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Nigerian Army urged Journalists to black out Boko Haram activities.



The 7 Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, has appealed to journalists to, as a matter of urgency, give a total blackout to Boko Haram activities in the country.

The army division said doing so will not only boost the confidence of members of the public but will also put fear in the heart of the sect‘s members as most of them have been killed and dislodged from their camps.

Spokesman of the Division, Lt.-Colonel Mohammed Dole, made this appeal yesterday in Maiduguri in an interview with journalists on the update of the ongoing operation of the division.

He said the sect’s members were fleeing Goho and Marguba villages in Beneshiekh, the council headquarters of Kaga, where scores of the terrorists had been killed in a raid of the terrorists’ camps.


“I want to urge journalists, who mostly in the past, communicate with the spokesman of the Boko Haram sect, who have since been killed by the military to start giving a total blackout to Boko Haram attacks, as giving them publicity will not help the fight against terrorism,” he said.

Dole recalled that unlike in the past when the sects have different people as their spokesmen, who passed information on their attacks and activities, gone are those days where journalists have access to unfiltered and distorted information regarding any terror acts from the sects.

Almost all those responsible and who claimed to be spokesmen for the group have been killed or arrested by the security agencies.

On Wednesday’s military attack on the terrorists, who were sighted trying to cross over the Maiduguri-Damaturu federal highway around Beneshiekh town, Dole said, the Division is yet to ascertain the number of terrorists killed in the operation.

But the troops were able to recover two vehicles and three motorcycles used by the terrorists, before they abandoned them and run into the bushes of the Sambisa Forests.

“During the offensive on the terrorists, our troops discovered that the sect’s members are very smart as they make sure they evacuate their dead bodies and runaway with them. This tactics shows that a lot of the terrorists killed were taken over by their fleeing colleagues,” Dole said.

Though, he said the combined team of the military, who are still pursuing the fleeing terrorists, found it very difficult to penetrate the thick forests with their vehicles in the pursuance of the fleeing terrorists.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Bob Dole Says Republican Party is Out of Ideas.

Image: Bob Dole Says Republican Party is Out of Ideas

By Audrey Hudson

Former presidential hopeful Bob Dole said on Sunday that he no longer feels at home in the Grand Old Party of today and speculated that neither would Republican icon Ronald Reagan or former President Richard M. Nixon.

“Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly, Nixon couldn’t have made it because he had ideas,” Dole said on “Fox News Sunday.”

His advice for Republicans in Washington today was to hang a “closed-for-repairs” sign on the party door until they come up with new ideas to revitalize their agenda.

The popular Republican Party leader served in Congress from 1961 to 1996 and was Senate majority leader when he retired to run for president against Bill Clinton.

Dole also blamed the “American people” for Washington gridlock by opposing any spending cuts that might have an effect in their personal lives.

As for the Democratic-controlled Senate, Dole said the upper chamber has not completely broken down, but acknowledged that it is “bent.”

Known as “America’s veteran,” Dole symbolizes the “Greatest Generation” who served during World War II and overcame serious battle injuries to serve his home state of Kansas from the nation’s capital.

His health has failed rapidly in recent years, he is almost blind and confined to a wheelchair.

He told Fox News host Chris Wallace that when he leaves this world, he would like for his tombstone to read, “Veteran who gave his most for his country.”

“I tried to make the most of it, and I think I did,” Dole said.

Asked about Barack Obama’s performance as president, the 90-year-old statesman cracked his legendary mischievous smile and said, “He’s a great golfer.”

Obama kicked off his Memorial Day weekend on Saturday playing his124th golf game of his five-year presidency, before making a trip to Oklahoma on Sunday to view the damage caused by a massive tornado.

“I think as a president he lacks communication skills with his own party, let alone the Republican Party,” Dole said.

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Bob Dole to GOP: ‘Compromise Is Not a Bad Word’.

Image: Bob Dole to GOP: 'Compromise Is Not a Bad Word'

By Melanie Batley

Former Sen. Bob Dole says the Republican Party is “losing ground” and needs to learn that “compromise is not a bad word.”

In a recent interview with The Wichita Eagle, Dole, who will be 90 in July, said he was concerned about the direction of the party, saying the GOP is “moving further and further to the right.”

“We need to build an inclusive party, not an exclusive party. We need to broaden the base with Latinos and blacks and young people — almost every group. We’re losing ground,” said former majority leader and GOP presidential nominee from Kansas.

Dole faced off against Bill Clinton in the 1996 presidential campaign after serving in Congress for 35 years. He still tries to go to work every day at his law firm in Washington, despite chronic pain from wounds he sustained as an army lieutenant in World War II. But it’s not the same as making the rounds on Capitol Hill.

“I miss it,” he told Eagle about being on the front line of politics. “I miss being in the eye of the storm.”

Dole’s more than eleven years serving at various times as both Senate majority and minority leader has been defined by his willingness to work closely with Democrats, an approach he said he consciously cultivated.

“I think a lot if it is, like I said, developing relationships — not because I want something — but just because I’m in the same body as these other 99 senators, D’s and R’s. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, and some people you just can’t bring around,” Dole said, adding: “If you keep working at it, you can probably get it done.”

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Dole also revealed that former President Bill Clinton asked for his advice about how to deal with Congress over the 1998 scandal with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

“He asked me, ‘What would you do?’ And I said, ‘Well, if I could get a letter signed by whatever the number (of senators) needed that would say, ‘I’ll never vote for impeachment’ — that’s pretty good medicine.’”

The former senator said his proudest achievements were the twenty years he spent on the House and Senate agricultural committees supporting farmers, and also his role in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990.

In answer to how he wants to be remembered, Dole said, “[As] someone who loved his job and loved his state and the people in it. And tried to demonstrate those things by what I did in Congress, the House and the Senate, particularly the Senate.”

He added, “I think my sense of humor was one of my strengths.”
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