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Hannity to Cuomo: I’m Leaving New York.

Image: Hannity to Cuomo: I'm Leaving New York


By Cathy Burke

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s dismissive critique of conservative Republicans as having “no place” in the Empire State may send popular talk shot host Sean Hannity packing.

On Albany’s The Capitol Pressroom radio show last Friday, the Democratic governor called out Republicans who are “right-to-life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay.”

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“If that’s who they are, they have no place in the state of New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are,” he railed.

Hannity responded Monday, telling his Fox News Channel television program fans he’s fed up not only with Cuomo’s dismissive line-in-the-sand — but also with New York’s sky-high taxes.

“Now I want to tell you something – I was born and raised in New York,” Hannity said, according to a video of the program on Breitbart news.

“I want you to know that and I can’t wait to get out of here. I really can’t. I don’t want to pay their 10-percent state tax anymore. I live in the second-highest property taxed county in the entire country in Nassau County.

“I can’t wait to sell my house to somebody who wants it.”

The Fox News personality said he also “can’t wait to pay no state income tax down in Florida or Texas,” though he hasn’t decided which state to adopt as his new home.

“… but I’m leaning Florida because I like the water and I like to fish,” he said.

Hannity joined the New York-based Fox network in 1996, and as host of Premiere Radio Networks’ “The Sean Hannity Show,” is syndicated to more than 500 stations, boasting 13.5 million listeners.

Hannity’s threatened exit follows those of fellow conservative radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, who left New York for Florida, and Glenn Beck, who fled the Empire State for Texas.

“Gov. Cuomo, I’m going to leave and I’m taking all of my money with me – every single solitary penny,” he said.

“And by the way governor, because I work here – there’s a whole bunch of people that work for me and benefit because I do two shows. And I guess maybe some of them will be out of work, governor. I’m sure you’ll take care of them.”

Urgent: Do You Approve Or Disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance? Vote Now in Urgent Poll

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Beck: Time Might Be Right to Send GOP the Way of the Whigs.

Image: Beck: Time Might Be Right to Send GOP the Way of the Whigs

By Greg Richter

Glenn Beck would like to see a revamped GOP, but if need be he wouldn’t mind seeing the party go the way of the Whigs.
Tea party Republicans such as Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, have a real chance to send the old guard of the Grand Old Party the way of the dodo, Beck said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”
There were only 20 Republicans in 1853, Beck said, yet by 1860 they had elected a president, Abraham Lincoln. Beck thinks such overwhelming change can happen even faster today because of the Internet.
“It was Einstein that said, the consciousness that created the problem cannot solve the problem,” Beck said. “So it’s time for a new consciousness.”
Beck repeated the argument he gave in a 2010 CPAC speech that there are progressives in the Republican Party who need to be defeated just as much as those in the Democratic Party.
But to do so, he said, people must “rise to the occasion and be our best selves.”
Any solutions to the problems in Washington, he said, must be based on “eternal principals.”
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Rand Paul: Putin ‘Running Circles’ Around Obama.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “running circles” around President Barack Obama, and if the Syrian crisis was a “game,” the Russian leader would be winning it, says Sen. Rand Paul.

“If this were a tennis match, it would be the umpire shouting, ‘Advantage Putin!’ He seems to be running circles around this administration,”” The Kentucky Republican told Glenn Beck on his radio show The Blaze Wednesday night, Politico reports.

Paul made his remarks before an op-ed piece written by Putin appeared in The New York Times. In his opinion, Putin said, the United States is “not exceptional,” a comment that would almost certainly draw criticism from Paul, who has often argued that the U.S. is exceptional because it stands for strong democratic principles.

Putin was writing to make the case for a diplomatic response to allegations that Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, including children.

The Obama administration has agreed to give Putin time to work out a diplomatic resolution but is still holding out the possibility of military action against Assad if Putin’s proposal aimed at putting Assad chemical arsenal under international control falls through.

Paul told Beck the president’s attempts at a “face-saving enterprise” on Syria aren’t working, but disagreed with Beck’s contention that events this week showed the United States is no longer the world’s superpower, a point Putin stressed as well in his Times piece.

“I would see that Russia is grasping, they’re grasping to try to look like a superpower that they once were, and I don’t think they are,” Paul said, adding that the U.S. is still a superpower even though it may not look like one now.

Paul also said he does not think what he believes to be Obama confused approach to Syria and other foreign policy issues is harming America’s credibility abroad.

“I don’t take [the president’s] insecurities and inabilities to make decisions, I don’t see that as something that damns all of America,” he said.

Paul also kept up his opposition to Obama’s call for military strikes in Syria, suggesting that would help Syrian rebels who may be working with extremists like al-Qaida.

“We’re hearing it directly from soldiers, we’re hearing it from their parents . . . They aren’t willing to fight for al-Qaida,” Paul said, referring to comments from Americans and even some members of the military worried about the U.S. being drawn into the civil war in Syria.

In another interview Wednesday, Paul told National Public Radio that he believes there is “evil on both sides” of the Syrian conflict, but he also believes the U.S. should work with Russia and the United Nations on reaching a solution.

“I’ve thought for some time that the answer to a lot of problems in the Middle East, including Iran, include an active role with Russia,” Paul said.

“In a reality, what we should be doing is having quiet diplomacy with the Russians to convince them that it’s in their self-interest to have a more stable Middle East because trade enriches us all. And the more we can have peaceful trade, both with Russia, with China, and with others — you know, there’s a self-interest in this for everyone. And I think we can’t be naive in dealing with the Russians or dealing with the Syrians.”

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By Sandy Fitzgerald

Glenn Beck and His 10 Tribes of Israel Theory.


Talk show host Glenn Beck.
Talk show host Glenn Beck. (

There are a lot of theories as to what happened to the 10 lost tribes of Israel—most of them improvable, some of them outright wacky. (Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, believed they, along with the apostle John, are floating in space on a piece of Earth that broke off.)

Recently, popular radio host and sometimes Trilateral-Commission-like conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck taught his listeners that the 10 tribes were the founders of the United States—at least, I think that is what he was saying.

He presented a history lesson—that had as much congruity as Ahmadinejad’s teachings on the Holocaust—backed up by no sources, no quote from any reputable historian and not even a Wikipedia reference. It simply left me dumbfounded and, truthfully, unable to figure what his point was.

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Beck. Over the years, he has confronted America on key issues. He has called out those in the political world who don’t share American values. He has revealed socialists and anti-Semites in the Obama administration. And most importantly, he’s funny. But every now and then, he will share something that is so far out in left field that I am left to wonder if he doesn’t have two personalities:

  1. Powerful prophetic voice to America.
  2. Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory before he gets his mind back.

Beck’s theory on the U.S. being founded by lost members of the 10 tribes of Israel went something like this:

  1. There were two kingdoms in Israel.
  2. The Northern Kingdom of Israel was made up of 10 tribes.
  3. The Southern Kingdom “was Judah, that has Jerusalem … root, Jew!” (Actually the word Jerusalem is not at all connected to the word Jew [Yehuda], and the Southern Kingdom was made up of Judah, Benjamin and half of Levi.)
  4. God speaks against the northern tribes through Jeremiah. (In fact, the northern tribes had already been conquered by Assyria before Jeremiah was born—86 years before!)
  5. Then Israel (the northern tribes) is taken into captivity by the Assyrians.
  6. “The kingdom of Judah was not scattered.” (Wrong! They were the ones to whom Jeremiah prophesied. In 586 B.C., Judah went into captivity. However, unlike the northern tribes, it remained an identifiable people group and returned to Jerusalem 70 years later.)
  7. When the Assyrians were defeated, they, along with the 10 tribes of Israel, fled together. (This is nuts! Beck just explained how ruthless the Assyrians were, but then they flee hand in hand with their buddies, the Israelites?)
  8. They flee together to the Caucasus Mountains. (I am not sure if Glenn knows where these mountains are, based on his next comments. They are, in fact, in northeastern Turkey, bordering Russia, Iran and a few other countries.)
  9. Then the Assyrians settled in Italy, Germany (both very, very far from the Caucasus Mountains) and Russia. According to Beck, the Assyrians were meticulous record keepers, but he doesn’t cite any of those records to prove his theory.
  10. The Israelites went north and settled on the coastlines, referring to the area where our pilgrims came from. (That would be England, Mr. Beck. Please go to a map and locate the Caucasus Mountains and then go north—you will be in northern Russia. London is 2,500 miles west of the Caucasus Mountains.)
  11. The Israelites then populated Western Europe. (Beck forgets that, according to his theory, the much larger group of Assyrians was also populating the region).
  12. Beck seems to claim that the pilgrims (who in reality were separatists from the Anglican Church in England) were, in fact, part of or the entire lost 10 tribes.
  13. Or maybe he is simply saying that the lost 10 tribes (who were idol worshippers, by the way) had a profound influence on the West and inspired the pilgrims (which would be difficult, because if the 10 tribes were actually in Europe, they didn’t know it—they had long ago assimilated).

You watch the clip and tell me in the comments sections if you can figure out what Beck was saying.

There are so many biblical accuracies in Glenn’s teaching that it is clear he has not studied this issue. It appears he is simply repeating by memory a theory he read in a book. With such a large audience, he was very reckless in handling the Word of God.

There is evidence that suggests that some of these Israelites did end up in an area near the Caucuses to which Beck refers. Some believe Peter was writing to them (the pilgrims of the Dispersion [as in exile] in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia). There is also evidence that some fled to India, China and even Africa.

I am not an expert on this. However, Beck’s assertion (again, he was all over the place, so I am not sure what he said) that Caucasians come from Jews who fled with Assyria and then either were the pilgrims or influenced them is fantasy.

What About the 10 Tribes?

When Assyria conquered the Northern Kingdom, without a doubt many fled to Judah—the Southern Kingdom. Plus, there was intermarriage within the tribes. My point is, every tribe to some degree has been preserved. Luke 2:36 says Anna the prophetess came from the tribe of Asher, and this was more than 700 years after the Assyrian captivity.

Beck does get one thing right. At about 6:20 in the clip, he says, “I am not the guy to go to on [Middle East History].” Sadly, he then went on to teach utter nonsense with an air of authority.



Ron Cantor is the director of Messiah’s Mandate International in Israel, a Messianic ministry dedicated to taking the message of Jesus from Israel to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Cantor also travels internationally teaching on the Jewish roots of the New Testament. He serves on the pastoral team of Tiferet Yeshua, a Hebrew-speaking congregation in Tel Aviv. His newest book, Identity Theft, was released April 16. Follow him at @RonSCantor on Twitter.

Glenn Beck: Bible Shows US Among Lost 10 Tribes of Israel.

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck (Facebook)

Controversial radio and television host Glenn Beck recently discussed his belief that the United States is among the famous “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel” on his TV showThe Glenn Beck Program.

Beck gives viewers a biblical history lesson dating back to the Old Testament‘s post-King David era when Israel becomes divided.

He goes on to talk about how modern symbols of our nation, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Seal of the U.S. president and the great seal of the U.S., reflect events in the Bible.

Click below to watch Beck discuss U.S. connections with ancient Israel beginning at the 5:40 mark.

Fox News: Glenn Beck Left Network As Failure.

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck stirred up his old employer in an interview citing his reasoning behind leaving.

“If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond,” Beck said in an interview at the NYU Stern School of Business on Friday. “I remember feeling, ‘If you do not leave now, you won’t leave with your soul intact.’”

Fox News spokesman challenged that, telling Politico, “Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass. Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.”

Beck had a show on Fox News Channel for two and half years, and on Headline News two years before that.

Beck said Fox News chairman Roger Ailes tried to talk him out of leaving, to no avail.

“Roger said to me, ‘You’re not going to leave.’ And I said, ‘I am.’ And he said, ‘Nobody does,’ meaning leave television….And I said, ‘I’m fortunate because I haven’t been in it that long.’ I knew what this big, huge Fox empire brought to the table, and I had to leave before I became too enamored of that.”

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By Greg Richter

Why the Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media.

teens watching TV

The following is an excerpt from my book: The Last TV Evangelist: Why the Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media, and Why it Matters. If you’re involved in religious media, you need to read this—and pass it on to your pastor or leadership team. Here are some of the biggest reasons TV evangelists and pastors on TV are not reaching this generation:

OFFENDER #1:  If you talk in a different voice when the camera is turned on: Everywhere else on television we see reality. Love it or hate it, reality programming has left an indelible mark on the industry. So when you appear on your program with your “classic TV voice” it sticks out like a sore thumb. You know who I’m talking about. Numerous ministry leaders are gracious, authentic and engaging when talking with friends over lunch. But turn on the camera, and they become someone else. The television commercial business is a great example of the change.

National spots used to be narrated by men with powerful voices. Deep voices that resonated with power and authority. But listen to a commercial today. More often than not, it sounds like a regular guy—or woman. The advertiser knows the connection doesn’t come from a perfect voice, but from the sound of someone like you and me. Watch regular television and listen to the difference. Stop trying to be bigger than life. Be real. Speak normally. It doesn’t make you more anointed or powerful when you try to sound like God. Talk like everyone else, and you’ll be amazed at the connection. The “over the top” era is done.

OFFENDER #2:  If on TV you wear different clothes or hairstyles than everyone else: Back in the glory days of “variety” programming, stars wore some pretty weird outfits, and the audience loved it. When I took the tour through Graceland—the estate of the late Elvis Presley—I marveled at the collection of his outrageous concert outfits. Unbelievable stuff. A walk through the historical section of a prop and costume department in Hollywood is a similar experience. But that was a different time. While I’m always open to change, as of this writing:

Nehru jackets are done.

Big gold chains are for hip-hop artists and gangsters.

Trust me. Everyone knows that’s a toupee on your head.

T.D. Jakes is cool. White preachers that try to dress like T.D. are not.

T-shirts under sportcoats went out with Miami Vice.

Spandex is not for TV—ever.

And when it comes to TV evangelists, what’s the thing about hair? Do I really have to elaborate? Years ago, I filmed one offender deep in the desert of the Middle East for a TV segment. The wind was raging, and his comb-over was so huge, he went through nearly a case of hairspray to keep it under control. When he was finished, his hair looked more like a NASCAR helmet. The desert sands were blowing all around him, and my crew was fighting to hold down the equipment, but that comb-over stayed firm without a hair out of place. If a nuclear attack had happened at that moment, I wanted under that helmet of hair. Study the wardrobe and hairstyles of secular TV hosts today. It’s remarkably normal stuff. Tasteful and subtle. Now—quick—switch back to a Christian TV program.


To be fair, let me turn the tables and say something to today’s “hip” young pastors: It’s time to stop wearing those striped shirts with the shirttails out when you preach. Wearing jeans and open collar shirts is fine. But styles change and it’s time to change with it. Hundreds of young contemporary pastors all look alike today—jeans, striped shirts, tails out. And while you’re tossing out those shirts, dump anything with big designs on it. You know what I’m talking about—the t-shirts with the big printed crosses, or the torn up sport coats with stuff written on them.

The point is, people change, trends change and fashion changes. When every pastor in America looks alike, nothing is distinctive anymore.

OFFENDER #3:  If you use the phrases, “Shake the nations,” “Transform your life,” or “Touch the world” more than once in a 30 minute TV or radio program. Yes—I admit being guilty of these offenses in my day, but I went into treatment and I’m better now.

The point is about hype. There’s just too much of it in religious media. When every CD set, book, or sermon from every preacher will change your life, then nothing will. The audience gets numb when the superlatives come in a continual flood. I always coach actors that during a dramatic scene, speaking in a loud voice all the time actually lessens the impact of the scene. When someone talks loud continually, after a while the audience simply filters it out.

Talking loud has impact, only after you’ve been speaking in a softer voice.Contrast matters. Stop the hype.Yes, God can do amazing things. He can transform people’s lives. He can shake nations. But be realistic about your products and your ministry. Let other people say nice things about you. Modesty is a virtue. You’ll be amazed at the credibility you’ll gain with the audience.

OFFENDER #4:  If the audience notices the furniture more than you. I was once asked for my thoughts on a particular Sunday morning program, and when I viewed the DVD, the first thing I noticed was the set design must have cost an absolute fortune. Not because it was creatively designed, but because it looked so expensive. It was almost all white, very elaborate, had a few gold touches, and generally, looked like the inside of a palace. For some reason I can’t figure out, we’ve come to think that we’ll gain more respect as Christian broadcasters if we create the illusion of a really expensive set. I made two comments to the pastor. First—why should I financially support your media ministry? Your set makes it appear you have all the money you’ll ever need. Second—this environment is so far removed from my daily life, I can’t really relate to you or your message. He didn’t take my advice, and his audience continues to drop. (Well, what did you expect?)

I love a great setting for a program and our company has designed and built some amazing sets for our media clients. When it’s appropriate, it can make a huge impact because it places your message in a complementary setting. Sets are important. But the program is about your message – not about you or your set. Keep that in perspective.

OFFENDER #5:  If you’re still doing a talk show format with a monologue, a live band, and interviews. The comedy greats like Carson, Leno, Letterman and others have taken control of that territory, and plenty of others—especially in late night programming—are following in their footsteps. So let’s look at another approach. For some mysterious reason, certain Christian broadcasters think this format is sacred, and have tried it over and over and still haven’t succeeded. But by contrast, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Glenn Beck and plenty of others have all done successful interview programs without the need of a live band, monologue or the other trappings of late night TV.

Be bold. Be innovative. Stop copying other people and explore the right format that will showcase your gifts and talents—not look like someone else.

OFFENDER #6:  If you’re still building altars of prayer requests people have sent in. It’s done for one reason—to impress the audience with numbers. If the audience can see that thousands of people responded, and the evangelist has built an altar from the requests, then maybe I should send in mine as well (and include a check.) As most of these points I’m listing indicate, this was started by well-meaning people with the best of intentions. Truth be told, it was probably a good idea ONCE. But when it’s done over and over, it simply loses it’s meaning.

An older generation was touched by big, expansive gestures, but a younger generation sees it for what it is—excessive manipulation.

Anytime you use an idea like this, make sure you’re sensitive to the issues of manipulation and exploitation. As I’ll say over and over throughout the book, we’re creating media for a generation that’s been sold to, marketed, and branded all their lives, and they’re the most media savvy generation in history. Be very careful that even with a well-intentioned idea, that it’s not perceived as a gimmick or publicity stunt.

OFFENDER #7:  Finally, if the singing group on your program is called “The (insert name here) Singers.” I think this idea went out about the time of Lawrence Welk or The New Christy Minstrels. In junior high, I was in “The New Creation Singers.” In seventh grade it was cool. It’s not now. The (insert TV evangelist name) Singers. You get it. Enough said.

The list of religious media indiscretions could continue, but you get my point. The production styles, creative ideas, fashions or techniques that worked yesterday don’t always work today.

Please remember that in listing these particular offenses, I’m not commenting on the intentions or integrity of particular ministries who are still trying these worn-out methods. I have the greatest respect for anyone trying to share their faith with the culture. But I’m commenting on the need to stop kicking a dead horse and start looking at a new method of transportation. Our job as communicators is to see the changes coming in the culture and adapt, so our message is as relevant now as it was yesterday—and will still be tomorrow.


Phil Cooke is a media consultant focused mainly on the Christian market, as well as a vocal critic of contemporary American and American-influenced Christian culture. Click here to visit his website.

Google Ignores Christ — Honors Cesar Chavez — on Easter.

Image: Google Ignores Christ — Honors Cesar Chavez — on Easter

By Greg Richter

Anger arose Easter morning when Google chose to honor Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez on its search engine rather than the Christian holiday.

Google has long marked holidays and the birthdays of notable figures by incorporating them into the normally simple logo. But on Sunday two of those fell on the same day: the 86th anniversary of Chavez’s birth and Easter, the day Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and children awaken to see what treats the Easter Bunny has brought them.

Social media was abuzz with reaction:

“Cool for Google to not celebrate Easter but really?!!? Go to . HAPPY Caesar Chavez day everybody! #HELIVES!” conservative pundit Glenn Beck tweeted.

As ABC reports
, Google hasn’t marked Easter with its Google Doodle, as the special artworks are called, since 2000, but that was little comfort to many – especially since rival search engine Bing covered its home page with colorful Easter eggs.

Twitchy, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin’s Twitter curation site, gathered several of the tweets.

“I’ve got nothing against Cesar Chavez, but even Chavez was a Catholic. I doubt he’d want Google to recognize him on Resurrection Day,” tweeted Keith R. Kingsolver @jksolver

“Today’s Google Doodle honors César Chávez, who is shown wearing white resplendent clothes as befits one risen from the dead. Er, wait,” said Esteban Vázquez @voxstefani

But the ecumenical website First Things said that while Google’s decision seemed hard to justify, it was actually fitting, considering Chavez’s own deep Catholic faith.

“As a Christian, Chavez believed that the first revolution had to be a revolution of the soul, which meant that personal sacrifices were demanded — not just of the oppressor, but of the oppressed,” First Things noted.

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Glenn Beck Taps Liberty University Law Student for News Reporter.

Brian Bosché
Brian Bosché (David Duncan/ Liberty University)

Brian Bosché, a student at Liberty University School of Law, recently accepted an offer with Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV to be a face of the new For the Record, what Beck hopes to be an edgy news program aimed at younger viewers.

Upon completion of his law degree in May, Bosché will begin with TheBlaze as a reporter in June.

“It is an amazing opportunity for a Liberty law student to land such a strategically influential job as a media reporter and correspondent for a national newscast with Glenn Beck’s network,” said Mat Staver, dean of Liberty’s law school. “Immediately upon graduation Brian Bosché will be influencing the country through investigative and documentary news stories. I could not be more proud of Brian.”

Bosché, a native of nearby Roanoke, Va., will become the first Liberty law graduate to work in a major television broadcasting position. He is also a rarity among law students, as he attended Liberty in hopes of pursuing journalism rather than practicing law.

Bosché said he is passionate about politics and the Constitution and decided to pursue a law degree at Liberty to add another skillset to his arsenal. A law degree, he said, is “a great tool” when interviewing politicians and other individuals with legal training.

He called his experience at Liberty “incredible.”

“I went to Liberty—and applied only to Liberty—because of the worldview aspect,” Bosché said. “I wanted to come here because I wanted my legal education to be in line with my Christian worldview. They have a different method of teaching here at the law school. It’s a very foundational approach and it’s constitutionally based.”

The opportunity with TheBlaze came as a surprise to Bosché, who studied broadcasting at Virginia Tech before coming to Liberty to study law. In early December a former producer of Bosché’s, who now works for TheBlaze, reached out to him. The producer remembered Bosché’s work out of more than 200 other undergraduate students he had worked with while producing a national news website targeted to college students.

He set up a preliminary interview with Bosché at TheBlaze TV’s Columbus, Ohio, offices soon after and at the end of January, the network flew him to New York for an interview with Joel Cheatwood, TheBlaze’s president and chief creative officer. Bosché was offered the position 24 hours later.

“It is all very humbling … the fact that I was even (considered),” Bosché said. “It’s humbling to come right out of law school and go do something that has widespread potential to be a successful television network.”

Bosché said this is a dream job for him; he has wanted to be a television journalist since high school, when he did morning announcements and worked with a local news station to sharpen his skills. In college he did whatever he could to gain experience, including online broadcasting, interning locally and at the NBC News Washington Bureau.

Beck recently announced plans to expand TheBlaze into “a cutting-edge international news network.” He plans to use programs, such as “For the Record,” to re-establish hard-nosed, investigative journalism, which he feels is no longer the standard in television news.

“‘For the Record’ will offer the hardline journalism we don’t see much of anymore,” Bosché said. “We don’t get much depth anymore with television news … I think that we are missing out on that informed citizenry we really need when we are talking about voting and decisions for our country.”

TheBlaze began as a 24-hour online news and entertainment network, and last fall it was launched on DISH Network, Channel 212. Beck has high aspirations for the network and hopes to see it continue to expand, in spite of its critics, and become competitive with other major news networks.

Beck has a good relationship with Liberty because of his no-nonsense approach to defending traditional, conservative values. He was the keynote speaker at Liberty’s 2010 Commencement. Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has appeared on Beck’s television show to discuss topics such as social justice and the role of religion in today’s society.


Glenn Beck announces plans for Independence, USA.


Glenn Beck explains Independence, USA. (Fox News Videos)Glenn Beck explains Independence, USA. (Fox News Videos)

Right-wing rabble-rouser Glenn Beck recently announced that he wanted to “go Galt” and create a self-sustaining community, inspired by the philosophy of Ayn Rand‘s character John Galt from “Atlas Shrugged.”

The community will be known as Independence, USA. If and when it is completed, Independence will produce its own food and TV and film content. There will be homes, baseball fields and a theme park. Think: Small Town, USA, but with a Beckish vibe.

Beck announced his plans on “The Glenn Beck Program.” The main entrance to the proposed community will be based on Ellis Island because, in Beck’s words, that’s how most Americans came to the country. There will also be a marketplace, but don’t confuse it with your local mall.

“There’s not going to be a Gap here. There’s no Ann Taylor. You want an Ann Taylor, go someplace else,” Beck said in a video announcement. The marketplace, Beck says, will be a place for people to create their own businesses and learn from others.

[Related: Beck: ‘Badge of honor’ that I’m more loathsome to Al Gore than Al Jazeera]

Other areas of Independence: The ranch (that’s where residents will grow food and teach people how to grow crops), the media center (where Beck will film his show and where other entertainers will create movies, TV shows and documentaries), an Alamo-style mission for people to “gather and help others,” a research and development laboratory and much more.

The main point, Beck says, is education. “Before you send your kids to college,” Beck said in his pitch video, “you come to us. And you spend a week with us. We’re gonna tell them exactly, we will show them the truth, we will tell them what they’re going to try to do, and we will deprogram them every summer, if you care.”

What’s Beck’s utopia gonna cost? Around $2 billion. Beck says he’s willing to take steps to make his vision happen “one piece at a time.” Just don’t expect to find a Gap. You can watch Beck’s pitch here.


By  | The Lookout

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