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I Was Tempted By Three Presidents To Leave APGA, But I Refused, Says Gov. Obi.



Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State on Saturday said three presidents had at different occasions attempted to lure him to join the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, but that he declined their overtures.He, however, mentioned only two of them – Olusegun Obasanjo and the late Umaru Yar’Adua.President Goodluck Jonathan is the third president under the current democratic dispensation and in whose government Obi, a retired bank chief executive, is serving as an honorary adviser on financial matters.Obi made this known at a National Executive Council meeting of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in Awka, Anambra State capital.He said, “I was tempted by three Presidents to leave APGA. The first was President (Olusegun) Obasanjo. The second was President (Umaru) Yar’Adua, who invited me and the (then) Governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, but I didn’t join (the party). They told me you (Obi) have the future, you have this…” the governor said.Information Nigeria reports that at the NEC meeting, Gov. Obi’s appointment as the National Leader and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the party, which was vacated by Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu on his death two years ago, was ratified.The NEC also appointed 30 members of the BOT, including six women. It, however, stepped down the inclusion of former Minister of Health, Dr. Tim Menakaya, as a member of the BOT following objections raised by some members.Meanwhile, February 15, 2014, has been scheduled as APGA’s national convention.
by: daniel

Source: Radio Biafra.

Not Again, say no to Ngige and APC Islamising Anambra like Rochas Okorocha in Imo State.


Vote for Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, and the entire Imo accepted. Why because he has Igbo name and we thought he will be better than the then tyrant Ikedi Ohakim !
Imo people ask who bigot this son of the devil? The answer is no. What can Imo people do now that he is turning their sons and daughters into Boko Haram members? Time to place bounty on Okorocha’s head in Biafraland or he will do worst that this video portrayed.

Owerri people, Mbaise people, Orlu people and other Imo people wake up and deal with this embodiment otherwise we cannot say that we did not see it when we became under pressure for a man that we all voted for.

Do it your way let’s stop this Hausa man from destroying our land and culture.

Source: Radio Biafra

Bomb scare in Imo as Okorocha, aides scamper for safety.



All hell was let loose yesterday at the Ahajioku Convention Centre in Owerri, the Imo State capital, when security aides

to Governor Rochas Okorocha, suddenly whisked the governor away from the centre following a bomb scare. An eyewitness told Saturday Mirror that, the governor who was holding a meeting with some political stakeholders in the state, was interrupted by his security aides, who broke protocol to alert him of imminent danger.

The source, said that the attitude of the security operatives, which provoked fear among the audience resulted to a stampede, which left several people injured as they scampered to safety.

According to the source, “Suddenly the security men started running helter skelter and cordoned off the podium to shield the Governor, so everybody started running in all direction and some of the people were trampled upon, the source who pleaded anonymity said. “But after the initial pandemonium, it was discovered that the course of the stampede was an empty bag that was abandoned on the gallery”.

Meanwhile, it took the bomb disposal unit attached to the Government House, who arrived the scene about an hour later, to confirm that the content of the bag was books and other personal effects that was probably forgotten by somebody.

Speaking later one of the bomb disposal experts, who did not want his name mentioned, disclosed that they arrived late at the scene because they had no operational vehicle and functional equipment, blamed the governor’s security details for stampeding the audience.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Tears For Chief Pini Jason; My Mentor, My Teacher By Joe Igbokwe.

Pini Jason
By Joe Igbokwe

On Saturday June 1st 2013 my Oga in the literally world, my mentor and teacher Chief Pini Jason will be buried in Obizi, Mbaise Imo State, Nigeria. He died at the age of 65. Just last week on May 23 2013 in Ogidi, Anambra State, Prof Chinua Achebe, an internationally acclaimed author and one of Africa’s great writers joined the saints triumphant. For Igbo nation and Nigeria to lose such great men of letters almost the same time is something that is difficult to comprehend. To lose two of such great scholars and masters of subtlety in one fell swoop at this critical point in the nation’s history is just too much for Ndigbo. These two men were great intellectuals who spoke truth to power no matter whose ox is gored. They were two great men, who understood the duties of the intellectuals at a time like this and consequently did justice to truth. A big vacuum has been created in Igbo land and Nigeria and I do not know how we can fill it. Chief Pini Jason, Onunaekwuruoha (voice of the voiceless) was one of the great writers in Nigeria who taught me how to write. Even though I had interests in the business of writing in my Secondary School days, my love for science subjects led me to study Mechanical Engineering. And even as I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nigeria, the General Studies (GS) still brought me close to humanity and Social Sciences. In 1983, I started picking interest in Newspapers and Magazines.

When I left the university my interest in these periodicals grew like wildfire. I then developed great interest in Nigeria’s great writers like, Chief Pini Jason, the late Dele Giwa, Dan Agbese, the late Chris Okorie, Ray Ekpu, Yakubu Mohammed, the late Chief Bola Ige (in Sunday Tribune) Edwin Mbadinagu, Duro Onabule, Dele Omotunde, Dare Babarinsa, Dr Shobowale, Prof Akin Osuntokun, Layi Olorude, Prof Lamikanra etc. These men taught me how to develop skills and styles in the literally world. First I started contributing letters to the Editors and from there I moved on. In 1995 I wrote my first book, Igbos: 25 years After Biafra. Incidentally, my mentor, my teacher Chief Pini Jason was the Reviewer of that 115 page book. His deep knowledge and the professional manner he put to bear at once catapulted the book and me to the point of public recognition.

Since then I have not looked back.

The search for a new Nigeria where social justice, equity and fairplay will prevail had in the past put both of us together in various committees and this great man, and rib cracker never disappointed anybody. He had the gift of the garb, he was eloquent, fearless, versatile, consummate analyst, historian and yet humble. Chief Sam Amuka, the publisher of the Vanguard Newspaper which Pini Jason enriched with his numerous writings for 10 years had this to say of the man of letters in the years of the locust: “for over ten years, weekly, in Vanguard Pini Jason has spoken out forcefully and beautifully, what many Nigerians thought of privately and have been afraid even to whisper to their friends, for fear of their safety especially in these times when some outspoken persons have died in their bedrooms and on the streets”

As a Hero of Democracy I had this to say about Chief Pini Jason  in my second book Heroes of Democracy published in 1999: “Chief Pini Jason (Onunaekwuruoha), is a prolific, consistent and committed writer, an author, thinker, leader, publisher, a renowned and widely travelled international journalist, and of the most powerful and popular voices in Nigerian journalism, Chief Pini Jason is detribalized Nigerian, the voice of the voiceless, one of the most consistent critics of military dictatorship in Nigeria, defender of the defenseless, a man of letters and strong believer in social justice and rule of law. Like Voltaire and Rousseau, Chief Pini Jason believes that society can be changed through writings and publications. For 10 years Pini Jason contributed over 140 compelling and readable essays high-lighting Nigeria’s political, economic and social travails and triumphs every Friday in the Vanguard Newspaper. On March 31 1998, Pini Jason put all his tremendous works in various magazines and newspaper  in one book, A FAMILIAR ROAD, a 400-page document that tells it all in a beautiful prose. In the prodigious book, Chief Pini Jason wrote 14 essays on the leadership question in Nigeria, 16 essays on Nigeria’s National Question, 36 on the military’s endless transition, 13 on the beauty and pains of journalism, and 14 on the economy”

I  am shedding tears for these great writers, Prof. Chinua Achebe and Chief Pini Jason because replacements will be too hard to find in this present stage and age. Our brightest and bests are going home to rest with no replacement in sight. This is the tragedy of our times. May the souls of those who died for freedom, peace and defended those who could not defend themselves rest in perfect peace with the Lord. May God Almighty grant the widow Chief (Mrs) Priscilla Onyegbadue, Amamdi and other siblings the fortitude to bear the great loss.


Clown-in-Charge At The Douglas House By Prof. Edward Oparaoji.

By Prof. Edward Oparaoji

In August 2011, while assessing Gov. Rochas Okorocha administration’s first 100 days in office, I wrote a widely published article titled “Rescue Mission for Rochas” in which I stated that “The euphoria that greeted the expulsion of Ikedi Ohakim from and the election of Rochas Okorocha to the Douglas House Owerri, Imo State, on May 29, 2011, has quickly fizzled out. Replaced with bewilderment, astonishment and disbelief, as Imolites watch Rochas self-destruct. I was unable to find any record of any leader that has sunk so precipitously in popularity, in so short a time – Not even by the standards of the dictatorships he appears to mimic!”

Most defenders of Gov. Okorocha cried foul saying it was too soon to judge him, even with the very early obvious blinding clueless neon-signs showing him headed in the wrong direction. Some of my observations then included, his wrong decisions to rescind those 10,000 jobs created by his predecessor intended to refresh the State’s aging civil service with young graduates; firing of those “elected” local government chairmen; brazen interference with management of educational, town unions and traditional rulers’ institutions; creation of unconstitutional administrative structures and appointing his minions “otimkpus” (Praise Singers) as advisers for everything that exists; and the daily drumbeat and unending campaign against his predecessor Gov. Ikedi Ohakim’s legacy, at a time critical for him to firmly establish a governing doctrine.

I, also, described his performance then as “visible with little substance”. Fast forward to today, has anything changed? Yes. They have not only gotten worse, but we now also know he is sadly a clown! A clueless clown! How else would you characterize a governor who governs by weekly paid advertorial on AIT television, of totally irrelevant and obscenely wasteful events, such as birthday, daughter’s wedding, social events that add no value to the quality of life of Imolites?  How else would you characterize a governor whose idea of development is the nonstrategic proliferation of  hotels and brothels, pronouncement of policy initiatives without follow up, such as his hollow free education, haphazard  construction of roads, hospitals, and schools? How else would you characterize a governor who fraudulently recruited contractors without mobilization and payment, in violation of the Procurement Act thus financially incapacitating the contractors, and the commuters who find plying the roads now worse than ever? How else would you characterize a governor of Imo State who secretly concessioned out public hospitals in Imo State to a Kaduna based company (Lantech Solutions Ltd., reportedly run by a friend of his Dr. Ibrahim)? How else would you characterize a governor who is lawless, who despite several court verdicts directing him to allow “elected” (although flawed) local government council chairmen to run the affairs of the councils, Gov. Okorocha refused to cooperate, he continued cornering and appropriating their resources thus crippling activities of the 27 LGAs?

How else would you characterize a governor of Imo State who thinks it is a great idea to introduce a non Igbo culture of doling out free money, not earned, such as the doling out of free One Hundred Naira (N100.00) monthly to primary school pupils rather than make them earn it through various forms of competition, creative projects or other productive endeavors? How else would you characterize a governor who within one year, has changed the Vice-Chancellor of Imo State University three times, thereby impeding scholarship, academic freedom and discipline? How else would you characterize a governor whose news worthiness are when he is fraudulently grabbing lands, selfishly relocating commercial and public facilities and creating confusion at local levels with his ill-advised so called 4th tier of government? How else would you characterize a governor who comingles affairs of his questionable Rochas Foundation with Imo State Affairs? How else would you characterize a governor who unilaterally declared a 2 week paid Christmas holidays for civil servants with the consequential impact on productivity? How else would you characterize a governor whose glaring accomplishments, halfway through his first term, are lack of governing vision, chaos, planlessness, bogus projects and converting the State into Rochas Inc.? Finally, how else would you characterize a governor who recently made a circus show out of a legitimate effort to probe his predecessor, by prejudicing his investigation by politically declaring his target guilty before constituting the panel of inquiry? Well you know my generous opinion already- a Clown is in charge at the Douglas House, but no one seems to be laughing. God help us!

-Edward Oparaoji, Philadelphia USA


FG to stop patronising security companies without plants in Nigeria.

As part of its development agenda, the Federal Government will soon stop
doing business with any foreign firm that has no production outlet in the
country. This is with a view to stop it from becoming a dumping ground for
foreign sub-standard products.
Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Captain Caleb Olubolade disclosed this when
he met with representatives of Mekahog Limited, manufacturers of military
and security equipment in Abuja.
The Minister said apart from ensuring that what is produced meet the nation’s
needs expectations,  the measure would according to him, also open a lot of
opportunities, especially in terms of jobs.
Olubolade however commended the Management of Messrs Mekahog for
offering to establish a production plant for Amoured Personnel Carriers and
other security hardware in Nigeria and promised to facilitate whatever would
be required to achieve it.
He also expressed satisfaction with the company’s survey of its products
currently being used by the Nigeria Police Force for possible refurbishment
and upgrading and said such actions would determine, to a great extent, the
Minstry’s relationship with police equipment manufacturers henceforth.
Earlier, the Group President of Messrs Mekahog, Chief Ikedi Ohakim
informed the Minister that many of the company’s products were being used
satisfactorily by the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies. This,
he said, informed the decision to establish a manufacturing plant in the
The plant which he added, will produce the Springbok brand of Armoured
Personnel Carriers and other security hardware, would also provide
employment for more than 2000 Nigerians.
He also expressed the company’s preparedness to train officers of the
Nigeria Police Force on the repair and regular maintenance of its equipment
and invited the officials of the Ministry and the Nigeria Police Force for an
inspection visit to its factory in South Africa.

By African Examiner.

Okorocha and his praise singers.

I read a Sun Newspaper article written by Godson Offoaro were he said that
Rochas Okorocha the Governor of Imo State ate his lunch by wrestling power
out of the hands of Ikedi Ohakim. I ‘do bale’ at Offoaro’s   style of  trying to
get another lunch pack, this time from the Prophet of Rescue, the man with
shinning white buba and red cap  by speaking sweet talks  and shouting
‘Ranka dede’. With the confidence of his gift of the pen, Godson Offoaro with
the spirit of ‘any government in power’ invoked the highest hypocrisy by
trumpeting and advertising sham accomplishments of the Imo State
Governor. One of Okorocha’s accomplishments according to the gospel of
Offoaro is the tarring of roads. Missing in his claims is the poor quality of the
roads that Okorocha has tarred.

Offoaro failed to tell us that our Governor  poured ‘coal tar’ on sand to give
the appearance that  roads  have  been tarred.  He failed to tell us that Imo
State has a proper way of awarding contracts  such that  it must take a
tender board to put up adverts for contractors to apply. He failed to tell us
that Okorocha did not follow due process of putting up invitation for tender in
awarding the so called road contracts. He failed to tell us that contractors
were not invited, screened or shortlisted for the road contracts. He failed to
tell us that the contracts were awarded to friends and relatives as their own
share of Imo State cake .

Going against the law in other to compensate friends and relatives will end up
inflicting more harm than good to the scheme and system of things. Why
must we be pouring ‘coal tar’ on sand in Owerri when the rural areas where
over 90 percent of  ‘Imolites’  are living are not accessible? .It is only a
professional sycophant that will feel duty bound to cheer a Governor to failure
because of a lunch pack. Reading Offoaro , you will think that there were no
roads and services before Okorocha  came to power.We all know that
Okorocha is currently battling to resuscitate his dwindling popularity. We all
know that he has contracted many Spin Doctors to build fake mass support
for his deceitful activities. But no amount of spin from his Spin Doctors will
disguise the fact that he has  not performed well so far.

Can the Spin Doctors erase the fact that Okorocha is looting our LGA funds?
Okorocha sacked democratically elected LGA Chairmen and Councillors and
appointed Sole Administrators for our LGA’s. The Sole Administrators are
his  agents for diverting our LGA funds for his personal use. Today, the
Councils in Imo State are dysfunctional. Nothing is happening in  over 90
percent of Imo State Councils. Our LGA funds are held hostage and we are
deprived the opportunity to function democratically. Instead of conducting
Council election in Imo State our Governor says he is into LGA reforms and
that our LGA’s will soon be called Committee of Government Councils where
each Council in Imo will be headed by a Traditional Ruler and members will
be LGA Sole Administrators,Town Union Presidents,Women Leaders and
Youth Leaders .

Okorocha’s praise singers should please tell him that we don’t need his
unconstitutional Committee of Government Councils.We need LGA election
in Imo State.They should tell him to stop looting our LGA  funds. He must
hands off Council funds so that our Councils can begin to thrive as expected.
Unless our LGA’s are free to govern self, we have no grassroots democracy.
We must permit the LGA’s to elect their own leaders, who in turn can
embark on developing their areas. We must stop denying the people
governance at the third tier.

Only a professional sycophant will sing the praise of a Governor whose
policies have been changing like the British weather. Okorocha  has made so
many promises  that he did not fulfil. For example,he promised to  pay
20,000 naira minimum wage to Imo State Civil Servants  instead of  the
Federal Government approved 18,000 naira.He has since failed to pay the  
20,000 naira minimum wage.During one of his showmanship events in Owerri
recently, Okorocha with his gift of gab spoke to Civil Servants of the State  
telling them that Civil Servants in the State can beat their chest that their
salaries come to them by 25th of every month and their 20,000 naira
minimum wage has been paid,The Governor was interrupted with shouts of
No! It is a lie! The Civil Servants shout Rochas down for telling lies yet
professional sycophant are praising him.

Only a professional sycophant will sing the praise of a Governor who has
crippled all Ministries, Department and Agencies of government in the State
by starving them of funds. Okorocha directed all Ministries in the State to
generate money to run their Ministries themselves which has resulted to over
taxing of Imo people. Okorocha’s government now churns out multiple
taxation and harsh levies on Imo citizens using indecent task forces and
unethical conducts. The question is whether the Ministries can really fund
themselves. LGA’s cannot even generate enough revenues to  run their
affairs  not to talk of Ministries. What is happening to the allocation of the
State?  Who is looting what?

Only a professional sycophant will sing the praise of a Governor who  since
he came into office has not being able to create jobs for Imo youths rather he
sacked 10,000 Imo State graduates in the State Civil Service. Okorocha has
no reason to sack the workers other than he is anti-people and anti-workers .
When decisions made and actions taken directly deflates job creation, the
result is always more problems for the citizens .Imo State is regarded as the
5th richest state in Nigeria and it is not difficult to pay salaries to the 10,000.
Tell me why we can’t help these poor youths.

The same man who told us that Imo will have problems in paying salaries to
the sacked 10,000 workers is the same man that  is now boasting
everywhere that Imo State has money and went ahead to declare free
education for tertiary schools in Imo state. Governing Imo State is not
Rochas Foundation, neither is it Baba Sala’s nkwobi and pepper soup joint
were we dish out alms to the poor. Promising free education to Imo tertiary
students is playing to the gallery. Free education for Imo tertiary students as
announced by Okorocha few days ago is another Nollywood drama.It is
another deceit. I say so because Okorocha will never sustain the free
education for tertiary schools. He knows that sustaining the free education
policy in tertiary schools in Imo State will make Imo to  run  into difficult
financial circumstances. What Okorocha should have done is to reduce
tuition fees. The Governor is responsible for the State’s fiscal health, and
cannot afford to run negative balances. He must restore taxpayers’
confidence that their naira are being used wisely and in the best interests of
all people.He should be  honest to the  people and stop playing to the gallery.

The professional sycophants should tell Okorocha to sack his present
cabinet if he wants to succeed. The fact of the matter is that Okorocha’s
cabinet which is his toolbox has unfit tools in it and he needs better tools.
His unfit tools are the cause of his administration’s political missteps. He
should do away with the unfit tools in his toolbox and get better ones. Some
of those in his cabinet are spent forces. They have no ideas on how to lift the
state to an enviable height. I am of the view that his cabinet is overdue for a
shake-up. Sacking his cabinet has become very imperative in order to  inject
fresh blood that will correct all his administrative missteps.

What is the  Commissioner that collected 5 million naira bribe from his
classmate as reported in the media still doing in government. What about the
Commissioner that was slapped by a sex hawker at a high flying night club in
Owerri.What about those that advised Okorocha to relocate IMSU sited in
Owerri to of all places,Ogboko his village in Orlu zone.Okorocha should
surround himself with people with sound ideas of how to put ‘Imolites’ into
jobs; people who have the passion and capacity to develop the state; people
who can look him in the face and challenge him on the workability of the
state, people that will remind him that the sycophants around him will not
remember him beyond the present if he does not leave behind concrete and
credible achievements.

Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria.

Source: African Examiner.

By Kenneth Uwadi.

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