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The Coward Called Asari Dokubo And His Empty Threats By Joe Igbokwe.


By Joe Igbokwe

We live in interesting times in Nigeria today. Cowards and Villains nobody knew when it mattered most in Nigeria between 1985 and 1998 are the ones terrorizing Nigeria today. Lily-livered men without bones who could not raise a voice in the days of locusts are the ones telling us today that they are courageous and strong. Men who are women who could not stand up the way the Late Ken Sarowiwa stood up to Abacha Regime are now the common fools abusing our nationhood.

Now enter Asari Dokubo, the emergency activist, the only bold one in Nigeria, the man stronger than all the armies of Nigeria. Nigeria can never change. Some of the things we accused Northern Military leaders of doing from 1985 to 1998 are repeating itself today in Nigeria. Sectional Politics, Ethnic preoccupation, Mediocracy, Favoritism and impunity are driving leadership in Nigeria today.

When the good man, the late President Yar’ Adua was hospitalized and could not continue in office in his capacity as the president many raised their voices to call for President Jonathan to be sworn in but the coward and opportunist Asari Dokubo did not threaten fire and brimstone.Today Asari Dokubo, the school drop out has become the defender and strong pillar of the President. Asari Dokubo has been making provocative and irresponsible statements abusing everybody who do not share his ideas and sentiments. He has threatened blood shed and war times without number and yet he continues to walk the street as a free man. Others from other sections of the country have been picked up and detained for doing the same thing Asari Dokubo is doing today. Mallam El Rufai was detained in Awka for going to witness Anambra Guber elections. Mallam El Rufai was also questioned recently by SSS for saying that there maybe bloodshed if we mess up with 2015 elections.

Asari Dokubo and Chief Edwin Clark may think they are helping President Goodluck Jonathan but in actions and deeds they are creating big problems for the President.  Nigerians know that President Goodluck Jonathan has empowered Asari Dokubo, Chief Edwin Clark and others in such a way that they are now multi billionaires. The world knows that Asari Dokubo and Clark have never had it so good. No wonder both of them are now planning to set up a university each. But success is supposed to be managed. Asari Dokubo and his co-traveller Chief Edwin Clark lack the capacity and the common sense that this is the time for consultations with other Nigerians and not confrontation. Both lack the discipline to consider the feelings of other Nigerians at a time like this. One understands the politics of tribes in Nigeria very well and both have  the right to support one of their own but thinking in terms of other people is the way to go for the sake of unity, peace and harmony.
I blame the past presidents of Nigeria for depending so much on crude oil instead of developing other sectors of the economy. Japan has no oil and yet is a world power today. Singapore has no oil and yet it is one of the best countries in the world today. Nigeria can do without oil if and only if we can have a thinking and creative Leader. The world today is thinking of what is in our heads and not what is underground. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Ford Motors, Toyota, Mercedes, Intel, Twitter, Panasonic, KIA, Hyundai are not oil companies. Asari please take notice that the world is moving away from crude oil.
Asari Dokubo in his stupidity thinks that President Jonathan will be installed into office in 2015 by executive fiat. No sir! It is going to be decided through the ballot box and i know that politics is a game of numbers. We may have been writing Presidential election results  in the past but Asari Dokubo must put it in his head that votes will count in 2015. Everybody’s eyes are wide open now and woe betide any crook that will want to do something funny in 2015.

Again we must register into the consciousness of every Nigerian that it is not a must that every President in Nigeria must get eight years in office. The reason why elections are conducted every four years is for the electorates to have the liberty to change a bad leader or to re-elect a good leader. A leader that lacks the capacity to perform should not be re-elected.

All things considered ,there are many compelling reasons why President Jonathan may not be re-elected in 2015. One is that we have to worry about the feelings of other ethnic groups in a democracy. The unity of this country is very important. If the President is re-elected in 2015 he would have ruled for 10years in 2019. I do not think it is fair judging from the circumstances that lead to President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death. Secondly, corruption at the federal level under President Jonathan is alarming and unacceptable. Thirdly, impunity has assumed a frightening dimension under the leadership of President Jonathan. Fourthly, the inability of President Goodluck Jonathan to tackle the  problem of insecurity is threatening also. In the midst of plenty our institutions are collapsing with no end in sight. The power sector is still down.

Asari Dokubo must shut up now and hold his peace. The best he can do now is to start moving round the country with the billions President Jonathan has provided for him to canvass for votes for Jonathan. Asari Dokubo cannot continue to preach hate to the Northerners and yet still think they will vote for President Jonathan. I plead that the loquacious Chief Edwin Clark should do the same. This is the only way to help President Jonathan to win in 2015.


Atiku desperate for Presidency – Clark.



ABUJA- FORMER Federal Commissioner for Information and Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark yesterday lampooned erstwhile Vice President Atiku Abubakar over his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to All Progressives Congress, APC, saying he is political ambitious wanderer.According to Chief Clark,  there were a number of reasons why Atiku left PDP, but was quick to add that the  former Vice President forgot that he was a founding member of PDP and one time  Vice President of Nigeria.Speaking yesterday at his Asokoro Residence in Abuja when a group of Niger-Delta protesters under the aegis, Coalition of Urhobo Nation Youth Leaders and Stakeholders led by a civil rights activist, Mr. Rex Anigboro, protested to him over what they termed, marginalization of Urhobo people in federal appointments, Chief  Clark who noted that Atiku Abubakar leaving the PDP was uneventful, however described him as a politician who is desperate for the Presidency and “will go to anywhere and will do anything.”
AtikuAtikuMeanwhile, the  Coalition of Urhobo Nation Youth Leaders and Stakeholders yesterday drummed support for President Goodluck Jonathan’s re- election bid come 2015, adding,  he is “the best performing President that Nigeria has ever produced, be it military dictatorship or democratic leadership.”Speaking further on Atiku’s new political journey, the Elder statesman said, “Atiku’s defection is not an event, it is uneventful because of his ambition to become President at all times. He will go to anywhere and will do anything. He now believes that one day he will be President, even though he is telling people that he is not interested in the Presidency. That is his main aim of going to APC and you will soon see it. Atiku will soon want to contest the 2015 Presidential election.“While he was Vice President, Atiku formed a party and contested election as a Presidential candidate. The Supreme Court allowed him to do so and he came back to PDP. The Governor of Adamawa State said he did not return to the party but came to the national Headquarters where he may have been granted certain concessions.“So Atiku had problems with his people in his state, he has not been steady. If he was not ambitious because of Presidency and so on, the former President of this country under whom he worked as Vice President, Olusegun Obasanjo would not have tormented him and almost charging him to Court. There is nothing he didn’t do and he called him several names like thief and removed all the powers, including security, from him. The same Atiku will go to Obasanjo’s house in Otta and want to be part of the same political system.“The five Governors who who were championing against the PDP, Mr. President and the (former) national

chairman of the party were all boys of Obasanjo. Everybody knows that there was no way they were going to allow Atiku to be President of this country because Obasanjo will not allow it. But now, he has gone to APC and very soon you will know what will happen.”“His going to APC is uneventful and nobody cares about it. He has been moving from party to party. He formed PDP, he cannot deny to Nigerians that he didn’t form Peoples Democratic Movement as a party. He paid for it, the records are there and the evidence is there. One would have expected him not to leave PDP. Very soon, you will hear that PDM has joined APC. That is his intention, he wants to join APC and then bring PDM to join APC. So one is not worried, Nigeria is greater than any individual, no individual can hold Nigeria to ransom.On 2015 Presidency, Chief Clark who noted that every Nigerian was qualified to be President, provided they have the competence and necessary qualification, stressed  that  for one to be President of Nigeria, “you must learn to serve before people will serve you and that is the position.”Still on Atiku, Chief Clark who noted that he never expected  that Atiku would take late President Umaru Yar’Adua to Court after the 2011 election, having regard to the relationship between late General Shehu Yar’Adua and Atiku, said, ” Infact, he visited their mother when he was campaigning against Umaru Yar’Adua to show how close they were. One would have expected that after the elections, even when he claimed the elections were rigged, he should not have gone to court.” I wrote him a personal letter which I copied to the late Yar’Adua and Yar’Adua replied me begging Atiku not to pursue his case. He didn’t hear, so when it comes to Presidency, nobody can pin down Atiku from going to anywhere.“That is Atiku, you remember how he fought Obasanjo and both of them were accusing each other of spending money belonging to Petroleum Technology Development Fund. So people should know what they want for themselves; they should leave Nigeria alone to grow. There are so many people in this country and that is why we want national conference.”
By Henry Umoru

Source: Radio Biafra.

Chief Tony Anenih, To Everything There is a Season By Pius Adesanmi.


Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi

And a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to spit on June 12 and a time to be an Abacha forever zealot. A time to receive more than two hundred billion naira for road construction and a time not to construct or repair a single road. A time to work for Obasanjo’s third term agenda and a time to insist that Yar’Adua could rule Nigeria forever as a ghost from a Saudi hospital bed. A time to abandon the Turai-Cabal train when it became clear that Yar’Adua would die and a time to work for Jonathan 2015. A time for your iyanga to go and disturb the sleep of trouble and a time for trouble to respond by sending wahala your way in the person of Sam Nda-Isaiah. A time to be reminded by Sam Nda-Isaiah that, at over 80 years-old, it is painful to watch you dance naked at the behest of your latest master in Aso Rock and a time for you to know that it is time to leave us alone and retire to your country home. Indeed, there is a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Perhaps there is also a time of never? A time never to leave us alone? A time never to sever your umbilical cord from Aso Rock and, by extension, the treasury of the Nigerian people? Perhaps you cannot and dare not retire to your country home to drink palm wine surrounded by the love and care of your children and grandchildren in the evening of your life? A time never to ever quit that cycle of rent-collecting and patronage-dependent hangers-on in Aso Rock? Perhaps you operate only on this time of never?

Most Nigerians who wonder why a man four decades your junior still gets to summon you to Abuja in the dead of night (even if he is President) to attend to all kinds of demeaning domestic party issues; most Nigerians who wonder why it is still possible to summon you to Aso Rock to settle a petty quarrel between the wives of two local government chairmen; most Nigerians who shudder and grind their teeth painfully in disgust whenever they see you in those Aso Rock photo-ops with your children and grandchildren (what is papa still looking for at his age, they query) just don’t understand that you operate on the time of never. You can never quit that circle, no matter how demeaning the errands get. You dare not quit.

You are not alone in the time of never. You are in the gracious company of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, who has just accepted an appointment “tougher than the PDP”, to borrow the words of President Jonathan. When I heard that the President had appointed a man in his 80s to run the Nigerian Railway Corporation, I told those who sought my opinion that the appointment makes perfect sense. Those transformation trains doing Lagos to Kano in three to four days in the 21st century are refurbished World War II trains. You need an age mate of the trains to oversee things.

I have written before about an epidemic of old and expired politicians who dare not retire to their country homes in the evening of their lives and the spat between you and Sam Nda-Isaiah provides an opportunity for me to revisit that issue. It’s a generational thing. In fact, it’s a generational curse. In my reflection on the spat between Professor Ango Abdullahi and Mujahid Dokubo Asari back in 2013, I described this curse on the generation of Nigeria’s grandpas in politics as the fate of the door. Permit me to reproduce in some detail what I had to say in that essay:


“And this is where I must come back to the question of political grandpas who are rolling in the mud and fighting over the spoils of Nigerian statehood with new actors on the stage barely older than their grandchildren. Before Dokubo Asari and Ango Abdullahi, there were Olusegun Obasanjo and Ayo Fayose trying to determine who was a bastard and who fathered the said bastard. In essence, Ango Abdullahi is not the only grandpa in politics. We have them in abundance. We have an epidemic of septuagenarians and octogenarians who will not stop disturbing the peace of the country.

Week in, week out, they are giving orders, spitting fire on the national stage, oozing smoke from the centre of their heads like D.O. Fagunwa’s Anjonu Iberu (the ghomid of fear). For Ango Abdullahi, Olusegun Obasanjo, Edwin Clark, Tony Anenih, Bamanga Tukur, and so many others in that category, it is joro jara joro every week, fighting for the spoils of Nigerian statehood with guys in their forties. So and so must be president, so and so cannot be governor. Every statement they make is an arrow in the heart of genuine democracy. One is even insisting that his son must be the next governor of Adamawa state.

We must ask: who cursed the Nigerian grandpa in politics with the fate of the door? In the developed world, these are people who, by now, would be enjoying a dignified retirement from public life, perhaps in a country cottage or on a ranch somewhere, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, and only granting the occasional interview to guide the country in the right direction. Instead of a peaceful countryside retirement, the Nigerian grandpa in politics is fated, like the door in Yoruba philosophy, never to know or find peace. “Wahala lon pa lekun” (It is wahala that kills the door), goes the Yoruba proverb. Open, close, open, close, a door never finds peace. Such is the terrible fate of the Nigerian grandpa in politics in the evening of his life. In his advanced age, for instance, Tony Anenih is still doing joro jara joro in the dead of night between Benin and Abuja. This is the terrible fate of the door.

The Nigerian grandpa in politics is responsible for his own fate of the door. In the morning and the afternoon of his life, he did not work to create a Nigeria that would grant him a deserved rest in the evening of his life. Where will they find rest and peace of mind in the Nigeria of today that is the product of their fifty years of visionless and corrupt leadership? Even if they built fortresses in their villages and hometowns, they must still generate their own electricity and water and provide their own security. They must fear Boko Haram, armed robbers, and kidnappers who now target the elderly. Some, like Tony Anenih, didn’t even have enough vision to tar the road to his own gate. Therefore, they must continue to patronize Aso Rock, Governors, Ministers, and Senators their children’s age in order to enjoy military helicopters and other resources of the Nigerian state. Given this state of affairs, I’m afraid that there is no guarantee that Ango Abdullahi will not still be rolling in the mud with boys his grandchildren’s age in the next decade of his life.


This essay was published in May 2013. At the time, a member of your generation, Professor Ango Abdullahi was in the gutter with Dokubo Asari over the fate of President Jonathan. You can see that I mentioned you generously in the essay. You can see how much of your future spat with Sam Nda-Isaiah I foresaw. Sam Nda-Isaiah says that you have hung around government for too long and have grown so used to the wrong way of running government that all the wrong things now appear right and normal to you. He warns you not to write letters defending President Jonathan again.

On that score he is wrong. You will write more letters and invade the public sphere with more solicited and unsolicited actions on behalf of the Jonathan presidency – and the presidency after Jonathan’s if God spares your life that long. As usual, those actions will be beneath you but you will carry them out anyway. I don’t think that Sam Nda-Isaiah understands the predicament of your generation. You cannot quit. You dare not. By spending the better part of the last fifty years ruining Nigeria, you and your generational peers have created a Nigeria in which you cannot find peace, quiet, and rest. You are not serving as an errand boy for Aso Rock in your 80s; Bamanga Tukur is not hopping from appointment to appointment in his 80s because you both need the money. You are both in serious money. What you need now is the protection that closeness and chumminess with the presidency affords you in the evening of your lives. You need presidential aura and power to protect you from the mess and the nightmare that is Nigeria. You need protection from the Nigeria you made, protection from the hell you made of Nigeria. For your generation, it will forever be a time to stay put and a time to never quit. Until that time that you have no control over arrives…

Chief Edwin Clark Amaechi dramatizing Rivers crisis.



The Leader of the South-South Peoples Assembly, Chief Edwin Clark has accused Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi of dramatizing the crisis in the state.
Besides, the former Federal Commissioner said it was wrong to have elevated the crisis to the national issue.
The elder statesman also said that Ijaw leaders will mediate in the crisis between Bayelsa and Rivers over oil field.
He spoke on Wednesday night at the opening of the one day expanded National Working Committee of the South South Peoples Assembly, held in Asokoro, Abuja.
He said,” the governor of River State is dramatizing the crisis in the state and he just wants support. And some distractors and opponents of this government are using the Rivers state issue to create crisis in the country. What is happening in the state is between two factions and nobody has been killed.
“We have sat here on two occasions to discuss Rivers problem. It is a shame that the problem of Rivers State has now become a national issue. It is true that Rivers is part of Nigeria, is Ogun State not also part of Nigeria? Recently, people were killed even within one party. What happened in Ekiti State where people were killed? How many people have been killed in Rivers State?
“The Senator who flew to London, it has been discovered that he was pretending, he was not shot at, he was not injured.”
While commending the people of RIvers for their unalloyed support for President Goodluck Jonathan, Clark pleaded that the President be left out of the alleged role being played by the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu in the crisis.
Chief Clark, who also spoke on the crisis between Bayelsa and Rivers over oil issue, said it should not be another issue for campaign as the Ijaw leaders have decided to wade in.
He explained that “after consultations with Ijaw leaders, we have decided as leaders to takeover this matter to call the two sides together. And so I am appealing to the government of Baylesa and Rivers to handoff this problem of the oil between the states.”
Clark also wants the President to be left out of the issue, arguing that “this is not the first time there will be crisis over oil issue. There have been crisis between Akwa-Ibom and Cross River, Akwa-Ibom and Rivers and Abia and Rivers. In all these there was never a time the President’s name was mentioned. So why is it that today the President’s name is being mentioned as if he is the one causing the problem? We are taking over this issue from the government.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

Democracy Versus Demon-Crazy: Why America And Nigeria Will Always Be Poles Apart By Dr. Wumi Akintide.

By Dr. Wumi Akintide

I spent much of my free time these days watching news analysis on television by the best in the business around the world. It’s been that way with me for years but more so for close to one month now due to a breaking news first aired on MSNBC by Rachel Maddow whose sexual orientation has been the subject for gossip in my circle of friends but who I so much admire for her guts and brain power. She suggested in her analysis  that the brilliant but abrasive New Jersey Republican Governor may have abused his powers and therefore will have some queries to answer on the rumors that his closest aides taking their cue from their boss or just trying to please him, might have done something unethical with regards to the 4 day hell of a traffic hold up around Fort Lee.

A trusted associate of the 2 term Governor had chosen to close down few of the major lanes to the Washington Bridge to deliberately embarrass a democratic mayor who has refused to  endorse the Governor for his second term bid. Evidently, the Governor was not satisfied with the number of democrats crossing party lines to endorse him because he wanted to send a message to  the Republican party he  should be their nominee for President in 2016 if the don’t want to lose by double digits again to the Democrats who have always been on the right sides of all the issues that are going to determine the outcome of that election.

The rumor started like a storm in a tea cup which was initially dismissed  as mere speculation or a fishing expedition  by some liberal reporters to dig up some dirt on Governor Christie the Republican front runner. The Governor and many people had thought the report would go away or fizzle out in a few days but instead of going away it has been gathering  momentum ever since because Rachel Maddow and much of the news media in America would not let go. That is the nature of American democracy. Unlike its Nigerian counterpart where a candidate can commit political murder or blunder and still go ahead to win a landslide victory  because elections are won or lost in Nigeria before the first vote is cast. It only takes a Houdini like Obasanjo or his political son, Jonathan who feel  the can  brow-beat or intimidate their opponents by  using their power of incumbency. In America such a behavior would have been a knock-out punch for them regardless of who they are.

The Fort Lee scandal has since been elevated from a storm in a tea cup to a tempest and could yet rise to a Tsunami pretty soon from depending on what Governor Christie does or does not do. The report has assumed a new dimension since January 8 because of a new revelation that the Sumo wrestler Governor  could only ignore to his own peril in a vibrant Democracy where  American voters expect anyone who would be President to be totally above board like Caesar’s wife. If you compare the 4 day traffic jam on Route 95 North to what routinely occurs on Ibadan-Lagos Express where the monthly Holy Ghost Night  and religious activities have become a public nuisance and nightmare that can only be tolerated for so long only in a third world country. Not even Saudi Arabia with her feudalistic Sheiks would tolerate such a traffic hold-up in Mecca, their city of faith during their Hajj operations.

Nigerian journalists, legislators and public officials, Ministers, Governors, Senate President and Speaker of the House and Mr President who frequently ply that so-called Express in their bullet-proof cars would not say a word because they are scared to death to say anything that could offend Cardinal Olukoya or Pope Enoch Adeboye and because the Nigerian Democracy is so terribly flawed. Rather than raising the type of alarm being raised in New Jersey today, such an uproar if it ever occurred in Nigeria would have been quickly swept under the carpet in a few days and that would be it. Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect General Overseers Olukoya and Adeboye, but in America their Mega Churches without anyone telling them would have taken the traffic situations on that road into consideration before hoping to get more than several millions of their followers disturbing the peace of other travelers on that Express the way they have always done in the name of God and without have any conscience about it.

In Nigeria, a fiery investigative journalist and whistle blower like Rachel  Maddow would have been quickly silenced or put in jail or intimidated and harrassed by hired assassins paid for by tax payers money. The whole Federal Government led by our clueless President is shaken to its pants by the one man battalion of a young man named Omoyele Sowore from Apoi in the Riverine areas of  Ilaje, Ese Odo in Ondo State. Unflappable and fearless Omoyele like Kenule Tsaro Wiwa or Jasper Adakar Boro before him, has had the courage of his convictions to challenge Mr. President for only paying a lip service to fighting Corruption in Nigeria. He is probably able to successfully do that because he lives in far away New York where his freedom of speech is guaranteed and protected by the Law. I am able to write a lot of what I write today only because I share the same privilege.

President Jonathan’s actions and body language suggest that he has become the real problem and not part of the solution to the Nigerian problem. The President could care less about all the noise the Nigerian Press and Omoyele and his Sahara crew have been making on the Nigerian Aviation Minister who has now dared the President to remove her if he can. The tail is wagging the dog in the Nigerian Democracy. The President is moving forward with his so-called transformation agenda which is a joke given all the scandals his Government is facing right now. In America he would have been impeached and his kins man from Delta who is telling Nigeria that hell would break loose and Nigeria made ungovernable if the ijaw President did not win in 2015, would have been kept under surveillance by Law Enforcement.

The President recently authorized an exchange of prisoners with the UK, one British prisoner for more than 165 Nigerian prisoners in his bid to finally help a PDP chieftain Ibori who can then be granted a state pardon like Alimiyeisegha once he is sent back to Nigeria. He could begin his freedom by being admitted to the Incentive Care Unit of St Nicholas for the remainder of his term in prison while effort is made to arrange a state pardon for him and the highest honor the country could bestow on any of his citizens. The President needed filthy-rich Ibori to bankroll his re-election bid in 2015 in pretty much the same way the terribly corrupt Governor has bankrolled Yar Adua’s election in 2007 with his loot from Delta State. Such a move would  have been seen as a heresy in America.

President Jonathan has again ordered the Nigerian Military to grant a general amnesty to suspected and actual terrorists who have done so much havoc in Nigeria because he now needed to appease voters in those segments of Nigeria including his own backyard in the Niger Delta in preparation for his re-election prospects in 2015 now that his megalomaniac father of the nation and his erstwhile mentor has disowned him. Such a move would never have been tolerated in America without the president paying a high price.

It is now clear that Governor Christie is being cleved by half when he gave the impression he was fully cooperating with the investigation because he had nothing to hide. What the Governor does about the “sub poena” powers of the New Jersey Legislature which is expiring next Tuesday would now have to be the litmus test to determine if the Governor would survive the Tsunami coming after him in the weeks and months ahead as preparations for the primaries gather momentum. If the Governor is dead serious about his promise to let  the chips fall where they may, he would not hesitate  to order the re authorization of the “sub poena” powers which would make it impossible or even illegal for most of the witnesses in the scandal to plead their 5th amendment rights against self incrimination. He would be seen as the “King of Kings” and “the Lion of Judah” if he could do that in America, a country governed by the rule of Law.

The third tier of Government, the Nigerian Legislatures were always more interested in sharing money or getting a Governor or a President to settle them to pass any bill the President or Governor has sponsored. They are ever so ready to sweep any scandal under the carpet if the price right just like the deposed Deji of Akure is today appealing to Governor Mimiko to reinstate him on a quid pro quo basis because he was sure the Akure king makers are ready to forget and forgive his transgressions if he is able  to grease their palms. Selection of the next Deji would probably be the first and the last the Olusoga Administration in the Akure Council of Chiefs would ever make because majority of the Chiefs including Olusoga himself  are in their late 60s and 70s and their chances of surviving the next Deji are very doubtful in a country where the average span of life for men is 46 and 49 for women. I am watching very closely what Sao Adebayo probably one of the appointees of the deposed Deji in the Akure Council of Chiefs is going to do. He would have a whole lot of explaning to do to those of us from Irowo Quarters who have as much stake as he has in that title.

If you factor in the shoddy manner most of the President’s or Governor’s nominees in Nigeria are confirmed or denied confirmation by the Senate in the the Federal and by the Legislature in the 36 states,, you will understand what I am talking about. Many of those nominees like the current Aviation Minister with all the scandals in her past including a certificate forgery was confirmed by a useless Senate which could not scrutinize her credentials and her deposition to be sure nothing they ought to know has fallen thru the cracks. They went ahead to confirm her thus giving her the license to commit murder so to speak. Our clueless President is today rambling and playing Russian Roulette with a Minister who has been irredeemably damaged and should have been let go a long time ago.

The President could not do it because the Minister is the one helping him to raise funds  for his re-election in 2015. Part of whatever money she may have made from the 255 million she paid for 2 bullet-proof cars might have gone to the re-election funds of Mr. President. Such a revelation should have been sufficient ground for impeachment of any American President. The President’s whole world now depends on his holding on to office beyond 2015 or else hell is going to break loose. His first lady would have a heart attack if for any reason her husband’s re-election is derailed. That is precisely why Nigeria is riddled with stench and corruption the end of which nobody can predict as the country is sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion from all we can see.
What Governor Christie and his aides in New Jersey are being vilified and pilloried for right now is a daily occurrence that nobody would have paid any attention to in Nigeria, based on our own variation of Democracy which I define as “Demon-crazy.” While the ideal Democracy in most developed countries preaches social equality and justice, “Demon-crazy” merely pays a lip service to those ideals as mere slogans. What Demon-crazy does is oppress, intimidate and perpetually keep Nigerians in perpetual bondage as our Government is actually run by demons, misfits and the mediocre masquerading as leaders.

As a retired political science major domiciled in the greatest city in the world, my daily routine is predictable. I wake up every morning Monday thru Friday at exactly 6 AM even if I went bed as late as 3 AM. I wake up to watch BBC News from 6  to 6.30 AM to have a glimpse of what has been happening around the world in the previous 24 hours. I then quickly switched over to “Morning Joe” and his amazing panel of pundits and political analysts which frequently includes many of the American news makers of the past and present. I do that from about 6.30 to 7 AM. If I am not going anywhere since I am now retired and have more time to myself, I either go back to sleep till 9AM when I have to  get up to watch the “Daily Rundown” by my favorite White House Correspondent-in-Chief, the one and only Chuck Todd of the United States.

I get all the analysis and information I need to last me till 5 PM to watch MSNBC  Ed Chultz and “Politics Nation” by Al Sharpton, “Hard Ball” by Chris Matthew at 7 PM, Rachel Maddow at 9 PM and Lawrence O’Donnel by 10 PM. I get everything I need to make an informed analysis or take a position on any topic that captures my fancy.

I cannot be happier about my life in America because if I never left home, I could predictably have been dead by now not just because of what I write and how I live my life, but because of other  pressures, frustrations most Nigerians have to endure from their own leaders and Governments in  all nooks and corners of Nigeria from Okrika to Baga on Lake Chad. A scandal like Oduahgate and numerous scandals our embattled President Goodluck and his aides have to routinely  live with, would have run me crazy and totally insane. When I add that the pressures from not  getting my pensions paid on time in Abuja  to my responsibilities as the first born in my family, I feel  forever grateful to America because those are some of the factors that would  have killed me in Nigeria where kidnappers and hired killers are two for a penny. All our docile, incompetent and corrupt President could do about it is take the 5th or send his mouth organs like Edwin Kiagbodo Clark or his hatchet men like Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe to start defending the indefensible as they struggle to explain to the world what the President has been doing a how well he has been performing his duties and meeting his obligations to Nigerians. It was all a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury but signifying nothing, if you ask me.

You will never have a President Jonathan coming out like Governor Christie  did yesterday, taking the bull by the horns, showing contrition, and answering questions for no less than 2 hours in a Press Conference  and leaving no one in any doubt that the man who has had a reputation for throwing punches is finally taking a hit himself, and making the best of it like great Mohammed Ali did when he survived 15 brutal rounds of hell with late Joe Frazier in their epic thriller in Manila or the rumble in the jungle with great George Foreman in Zaire. Governor Christie had to do that to salvage his credibility in American politics.

Everything that was good in American democracy was in display in the awesome exchange the self-opinionated Governor had with the Press and most of the best whistle blowers in America who are ready to jump on him like a junkyard dog. They all look the Governor straight in the face,  telling him  before television cameras not what they think he wanted to hear but what he needed to hear loud and clear as a public figure.. “You stay out of the kitchen if you cannot take the heat.”  Political leaders in America  do not toy with public opinion and dissent the way our leaders do in Nigeria. They instinctively know and understand that the Opposition is the Government-in-waiting and therefore a must in a Democracy. They cannot think of any party holding on to power for 100 years as canvassed by Obasanjo who calls himself a “democrat” and the self-appointed father of the nation.

Can you believe that Governor Christie who is yet to openly declare his intention to run for President in 2016 is being given such an intense scrutiny roughly 3 years to that election. If you compare that scenario with how our own President Goodluck emerge as a running mate to Yar Adua in 2007, you will be amazed. Our own Baba Mero just woke up after being lobbied by our current first lady to please allow her husband to become the running mate to the terminally-sick Yar Adua on the platform of the PDP which already knew it was going to win the election even before the first vote was cast. The same Obasanjo is again arrogating to himself the power to pick the successor to Jonathan in 2015 based on his own calculus and self interest. Obasanjo fully understood that Goodluck Jonathan who was going to be only a heartbeat from the Presidency, could suddenly become President if Yar Adua were to die in office. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Yar Ardua died in office roughly a year or two to the end of his first term. That was how Goodluck became President.

Not once in the Governor Christie Press Conference did I hear the Press call him” Your Excellency”, a title which every Governor and every President in Nigeria love so much that they would have a serious problem if any of their children or family members including their first lady forget to address them as such. Governors and Presidents are not subjected to such indignities in Nigeria because by our calling them “Their Excellencies” every now and them, we are letting it sink into their consciousness that they are superhuman  even though we all know they are not. We do the same to our senators and Assembly men by describing them as honorable even when we know a great many of them were actually rigged into office and they are making more than 100 times the remuneration for their peers and counterparts elsewhere around the world.

Ibori of Delta State was “His Excellency” before he looted his state treasury and before commencing his 13 year jail in London for money laundering. D.S.L Alimiyeisegha was “His Excellency in Bayelsa and the boss of our current President before jumping bail in London, dressed as a woman to escape justice. He returned to Nigeria to be given a state pardon on a platter of gold by his former Deputy who was catapulted to the  President of the country by default. The same Obasanjo is nows engaged in a brawl with the President because he now seriously regretted picking him to begin with and the rest of us are now supposed to roll out the drums and to start cheering the same Obasanjo who has bragged so many times that his PDP was going to rule Nigeria for 100 years because Nigerian voters are dumb and because their rigging formula are going to be perfected by Professor Jega and his boys at I.N.E.C.

Has any of you reading this ever heard of a Democracy where one party is allowed to dominate  a country for 100 years and where the Opposition is never given a chance to have its own day in the sunshine. How do you tell if the Opposition will perform unless you give them a chance to prove their mettle. In the ideal Democracy which has now been embraced in Ghana, Jerry Rawlings to his everlasting credit had allowed the opposition party to taste power and to show that no one political party has a monopoly on wisdom and good government. In the UK and in America, the British or the American voters would never have tolerated a government however good to dominate power for as long as the P.D.P has done in Nigeria. Never. I don’t care what  the P.D.P may be saying about the new A.P.C, it is time for the P.D.P to go. If A.P.C does not keep their promise, ii too should be thrown out in 4 years. That is the way Democracy is supposed to work.

Obasanjo is back again at his game by flying a kite that Governor Lamido would be his handpick for 2015 while Governor Amaechi would be his running mate. Where for God’s sake did Obasanjo learn his punditry to be picking and choosing for Nigeria from one election circle to another. That was the guy who picked Shehu Shagari and his N.P.N over and above Obafemi Awolowo and his U.P.N in 1979. Look at where his judgment has led Nigeria. The man was released from an Abacha dungeon to come lead the PDP. He lost very badly to Chief Oluyemi Falae even in his backyard in Owu. Such a man would not have been allowed to become President in more civilized polity, but the PDP had their own agenda.

They wanted to use Obasanjo but he ended up using them to consolidate his power as President by fooling his Yoruba kith and kin to vote for him to be in a position to assert himself as a PDP nominee. Once he got what he wanted he threw the AD Governors under the bus, got rid of the only A.D leader, Uncle Bola Ige who could have stopped him. The PDP took over the whole of the Southwest until “Ololu” of Lagos, iron man Tinubu assisted by Chief Bisi Akande beat Obasanjo to a retreat taking back the Southwest from the PDP, a feat that only Awolowo could have achieved. They routed Obasanjo at his game and may well repeat the same scenario in 2015 if their new mega  party can prove or demonstrate it is different from  the PDP which has lost all credibility in Nigeria as far as I am concerned.

Demon-crazy is what we practice in Nigeria. It is time for Nigeria to uphold the real tenets of Democracy as practiced in America. If I have to choose between the  American and the Nigerian model, the choice is clear. Need I say more?

I rest my case.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Clark Refers To The Zoo As A Nation, Beckons Jonathan To Reply OBJ’s Letter In The Zoo’s Interest.

OBJ Clark

Clark-OBJ-300x300Former Federal Commissioner of Information and elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to reply and address the allegations contained in a letter former President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to him in the national interest.Clark, who was speaking with journalists at the Nigeria Centenary Lecture in London on Tuesday, said that the allegations, “though false”, were too weighty for the president to ignore.“Jonathan should reply the letter not because of Obasanjo, but for the sake of Nigerians”, the Ijaw national leader said.The 18-page letter written to President Jonathan by the former president has continued to generate reactions from cross-section of Nigerians with opinions divided over whether the incumbent should reply Mr. Obasanjo or ignore the contents of the letter altogether.Clark, who prides himself as Mr. Jonathan’s political god-father, said Mr. Obasanjo’s letter showed disrespect to the person and office of the President.“My advice is for Jonathan to remain firm and strong as the President of Nigeria, and continue with his transformation agenda”, he added.

by: daniel

Source: Radio Biafra.

Obasanjo’s Letter to President Jonathan: An Inconvenient Truth By Frank Onuoha.

The truth is not convenient. It is nevertheless expected that everyone – especially leaders, should be brave enough to stand up, swallow their pride, damn the consequence for the truth. Every nation that made progress, arrived at the point where they could no more ignore the truth. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in authoring the recent letter that has become a subject of public discourse did Nigerians a favour. He told the truth.

While examining his moral rectitude for addressing such an accusatory missive to the President,, some commentators are of the opinion that he is as much culpable as the man he is accusing.

However, it is not entirely correct to say he has no right to complain of poor leadership and mind-boggling corruption in the Jonathan’s administration. By benefit of hindsight, events in the past and of recent buttress the old man’s standpoint. Sanusi Lamido recently revealed how NNPC has secretly cornered over $49 billion in the foreign reserve. Just this week, Julius Berger coughed out $32 billion as punishment for bribing Nigerian government officials in a US court. Tambuwal – our Speaker of the House has been forced to join the band of too-much-corruption-in-the-government. Asari Dokubo is about opening a University in Benin Republic. We should ask when the very-much active militant warlord became a multi-millionaire businessman to earn the money to operate a university? Edwin Clark – a known sycophant of the Goodluck Jonathan government, now has a University for his loyalty.

A lot of people have made an issue about the “leaking” of the letter. A commentator who responded to one of my post on Facebook asked “why make the letter public? Why pose sanctimoniously as a latter-day saint, pontificating before the gullible masses in a vain attempt to exonerate himself of complicity in the mess in the country’s political space?” I don’t think anyone should be in doubt where the “leak” came from and why. The ex-president put the matter to rest in the letter obtained exclusively by Premium Times online newspaper that “I am constrained to make this an open letter to you for a number of reasons. One, the current situation and consequent possible outcome dictate that I should… Two, none of the four or more letters that I have written to you in the past two years or so have elicited an acknowledgment nor any response.”

Those who argue the purpose was for cheap publicity and exploiting public sympathy may be deliberately shying away from the truth – they are afraid to admit that there is substance to allegations contained in the letter. The name Olusegun Obasanjo has always been coterminous with the limelight. Mostly for the wrong reasons and a few times for the right reasons, the man has perpetually been in the public domain. The issue of relevance may not arise seeing that he heads several peace-missions in the international community, a rarity for some of our former Heads of State.

However, what everyone should not lose sight of are some of the weighty contents of that famous letter. No matter how anyone hate the ex-president he has unearthed topical issues we cannot just sweep under the carpet. One of them is the overriding issue of “personal and political interest” over “national interest” and being surrounded by self-centred advisers. Many of us can attest that this has been the bane of good governance in Nigeria. A situation where the likes of Tony Anenih notorious for all manner of political gimmickry insidious manipulation are still heavily patronized to the point of holding  sensitive positions like the office of the chairman of the Nigeria Ports Authority and so on little for imagination of what else goes on within the corridors of power.

Other allegations include the existence of a clandestine “killer squad of snipers” and a political watch list containing more than 1000 names of political enemies; clannishness and ethnic factionalism in government by President in view of his bias towards his kinsmen and region to the exclusion of more competent Nigerians; the President’s attachment to notable militants and fire-spitting kinsmen; an intentional division between Nigerian Christians and their Muslim brothers; anti-party activities for political gains;  shameless corrupt practices in the government and so on.

Obasanjo is not a saint by any moral standard. If nothing else, for the sole evidence – which he admits to in the letter, that he foisted Goodluck Jonathan on Nigeria. This was a man without a good leadership antecedent and every sign of condoning corruption.  Chinedu Ekeke in his response to Obasanjo notes that “ May the General be reminded that, as at the night you conscripted Governor Goodluck Jonathan into the presidential race – to serve as Yar’Adua’s running mate – he had a huge case of corruption hanging on his neck.” That notwithstanding, it is untenable to suggest that the ex-president chose Jonathan to continue to oil the wheel of corruption in Nigeria. In his words to the President, “God only put you where you are… I want nothing from you personally except that you should run the affairs of Nigeria, not only to make Nigeria great for which I have always pleaded with you and I will always do so.”

Nigerian’s are still waiting and hoping that the various officials caught under this government will be prosecuted. Even Ministers who have clearly embarrassed with open scandals the government are being cuddled. The only chance of seeing political appointees or jobbers behind bars is if they are caught abroad – James Ibori and Julius Berger will testify to this. PDP’s house is in ruins, barely gasping for breath. There is a breakdown of leadership. The decline of what used to be Africa’s largest party is already in motion.

It is an inconvenient truth, but what Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has only done was reiterate what everyone already knows – this government stinks of corruption and needs to be purged. If they won’t listen to the voice of an old man, 2015 I daresay might be too late.

Frank Onuoha is a Historian and public affairs analyst. He tweets from @iamfrankelean


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

National Conference – A Whisper In The Ear By Edo Ukpong.

By Edo Ukpong

Let me begin from the conclusion  – national conference or dialogue or conversation as envisaged by the protagonists will not take place!

It will not take place because it is putting the cart before the horse. Only the people of Nigeria have the sovereign right to decide whether or not to have a national conference. Without a referendum to have a national conference it will amount to a usurpation of the peoples rights for the government to organize such a conference. Without the peoples verified consent, any other type of conference cannot be sovereign and any conference that is not sovereign is mere gimmickry and a waste of our time and resources.

It will not take place because you do not build a house from the roof. How can you have a national conference when the components of the ‘national’ have not had their conferences? My understanding is that our nation or country is made up of persons, these persons are in small groups starting from family to different levels of community then to the artificially created administrative entities of local governments, state governments and culminating in the almighty national or federal government. In my humble opinion, it is the communities that should first conference and decide how and with which other communities they wish to associate and the framework for that ‘marriage’. This being the foundation, matters should now proceed upwards layer by layer, the local governments should have their conference, then the states before and if there is still any need a national conference.

International Law recognizes the right to self-determination by all peoples that is indeed enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Implicit in the word ‘self determination’ is the right of a people to decide for themselves AND there is no requirement that it must be in discussion with other peoples. Therefore discussing self-determination in a national conference is a blatant derogation from that right.

Let me illustrate it this way and the example is purely innocent, if for instance the Ijaw people through a referendum agree to hold an Ijaw conference and decide to form an independent Ijaw Nation and agree on boundaries and composition, that will be a correct exercise of its right to self determination. That is the way it ought to and can work, not the Ijaw people subjecting themselves to a national conference to decide their own future. For the sake of further elucidation, what if the other components disagree? Self-determination will be meaningless if it is subject to external approval!

National conference will not hold because those who think it will solve the problem or supposed agitation for resource control will soon realise that there is a wide gulf between their concept of resource control and resource control in reality and natural fairness. How can resource control apply to only one resource? and is it not plain chicanery for states to demand resource control when that will also amount to theft or forced appropriation of communal resources by the state governments? Therefore should the communities not be the ones to assert ownership and resolve in conferences, the modalities for exploitation of their resources including the role of any local, state or federal government? I think so!

There will not be a national conference, because a national conference premised on so called unfairness and inequity especially as regards the excessive powers of a federal government cannot gain any traction or any iota of legitimacy when the same federal government organizes it. When the same federal government in its ‘mightiness’ decrees a team of carefully chosen and ‘trusted’ people to midwife the conference then that conference has been ‘aborted without pregnancy’.   Without making a mockery of the committee, with an average age of over 60 years, they are seriously disconnected from the vast majority of the population, the younger generation, who in truth have little patience for attitudes and ideas originated from and sustained by oral tradition and most certainly resent the usurpation of their voices by these ‘old soldier never die’ brigade.

The national conference will not happen because the present clamour from a segment of society is predicated on myths, unsubstantiated summations, half-baked ideas and dangerous propaganda including that; Nigeria’s problems are caused by amalgamation. The North and South should never have come together! All rubbish! all products of selfish and mindless manipulation of a sadly gullible populace. Ordinary Nigerians have always lived and worked in whatever part of the country that favours them. Many own businesses including farms, mining enterprises, hotels and whatever in communities far flung from theirs. They are less concerned about the fact of ethnic differences. The unproductive locust elite will not let them be! Only those whose stock in trade is sharing our commonwealth in Abuja and various state capitals without any meaningful contribution to national advancement assault our good people with divisive machinations.

The question I want to ask these ethnic jingoists is this, assuming we agree to divide Nigeria; will everybody be required to relocate to their communities of origin?  Will Chief Edwin Clark‘s Yoruba wife be ‘returned to sender’ or will she be given Ijaw nationality? Why must we keep trying to deceive our hapless people that their poverty and lack of development of their communities are caused by the fact that they are part of an improperly negotiated and forcibly contrived Nigeria?

When this is a LIE!

We do not need ‘this’ conference to solve our problems all of which are occasioned by corrupt governance in general. Instead the clamour and dissipation of our energies on ‘this’ conference will only distract us from tackling the problems and those responsible. The only reason why anyone can even altruistically be interested in a national conference is because we as a people realise that our elected officials at all levels do not enjoy real legitimacy that can only be conferred by the people. Ordinarily, all the issues to do with true federalism, which I subscribe to, and which we need to practice, can be achieved by the people’s representatives in a constitutional process. Unfortunately the truth is that in the present set-up, the peoples mandate is absent. If we cannot demand and ensure elections with real credibility, which in turn will make elected officials answerable to the people, no conference or conversation will have any meaning or impact.

God loves Nigeria (perhaps too much) and it does not take a soothsayer to tell us that the whole deceit and charade of divisive rhetoric for selfish reasons is about to be exposed. That is why I welcome all the noisemaking because all the absurdities and the falsity of the selfish manipulation will blow open! Then the elite vocal minority will see clearly that the only division in Nigeria is that between RICH and POOR! The agenda of the conference we must inevitably hold will not be about ethnicity, it will be about resource control and allocation – why are so few controlling and allocating all the resources to themselves privately to the detriment of the vast majority?  Attendance will be open to all and will not be restricted to self-appointed spokespersons or those who can arrange rigged mandates.  And that conference will be held, the real ‘conference!’ and the rich will also cry!

Edo Ukpong

Legal Practitioner


Ekwueme, Clark, Gbonigi, others call for National Conference.


FORMER Vice President Alex Ekwueme, one time Federal Commissioner for Information and Ijaw Leader, Chief Edwin Clark, Reverend Emmanuel Gbonigi and others under the aegis, Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly, SNPA yesterday reiterated their support for the immediate convocation of a National Conference and called for its immediate convocation by President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to a statement signed by Dr. Alex Ekwueme (South East); Chief Edwin Clark ( South South) and Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Gbonigi (South West) yesterday, the SNPA urged President Goodluck Jonathan to before December this year set up a Committee that will work out strategies and modalities for the convocation of a National conference that will give the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria the opportunity to discuss the collective future after what they termed a “forced” marriage of 100 years remains the most rewarding centenary gift President Jonathan can give to Nigerians.

Hailing Senate President David Mark on his National Conference position who stressed that there was the need for a national conference while addressing Senators back from vacation on Tuesday, said , ” the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly welcomes the remarks made by the Senate President, Senator David Mark on the urgent need for a national conference while addressing Senators back from vacation yesterday.

The Senate President’s call that ethnic nationalities should be given the space to discuss the future of Nigeria is most germane and could not have come at a better time. We are indeed elated that the Senate President has aligned with our long held view that a conference of ethnic nationalities is imperative in correcting the enormous discontent in the Nigerian polity.

Instructively, the position of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly in resolving burning national issues threatening the Corporate existence of the nation has been very clear.

“Since our inaugural conference at Ibom Golf and Resort Le Meridien, Uyo on 12th July, 2012 and the succeeding Conference a Nike Lake Hotel Resort, Enugu on the 29th January, 2013, the SNPA had affirmed its commitment to the convening of a national conference.

Our position was again reaffirmed in the communique issued at the end of the 3rd General Conference of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly held on the 20th of May 2013 in Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.

“We therefore call on President Goodluck to set up a committee to work out strategies and modalities for the convocation of a national conference by not later than December 2013 giving the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria the opportunity to discuss their collective future after a “forced” marriage of 100 years the most rewarding centenary gift President Jonathan can give to Nigerians.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

“Leave Amaechi Alone”, Activist Tells Edwin Clark.

By Mene Comrade James Kobah

In the unfolding political drama in the country, a labour and political activist in Rivers State, Mene Comrade James Kobah has called on Ijaw leader and former Information Minister, Chief E. K. Clark to leave the Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi alone and refrain from witch-hunting him.

Comrade Kobah while bemoaning the political travails of Governor Amaechi, accused the Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark of misleading President Goodluck Jonathan in the current political crisis in the country.

He said Chief Clark did not show political wisdom when he recently called for the immediate expulsion of the Rivers State Governor from the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) for alleged anti-party activities. He called on Clark to go home and “rest since he has nothing to offer Mr President”.

He added that the Ijaw leader should also be held responsible for the failure of the Jonathan administration.

Comrade Kobah spoke when he addressed a cross section of the media in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

“Chief Clark says he has a new wife at 84. He should rest at home and manage his new wife. He should rest at home and enjoy his new wife since he has nothing to offer Mr President. We are not happy over what is going on now in the State, especially when people like Chief E. K. Clark is involved in misleading Mr. President (Goodluck Jonathan). We want to ask him (Clark) to leave Amaechi and Rivers State alone. He can continue to deceive Mr. President if Mr. President decides to accept his advice. There is a crisis of this magnitude in which people, governors, national and state Assembly members are pulling out of the PDP and he’s still there deceiving Mr. President.”

“When Amaechi became governor of this state, yes, most of us anticipated that he would have problems with some people because of his philosophy, his concept of government. You know he (Amaechi) is one who enjoyed justice to become governor of this state, so I think that influenced his character and of course his very first pronouncement was that this government is not a continuation of any previous government. Government House was spending about N1.3 billion monthly on Government House, when Amaechi came in he cut it to about N400 million, this shows some level of prudence and commitment. There should be no bias about it.”

He described Governor Amaechi as a brilliant and focused political leader who should not be punished for ‘nursing’ any political ambition, if he has any.

Kobah emphasized the strategic importance of Rivers State in the electoral fortunes of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), recalling that the state gave President Jonathan massive votes in the 2011 elections. “Whether we like it or not, Rivers State is critical to any election in this country”, he said.

On the prospect of the PDP reconciling its aggrieved members, the labour and political activist said while he would welcome reconciliation in the party, it would be dangerous for the country if the progressive-minded ones in the party would stop the struggle for true development on the altar of reconciliation.

He said: “If you believe in a cause which people have now bought into, why not, if they want to resolve, but it will be unfair for them and dangerous for this country that the progressives that have emerged collapse under any form of resolution, negotiation, except if their idea of development should go on. I am one man who doesn’t believe in being loyal to stupidity. I never did that in my life. What I believe in is what I follow”.

He noted that the Rivers State Governor would not be subdued by his political enemies because God is on his side. Again, he said Governor Amaechi succeeds because there is some level of justice in all the actions he had taken.

“Of course, you can see that Amaechi’s cause is being fought by God. There is no way he could have survived in the system till today if God is not on his side and so every action anybody takes without some dosage of justice in it, it doesn’t survive.

“Amaechi is succeeding today because there is some level of justice in all the actions he had taken. So we are not happy about what Chief Clark is doing. I think that he is making Mr President to fail both in his administration and even his second term ambition, he is making him to fail.”


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