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Obama To Allow Horrific Slaughter Of America’s Iconic Bald Eagle (VIDEO).

The Obama administration is about to approve a rule that will ensure the death of golden and bald eagles for the next 30 more years.



Hundreds of thousands of birds die each year flying into the deadly turbine blades atop the soaring towers that compose wind click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-this-story-on-before-its-news-from-now-the-end-begins-nteb-geoffrey-griderfarms. The rule will give wind farms thirty year permits for the “non purposeful take of eagles-that is where the take is associated with but not the purpose of, the activity.’’ The take of eagles is also a euphemism for the slaughter of them. The wind farms fulfill Obama’s ambitious pursuit of developing renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, some bird species being destroyed by the turbines are not renewable. source – Breitbart.

by NTEB News Desk

Is Church Draining You?.


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Years ago, I realized that I was different than the rest of my staff. When they took vacation, they looked for a big church to celebrate at (and learn from).

I love learning from other churches. Every conference is a great opportunity for me to learn how other people communicate with their members, follow up with visitors, structure their services, etc.

But when I’m on vacation, I want to get alone with God and not hear another human being.

I am an introvert. I get energy from being alone. I love deep contemplation, and my favorite place is the comfy chair in my bedroom where I can retreat … alone.

I am also called to God’s church. I delight in helping people discover who God created them to be and to walk out their calling. I love to build teams. One of my big delights is to put on huge events. Every event is an opportunity to develop teams who will carry out the event with such flair that my only job is to cheer them on. But then I need to get alone.

I am not alone, because 25-40 percent of the population are introverts, and a 2011 study by Adam Grant points out that introverted leaders tend to develop proactive, self-driven team members.

What do you do if the introverted pastor is you? How can you maintain energy and focus without running out of steam?

1. Be okay. Some people carry a picture of pastoral ministries that involves the gregarious pastor who is always the center of events. If God called you and didn’t make you that person, it needs to be okay. God was aware of your personality when He called you. If He didn’t give you an extroverted personality, then He has other people to fulfill those functions.

2. Be aware. If you are drained socially, take time to recharge.

3. Be proactive. One of the big things we face is other people’s expectations.

4. Limit your counseling hours. Every person has a people limit. Pastors seem to live in the crisis space of people’s lives. This makes counseling very draining. Figure out how many unexpected counseling hours you have every week, then subtract those from your maximum counseling hours. The remaining number will be the number of available hours you have for appointments (10 counseling hours – 3 crisis hours = 7 available counseling hours).

5. Let people know how you manage your time. We learn from others by watching. There are many introverts in your church who feel guilty because they don’t like coming to every event. There are also a lot of extroverts married to those introverts who think something is spiritually wrong. When you live confidently as God created you to be, you give others permission to do so as well.

6. Create time alone with God. Even more than extroverts, you need your time of solitude to hear God’s voice. Make sure your weekly routine includes not just study time, but also buddy time with God.

7. Be accountable. When you work with people, it is easy to get caught up in the wave and forget to take care of yourself. Find someone who will keep their eye on you and let you know if you are being drained. During a very intense time period, a friend took me aside and made a simple observation: “You’ve been using the word ‘I’ a lot lately.” What a gift. That simple observation showed me the status of my heart and the overload to my psyche. I needed time alone with God to get back on track.

Does this ring a bell for you? What are some of your tips for maintaining social equilibrium so that you aren’t drained by church?.

Written by Kim Martinez

Kim Martinez is an ordained Assemblies of God pastor with a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Seminary. She is a ministry and life development coach and can be found online at She writes a weekly column for

SKorea Stops Work at Nuclear Reactors Over Faked Documents.

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea plans to halt operations at two nuclear reactors and delay the start of operations at another after discovering that the facilities were using components whose safety certificates were faked.

The Shin-Kori No. 2 reactor and Shin-Wolsong No. 1 reactor will be shut down for about four months to replace control cables supplied under fake quality warranties, South Korea’s energy ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

The government also ordered the replacement of cables at the Shin-Kori No. 1 reactor, which is shut down for regular maintenance, and at the new Shin- Wolsong No. 2 reactor, which is in review before commencing operations.

South Korea, which depends on nuclear energy for more than 30 percent of its electricity, may face “unprecedented” power shortages during the summer season because of the shutdowns, Vice Minister for Energy Han Jin Hyun told reporters.

Tuesday’s decision will mean 10 of South Korea’s 23 reactors are offline, according to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., which operates the reactors.

“Other fuel sources, mostly gas, will have to be used to make up for lost supply,” Lee Chang Mok, a utilities analyst at Seoul-based Woori Investment & Securities Co., said by phone. “Efforts to conserve electricity should follow, and a drive to rein in demand could provide the rationale for power tariff increases.”

South Korea’s nuclear regulator began its investigation in April following information from a whistle-blower, according to the energy ministry statement.

An earlier investigation into faked certificates led to the suspension of two reactors in November. Korea Hydro Chief Executive Officer Kim Kyun Seop said at the time he would resign once the “mess” surrounding the certificates was fixed.

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5 Ways to Avoid the Drain of Busyness.

I did too much in 2012.

Taking stock of my schedule and activities last year, I’ve come to the conclusion I overextended myself. It wasn’t one specific commitment that was out-of-bounds, but the combination of things I took on. I assumed these activities would demand less time and attention than they did.

From the launch of The Gospel Project, to my Ph.D work, writing two books, blogging daily, and juggling speaking engagements (not to mention the time I need with family), last year left me feeling overwhelmed and at the brink of exhaustion.

In 2013, I scaled back speaking engagements and “extracurricular” stuff. And I’m already feeling the difference.

Avoid the Drain

Busyness drains you of creative potential and saps the energy you need for ministry. We all need boundaries. And we tend to be more effective when we focus on doing fewer things well.

Here are a few practices I’m implementing in 2013 as I seek to be a better steward of my time and health. I’m not an expert on this by any stretch, but these practices have been helpful.

1. Consider Input, Not Just Output

With the arrival of smart phones, we are never really “off.” Our work continues long after we leave the office. The information deluge threatens to wipe out any time for reflection.

If you’re going to maximize your effectiveness as a writer or preacher, you ought to be purposeful about what info is coming at you. Don’t let the internet determine what you put in your mind. Read, study, and browse strategically.

2. Beware of the Ping

In  The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry warns against the Ping:

The Ping is that little sensation that occasionally prompts me to check my e-mail or my social media accounts. It’s the impulse to mindlessly surf news sites instead of doing something productive. And as my number of options grew (turns out there is an app for that), the pull of the Ping became ever more powerful. The Ping wants to be my master. It wants to own me.

Here’s what happens when you let the Ping have control:

It’s more and more difficult for me to be fully in one place, to focus on what’s in front of me. I’m losing the capacity to think deeply about whatever I’m experiencing because I tend to gravitate to whatever feeds the Ping.

I’m not advising you to get rid of technology. But surely we can set parameters at home and at work as to how much we’ll allow ourselves to be driven by instant email, texts, tweets, and Facebook messages.

You don’t need your iPhone at the dinner table. You really don’t.

3. Recognize the exponential increase of energy needed for new tasks.

It’s the “little things” that add up. I learned this the hard way. Even the short amount of time needed for certain responsibilities can create a disproportionate drain on your energy.

When an opportunity or a request comes your way, never examine it by itself. Always look at it in light of all your other responsibilities. Every commitment you make affects the other commitments you make.

4. Consider the Trade Off

Every commitment costs something. Are you willing to make the trade?

One of the things I do not regret about 2012 was prioritizing my son’s soccer games. I’ve never heard a father later in life say, “I wish I hadn’t been so present for my kids.”

I was recently invited to do a series of lectures at a Bible college. I hated to turn down the opportunity because of my love for teaching and interacting with students. But looking at my calendar, I quickly realized that I would have to give up significant time to prepare. Not to mention the time away from family during the summer. It wasn’t worth the trade. Maybe next time.

5. Work way out in advance.

The best way to maintain the mental energy for your job or in your ministry is to take the long view. Work ahead of time.

Procrastination is a creativity-killer. While you may work well under pressure of time constraints, you won’t be able to consistently offer your best work if you proceed this way.

The benefit of working in advance is letting stuff simmer on the “back burner.” You become more alert to ideas and stories to incorporate into your sermon, potential blog posts, etc.

What about you?

What are some ways you maintain productivity in the midst of a busy schedule?

Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax is an editor, author and blogger at “Kingdom People.”

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Bills This Month.

If you haven’t yet begun to find ways to save more money and improve your finances, now is certainly the time to spring into action. Gas prices are on the rise, your healthcare expenses could go up in the near future, and there could be more tax increases on the horizon. Therefore, it’s important to save however, whenever you can.

Here are five easy ways to do so:

1. Use Coupons and Sign Up for Supermarket Loyalty Programs

If you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can save significantly at the grocery store by using extreme couponing strategies. Purchase one extra copy of the Sunday paper each week or extra coupons, and instantly double your savings by shopping on the day your grocer doubles the value of manufacturers coupons. Buy in bulk when you find a particularly good deal on an item you use frequently, and sign up for the loyalty program if your grocer has one – this way, you can receive coupons in the mail. Save the most by combining coupons with in-store sales.

2. Get an Energy Audit

Instead of researching the Internet for ways to reduce your home energy bills, have a professional come to your house to perform an inspection. By doing so, you can get a comprehensive report conducive to your particular needs. Many energy providers provide in-home energy audits free of charge. The inspection, which covers both the interior and the exterior, should take only an hour or so, and the report can supply you with a number of ways to improve your home or your habits to save. For example, you may find that simply by reducing your water heater and thermostat by a few degrees, you can significantly reduce your energy bill

3. Look for Hidden Fees

Many service providers and banks have instituted a variety of new fees you might be unnecessarily paying for. Carefully review each monthly bill that you receive, and look for maintenance fees, usage fees, paper statement fees, and more. These can easily add up over time, and it’s in your best interest to identify these and work with the provider to get them omitted from future bills. Always be courteous to customer service staff when you inquire about charges and ask for their removal. If that is ineffective, you could ask to speak to the company’s customer retention department and let them know that you plan to use another provider if the fees are not removed. In this instance, it pays to make sure the other provider can accommodate your needs.

4. Combine Service

Bundling services – such as phone, Internet, and cable – presents a great opportunity to save. When you investigate online and find the best possible deal, call the provider and ask if that price can be beaten. There’s a chance you could score an even bigger discount. Also, if you’re still using a landline telephone, but have a reliable Internet connection, consider using a service like magicJack which can provide phone service via your Internet connection for as little as $29.95 per year.

5. Ask for a Discount

Asking for a discount applies to nearly anything you purchase, and it never hurts to inquire with a salesperson to see if they are willing to haggle and negotiate a lower price. For instance, if you are purchasing a flat screen television or a personal computer, see if you can have the price of the tax taken off the total cost. It’s important to understand that even big box retailers do in fact have the ability to negotiate price – you just have to ask. I once did this, and the salesperson instead found an open box item for me in the back of the store off which I got a significant discount.

Final Thoughts

Once your savings are in the bank, appropriate them wisely – save for your retirement, an emergency fund, or save extra money for your kids’ college fund. That said, it isn’t out of the question to reward yourself (modestly) for all your hard work – perhaps a nice dinner every few months, or a little splurge on a gift for yourself. Saving money is great, but using those savings appropriately can really help improve your finances.

What other ways can you think of to save on monthly bills?

By David Bakke

David Bakke is a savings guide for the financial blog and online resource, Money Crashers Personal Finance.

Publication date: March 22, 2013

Dan Reiland: 5 Top Energizers for Leaders.

Dan-Reiland-headshotDan Reiland

We recently had the “Bennett Boys” over while their parents David and Heather went out for a birthday dinner. We love those boys! Austin is 12, Hudson is 8 and Jackson is 7.

They are great kids. They’re smart, love Jesus, and are lots of fun! One thing they all have in common is energy. Lots of energy!

Our little dog Nacho is a play machine. He never tires of playing with anyone who will give him attention. Well, he met his match that evening. The boys wore that pup out! Nacho slept great that night!

I’m a high-energy and long-endurance guy, but when I see kids play I think, “Wow I’d love some of that energy!”  Like the Energizer Bunny! (My favorite one… with Darth Vader!)

Leaders need energy to lead. Stress and pressure drain energy, and it’s important to know how to restore and refuel your energy reserves. The following are among the best ways to recharge!

  • Accomplishment: This may seem counter-intuitive. More work? No, the idea here is not more work, but finished work. Much of what we do is never done. At the core, ministry is relationship-based with a goal of changed lives, and that is never done. But there is a fair amount of stuff like writing a lesson, an important phone call or a difficult meeting. They can be completed! Sometimes it’s smart to just get some things checked off your list! It’s a real energy boost.
  • Exercise: We’ve long known this is true, but many busy leaders make excuses for why they don’t exercise. I hope you are not in that group. But if you are, let me encourage you. Even just 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes can make a huge difference! Start small; don’t kill yourself. Do something that works for you and keep at it. You’ll be amazed at the results—it’s a major energy giver!
  • Helping Someone: You help people every day. But I’m talking about helping someone that isn’t directly related to your church or ministry. Helping a neighbor move a piece of furniture in their home, driving a friend without a car to the airport, or giving a financial gift to someone in need. There are nearly limitless ways to help others. It makes you feel good and your energy level increases!
  • Laughter: We all need to smile more, laugh more and enjoy life. Leaders spend so much time facing conflict, solving problems and managing tension that the importance of laughter becomes critical. You obviously can’t add this to your to-do list or schedule it like exercise! But your attitude and perspective about life and how you see it is in your control! You can choose to see the bright side even in tough situations. Most days are filled with opportunities for a good laugh; it’s up to you to be receptive.
  • Vision: Few things in life produce more internal energy than knowing that what you’re doing truly matters. When you are on purpose and in passionate pursuit of a vision, you generate tremendous amounts of energy for your mind, soul and body. I serve as the executive pastor at 12Stone® Church and the vision has me so fired-up I can hardly stand it!

What’s interesting about this short list is that none of them include a nap or caffeine!

So, how are you doing with your energy levels? Need more? Try these! Are you doing well with energy?  Then please leave a comment on what works best for you, especially if it’s something not on this list!

Written by Dan Reiland

Dan Reiland is executive pastor of 12Stone Church® in Lawrenceville, Ga., listed in Outreach Magazine as the No. 1 fastest-growing church in America in 2010. He has worked closely with John Maxwell for 20 years, first as executive pastor at Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, then as vice president of Leadership and Church Development at INJOY. His semi-monthly e-newsletter, The Pastor’s Coach, is distributed to over 40,000 subscribers. Dan is the author of Amplified Leadership, released in January 2012.

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Government eyes biofuels as replacement for diesel in naval ships.

OTTAWA – Before Ottawa goes full steam ahead with an idea to power Canada‘s navy ships withbiofuels, it wants to know if the cost of doing so will sink the plan.

The federal government is asking companies to submit proposals on how it might use cost-effective biofuels to replace diesel.

They’re also being asked to determine whether any potential biofuel would make vessels more or less efficient.

A notice posted on a government-contracting website says biofuels are much cleaner thanconventional fuels, but simply switching over is complicated — and potentially costly.

The cost of a proposed U.S. initiative for a “Great Green Fleet” — powered by biofuels and other clean-energy sources — is a major sticking point in Congress.

Republicans oppose the idea, saying biofuels would add huge costs at a time when defence budgets face cuts.


By The Canadian Press | Associated Press

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