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A Government From Boko Haram By Emeka Asinugo.

By Emeka Asinugo

When, some months back, President Jonathan of Nigeria said that Boko Haram had penetrated his government and federal government agencies, he knew exactly what he was saying. He was right. In a way, the prolonged and mindless Boko Haram killings in the eastern parts of Northern Nigeria seem to be playing out that time-tested song by Jimmy Cliff titled ‘the harder they come, the harder they fall.’ The harder Boko Haram attacks come on the villages of Northern Nigeria, the harder Nigerian citizens of northern extract fall. The destructive presence of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria can only be compared with the merciless mission of the Janjaweed militia of Darfur.

What Nigerians need to know, at this point in time, is whether these attacks still have religious or political undertones or whether they have turned out to become pure brigandage. For, in these Northern villages which Boko Haram attacks with measured frequency, the people’s cattle, their foodstuff and even their beautiful young daughters are catered away by force, by unknown gunmen, to unknown destinations where, no doubt, the young damsels are subjected to sexual abuse. If this is not brigandage, what could possibly be? Come to think of it! What have foodstuff, cattle and pretty girls got to do with people who claim they want to establish a pure Islamic state, even in a country that embraces a secular and not religious constitution?

Some scholars have, as it were, posited that Boko Haram sect believes some members of a contaminated school of Muslim thought, in tandem with a highly corrupt cabal of Northern politicians, have succeeded in high jacking political dispensation in the Northern part of Nigeria. That is why they are determined to wrestle power from them. They want to see the North return to fundamental Islamic teaching and tradition.

It all sounds good and well.

But if that is their desire, why then are they are killing their own people? Why are they are spilling the blood of their own young and innocent children? Why are they are destroying their own innocent women? Why are they mowing down their own innocent men? What have those being killed got to do with the aspirations of Boko Haram? People no longer have homes in the villages Boko Haram has sacked. They are refugees in their own country, driven away from their homesteads by a mindless sect that claims to be working for their interest.

Boko Haram is the vampire that has kept sucking the blood of Northern Nigeria’s future generations. The sect members have continued to cut down on their own Northern population. They have continued to limit their voting power by reducing their own number. So, someone should tell me: what sort of government can possibly emerge from the rubbles of such recklessness?

Just think about it. This is a wake-up call. How can Boko Haram, if ever they succeed in becoming a government of their own people, dry the tears from the eyes of thousands of women they prematurely turned into widows, and the many more children they turned into orphans? How can they say ‘sorry’ to all those families they threw into grief or left in agony after they mowed down their breadwinner? With what face will they meet their subjects after the battle is fought and won?

If all this is part of the alleged plan to make governance difficult for President Jonathan, then honestly, people from that part of the country should have their heads examined. I am sorry: I am not being rude, but I am almost convinced that this group of rascals cannot possibly stand the ground against a united Northern elders’ forum which endorses government as a democratic dispensation and not a cabal of the rich and mighty shoving it down the throats of the weak and vulnerable.

Boko Haram has caused so much pain to so many families across the nation. They have killed the Yoruba. They have killed the Hausa and the Fulani. They have killed Christians. They have killed Muslims. They have killed students. They have killed people in the marketplace. They have killed people during events. They just don’t care who they kill. They go for vulnerable people in strategic places.

Now, assuming that tomorrow a Muslim northerner becomes President of Nigeria, will these mindless killings stop?

Maybe it will be good for Nigerians to know. It is obvious that any government emanating straight from the ashes of Boko Haram’s killings will either be an autocracy or another Taliban type of government which will enforce strict Islamic Laws that tend to deny women of their human rights – a government that will dry the women’s tears with fire, and not with handkerchiefs. Will a Northern President be able to placate the Boko Haram sect and bring their nefarious activities under control? In other words, can a Northern President heal the wounds inflicted by Boko Haram on so many families in the North and in the South?

Nigerians should learn from the history of their country – both ancient and contemporary history. When two-time Head of State, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, was in power, Niger Delta people were agitating so much about being marginalized in the scheme of things in the country. The bulk of the oil which sustained the economy of the nation was coming from their land. And they were being neglected. Basic infrastructure was obsolete and in some cases, non-existent. No good roads. No clean drinking water. No affordable medical care. No standard schools. Electricity supply was epileptic. There was general poverty in the land. The oil companies which were exploring oil from the Delta Region were said to have turned a blind eye to all the suffering the people of the region were passing through. They were not doing much to alleviate the level of poverty that was eating deep into the communities that made up the Delta Region. In the midst of the excruciating poverty that was ravaging the region, their top officers and chief executives preferred to live in palatial mansions in the big cities wining and dining with Governors, walking tall on the corridors of power.

Overwhelmed by their circumstances, the people of the Delta Region began to make trouble. They kidnapped oil workers. They kidnapped indigenes. They kidnapped foreigners. They kidnapped members of the families of public office holders. They vandalized oil pipelines and oil installations. They stole crude oil and refined them in makeshift refineries within the creeks, far away from government’s scrutiny.

It was all telling on Chief Obasanjo as Head of State because he is a man who loves his country but who, from experience, knew how difficult it was to please every Nigerian at the same time from the Presidential Villa. Obasanjo thought out a plan.

He was convinced that a President coming from the Delta Region would be in a better position to sort out Delta people and bring relief to the country. So, he sponsored the late Musa Yar ‘Adua as President and Jonathan as Vice President under the auspices of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, which at the time was largest and the ruling party.

Jonathan had become Governor of Bayelsa State after his predecessor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, had been indicted for money laundering by a London court and was impeached by Bayelsa House of Assembly on that account. The elder brother of Governor Musa Yar ‘Adua, Major General Shehu Yar’ Adua, had been a successful businessman, soldier, and politician. His father was a former Minister for Lagos during the First Republic. Shehu trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, England and participated in the Nigerian Civil War. He was Vice President of Nigeria when Olusegun Obasanjo was military Head of State from 1976 until 1979.

In 1995, the older Yar ‘Adua was sentenced to life in prison by a military tribunal after he called on the military government of General Sani Abacha and his Provisional Ruling Council to re-establish civilian rule. Obasanjo was also imprisoned at the same time. Unfortunately, Shehu Yar ‘Adua died in prison two years later, on 8 December 1997. When eventually Obasanjo was released from prison, he wanted to see justice done to the family of the Yar’Aduas. So, he sponsored Umaru Musa Yar ‘Adua, the younger brother of his late prison mate, Shehu, to be elected as President of Nigeria in 2007 while Goodluck Jonathan was Vice President.

Everybody knew that Musa Yar ‘Adua was a sick man. Twice, during his tenure as governor, he had gone for medical treatment abroad, which kept him away from work for several months at a time. But because he was loved, not only by his people from Northern Nigeria, but by almost every other Nigerian both from the East and the West, he didn’t have any problem getting back into his office on return.

Whether by accident or by design, the pressure of work killed Musa Yar ‘Adua after three and half years as President. Jonathan succeeded him in office.

But since Jonathan, a son of Delta Region, became President, the troubles in Delta State have not ended. No. Rather, they have escalated. The level of impunity has gone up. Members of the families of government officials are no longer safe. Even members of the family of the President himself are not safe. Recently, the step-father of President Jonathan was kidnapped right from his village home, and the kidnappers are asking for a ransom amount of N500 million (£2 million).

That level of impunity!

So, assuming that by tomorrow, Boko Haram succeeds in “wrestling power from the democratically elected government that is in control in the North”, what sort of government will they be able to form? Will the fact that a Northerner has become President stop the agitation of Boko Haram? Just as having a Delta President could not stop the Delta rebellion, so a Northern President may not be able to twist the arms of Boko Haram insurgency.

In that case, will it not be an indication to Eastern and Western Nigerians that it is time for them to decide for themselves if they still want this do-or-die leadership style of their militant northern brothers or to go their separate ways because things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold? If that is what Nigerians need to know – and react to – this is the time to speak up, the National Conference, the opportunity.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters


Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh Is Too Fat To Head The Military By Abiodun Ladepo.


Chief of Defense Staff, Air Marshal, Alex Badeh

(Right) Chief Of Army Staff , Major General Kenneth Tobiah Minimah
By Abiodun Ladepo

Nigeria’s current most senior military officer is fat.  No, he is not just overweight. He is obese. Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh is the most out-of-shape military officer I have ever seen in my life. In fact, he is probably the fattest person in Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Phew! The man is fat. Badeh is so fat he surely cannot tie his own shoe laces. Badeh is so fat the circumference of his waist is almost the size of the equator. Badeh is so fat he cannot see his own feet or genitals when standing upright. My friends, Badeh is fat. The man is so fat you could cut two pre-tummy tuck Diepreye Alamieyesigha out of him. Badeh is so fat when he takes off the girdle, his gut drops to just below his knees. Boy, the man is grotesquely fat.

I know the paragraph above reads like series of those old “mama jokes,” but have you seen the man who now heads the Nigerian military lately? All jokes apart, no one can convince me that Badeh has walked past a gym in the past ten years. No one can tell me that Badeh can sleep on the floor and rise to his feet without supporting himself with somebody or something. No one can tell me that Badeh can do one single correct sit-up or one single correct push-up. And definitely, no one can tell me that the man can jog (not even to run) downhill for 100 meters. Certainly, this man does not even own a pair of running shoes! How on earth would he lace those shoes if he had them?  Yet, this is the man heading Nigeria’s military?

The shame is not mine. And it is not that of ordinary Nigerians. The shame is that of the Air Force that has promoted this mediocre performer through the ranks all these years. It is, above all, the shame of the man who appointed Badeh to this top-level job. Didn’t Jonathan meet him before appointing him?  Didn’t it strike Jonathan as odd that a military officer looked so chubby?  If this man was half the size he is today and he was a Captain in the military service of ANY truly disciplined force – Air Force, Navy, Army or Police – he would have never made the rank of Major before being summarily dismissed. This man is the epitome of professional laxity in the military.  This man, in his current state of rotund-ness, should not even lead the Boys’ Scouts organization. And I am not being facetious. How can you be 56 years old and be this fat as a military officer?

The military is synonymous with discipline: the discipline to obey orders of those appointed over you; the discipline to control your temper when provoked by civilians, and the discipline to get up early in the morning, even in the rain, to exercise. That discipline comes into play when you are at the table, eating and drinking. You ought to know when to say “no” to another morsel of pounded yam or another bottle of beer. As a leader, as an officer in particular, how do you stand before a subordinate officer whom you are about to recommend for court martial and preach discipline when you are so grossly out of shape. Military leaders lead from the front; how can you lead from the front when you cannot even keep pace with a formation of subordinates going for a five-kilometer run? This is a shame on the entire Nigerian military.

There are military leaders who are unable to run or do particular types of exercises due to injuries. I can live with those. But there are no military officers who are unable to conduct exercises because they are fat. Only in Nigeria would you find such shameless officers. As an Air Force officer, how could Badeh hope to ever fit into a single-pilot fighter jet? And if he manages to squeeze in one such aircraft, how would he retrieve a bombing run map if he accidentally drops one on the floor of the aircraft? The man is just too fat to bend over in such narrow confines. Any time you have a military officer who cannot fit into the seat of a regular, economy commercial aircraft, you have a problem. This guy will always only fit in a First Class seat.

Some have argued that Jonathan hired him because of his tribe. I am not even going to dignify such assertions with a counter-argument. I am sure he is not the only one from his tribe who is in the Air Force. If Jonathan must appoint from Badeh’s tribe, he most certainly could have found someone else. If Jonathan must hire Badeh, he could have retired him and made him defense minister; in which case, people like me would not have had any reason to complain. Others have argued that he was appointed because he was the most brilliant officer in the entire Nigerian military. Now, that is the most fatuous argument ever made in defense of an obese military officer. Wasn’t Badeh the one in charge of the Nigerian Air Force last December 2nd  when Boko Haram fighters charged the Air Force base outside Maiduguri destroying three aircraft and some vehicles? What does it say of his leadership prowess when one of the military bases under his command is overrun effortlessly by Boko Haram? Who was (or should have been) responsible for overall force protection in the Air Force on December 2nd 2013 when Boko Haram humiliated the Force? Why then have we appointed this same guy to now head the entire Nigerian military?

I know the tone of this piece is a bit harsh (and some might argue indecorous) on the new Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), but the military of any country is just too important to be handled with levity. It is an obscene bastardization of the military to have somebody whose “wear and appearance” in uniform…in any capacity, let alone that of the CDS… is so unprofessional.  What example does it now say to all members of the Nigerian military who are undisciplined and have the propensity to grow fat? That they could expect to be rewarded with promotion like Badeh’s case? Even Idi Amin was not this fat.

Abeg Jonathan, fire this guy today!

By Abiodun Ladepo
Los Angeles, California, USA


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Nigeria Recycles Criminals: Ex- Gov. Muazu, accused of stealing N19.8 billions, is the new PDP chairman.


Adamu Muazu

Barring any last-minute change in plan,  the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will, at its National  Executive Committee meeting on Monday (today), ratify a former governor  of Bauchi state, Adamu Muazu, as its new national chairman, party and  presidency sources have said.The usually reliable sources told  PREMIUM TIMES early Monday morning that Mr. Muazu emerged the consensus  candidate for the job after a rash of meetings involving President  Goodluck Jonathan, PDP governors and other influential chieftains of the  party, including Vice President Namadi Sambo and President of the  Senate, David Mark.Mr. Muazu, who will now replace Bamanga  Tukur, who was forced out of office Thursday, emerged ahead of Minister  of Transport, Idris Umar, a former Minister of Commerce, Idris Waziri,  former Acting National Secretary of the party, Musa Babayo, a former  party spokesperson, Ahmed Rufai Alkali   and a former minister of the  Federal Capital Territory, Ibrahim Bunu, who were all widely reported to  have jostled for the position.A party source familiar with the  maneuverings and negotiations that threw up Mr. Muazu said President  Jonathan actually preferred Minister Umar for the position but was  outfoxed by governors from the North-East geopolitical zone who all  rooted for Mr. Muazu.When Mr. Jonathan tried to insist on Mr.  Umar, insiders say, the North-East governors reminded him of how they  deferred to him two years ago when he insisted on Mr. Tukur for the  position in spite of massive opposition from the zone.Our sources said Bayelsa state governor,  Seriake Dickson, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, and President  of the Senate, Mr. Mark, joined the North-East governors in pushing that  position.They reportedly warned the president  against foisting an unpopular candidate on party members to avoid a  repeat of the Tukur situation where the party was perpetually  in crisis  throughout his reign.Mr. Muazu, 55, was among candidates who contested for the PDP chairman position in March 2012.In a zonal congress election conducted  by the North-East PDP in Bauchi to choose a consensus candidate for the  zone at the time, Mr. Muazu got only one vote to place last.Mr. Babayo got 14 votes  to defeat other  contenders. Mr. Tukur, who was clearly the president’s anointed  candidate for the position at the time, got four votes.Former Ministers Bunu and Shettima Mustapha scored 2 votes each while Mr. Alkali , just like Mr. Muazu, scored only one vote.Mr. Muazu and corruptionIn November 2013, President Jonathan appointed the former Bauchi governor chairman of the Nigerian Pension Commission, PENCOM.He was appointed to the position even  though he is still being investigated for graft by the Economic and  Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly looting N19.8billion  belonging to his state while he was governor between 1999 and 2007.The former governor has consistently denied any wrongdoing but he is yet to be cleared of the allegation.

The civic group, Transition Monitoring  Group, protested the appointment at the time, saying it was morally  wrong for the president to appoint a man being tried for corruption to  such a high office.Mr. Jonathan and the National Assembly disregarded that position and proceeded to clear the former governor for the position.The TMG statement at the time reads in  part, “The Transition Monitoring Group, TMG, is astonished and peeved by  this move of the President, especially in the light of the fact that  the former Governor is yet to be cleared by the Economics and Financial  Crimes Commission, EFCC, of the corruption charges he is facing for  allegedly defrauding the coffers of Bauchi State to the tune of  N19.8billion when he was Governor of the State,” the group said in a  statement on Monday.“This and other similar acts of Mr.  President, particularly his penchant for surrounding himself with famed  corrupt individuals, makes his government’s so-called anti-corruption  efforts a laughing stock, for it is patently obvious from his  antecedents that President Jonathan endorses corruption.“The EFCC is investigating Mr. Mu’azu  for allegedly stealing billions of naira belonging to Bauchi State  during his term as governor between 1999 and 2007.Other names forwarded  to the Senate for confirmation as Commissioners of PENCOM include  Chinelo Anohu-Amazu (South East), Reuben Omotowa (North Central),  Mohammed Ka’oje (North West), and Adesojo Olaoba-Efuntayo (South  West).But the group said that appointing Mr. Mu’azu to head the  commission is in line with his practice of shielding corrupt  individuals.“TMG recalls that in the heat of the  corruption charges against the same Mu’azu Adamu, President Jonathan  appointed him in 2011 as Chairman of the Board of Nigerian Maritime  Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA),” said the statement signed by  Ibrahim Zikirullahi and Eddy Ezurike, the group’s Chairman and  Publicity Secretary respectively.“It was with the President’s nod that  Business Mogul, Mike Adenuga and his wife, Titi Adenuga in late 2010  walked free from the EFCC charges they were facing for reportedly  collecting bribes from Siemens officials; and it was this same attitude  of Presidential Romance with alleged corrupt individuals that enabled  controversial Lawyer, Dele Oye to walk scot free from EFCC charges of  allegedly acting as front for the defunct Oceanic Bank CEO, Cecilia  Ibru; and aiding her to loot tens of billions of Naira in Bank assets.“The Nigerian people of course will not  forget in a hurry how this same President granted presidential pardon to  a notorious convicted corrupt former Governor and his kinsman, DSP  Alamieyeseigha, and other criminals, including a paedophile.“Those who recently looted the Police  Pensions Board, including its former Director are yet to be brought to  book. The list is endless; yet Jonathan’s regime talks about fight  against corruption. The attitude of Mr. President in recycling corrupt  individuals in public places is worrisome and does not inspire  confidence at all.“In fact, on issue after issue, he has  shown that he will never combat corruption but will rather aid, abet and  shield corrupt officials.“The group called on President Jonathan  to withdraw, immediately, Mr. Mu’azu’s nomination and take “creative  steps” to rebuild confidence and imbue confidence in the anti-corruption  war.“This is the only pathway to redemption, prosperity and development in this country.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

North responsible for Jonathan’s failure – Alamieyeseigha.



Diepreye Peter Solomon Alamieyeseigha
NATIONAL MIRROR – Former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, yesterday warned that the failure of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan would amount to the failure of the North. Alamieyeseigha made this declaration on Friday in Abuja during the award given to the chairman of HMG Oil and Gas, Alhaji Hamza Mohammed by Arewa Youth Forum
According to the former governor who was the chairman of the occasion, Jonathan was surrounded by northerners placed in strategic positions, hence the failure of the present administration should be blamed on the northerners in office.
His words: “If you look at the structure of this country, those that have made it happen, those in the driver’s seat, President Goodluck Jonathan is only one person. One out of so many around him; and quickly, the next person to him is the vice president. He is from the North.
The third person is the Senate President; he is also from the North. The head of the judiciary is also from the North. The Inspector- General of Police is also from the North. The Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Air Staff, the Comptroller- General, Customs, the National Security Adviser, Comptroller-General, Immigration, CBN Governor, INEC Chairman, EFCC Chairman. I can keep counting. Tell me, which office is left?
They are all from the North. So, if this government fails, the north has failed. Not only Goodluck Jonathan from a small state called Bayelsa State.” Alamieyeseigha also blamed the economic misfortune of the nation on former leaders of the northern part of the country, whom he said had failed to develop their region despite the privilege to do so. He said: “As a child, I am 61, so I have a fair knowledge of this country.
I went to Defence Academy; I also have fair knowledge of the North. Most of their leaders, I am directing it to the Northerners. All their houses are in Kaduna, Abuja, Lagos. Go to their villages, they don’t even have houses in their villages, but they have parents left behind, no water, no electricity. Because they are enjoying urbanisation, they have forgotten where they come from. “Leadership has been with some of them. If they have used the resources of this country in developing our rural areas, we won’t be talking about this level of poverty in our remote areas.”
While describing the awardee who was honoured with “Medal of Fellow of Northern Youths” as young promising leader, detribalised and an embodiment of professional qualities, he expressed optimism that there was hope for Nigeria should her youths be groomed to overcome her present challenges.
Alamieyeseigha also scolded opposition parties for welcoming members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. “These are some of the persons that are talking, making nonsense of themselves. They are saying that PDP is bad. It is not a party that people should belong to. But the opposition, when PDP members defect to their so called opposition party, they celebrate.

They are happy getting those people that are not good to join them. There is no hope, if they are not thinking of better persons to transform this country but the same people that have failed.

Source: Radio Biafra.

The Massive Real Estate of the Jonathans in Bayelsa.


A billion naira hotel belonging to Nigeria‘s first lady Patience Jonathan under construction in Bayelsa State. Lying next to it is an elephant project that could not be completed since tenure of corrupt former governor of the State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha. President Goodluck Jonathan while he was governor of Bayelsa State took over the project but also did not finish it. The first lady’s new hotel is only few months away from completion and almost ready for business.

Also in Otueke the family compound of the Jonathans is being fully guarded by military men.


The Corruption Of Silence By Hannatu Musawa.


Hannatu Musawa

The most inequitable conduct any leader can exhibit in a country that faces the kind of challenges Nigeria does is being corrupt or supporting officials who engage in embezzlement, nepotism, bribery, extortion, influence peddling, and fraud. The Jonathan administration, or at least some members of the administration, have not only asserted exactly that behaviour in theory but it seems, exercised it in practice.

When accounts of Minister’s purchase of hundred million naira bullet proof cars, reports of extortion in courts where requests by judicial officers for bribes in exchange for favorable rulings are allegedly made and the embezzlement of billions of dollars in Malabu oil deals are exposed, it is difficult for the president’s underlings to compile a defence for him and his administration that could even remotely be considered as credible. While the president quietly watches and muses over the corruption that continues to thrive under his administration, even in the face of national and international outrage, without taking any concrete action, there is little doubt in people’s minds that he is  giving corrupt officials a free passage, pass and reign to do whatever the freak they want.

The current deplorable case of the minister of aviation’s shady practices is just the most recent reveal of what can only be termed as a blatant disregard for the massive, widespread, and pervasive corrupt practices with impunity that everyone, including the president, is aware of. But beyond the alleged actions of the m    inister of aviation, the most damning indictment of this most recent corruption report on the Jonathan administration is the absolute ignorance and deliberate inaction with which the president has draped all of it.

Since the scandal broke, in-fact it seems like, whenever the expose of the corruption of one of the officers in his administration comes to light, the president seems to clam up. The least one could expect from him in the instances would be some effort to penalize wrongdoing in light of their exposure. Instead we get silence. And woe betide he or she who interprets President Jonathan’s silence amidst so much corruption as an endorsement of the corrupt actions! But, for a commander in chief to run a government that has zero transparency and zero accountability and continuously watch in silence while officials representing his administration have a jolly good soirée with the public funds of 169.99 million impoverished and poverty-stricken people, it is a crying shame.

In other better run countries, there would be a bellowing for the removal and prosecution of those who embezzle government coffers, but in Nigeria there is a stony silence on the part of those meant to checkmate such incongruity and those who are supposed to look after the interest of the nation, especially the president.

Honestly, there is so much wrong with the manner in which President Jonathan has navigated his war against corruption. By responding to queries either with an apology and a promise to set up a committee, or with basic silence as if to say to the public that it is none of your business; by not giving a damn about declaring his assets, by appearing to protect bad behavior, it is a small wonder that there is so much fraud in government and a total disregard for the law.

If the primary theory embraced by the Jonathan administration to show his commitment on the war on corruption and his encouragement of transparency in the nation’s government has been his purported exposure of the scam in Nigeria’s downstream sector or EFCC’s assumed 200 convictions as a result of the subsidy report, and the setup of the umpteenth committee this year, they could have fooled us.

No matter how much the administration remixes the few anti corruption accolades achieved, despite the spin put on the glaring cases of grand larceny and brazen venality by the representatives of this government, the deliberate in-actions of the president to some of the more palpable cases of government transgressions, alas implicates him.

But beyond his in-actions lies a labyrinth of mis-actions and utterances also. As the number one citizen of Nigeria and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, when President Jonathan discloses to his citizens that he personally knows some of the people involved in corruption, but would not reveal their identity and would prefer to remain silent over it, it is a shock to the system for, even the most gullible within us. When the president goes out of his way to willy-nilly grant a state pardon to a former Governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, who had been convicted on charges of corruption, one can only wonder whether our leader has truly grasped the 101 on the basic tenants of fighting a war on corruption. When select members of his cabinet and other officials that are meant to be representative of the government continue to blatantly undermine any progress that his government may have made in the face of his deafening silence, then it is time for concerned minds to get the pen and paper out and remind the president that he has a duty to wake up, speak up, govern and take action in the interest of the nation, even if that action is not what he would personally choose to take.

By the time President Jonathan comes back from his trip to Israel, one can bet that the dust from the Minister of Aviation’s scandal would still not have settled. Whether he likes it or not, he will have to take a position on Mrs Oduah’s alleged absurdity incongruity. Regardless of whatever he chooses to do, the President must be reminded that his deliberate inaction to the corruption of the urchins within his cabinet has got to stop. He can remain silent no longer and watch while some of his ministers spend government funds in so cavalier a manner. The government officials should be made to account for their indiscretion at every cost.

No matter what this administration will be remembered for, one doubts that the president would want historians to label his leadership as one with a blatant disregard for the purported war against corruption and utter disrespect for the people of Nigeria. There has to be an end to Nigeria relying on people of questionable integrity to run her affairs and the President’s silence to the corruption speaks volumes.

One hopes that President Jonathan can find his voice in order to expunge some of the more voracious cretins from his cabinet; because when he remains silent to their corruption, he effectively and automatically creates the corruption of that silence.

Written By Hannatu Musawa

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Ex-Convict DSP Alamieyeseigha Forfeits Maryland Mansion To US Gov’t-PM News, Lagos.

DSP Alamieyeseigha
By PM News, Lagos

The Rockville, Maryland home of former Bayelsa state governor, Diepreye Alamaieyeseigha has been forfeited to the US government following the approval by a federal judge of the Justice Department’s forfeiture order.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the forfeiture on the $700,000 Rockville, Maryland house was executed Friday after U.S District Judge Roger W. Titus granted the Justice Department’s motion for default judgment against the property. The Justice Department said the house belonged to Diepreye Peter Solomon Alamieyeseigha, who was Bayelsa governor between 1999 and 2005.

According to prosecutors, Alamieyeseigha’s assets were the proceeds of corruption. Alamieyeseigha has previously denied the allegations in court filings. A lawyer for Alamieyeseigha could not be immediately reached for comment.

The forfeiture is part of a fledgling Justice Department initiative dedicated to seeking out assets in the U.S. linked to high-level foreign corruption. Last year, a federal district judge in Massachusetts granted a motion for default judgment and civil forfeiture on a $401,931 Massachusetts brokerage fund that allegedly belonged to Alamieyeseigha.

“Foreign officials who think they can use the United States as a stash-house are sorely mistaken,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Mythili Raman said in a news release. “Through the Kleptocracy Initiative, we stand with the victims of foreign official corruption as we seek to forfeit the proceeds of corrupt leaders’ illegal activities.”

A Nigerian court sentenced Alamieyeseigha to two years in prison in 2007 for failing to declare assets in Nigeria, South Africa and the U.S. Prosecutors said he bought more than $8 million in properties with bribes he received from contractors while serving as governor. Alamieyeseigha pleaded guilty to money laundering on behalf of two companies he controlled—Solomon & Peters Ltd. and Alamieyeseigha and Santolina Investment Corp.

Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Alamieyeseigha successor in the state, granted an unconditional pardon to Alamieyeseigha in March, sparking outrage among local media and Jonathan’s political opponents. The pardon didn’t appear to effect the U.S. Justice Department’s efforts.
Alamieyeseigha has been the focus of legal scrutiny in the U.K. In 2006, the High Court of Justice in London found three of Alamieyeseigha’s properties there, as well as accounts held by Santolina, represented bribe money or were traceable to bribes Alamieyeseigha took from contractors in Nigeria. After he was arrested at Heathrow Airport in 2005, police found about $1.6 million in cash in his house.

The home in Rockville, a suburb of Washington, D.C., is owned by Solomon & Peters Ltd., a shell company controlled by Alamieyeseigha, according to court papers. The Justice Department and Alamieyeseigha offered drastically different accounts of how the house came to be in his possession.
In previous court filings, Alamieyeseigha had choice words for the U.S. efforts and Nigeria’s political culture.

“I am not unaware of the monkey politics that is played in third world countries like Nigeria with the active connivance of over zealous individuals, agencies and government parastals (sic) touting themselves as global ethics compliance monitors,” he wrote in a 2011 affidavit. “The civil forfeiture action which was brought against the defendant property in a quest to score cheap points as the global watchdog should be dismissed.”

The Justice Department didn’t say where the forfeited funds would be directed. According to the news release, “where possible and appropriate [the Justice Department will] return those corruption proceeds for the benefit of the people of the nations harmed by the corruption.” A Justice Department spokesman didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry about whether or not the funds would be returned to Nigeria.

Additional reports: Wall Street Journal.


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