been forcefully taken over by other states, are returned to the people of the state. We shall correct the injustice,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum (Down Stream) Senator Magnus Abe, has said that Governor Rotimi Amaechi, joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) to rescue the people of Rivers State from injustice, persecution and alienation that has become increasingly worrisome in recent times.

Speaking at the Eleme inauguration ceremony, Abe lamented that Governor Amaechi and some well meaning leaders of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, tried repeatedly to draw the attention of the National Working Committee, NWC, the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan to the injustice that was being meted out to the governor and the people of Rivers State to no avail.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Democrats Take Bridge Flap National in Bid to Hurt Christie.

The bridge closure controversy that has dogged New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for weeks is threatening to go national as Democrats see a possible chink in the armor of the GOP’s potential 2016 presidential nominee.

Democrats in Washington D.C. turned up the heat on Christie with Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, chairman of the Senate’s transportation committee, asking Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to investigate the closures, according to Politico.

Democrats have also created a politically-charged YouTube video with a narrative designed to raise the profile of the issue and link it to questions about Christie’s character and integrity.

New Jersey Democrats allege Christie ordered a September closure of lanes onto the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to New York — said to be the busiest road bridge in the world — as retribution for the refusal of Fort Lee Democratic Mayor Mark Sokolich to join other New Jersey mayors in endorsing Christie for re-election.

Already two Christie appointees on the New York/New Jersey Port Authority — which overseas the bridge — have quit after it was revealed they did not go through the proper channels when ordering the lanes closed.

Christie has insisted that the closures, which led to as much as four-hour traffic delays over a span of five days, were part of a traffic study. But opponents say the lack of advance notice, coupled with no evidence of study results, proves that Christie’s explanation is not credible.

New Jersey state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, who has been leading the charge against Christie on the matter, said she would like a congressional probe. Assemblyman John Wisnieswki has subpoenaed all correspondence between Christie and Port Authority aides about the closures.

Political observers on both sides of the aisle say Christie’s emergence on the national scene explains why Democrats are trying to capitalize on the negative press.

“After his resounding win, we’re not surprised that national Democrats are going to try to take aim and so are state Democrats, who are looking for a chance to stay relevant,” one source close to Christie told Politico. “We know national groups are going to start looking for opportunity at every turn. That’s what happens when you do well and people start to focus on you.”

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane gave a similar commentary. “The nature and intensity of the coverage of the issue also reflects the fact that Christie is suddenly going to [be] forced into playing politics at a completely different level,” he said.

“For Christie, given his current standing, he will face such scrutiny for several years with both Democrats and fellow Republicans executing what is in effect a pincer action to define him.”

Having spent most of Christie’s first term trying unsuccessfully to define him as a bully, particularly following his performance following Hurricane Sandy, national Democrats think this controversy is an opportunity to renew that strategy, according to Politico.

“It goes to the heart of his potential liability… temperament is a real issue in presidential politics and in gubernatorial political,” Tad Devine, a Democratic strategist who has worked on presidential campaigns, told Politico. “It’s not fatal right now, but it’s a problem for him.”

For his part, Christie has vigorously denied the accusationssaying they have been “sensationalized.” He got an unexpected boost on Monday after New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo backed him up, saying, “I’m sure it is as Gov. Christie says.”

“National Democrats will make an issue about everything about me, so get used to the new world everybody, you know?” Christie said at a news conference Friday, according to Politico. “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.”

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By Melanie Batley

Schumer: Veterans Must Face Budget Cuts, Too.

It’s time for retired veterans to face cuts as the federal government looks for ways to trim expenditures, Sen. Chuck Schumer said Monday.

“Civilian federal employees have been cut, cut, cut. I think there was a feeling, if you’re going to cut them further, which was done, that the military retirees should have about an equal amount. It’s small,” the New York Democrat told MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe.”

In the budget plan brokered by Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and Washington Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, military service personnel under the age of 62 would take a one percent cut to retirement benefits. The move has drawn fire from military and veterans organizations.

Story continues below.

“I think (Rep.) Paul Ryan and (Sen.) Patty Murray looked everywhere they could to try and find compromise. Everybody had to take a little,” Schumer said.

“They’re going to have to pay a tiny, little bit into it, which they never have,” he added.
But Schumer maintained members of Congress should not be forced to take a pay cut. He said they have already sacrificed, since they have not seen a pay raise “in a long time,” and explained most of them are paying more for healthcare insurance.

“We have taken pretty big cuts,” he said.

The bill will pass the Senate, Schumer predicted, and said Democrats would “reluctantly vote for it” because they realize the threat of a government shutdown is a “brutal alternative.”

The expiration of unemployment benefits in the proposed budget has been a sticking point for some Democrats. Schumer said it would be an issue that would be handled later.

“We’ll make a shot at trying to do unemployment insurance separately. And, then, work on it next year,” he said.

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