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N1.5bn Imo contract scam, EFCC clears impeached deputy gov.


After about nine months of investigation, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has cleared the impeached deputy governor of Imo State, Sir Jude Agbaso, of any wrong-doings and involvement in the N1.3 billion contract scam that rocked the state earlier in the year.

Twenty three members of the 27-member Imo State House of Assembly impeached him on March 28, 2013 over his alleged indictment in the contract saga.

Agbaso has been in court challenging the impeachment as well as his alleged indictment in the contract scandal.

He was accused of demanding and receiving a bribe of N458 million from a firm, JPROS International Ltd., which was awarded the said controversial construction contract by the Imo State government.

A letter signed by the commission’s Director of Operations, Olaolu Adegbite, dated November 27, 2013 with reference no CR: 3000/EFCC/ABJ/E.G/T4/VOL.14/252, which has been seen by Nigerian Tribune, showed that the investigation was at the instance of the impeached deputy governor.

It was entitled: “Formal Request for Investigation of Mr Joseph Dina of JPROS International Nigeria Ltd, a Construction Company located at 11, Umezuruike Street, opposite Umezuruike Hospital, Owerri, Imo State.”

The letter addressed to Agbaso read: “We refer to your letter dated 21st March, 2013 on the above subject and hereby provide our findings so far into the case.

“Road contracts for the sum of one and a half billion naira awarded to JPROS International Nig. Ltd was alleged to have engendered fraudulent bribe payments of N458 million by the Managing Director of JPROS, one Joseph Dina to you as the then Deputy Governor and Commissioner for Works.

“In furtherance of the investigation, evidence adduced from interview of key officials of Imo State government and other important witnesses, as well as documents obtained from relevant financial institutions confirmed that the sum of N1.305,000,000.00 was paid to JPROS to execute the Warehouse Orlu Road Junction, Odunze Street, Aba Road and Old Nekede Road projects within Owerri metropolis before mobilisation to the sites.

“The total sum of $5,538,830 USD was found to have been remitted to the personal accounts of Dina in Dubai and Lebanon. There is no single evidence so far that suggested that you benefitted from the funds.

“In his statement to the commission on 28th March, 2013, Dina revealed that he never gave any money to you or any other official of the state government over the contracts, which are yet to be fully executed as at the last visit of our officers in April 2013.

“The commission’s legal department is working on the case file with a view to taking appropriate legal action, please.”

Agbaso was replaced as the state deputy governor by the governor’s Chief of Staff, Mr Eze Madumere.

The state Chief Judge, Justice Benjamin Njemanze, had set up a seven-man probe panel which indicted Agbaso for alleged financial misconduct over the alleged bribery, paving the way for his impeachment.

It was also learnt that the clean bill of health given him by the anti-corruption agency had been communicated to the state lawmakers.

Source: Radio Biafra.

oblivious of Tinubu’s loots abroad, most inferior tribe of Nigeria (Yoruba) dissent Nigeria highly corrupt.

There appears to be some measure of unanimity among analysts both within and outside Nigeria that the nation is a highly corrupt society. The country’s successive governments since the return of democracy in 1999 do not quite agree.
This can be deduced from certain viewpoints that are usually officially canvassed on behalf of the nation. The first is that there is corruption everywhere, making it obvious that it is not peculiar to Nigeria. Some say, if the British knew nothing about corruption, the term would not have evolved as an English word.
The second point is the argument that corruption in Nigeria is over exaggerated by some unpatriotic citizens; prominent among them are Nigerian journalists – a group to which this writer belongs.
It is said that instead of embracing developmental journalism, they are always washing their nation’s “not too clean linen” in the public.
Journalists of other countries, it is argued, are not that reckless with the image of their own countries.
A third point which naturally flows against this backdrop is that corruption in Nigeria may not be as real as it is perceived. This is because Transparency International -a global organisation that often projects Nigeria as one of the most corrupt countries in the world is fond of speaking from two sides of the mouth by stating that it arrived at its damaging conclusion on the basis of perception.
Well, if corruption in Nigeria is not in essence a reality but a mere perception, it seems germane to identify whose perception it is. The Central Bank of Nigeria is certainly not one of its sources considering the occasional warnings by the Bank on the subject.
Only 2 weeks ago, the apex bank disclosed that high level corruption among other challenges accounts for the bane of the nation’s development. The bank spoke through its Deputy Governor (Operation), Mr. Tunde Lemo at the Egba Economic Summit in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.
Source: Radio Biafra.

‘State Burial’: Gov. Dickson Pledges Bayelsa Funds To Ensure State’s Full Participation In Private Burial of Patience Jonathan’s Mother.


Gov. Dickson
By SaharaReporters, NY

Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, today visited Ambemebiri, Okrika, hometown of the late mother of Dame Patience Jonathan, seizing the opportunity of the forthcoming burial to nurture the political support and goodwill of the Jonathan family for his administration.

Ahead of next weekend’s burial of Mrs. Charity Francis Oba, who died last July, the governor pledged his complete support of the funeral and undertook on-the-spot assessment of the preparations. Checks in Yenagoa indicate that the funeral expenses are being bankrolled by the Bayelsa treasury. During the visit, Dickson also met with Mrs. Jonathan, who is already on ground to prepare for the event, which will take place on Thursday and  Friday. Dickson described Bayelsa as a “critical stakeholder,” and in demonstration of the in-law status of Bayelsa State, expressed satisfaction with the preparations.

He re-assured the bereaved family of the resolve of the Government and people of the State to support them all the way in ensuring the success of the entire funeral programme. According to him, he will lead a high-powered delegation of present and past Governors and Deputy Governors, past and present members of the National Assembly from all the Ijaw-speaking areas of the country, Speakers and members of State Houses of Assembly, Members of State Executive Councils, Chairmen of Local Government Councils, Top Government functionaries, First Class Traditional rulers and opinion leaders to participate fully in funeral activities of Late Mrs. Charity Oba.

In effect, the work of the executives and legislatures nationwide, as well as of local government councils will be paralyzed at the expense of the ordinary man as Nigeria’s sycophancy train rolls into Bayelsa loaded with opportunists who are desperate for Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan to see how deeply they are worshipped.

Delta Commissioner In Critical Condition Following Brutal Beating By Armed PDP Youths.

By Saharareporters, New York

Delta State Commissioner for Secondary and Basic Education, Patrick Muoboghare, was attacked and brutally beaten on Saturday for allegedly trying to force a concocted list of local government ward executives on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Uwheru, Delta State. Several sources told SaharaReporters that the attack on the commissioner, who is a professor and a former state chairman of the Academics Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), was carried out by a group of armed and aggrieved PDP youths.

Our sources said the Commissioner was stabbed several times at the party secretariat in Ughelli North local government area of the state. One source disclosed that the badly beaten commissioner was in very critical condition at the Oghara Teaching Hospital.

The sources who spoke to us accused Mr. Muoboghare of being among leaders of the party who designed and oversaw what numerous party members described as a kangaroo inauguration at the party secretariat in Ughelli. “We the youths were very disappointed that a professor involved himself in such shady acts,” said one of the youth leaders. He added that some irate youths had ambushed the commissioner and beaten him close to the point of death.

One of the sources said the commissioner was first rushed to a private hospital before been transferred to the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara.

Several youth activists revealed that their anger with the commissioner was compounded by the fact that he rarely visited his home area. “Professor Patrick Muoboghare is not even known by his own people, only for him to visit and to be forcing a doctored list of the party executives on us. That’s why youths aggressively resisted,” one party member said.

“The congress ought to have held since last year as it happened nationwide, but did not hold in the local government,” said one source. “But names were doctored by the powers-that-be in the council, but due to fear of reaction from the majority of the party members the ward executives were not inaugurated then.” He continued: “With the death of Senator Pius Ewherido and the consequent bye-election due to be conducted by INEC to fill the vacant seat soon, some aspirants who have connection with the powers-that-be doctored another list of ward executives which they planned to inaugurate on Saturday.”

Another eyewitness gave a blow-by-blow account of events. “As soon as the commissioner arrived [at] the party secretariat, an aggrieved youth threw a chair at him. He dodged it only to be attacked by another youth with a dagger directly at his heart with blood gushing out. His security detail rushed him to the Ufor Hospital, Ughelli for medical attention,” said the witness.

SaharaReporters learnt that the Delta State Commissioner of Health, Joseph Otumara, as well as Deputy Governor, Amos Utuama, gave orders to draft more doctors to the Ufor Hospital to save the life of the gravely wounded commissioner.

A source at the private hospital told our correspondent that an ambulance transported Mr. Muoboghare to the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara because the private hospital did not have enough equipment to handle the severity of his injuries. We spoke to a doctor at the teaching hospital who curtly said a team of doctors was battling to save the commissioner’s life. He then hung up.

Several sources said some top PDP leaders in the state witnessed the attack on the commissioner. Among those said to be present were Steve Oru, Terry Noah, Fred Majemite, Benson Asore and Ovie Agas. The sources added that the party’s state chairman, Peter Nwaoboshi, and his entourage had envisaged crisis at the secretariat and took flight. A youth agitator said the party leaders took to their heels as soon as the commissioner came under physical attack.

“They abandoned him in a pool of his blood before the security detail rushed him to the hospital,” said the source.

Lagbaja Responds To Okey Ndibe On “Mumudom”.


By Lágbájá

Dear Okey Ndibe: Thank you for sounding the alarm in a way that should make us reflect deeper. Mumu is not a condition I proudly proclaim. It was with a heavy heart that I came to this shocking realization that we are indeed a country of mumus. Harsh as it might sound, no other explanation would suffice. It is apparent that the “leaders” know that they would always get away with whatever incredible schemes they concoct because, amongst other reasons,

(a) the mumu people they “lead” are no different from their mumu “leaders” in character

(b) the mumu people are gullible, superstitious and naive

(c) there are no consequences for criminal acts if you belong to the right group

(d) these mumus never demand accountability from their “leaders”

(e) the mumus expect their rulers to loot or would otherwise consider them foolish

Apologies for the seeming overgeneralization but the vast majority runs with this mumu mindset.

There is a limit to how much one can squeeze into a song before sounding less music than sermon. Please permit me to expatiate using your perimeter of “recent events in the past week or two”.

For simplicity I would use a numbered list to analyze and highlight a few seemingly disparate but absurd mumurity examples and indicators.

1. 5 members trying to impeach a governor would make you think there are probably only 6 or 7 members of the House of Assembly. According to the assembly’s website there are 31 members. For mumus, 5 out 31 constitutes a majority.

2. In the land of mumus you can make your own mace and confer it with automatic authority, elect a “new Speaker” and swear him in.

3. No single hospital in Nigeria to entrust the unfortunately injured member with. He had to be flown to the UK.

4. Flown abroad … likely on tax payers’ account

5. Treated … likely on tax payers’ account

6. Visited by officials… likely on tax payers’ account (business or first class tickets?)

7. Nyesom Wike the Minister of State who led the visit was until recently the Governor’s (Amaechi’s) Chief of Staff. He was allegedly nominated for the Ministerial position by Governor Amaechi.

8. Shouldn’t the mumus wonder how Nyesom Wike as Minister of State for Education found the time for this all important trip while abandoning his post in spite of the raging crisis in his ministry with the Academic staff union of Nigerian universities currently on strike? Well the mumu staff and students can rot in hell I guess.

9. Madam Patience would probably have “visited” too, if not for the noise such would generate. So for now, the victim suffers alone.

10. The erstwhile pontificating police boss of the State could not find the patient’s prominent attacker for over a week.

11. Madam Patience having first denied any involvement in the crisis while verbally attacking Soyinka, eventually owns up “pouring out her grievances”.

12. She owns up to a group of visiting Bishops who came on a peace making mission to find a lasting solution to the crisis in their region. Religion is always an easy scapegoat and tool of deception in mumudom.

13. Why would you even think that the Bishops would go back empty handed? Any “transport fare/thank-you-for-coming”, if received, would have likely been financed on tax payers’ account.

14. And why are we ranting about “tax payers”? Why are the tax payers not furious over the incessant misappropriation and misapplication of their hard earned contributions? The answer lies in the question… Aside from PAYE, how many are compliant in mumudom?

15. First a set of 5 Governors and 3 Deputy Governors (representing their respective Governors), left their duty posts for a solidarity visit with the embattled Governor of Rivers State… of course to the detriment of tax payers. (a) They were not on leave, but left urgent work and duties behind for the “emergency” solidarity visit. (b) Flight to and fro Port Harcourt of course likely on tax payers’ account.

16. They were closely followed by a second set of 4 commiserating sympathetic Governors. Of course, again likely on tax payers’ account.

17. Madam Patience’s grievance, as she divulged to the visiting Bishops, started when Governor Amaechi refused to be governed by her, as he would not listen to her veiled orders on how to govern the State… which incidentally is her primary territory being her State of origin. Mumus have no problem with that, fully being in harmony with her as she sings as first lady in Abuja while simultaneously dancing in absentia as Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa and conducting the orchestra in home state, Rivers.

18. Madam ends her confession to the Bishops by saying that Amaechi is her son as she is obviously the mother of everyone in mumudom. The question all mumus should ask is, “Would a good mother promote the demise of her child?”

19. Where was her outraged sense of motherhood when Senators were busy voting to turn mumudom into a Nation of pedophiliacs at the expense of her innocent “daughters”?

20. Where was her outraged sense of “mother of the Nation” when the video of 5 gang rapists went viral. Has she used that “mother of the Nation” power to find the culprits? Not a priority in mumudom.

21. Where was her outraged “motherhood of mumudom” when 46 school children were murdered in Yobe? Indeed the whole Nation of mumus have just gone on with their more important mumu lives like nothing happened.

22. Which brings us to the insane mumurity that gives the “leaders” confidence to try pranks such as the attempt at crafting the under age marriage law, knowing that with the mumus… “nothing go happen”

23. In the land of mumus, the rulers know they can always throw in the religious card, so Senator Yerima leads the child slavery onslaught with the religious chant.

24. While all this was going on, 79 year old OPC founder, Dr. Fasheun was, in his own description, “delivering” Mustapha to Kano.

25. Soon after, Gumsu Sani Abacha had the courage to rant on social media about her proud heritage… because with the mumus who his father savagely ruled over… nothing go happen.

26. Gumsu even called Soyinka who was a victim of her beloved dad’s misrule, “Mad empty Professor” … because in mumudom, “nothing go happen”.

27. Final scores… Jang 13, Amaechi 19, but in the land of mumus Mathematics has a different interpretation for 13 is greater than 19. Even the President of the mumus ratifies that.

28. By the way, both Governors Jang and Amaechi are from the same imploding political party.

29. Jang says he is old enough to be Amaechi’s father… a common escape route that is often quickly bought by the mumu populace. Old enough to be the President’s pawn and to upturn justice might be more like it. Only possible when you know for sure that your people are mumus… Nothing go happen.

30. The Governor is supposed to be the chief security officer of his State, but apparently in mumudom, his Police Commissioner is his boss.

31. The Governor’s security staff could be so easily withdrawn because nothing is institutionalized in a Nation of mumus. The loyalty of the security personnel is not based on the constitution but on personal or maternal affiliations. The mumus keep watching because “it does not concern me o”… “Big men and women are fighting”. Same way the injustice of the Nation’s attorney general’s assassination does not concern them.

32. Most reports in the Nigerian media kept referring to the self appointed Speaker as if he were truly the substantive Speaker. A mere use of “self-acclaimed” would have been logical, but they were already calling him the Speaker because… ignorance? inducement? resignation to the belief that the 5 vs 26 Assembly coup was already a done deal?

33. While all this drama unfolded, Nigeria, like the proverbial head-burying ostrich felt it had the moral right to insist on democratic processes in Egypt.

34. Sahara Reporters had screamed about the underhand conspiracy to proclaim Mustapha “not guilty”. Mumus simply went about their daily mumurity unperturbed because “it doesn’t concern them”. And when it happened as predicted… no problem. Mumus continue dem jolly as if nothing happened.

35. Meanwhile, Daniel and his political supporters carried their politics into the house of God at Rueben Abati’s mother’s funeral service… simply because there is no true reverence for God. Religion is a safe hiding cave. The mumus in the congregation would never protest such sacrilege because… “it is not strange” as the houses of God are now also political grounds. Obasanjo built one in Abeokuta. Jonathan got one built in Otuoke.

36. Meanwhile, some other mumus were again busy putting the Nation to international shame. In unprecedented match fixing fiascos, Police Machine beat Bubayaro 67-0 while Plateau United Feeders beat Akurba FC 79-0. Just in case you are confused, the game was soccer, not basketball.

37. The matches were to determine which one of the two tied teams would be promoted into… wait for this… just the 3rd division of the Nigerian soccer league. How many goals would they have to orchestrate when they want promotion to the 1st division?

38. Interesting to note that one of the teams involved in these shows of shame, the Police Machine, represents the Police Force. Now who would investigate this scandal?

39. Mumus involved in the conspiracy had to include players… team management… referees and other match officials… spectators??? That is quite a large mumu cooperative.

40. Since four teams were involved, multiply the number of conspirators by 4 (except match officials and spectators which should be multiplied by “only” 2). Hence, the scam was done in the open. It was a confident public show of shame. No… two confident simultaneous scams. No problem as corruption is everywhere.

41. Before the matches, Police Machine and Plateau United were level on points, goal difference and goals scored, and each was playing its final match which would determine which team would get elevated into the 3rd division league. Plateau United scored 72 of its 79 goals in the second half, thereby averaging more than one goal per minute. This would necessarily include the time needed to celebrate each goal, retrieve the ball, bring it back to the center, wait for the referee’s whistle before kicking off again…. after each goal. 72 times. Or did they just write the preferred figures as we typically do on election day?

42. Is it not curious that neither of the two losing teams could manage a single consolation goal? What else are we if not mumus?

43. Then there was the innocent man who was freed by the high court in Owerri after having been unjustly incarcerated for seven years, “awaiting trial”. No compensation… nobody held accountable for his ordeal. He insisted on being taken back to the prison as that was his only guaranty of a roof over his head and a daily meal. It was merely a “small thing” in the daily bizarre news as mumus went about their daily mumurity with their typical mentality of “e no concern me”.

44. Remember that this is mostly a snippet of the past two weeks or so. But there is more… 20 year old Chijioke Nwankor allegedly rapes a 9 year old pupil to death in Calabar. Reportedly in his own words, he asked her to bend down in the uncompleted building because it was too dirty to lie down as the place was being used as a public toilet. That is mumudom parlance for faeces shamelessly defecated all over the ground. Could the defecation be by aliens from outer space?

45. Well… thankfully, there is always a little ray of sunlight sneaking through the dark jungle. A Briton who was kidnapped by an armed gang shortly after arrival in Lagos, has been released.

…All in just the past two weeks or so in mumudom.

Excuse me, I have to return to work. I need to earn £3000 for my British visa. Wait a minute, did I tell you I am still a Commonwealth citizen?




Bayelsa’s N4 billion Pension Liability: Sylva Indicts Jonathan, Urges Dickson To Resign.

Gov. Seriake Dickson
By SaharaReporters, New York

Former Governor Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa State has furiously reacted to his successor’s reaction to a demonstration staged by pensioners to protest the state government’s failure to pay billions of naira in pension entitlements.

Current Bayelsa governor, Seriake Dickson, had specifically blamed Mr. Sylva for the state’s high and mounting pension liabilities, adding that his predecessor had not paid pensioners their benefits during his four-year tenure as governor. Mr. Sylva was the immediate predecessor to Mr. Dickson, the handpicked choice of President Goodluck Jonathan, himself a former deputy governor and governor of Bayelsa.

In a fiery press statement issued on his behalf by an aide, Mr. Sylva, who has been charged with massive corruption during his term as governor, said he was “sick and tired” of being blamed by Mr. Dickson for what his spokesman called the current governor’s “incompetence and failure.”

Mr. Sylva also stated that he inherited some unpaid pensions and gratuities from Mr. Jonathan, adding that he went ahead to pay down much of the obligations. He questioned Mr. Dickson’s motives for setting up a panel to probe the pension crisis, calling on the incumbent governor to resign.

Below is the text of Mr. Sylva’s statement:
At a so-called Transparency Briefing at the weekend, newspaper reports quote Dickson as claiming that the Bayelsa State Government under Chief Timipre Sylva never paid pensions to retirees for five years. He claims further that his administration inherited unpaid pension arrears of over N4 billion. Consequently, he would like to establish a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to probe Sylva.

We are sick and tired of Dickson’s governance style of always blaming Chief Timipre Sylva for his incompetence and failure. We call upon Dickson to resign now since he has shown that the job for which he was imposed on the people of Bayelsa State is bigger than him. Failing which the people of Bayelsa State should exercise their civic duty to remove him from office using all available constitutional options.

Dickson’s claim about non-payment of pensioners from May 2007- January 2012 is scandalous, petty and irresponsible. This is clear for the following reasons:
1)   When Sylva took over as Governor of Bayelsa State from Dr Goodluck Jonathan, there were outstanding pension and gratuity arrears, and no noise was made about it. As a leader, Sylva took responsibility on the conviction that government is a continuum.  Pensioners were paid along with people still in service, promptly and monthly. Those who retired from service at the time also received their gratuity once the appropriate documentations were done. Not even Sylva’s opponents could accuse him of non-payment of salaries and pensions. By our records, the state government paid an average of N216 million monthly and about N2.6 billion per annum on pensions.

2)   If nobody protested over non-payment of pension for five years, it means pensioners as well as labor in Bayelsa were satisfied with the Sylva administration.

3)   Why is Dickson restricting his pension probe to the period from 2007- 2012? Why not commence from the beginning of civilian rule in the state in 1999? Why the obsession with Sylva?

4)   Dickson has been in office since February 2012. In April 2012, he set up a kangaroo 11-person Financial Management Review Committee headed by Mr Ndutimi Alaibe to probe Sylva. Yet, Dickson is only just realizing – in July 2013 – that pension funds were mismanaged from 2007-2012.

5)   Dickson says it has come to his knowledge that the pension thieves in Bayelsa State used the stolen funds to build hotels and buy exotic cars. Meaning that he already knows who these criminals are. So, why set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry?

6)    Dickson and his master at the top have run out of options in the schizoid attempt to ruin the political career of Sylva hence the decision to set up this Judicial Commission of Inquiry. By working to the answer, they would like the Commission to indict Sylva having failed in their previous attempts with the Alaibe Committee, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Under Dickson, Bayelsa State has suffered a severe governance deficit. By all indications, Dickson is interested only in power and not the responsibility that goes with the high office he was brought to occupy. Having struggled to hide his lack of capacity under the name of Sylva and seen clearly that this strategy is no longer workable, the only option left for Dickson is to resign now.
May God help Bayelsa State.


VIDEO: Rivers Of Chaos-The Sequence Of July 9th Events.


Scene 1: Evans Bapakaye Bipi, the leader of renegade five Rivers State lawmakers that invaded the House with thugs narrates how he beat up a fellow lawmaker-Chidi Lloyd- to his supporters outside the Rivers State Assembly complex.

Scene 2: An apparently enraged House Majority leader, Chidi Lloyd returns to the chambers where he met Mr. Bipi pronouncing himself “Speaker ” with two others. Lloyd seizes a wooden pole brought in order to be used as the mace and smashes it on the head of one of the lawmakers supporting Mr. Bipi. Mr. Bipi is seen scampering while a policeman brought in by Lloyd joins in the brutal beatings.

Scene 3: Bipi returns with more thugs but was briefly consoled by the Deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru, while in the embrace of the deputy governor, Bipi is heard saying that he wants to fight back because Governor Rotimi Amaechi supervised the beating of his crew members,  and that he insulted his mother and the president.


Ex-Lagos Deputy Governor Wanted For N130m Fraud – PM News, Lagos.

Former Lagos Deputy Gov. Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu
By PM News, Lagos

Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, former deputy governor of Lagos state has been declared wanted by the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU), in Lagos, over an alleged fraud of N130 million.

Mrs. Ngozi Isintume-Agu, DSP, spokesperson of the unit said in a statement that Sinatu was wanted along with her son, Samson Ojikutu, who is now in the United States of America.

“We are investigating a case of obtaining the sum of N130 million by false representation perpetrated by one Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu and her son Mr Samson Ojikutu.

“Upon a petition from the DIG ‘D’ Department to the Commissioner of Police SFU, the petitioner alleged that in September, 2011, the suspects conspired and sold a parcel of land at Plot 24, Block 4, situated at Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos for the sum of N130 million.

“The petitioner claimed he paid the said amount into the former deputy governor’s account with the Union Bank in tranches. He further stated that after payment, he requested for title document.

“Alhaja Ojikutu procured an affidavit of support to back her fraudulent claim, a police crime extract and a publication in the Vanguard Newspaper of 18th October 2011, all purporting to evidence loss of the original documents of title to the land.

“The petitioner believed her because of her personality as a former deputy governor of Lagos State.

“The bubble busted when the complainant commenced development on the land and was on the verge of completion when the real owner of the land surfaced.

“It was discovered that the land the suspect sold does not belong to her. She actually sold Plot 23, Block 4, while Plot 24, Block 4, already has a property on it. Investigation revealed that the land she sold belong to one Mr Afolabi.

“It was also discovered that Plot 24, Block 4, which actually belonged to late Samson Adebisi Ojikutu Snr., the suspect’s husband, who died in 2008, was sold by him in 1995, and the suspect was a life witness and appended her signature to the sale of the land.

“The suspect further perpetrated the crime by alleging that the original C of O to the property was missing and swore an affidavit which enabled her obtain a Police Report and Memorandum of Loss.

“She also put up an advert in newspapers that the original C of O was lost, whereas the original C of O was with the Hallmark Homes, the buyer of the property, “ Isintumen-Agu said.

“The suspect and her son were parties to the sale of the land and both signed the agreement given to the complainant and obtained the sum of N130 million from him.

“She admitted the crime but confessed that it was a genuine mistake of plot identification. She refunded the sum of N50 million to the complainant and promised to refund the balance as soon as she disposed her two properties she put up for sale.

“She also confessed that she had injected the complainant’s money in her business. She equally made an undertaking for payment plan drawn between September, 2012 and November 2012, but defaulted due to lack of fund, “ the spokesperson said.

Isintumen-Agu said that the suspect was not ready to pay the balance of the money, adding that she had jumped police bail and had been elusive.

She said that the unit was putting in frantic efforts for the re-arrest of the former deputy governor, calling those with useful information about her to report to the Commissioner of Police, SFU.



Yero Reshuffles Cabinet, Maintains Yakowa’s Commissioners.

By SaharaReporters, New York

Kaduna State Governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, has re-shuffled his cabinet, and to the surprise of watchers of Kaduna politics, resisted the pressure to sack commissioners he inherited from late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, SaharaReporters has learned.

A close associate of the governor said the governor took the action in the spirit of fairness, justice and stability of the State and to reassure the people of Southern Kaduna who harbor fears of marginalization.

According to the source, Yero has kept the offices of Commissioner of Finance, Justice and Health in the hands of Southern Kaduna Christians, and also given Local Government to another Southern Kaduna person.

“Even Yakowa did not appoint a Commissioner of Finance outside Southern Kaduna,” he said.  “When he picked the present governor as Deputy Governor, he gave the office of Commissioner of Finance to John Ayuba from Southern Kaduna. And he dissolved the cabinet of Namadi Sambo but Yero has left them for about five months, and did not dissolve them but just re-shuffled.”

The full reshufflement as obtained by SaharaReporters is as follows:

-Dr. Ibrahim Ramalan Giwa from Agriculture to Science and Technology
-Gambo Lawal from Commerce to Culture and Tourism
-Suleiman Ibrahim from Culture and Tourism to Local Government
-Timothy B. Gandu from Economic Planning to Commerce
-Mohammed Usman Education to Education
-Zakaria J. Shamaki from Environment to Inter-governmental
Dr. John Ayuba from Finance to Water Resources
-Pharm. Turaki Z. Kalik from Health to Poverty Alleviation
-Saidu Adamu from Information to Information
-Barr. Jonathan K. Adamu from Justice to Justice
-Sani Aminu Mohammed from Lands and Surveys to Youth and Sport
-Arc. Isa Idris Umar from Rural and Com. Dev to Lands and Surveys
-Bashir Ibrahim Sakadadi from Science and Tech to Agriculture
-Sunday M. Katung from Water Resources to Finance
-Engr. Suleiman Y. Richifa from Works and Transport to Works and Transport
-Alhaji Nazifi Mohammed from Youth and Sport to Rural and Com. Dev
-Nasiru Aliyu Damau from Inter-governmental to Chieftaincy Affairs
-Halima Saidu Labo from Special Duties to Special Duties
-Felix M. Gimba from Special Duties to Special Duties
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Cold War In Kaduna Government House As Deputy Governor’s Wife Clashes With Security Operatives.

By SaharaReporters, New York

A cold war has broken out at the Kaduna State Government House over a strange power show on Saturday in Abuja in which the wife of the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Naomi Nuhu Bajoga, abruptly decamped some security operatives attached to her, leaving them to return to the State capital by commercial transportation.

A credible source close to Governor Yero confirmed to SaharaReporters, that the incident happened when Mrs. Bajoga represented the Kaduna State First Lady, Hajiya Fatima Yero, at an official activity.

According to the source, the security operatives were on her entourage as her usual when she turned on them, publicly rained abuses on them before eventually sending them away. The armed operatives then boarded a commercial taxi and left for Kaduna, while Mrs. Bajoga remained in Abuja before returning to Kaduna later.

“She just sent away the whole security operatives away, and they came back to Kaduna in a commercial vehicle,” the source said.  “What if anything had happened to them on the way? Or she, too, without any security presence? The conduct of the woman is worrisome, and this is the first time we are having such a challenge, the governor was highly embarrassed.”

SaharaReporters understands that after being briefed, Governor Yero ordered a thorough investigation of the matter.  Also briefed were the Director of the State Security Service and the Commissioner of Police.

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