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Revealed: I Suffered Depression From Chime’s Treatment – Fmr. Enugu First Lady – ChannelsTV.

Wife of the Enugu State Governor, Clara Chime, has finally broken her silence in an exclusive interview with Channels Television, as she recounted her ordeal in the hands of her husband.

As Governor Sullivan Chime’s wife, she was in the public eye for about 5years. She has however been in the news recently because of the controversy surrounding her life in the Government House of Enugu State.

Things fell apart when she reached out to some members of the human right community and legal practitioner, Femi Falana, to save her from her husband.

Her appeal generated reactions from Nigerians and the civil society with several accusations, most of which bothered on unlawful detention and violence against women, given the physical and psychological suffering she was reported to be facing.

In this exclusive video, while recounting her experience, she also debunked claims that she had mental problem.

She said: “I suffered from depression and the treatment I got from my husband led to it.”

She also thanked Nigerians for coming to her rescue, expressing her joy that she is “now liberated.”


PHOTONEWS : Prominent Nigerian Activists Celebrate The Contributions Of The People Of Nigeria Towards The Demise Of Apartheid.

Barrister Femi Falana, SAN

Funmi Falana

Comrade Isa Aremu

Comrade Malachy

Kayode Opeifa

Left : Chairman of the Ikeja branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, Mr. Onyekachi Ubani

Abiola Akiode

Comrade Abiodun Aremu

Kayode Opeifa and Bamidele Aturu

Prominent activists and lawyers led by Femi Falana, SAN today celebrated  the contribution made by the Nigerian people and its government in bringing about the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

But they cautioned the legacy of apartheid is not over yet in South African as seen in recent events, and elites in Nigeria and South Africa are behaving much in the same way.


Obasanjo, Jonathan, The Message And The Messenger By Peter Claver Oparah.

By Peter Claver Oparah

There is little doubt that the recent letter by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan has greatly rattled the president, his men and his supporters. The letter did nothing to mask the angst of Obasanjo who was at his sanctimonious best, as he reeled out a long litany of the misdeeds of Jonathan and asking that he improves on his lowly performance at the helm of the Nigerian state.
From its face value, the letter was the brave effort of a statesman, peeved by the unrelenting downward plunge of the country under Jonathan’s floppy watch. The letter did not disguise the legendary abrasiveness that is vintage Obasanjo and he lurched at Jonathan for exacerbating, rather than abating, the multifarious woes that afflict the wobbly Nigerian state. The reaction from the Jonathan camp had been hardly coordinated as they have tapered to questioning the moral pedigree of Obasanjo to sound so self-righteous. Also, Jonathan feels that Obasanjo’s smacks of plain mischief and an attempt to play up the mob. In this, Jonathan and his men are very right and capture a readable knowledge of the person of Obasanjo and his knack for narcissism.

But then, this apt reading of Obasanjo does nothing to obviate the factuality of issues he raised in his letter. It does nothing to impugn on the credulity of issues he raised and made no effort to debunk what he said. What more, Jonathan and his men have done nothing to refute the allegations contained in Obasanjo’s letter. At best, they have been hauling poorly directed tantrums and invectives- as is typical of Jonathan’s presidential public communications tilt in recent times. Even as it has promised to respond in due time to the weighty issues raised by Obasanjo’s letter, little is being done to clear the air on some of the issues.

To be sure, Obasanjo is a moral destitute as far as governance of the country is concerned. He is a terrible exemplar in good leadership. On issues of corruption, Obasanjo is a very poor mimic of the holier-than-thou posture he cavalierly dons in public. He had been endowed with the greatest opportunity to make a great impression with governance but he lost it all to vain hubris, duplicitous demagoguery, and sly pretensions. Obasanjo has no moral scruples and these were in full display as his eight awful years as Nigeria’s civilian president lasted. His reign was an unmitigated disaster that left the country prostrate. His regime, even as he made a loud noise of fighting corruption, was bereft of financial discipline. Under his rouge watch, Nigerian wealth was purloined by choice lackeys who bandied together as Corporate Nigeria which was a synonym for corporate area boys, who were positioned to reap from the debased conduct of government business during Obasanjo’s time.

Obasanjo targeted the value systems for heinous destruction and made the pursuit of vain political expeditions that favoured him and his lackeys the primary business of governance. Obasanjo annexed the electoral process and twirled it to do his selfish biddings. With impunity, Obasanjo trampled on the rights of Nigerians and made the process malleable to his idiosyncrasies. As he selectively applied the laws, a clear demarcation emerged between his favoured cronies and other Nigerians. Deigning elections as do or die, he played outside the rules to achieve personal interests even as the electoral system became completely submerged under Obasanjo’s elephantine desires. It was one of such fancy manipulations that threw up Jonathan even as most Nigerians have no idea what he stood to bring into the governance of such a complex entity as Nigeria.

It was obvious that Obasanjo needed a pliable and malleable lackey to impose the arduous task of governing Nigeria on and this speaks of the gargantuan disaster Nigeria has become today under Jonathan’s seedy watch. I don’t believe that Obasanjo was more concerned about the parlous state of the nation as he was about the fact that his beloved Jonathan had been conscripted by buffoons, jesters and prurient sycophants who are presently goading him and the country to self-destruct, as rightly captioned by Obasanjo. The entire debacle was well presented by erudite lawyer Femi Falana when he posited that Jonathan is a good apprentice of Obasanjo.

But Jonathan and his men have made no effort to dispute all Obasanjo said because they know he faultlessly captured what Nigerians have been loudly expressing since Jonathan began his wonky reign. His has fallen so far from the expectations of Nigerians that they have resigned to fate, suffering the burden of being inflicted with a regime that has not been able to espouse one workable template of dealing with the mounting issues that tug ceaselessly at the soul of the Nigerian nation. They cannot argue the points raised by Obasanjo because they know he was hitting straight. Yes, he is a bad messenger despite his pretensions but all he had said had formed the agitated reactions of Nigerians at every available space in recent times. The difference is that whereby Jonathan and his men have struggled to ignore or dub in mischievous political colorations the rising concern of Nigerians on the issues raised by Obasanjo, they cannot afford to treat Obasanjo’s own with similar levity knowing he fangled Jonathan out of nothing.

So I agree with Jonathan and his men that Obasanjo is a soiled and discredited messenger. Equally, I agree with the views of most Nigerians that the soiled messenger bore a correct and cogent message which must be addressed. I agree also that Obasanjo raised no new issues in his letter, which makes all of us come to the agreement that it is time President Jonathan hearken to the agitated demands of Nigerians that he take deliberate steps to steer the floundering ship of the Nigeria state away from perdition. He should dwell less on vain politicking where, the sycophants and court fawners that have cornered him for their selfish interests, have marooned him. He should play less of narrow ethnic and sectarian politics and see himself in the larger image his office deigns for him. He should arrest himself before he is arrested by the facts of his embarrassing incapacity. He should not hide under the cheap street coating of his public communication faculty which has chosen to migrate to the gutter and trade tantrums like area boys instead of addressing issues and garbing presidential communication with dignity. In this lies the present great devaluation the Nigerian presidency has suffered, which of course, began with the Obasanjo presidency.

Good enough, Obasanjo has, in deference to the noxious image he drags about, come out to tell Jonathan and his government to cut off his arms and take his message. I believe that the precarious nature of the country at present calls for clear and deliberate efforts shorn of divisive, little minded politics but a broad minded and informed search for solution to the myriad of problems that afflict the country. Yes, nothing must be made to leverage on the message to elevate Obasanjo above the sordid level he cut for himself. But nothing should be done to throw away a cogent message because it was borne by a discredited messenger.

Peter Claver Oparah
Ikeja, Lagos


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

NCP Denies Reports of Merger With Other Parties, Says It Remains A third Force And Sole Alternative.

Yunusa Tanko
By Saharareporters, New York

The National Conscience Party (NCP) has refuted claims in the local media that it had merged with some parties in a bid to contest robustly in the 2015 general elections.

The refutation came at a press conference held in Lagos yesterday. Speaking on behalf of the party, its general secretary, Ayodele Akele, denied a statement in the media about the party’s merger with other parities. The statement was credited to the NCP’s national chairman, Yunusa Tanko. Mr. Akele said that top officials of the party had received a series of calls seeking clarification about the authenticity of the report.

Media reports had quoted Mr. Tanko as stating that the NCP had begun discussing terms of alliance with other parties. The other parties in the alleged merger plans include the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Labor Party (LP), and the Socialist Democratic Party (SDP).

While dispelling the report, Mr. Akele however admitted that the party chairman had raised the option of a merger during the party’s last National Executive Council (NEC) meeting. He added that he had expected the chairman’s suggestion to invite media attention.

“After [Mr. Tanko’s] embarrassing speech, I took him up immediately in the presence of some other NEC members where he said his intention was to provoke the alliance talk, but I told him it is dangerous as his intention could be misconstrued and that it is likely to be reported by the media. As fate would have it, my worst fear was confirmed as the story [has been] in the headlines since Saturday,” said Mr. Akele.

He added: “The position of NCP that I inherited and the wishes of the members that has not changed is that we cannot lose our identity, our hard-earned reputation, or our robust manifesto on the altar of alliance or merger with any political party. We remain a third force and the most credible party and platform, Nigeria’s foremost political party and the only party that can be trusted.”

The NCP scribe disclosed that the only merger talks ever envisaged by the party was brokered by Femi Falana at the formative stages of the new APC, adding that the idea failed because NCP members were opposed to mixing with any parties that hold visions different from the manifesto of the NCP.

“Ever since making our position clear to the Falana-led group, they have stopped inviting us to their meetings till date and we are not interested,” Mr. Akele said. He revealed that the manifesto handed down by the late Gani Fawehinmi, who founded the party, embodies a “10-care program for the masses,” adding that it remained the NCP’s bible.

Mr. Akele warned that no individual or body could railroad NCP members into any merger or unholy alliance.

Also reacting to the media reports, NCP chairman, Mr. Tanko, clarified that he had sought the opinion of executive members on the idea of entering into alliance with other parties with similar visions. He denied that the NCP was in any process to merge with other parties.

“I only enunciated alliance with parties that share similar visions, not outright merger,” Mr. Tanko said.

President Jonathan Is A Faithful Apprentice Of Ex- President Obasanjo’s School Of Politics-Femi Falana.


By Femi Falana

In an 18-page letter dated December 2, 2013 Chief Olusegun Obasanjo accused President Goodluck Jonathan Administration of incompetence, abuse of office, corruption and gross mismanagement of the resources of the nation. Apart from accusing the regime of celebrating criminality including drug trafficking Chief Obasanjo has blamed the regime for the rising wave of impunity, terrorism and ethno-religious strife in the country. No doubt, the allegations which lacerated the controversial letter are weighty. Instead of dismissing the contents of the letter the Presidency should respond to the allegations raised therein seriatim. In particular, the allegation that the Federal Government is setting up a Presidential Strike Force to carry out terrorist attacks on political opponents should not be swept under the carpet.

However, it is pertinent to point out that President Jonathan is a faithful student of the Olusegun Obasanjo School of Politics. While President Jonathan has been accused by General Obasanjo of diverting $7 billion from the Federation Account he (President Obasanjo) is yet to account for the over $20 billion which he diverted from the same account. The 36 state governments sued the Federal Government over the illegal diversion of such huge public fund by President Obasanjo and the case is currently pending at the Supreme Court.

The Senate recently indicted Presidents Obasanjo, Yaradua and Jonathan for mismanaging the federation Account to the tune of N1.5 trillion. The senate has recommended the revocation of the fraudulent privatisation of public assets carried out by President Obasanjo. The transcorp hotel was bought by a sitting President through “blind trust” while the House of Representatives indicted the Obasanjo regime for spending $16 billion to generate darkness. Does President Obasanjo know any President who used public funds to establish a private university and a presidential library through extortion of funds from government agencies and contractors?

On disloyaly to the ruling party President Obasanjo defied the Supreme Court when it pronounced Senator Ararume as the gubernatorial candidate of PDP for Imo State during the “do or die” general election of 2007. The imperial presidency directed PDP members to vote for the candidate of the PPA who “won” the election. In his book titled,”Accidental Public Servant” Mr. Nasir El Rufai gave a vivid account of how President wanted General Buhari of ANPP to nominate Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as his Vice-Presidential candidate as a precondition for ditching the Presidential candidate of the PDP, dr Goodluck Jonathan during the 2011 General Election.

With respect to reliance on ethnic jingoists President Obasanjo deployed the likes of late Lamidi Adedibu to terrorise and intimidate innocent people in Oyo State. President Obasanjo equally entered into an alliance with the Afenifere group to facilitate the capture of the south west region during 2003 General Election. When there was a threat to impeach President Obasanjo by the House of Representatives the Presidency mobilised a faction of the Oodua Peoples Congress to threaten a break up the country. Was Anambra state not made ungovernable by Chris Uba with presidential support? Did Obasanjo not know of governors who had killer squads? Why were the members of the Abacha Strike Force never demobilised and disarmed by President Obasanjo?

On the presidential involvement in the case of the fellow who was recently acquitted in the charge of murder on technical grounds by the Court of Appeal in Lagos it is on record that President Obasanjo also wanted him freed for political reasons while he was in power. Indeed, he pressured the Lagos State Government, in vain, to file nolle prosequi with a view to terminating the case on the eve of the 2003 General Elections. Did General Obasanjo not take part in another celebration of criminality in Lagos the other day when a PDP chieftain completed his jail term. Did the General to turn round to say that he was misled into believing that it was a “family reunion”?

Does President Obasanjo have the moral right to advise President Jonathan on how to convey a national conference? It is public knowledge that President Obasanjo too was vehemently opposed to the convocation of a national conference until he needed it for dubious political objectives. The Political Reform Conference which he eventually convened collapsed due to the refusal of the delegates to endorse the satanic Third term agenda of the President. Like the report of the Chukwudifu Oputa Commission of Enquiry on human rights abuse the report of the Political Reform Conference never saw the light of day.

In the aforesaid 18-page letter President Obasanjo did not challenge the neo-colonial economic agenda of the Jonathan Administration which has continued to pauperise the masses of our people. Hence the letter is not an expression of disagreement over policy formulation or implementation of programmes on the crises of unemployment, illiteracy, ignorance, hunger, infrastructural decay etc. It is an intra-class feud which cannot enhance democracy in the country. President Obasanjo has a penchant for writing letters and granting interviews on regimes which he and other power mongers had installed. He dismissed the regimes of President Shehu Shagari, Generals Buhari, Abacha and Babangida and President Yaradua once they fell out with him. After the election of the late Bashorun MKO Abiola as President did Genaral Obasanjo not say that he was not a messiah? For goodness sake when did General Obasanjo discover that President Jonathan is incompetent?

Finally, instead of celebrating the hypocrisy of frustrated power mongers the Nigerian people should take advantage of the intra class war going on in the ruling party to get organised and take their political destiny in their own hands. The time has come to put an end to the opportunism of discredited rulers who are in the habit of exploiting the frustrations and disenchantment of the people to become emergency heroes. Enough is enough!

Femi Falana SAN.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

ASUU Strike Will End In 48 Hours If President Jonathan Is Serious And Honest By Femi Falana.


President goodluck Jonathan at the Bayelsa PDP Caucus meeting yesterday
By Femi Falana, SAN

At a meeting of the Bayelsa state caucus of the Peoples Democratic Party, which held in Yenegoa last Friday, President Goodluck Jonathan accused the Academic Union oof Universities (ASUU) of subversion. As far as the President is concerned the ongoing industrial action has nothing to do with trade dispute. During his last media chat the President had accused the ASUU of playing politics with the strike. No doubt, the federal Government is utterly embarrassed that the strike has lasted for about six months. But instead of accusing ASUU of subversion the Federal Government for its inexplicable refusal to honour the 2009 FG/ ASUU Agreement.

It is on record that officials of the Ministries of Education and Finance deliberately frustrated the resolution of the strike. It was on account of such frustration that led the President to take over the negotiations. At the end of the marathon meeting held between the President and the ASUU leaders substantial progress was made towards the resolution of the crisis. On its part the ASUU accepted the offer made by the President with some minor adjustments. Regrettably, the President was informed that ASUU had rejected his offer. In view of such misinformation the Acting Minister of Education, Mr. Nyeson Wike issued a 7-day ultimatum to sack all striking university staff with effect from December 4, 2013. He also directed the vice-chancellors of all public universities to declare the posts of striking academics vacant with a view to replacing them.

If Mr. Wike had familiarized himself with FG/ASUU face-off in the past two decades, even under the defunct military junta, he would have discovered that ASUU members have never been cowed to submission. In 1992, the Ibrahim Babangida junta fired all lecturers and threatened to eject them from their official quarters. When the lecturers defied the junta a decree was promulgated which made strike by teachers a treasonable felony. ASUU also ignored the obnoxious decree and called off the bluff of the military dictators. The then Secretary for Education for Education, Professor Ben Nwabueze SAN described the 1992 FG/ASUU as “a contract of imperfect obligations”. But at the end of the day it became clear to the regime that universities could not be run like military barracks. Hence the junta swallowed its pride, withdrew its empty threats and decided to honour  the  Agreement which it had rejected.

As no university in Nigeria has the required number of Professors, Readers and Senior Lecturers the threat of a mass sack of academics is a huge joke. However, as the President’s former boss, Chief Diepreye Alamieseigha rightly observed the ultimatum, which has been planned to coincide with the burial ceremony of Professor Festus Iyayi, would portray the Federal Government as insensitive. The observation cannot be faulted since a convoy of Governor Idris Wada along the Abuja-Lokoja road killed Professor Iyayi while travelling to Kano to attend a meeting of ASUU leaders scheduled to review the strike. It is commendable that the President promised to review the provocative ultimatum.

Since the ASUU has accepted the new offer of the Federal Government the President should conclude the negotiations with the ASUU leaders forthwith. Instead of allowing Mr. Wike to expose the Federal Government to further ridicule a new Agreement should be properly drawn up and signed by the ASUU and top officials of the Federal Agreement. With the commitment of President Jonathan the industrial action can be called off within 48 hours.

Femi Falana SAN.


Bayelsan Judge, In Remarkable Show Of Professionalism, Recuses Self In The Case Of Jonathan’s Prosecution of LEADERSHIP Journalists.

By SaharaReporters, New York

Justice Peter Affen of the Abuja High Court yesterday voluntarily took himself away from having to adjudicate on the case of forgery of a presidential directive being pursued against two journalists of the Leadership Newspapers stable by the federal government.

The judge hails from Bayelsa, the home state of President Goodluck Jonathan.

He explained he made the decision in the interest of integrity and to preserve the sanctity of the judiciary, given a media report of a link between him and the President, who is directly involved in the case.

In the dock are the Group News Editor of the newspaper, Tony Amokeodo, and Political Correspondent Chibuzor Ukaibe.

Curiously, the case file had been reportedly withdrawn from Justice Usman Musale, without a request by any of the parties, and then assigned to Justice Affen, allegedly a kinsman of President Jonathan, despite the appearance of impropriety.

In court yesterday, the lead lawyer to the federal government, Chief Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), expressed shock over the matter.  “I saw the publication this morning and I must say that it is objectionable and unfair,” he said.  “I knew nothing about it but its effect is enormous.”

Defence lawyer Femi Falana (SAN), associated himself with the views of Awomolo.

“I was surprised when I saw the report yesterday,” he said.  “I hold your lordship in high esteem and from my investigation, the court did not ask for the case. I thought the prosecution asked for the transfer of the case but he too thought I did but neither of us asked for the transfer of the case. Having regard to the integrity and the independence of the judiciary, your lordship may wish to send the case file back to the Chief Judge.  This humble application is hinged on need to preserve the integrity of the judiciary”.

In his ruling, Justice Affen observed that the only thing that connected him with President Goodluck Jonathan is that they are from the same state.

“I must place on record my profound gratitude to counsel in this matter for seeking to protect not only my integrity but that of the judiciary. It is correct that justice is rooted in confidence and must not only be done but seen to have been done.

“The implications of the publication are far too damaging to ignore. I will therefore, in the interest of justice return the case file to the Chief Judge for re-assignment to another judge that is not from Bayelsa state. The only thing that connects me with the President is the Creeks in the Niger Delta“.

Alleged Forgery: CJ Transfers FG Suit Against LEADERSHIP Journalists to Jonathan’s Kinsman.


Femi Falana (SAN) and two journalist accused of forgery by the Jonathan regime
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Chief Judge of the Abuja High Court, Justice Ibrahim Bukar, has transferred a lawsuit by the Federal Government accusing two journalists with Nigeria’s LEADERSHIP newspaper of forgery to Justice Peter Affen, a kinsman of President Goodluck Jonathan, who has an interest in the lawsuit.

Justice Affen becomes the third judge to handle the case since the Federal Government filed the alleged forgery case against Tony Amokeodo, the newspaper group’s news editor, and Chibuzor Ukaibe, the paper’s political correspondent. The journalists were initially arraigned before Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja. The Federal Government is accusing Mr. Amokeodo, Mr. Ukaibe as well as LEADERSHIP newspapers of alleged forgery of a presidential directive.

After a couple of sessions, the Federal Government withdrew the charge and then re-filed it before Justice Usman Musale of the Abuja High Court in Kubwa. Justice Musale adjourned the case till October 24, 2013.

But in a move described by one lawyer as “bizarre and disturbing,” Chief Judge Bukar suddenly withdrew the case file from Justice Musale and re-assigned it to Justice Affen. “This kind of re-assignment is highly unusual,” said a legal source. He added: “It suggests that the CJ might have been under pressure from certain functionaries of the government to make this move.”

When Justice Musale was hearing the case, the journalists’ main defense lawyer, Femi Falana, had moved a motion asking the court to direct President Jonathan to testify as a witness in the case. But the Federal Government’s lawyer, Adegboyega Awomolo, raised an objection challenging the propriety of the application. Justice Musale upheld the objection.

Mr. Falana subsequently filed an appeal against the ruling, asking the Court of Appeal in Abuja to set aside the verdict of the lower court. The appeal was still pending when the journalists received a hearing notice from the court on Thursday, November 21, 2013. The hearing notice was dated November 20, 2013. The notice indicated that the case had been re-assigned to the Justice Affen, who hails from the president’s home state of Bayelsa and presides over Court 29 of the Abuja High Court in Apo. The notice further stated that Justice Affen would be hearing the case on Tuesday, November 26.

Efforts to get the reaction of the registrar of the court and the public relations officer (PRO) over the sudden reassignment of the case were unsuccessful.


CSNAC Urges IGP To Release Report On Governor’s Suntai’s Letter to State Assembly.

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC), has urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. M. D. Abubakar to release the report of the investigation demanded on August 27 by human rights lawyerFemi Falana (SAN) concerning the letter purportedly transmitted to the Taraba State House of Assembly by ailing Governor Suntai Danbaba.

Mr. Suntai, who was suffered brain injuries when a plane he was piloting crashed in October 2012, returned to Nigeria and to Taraba State from the United States on August 25 after 10 months of receiving treatment and rehabilitation.

“Barely one day after his return, a letter was delivered to the House declaring the governor’s fitness and readiness for work without affording the public a copy of his medical report of mental and physical fitness,” Mr. Falana had noted in his letter.

“That letter generated heated debate between supporters of the Acting Governor and Governor Suntai,” CSNAC said. “The veracity of the letter also divided the Taraba House of Assembly along lines of allegiance to either the Acting Governor or the returnee ailing Governor. The supporters of Acting Governor Umar, who are in the majority, succeeded in exposing the chicanery of those behind the generation and transmission of the letter with a demand to have a chat with Governor Suntai, who had not seen or spoken with any of them before then.”

Reflecting on developments since then, CSNAC noted the attempt on the life of the late Speaker and his eventual death two weeks ago, and the Deputy Speaker who escaped death by the whiskers last week.

It recalled that Mr. Falana had predicted the grave danger inherent in any failure to investigate the letter to confirm its authenticity, as there were several allegations within and outside Taraba State that it may have been forged by the governor’s handlers.

“In view of the above stated demands and unfavourable political developments currently playing out in that State, it is our expectation that your office must have concluded investigation into the matter, 3 months after, in view of its potential threat to the peace and development of not only Taraba but Nigeria as a whole. We are therefore, by this letter, demanding a copy of the outcome of that investigation.”

CSNAC is a coalition of over 150 anti-corruption organizations “whose primary aim is to constructively combat corruption vigorously and to ensure the effective monitoring of the various Anti-graft agencies in its activities in the fight against corruption and to enthrone transparency, accountability, probity, and total commitment in the fight to eradicate corruption in Nigeria.”

PREMIUM TIMES : Police, SSS Helped Chime Lock Up Wife For Four Months – Falana.


Sullivan and Clara Chime are now separated
By Ayo Okulaja

A human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has alleged that officials of the Nigeria Police Force and the Department of State Security Service, SSS, were involved in the four months ‘detention’ of Enugu State’s First Lady, Clara Chime.

Mr. Falana made the allegation at the launching of the book, ‘Honour For Sale, An Insider Account of the Murder of Dele Giwa by Major Debo Bashorun’, in Lagos on Friday.

“I have discovered that the police and SSS helped the governor in confining his wife in a room for four months incommunicado,” Mr. Falana said.
Earlier this month, Mrs. Chime was reported to have sent a letter to Mr. Falana, claiming that she had been detained in the government house by her husband, Governor Sullivan Chime. This led the lawyer to write a petition to the Inspector General of Police, and the National Human Rights Commission seeking an investigation into the alleged abuse of Mrs. Chime’s right of free movement.

The Governor later held a press conference confirming that he had detained his wife but only because of her ill-health.

Mr. Falana decried the presence of the security operatives at Mr. Chime’s press conference.

”The police officers were also at the press conference when the governor admitted that he has turned the government house into a psychiatric ward,” he lamented.

He stated that the connivance of the security operatives with the ruling class to oppress Nigerians was now the major threat to the nation’s democracy and rule of law. He enjoined all Nigerians to resist it.
Convoy to face manslaughter

Referring to the spate of road accidents and resulting deaths involving the Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada’s convoy, Mr. Falana noted, “Police officials and the SSS are always with these convoys that kill ordinary Nigerians.”

Mr. Wada himself broke a leg in one of the accidents while his former Aide-De-Camp, Idris Mohammed, died. In another one, which occurred in 2012, a pregnant woman was killed. The most recent one, two weeks ago, claimed the life of a former president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Festus Iyayi.

“Governor Wada should bear the tragic responsibility for the killing of Prof. Iyayi,” Mr. Falana said.

Acknowledging that Mr. Wada could not stand trial because of the constitutional immunity clause, Mr. Falana called for the Governor’s drivers to be charged with manslaughter.

“The desperate move to turn Nigeria into a police state must be resisted by all,” he declared.


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