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Nearly 50 Percent of Freed Palestinian Terrorists Return to Fight.

Although nearly half of the 13,000 terrorists Israel has released since 1985 have returned to the battlefield, Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing Israel to free more imprisoned militants in the hope of bolstering Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, Israel Hayom reported.
Israeli authorities say the high terrorist recidivism rate is because many of those released have long had a strong ideological belief in violence, and that this is reinforced by a culture of officially sanctioned anti-Israel incitement in both the West Bank and Gaza.
Earlier this month, for example, terrorists convicted of murdering Israelis received certificates of citation at a cultural event hosted by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.They were released from prison several months ago, according to veteran Israeli journalist Nadav Shragai, author of the Israel Hayom piece.

Footage of the event depicts a gun battle in which members of Hamas and Abbas’ Fatah organization unite to kill a group of “Israelis” opposing them.
Many Israelis who oppose further prisoner releases cite the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner deal in which a kidnapped Israeli soldier was freed in exchange for about 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.
During the last two years, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency has intercepted at least 80 attempted terrorist attacks in the West Bank that were masterminded by Gaza-based Hamas operatives freed in the Shalit deal.
One individual involved in these operations was Omar Abu-Sneina,  who mailed a computer disk drive from Gaza to his family in the West Bank with detailed instructions on carrying out a kidnapping.
The Shin Bet intercepted the mailing.
Even as Washington has urged Israel to free additional prisoners with Israeli blood on their hands, it unsuccessfully opposed the Israeli government’s decision to release Othman Omar Mustafa, a Palestinian convicted of the 1989 murder of Frederick Steven Rosenfeld, a former Marine and U.S. citizen, according to Israel Hayom.

Rosenfeld was stabbed to death by Mustafa and two other men who befriended him as he hiked near the West Bank settlement of Ariel, the Daily Beast reported.

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By Joel Himelfarb

Poll: Most Israelis Feel Let Down by Obama on Iran.

Fifty-eight percent of Israelis say they think Israel’s interests were undermined by the deal the U.S. signed with Iran in Geneva Sunday, according to a poll conducted for the Israel Hayom newspaper published in Tel Aviv.

Just over 76 percent of 500 Israelis quickly surveyed Sunday following the news of the agreement believe Iran will continue to pursue its nuclear weapons program.

Respondents were divided over what Israel alone could do about Iran. Forty-six percent supported a unilateral Israeli military strike, while 38 percent were against, and 16 percent undecided.

The poll, conducted by New Wave Research Polling, found that Israelis generally backed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s handling of the Iranian issue by a margin of 55 percent to 31 percent.

The poll was conducted for Israel Hayom by New Wave Research Polling and has a margin of error of 4.4 percent.

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By Elliot Jager

Israelis Aid Kenyan Rescue Efforts After Nairobi Mall Attack.

Nairobi Mall
Kenyan police officers take position during the ongoing military operation at the Westgate shopping center in the capital city of Nairobi, Sept. 23, 2013. Gunfire and explosions sounded on Monday from the Nairobi mall where militants from Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab group threatened to kill hostages on the third day of a raid in which at least 62 have already died. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

Israel helped Kenya with rescue efforts in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi over the weekend, which left more than 60 people dead and more than 200 injured, as well as 30 people held hostage by the al-Qaida-linked terrorist group al-Shabab from Somalia.

Reuters reported that Israeli advisers were helping Kenya negotiate with the terrorists to end the siege on the mall, and an anonymous security source toldAFP, “The Israelis have just entered and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured.”Yariv Kedar—who has been living in Nairobi for the past seven years and is the vice chairman of Amiran Kenya Ltd., an Israeli agriculture company—was inside the Westgate Mall when the terrorist attack began on Saturday and told Israel Hayom, “All of a sudden I heard the sounds of large explosions and shooting from every direction. A group of motorcyclists were at the entrance to the mall and started shooting wildly toward the entrance.”Kedar, 53, was holding a business meeting with a Kenyan local at one of the Nairobi mall’s cafes. Westgate Mall has four Israeli-owned restaurants, each employing Israelis.

“The entire time I was thinking of how to get myself out of that hell,” Kedar said. “I understood it was a terrorist attack and not a robbery, and I decided to hide my Israeli identity—documents, driver’s license, passport, ID, et cetera. I managed to call several senior Israeli representatives with my cell phone and tell them what was happening.”

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Poll: 80 Percent of Israeli Jews Say Peace Impossible.

JERUSALEM — Almost 80 percent of Israeli Jews believe a peace deal with the Palestinians is impossible, an opinion poll found on Friday, two days after the resumption of negotiations in Jerusalem.

Asked whether “this time, we will reach a final agreement that will put an end to the conflict,” 79.7 percent of respondents said no, and just 6.2 percent said yes.

Editor’s Note: Should ObamaCare Be Repealed? Vote in Urgent National Poll 

Another 14.1 percent expressed no opinion.

The survey, published in right-wing free sheet Israel Hayom, was carried out by Israeli research institute Hagal Hahadash among a representative sample of 500 Israeli Jews.

Asked about the government’s decision to release long-serving Palestinian prisoners alongside the resumed peace talks, 77.5 percent of respondents said they opposed it and just 14.2 percent said they were in favor.

Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners on Wednesday hours before the Jerusalem talks, the first of 104 prisoners slated for release in stages depending on progress in the negotiations.

A full 62.9 percent of respondents said they would rather the government announced a freeze on Jewish settlement construction than release prisoners, many of whom were convicted of murder.

In the run-up to Wednesday’s talks, Israel authorized more than 2,000 new settler homes in annexed east Jerusalem and elsewhere in the West Bank.

The last peace talks, in September 2010, broke down over the issue of settlements, which has this time again incensed Palestinian negotiators.

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Netanyahu’s Amazing Response To Arab MK Who Said Arabs Were Here First.

Arab MK rejects Jews’ claim on the land in late-night Knesset debate: “We were here before you; we will be here after you” • This prompts the prime minister to deliver a rebuttal: “The first part is not true and the second will never take place.”


Late Wednesday night, the Knesset voted on a bill to make the controversial “referendum law” a basic law, which would necessitate a national referendum on any peace deal that would require territorial withdrawals.

During the plenum debate, Arab MK Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assembly) said that the bill was irrelevant because it referred to “occupied territory, and as such, what applies is international law; the referendum should apply to the nations of the world.”

Zahalka was subsequently heckled by Habayit Hayehudi lawmakers, who said, “You are the foreigners in this land,” to which Zahalka responded, “We were here before you and we will be here after you.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen in the video immediately raising his hand to be allowed a response from the Knesset podium

“I did not plan to speak but I heard what MK Zahalka had to say. You said ‘We were here before you and we’ll be here after you’re gone.’ The first part is not true and the second part will never take place,” the prime minister said, slamming his hand on the podium and leaving.

Netanyahu’s comments were met with applause from much of the Knesset, even though Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein asked MKs to refrain from clapping. Zahalka later clarified that his attack on Habayit Hayehudi MKs was directed “against racists, not Jews.”

On Thursday, the Prime Minister’s Office released the video of Netanyahu’s comments, as well as tweeting them, under the heading: “The conflict twitterized.”

Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly in 2012, Netanyahu said: “The Jewish people have lived in the land of Israel for thousands of years. Even after most of our people were exiled from it, Jews continued to live in the land of Israel throughout the ages. The masses of our people never gave up the dreamed of returning to our ancient homeland. Defying the laws of history, we did just that. We ingathered the exiles, restored our independence and rebuilt our national life. The Jewish people have come home.

“We will never be uprooted again.” source – Israel Hayom.

by NTEB News Desk

Israeli Security Breach Draws Little Attention.

Israel's Lachish region
Israel’s Lachish region

Last Independence Day, Israel Hayom photographer Ziv Koren and I toured Israel’s borders. We went to the Egyptian and Gaza Strip borders, as well as the Syrian and Lebanese borders, the crossings to Jordan and the West Bank separation fence in northern Samaria.

We saw the incredible investment Israel made, both in money (billions) and equipment (technology), to stop infiltration and reduce threats.

So when we got a phone call from farmers in Lachish about the numerous break-ins in their area, we were incredulous. But the stories were so troubling—and the statistics so dramatic—that we decided to drive there on Wednesday and see things for ourselves. To speak in cliches, what we saw was not a fence but a hole—a black hole.

Our talks with security forces revealed that everyone is aware of the problem, and every week the item appears on their desks at the Judea (Hebron) Brigade, which is in charge of the territory; at the Judea and Samaria Division; at Central Command and their counterparts in the Israel Police; at Border Police; and at Shin Bet.

Everyone knows just how big the hole is, the extent of the damage that has already been done and how troubling its future potential is. Just to clarify things, since the beginning of 2013, more than 20 terror cells in the West Bank were busted and their members arrested for planning to abduct Israelis. Had one of them decided on Wednesday to use one of the surrounding Palestinian villages as a launching point, nothing would have stood in their way of kidnapping a soldier at the Lachish training base or a civilian at any one of the nearby communities.

Despite the clear and present danger, nothing is happening to remedy the situation. Members of the security establishment talk about tactical operations, but the herders and farmers in the area can’t remember the last time they saw an Israel Defense Foces ambush in place, or even a patrol. They now take it upon themselves to defend the fence and secure all the cattle and every tractor.

Sound ridiculous? This is the day-to-day reality at the Lachish strip.

Even repair work on the breached fence hasn’t been carried out, making the barrier that was meant to stop terrorist attacks and thievery one big, inviting hole. One feels compelled to say that one day everyone will wake up when it’s too late, after a terrorist attack or abduction is carried out, yet still, we should hope that someone— the defense minister, public security minister, chief of general staff or police commissioner—will decide this very morning to act and do what’s necessary.

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Israeli City’s ‘Modesty Squad’ Suspected of Violence.


Beitar Illit
Beitar Illit

Two residents of the ultra-Orthodox city of Beitar Illit were recently arrested on suspicion that they had assaulted, abducted and imprisoned young men and women whom they deemed immodestly dressed. The two had allegedly assumed the role of a vigilante modesty squad in the city.

Beitar Illit Mayor Meir Rubinstein was also questioned in the case, on suspicion of obstruction of justice, fraud and breach of trust. Rubinstein has since been released.

Police recently received information about a possible modesty squad attacking residents in the streets in Beitar Illit, just beyond the Green Line near Jerusalem. Police launched an undercover investigation that revealed that several men in the city were habitually assaulting young men and women they described as “dropout youth,” beating them and making threats.

Investigators learned that the modesty squad would ambush these “dropout youth” at bus stops across the city and search for them in the streets. Police investigators suspect that at least in one instance the suspects even abducted a young man whose behavior they deemed immodest. He was allegedly taken to a remote location, imprisoned and beaten by the suspects.

The undercover investigation also revealed that senior city officials were aware of the modesty squad’s illegal activities but had turned a blind eye and refrained from taking action against the suspects.

Additional suspects were interrogated in the case and placed under temporary house arrest.

A senior police source said there had also been many complaints in Beitar Illit of a man who verbally assaulted women from his vehicle over immodest dress. In one instance, the man reportedly got into a physical brawl with another man over insults he directed at the latter’s wife.

This is not the first time Israel Hayom has reported on illegal modesty squad activity in Beitar Illit. Over a year ago, the Israel Hayom weekend supplement ran a feature on a cell comprised of Beitar Illit men who targeted “spiritual offenders” and “problem youth”—young men and women who deviated from the city’s ultra-Orthodox status quo. The treatment of these young men and women, according to firsthand accounts, included physical and verbal violence and harsh threats.

The cell was supported by an organization called the “communities committee of Beitar Illit” which works in conjunction with Mayor Rubinstein. The municipality even allocated resources to fund the modesty cell’s patrols and activities in the city.

The activities included, among other things, preventing the mixing of boys and girls and treating “spiritual offenses” on public transportation: immodest dress, offensive music, and failure to observe strict segregation between men and women (which has been ruled illegal by the High Court of Justice).

In response to the Israel Hayom report, the Beitar Illit municipality issued a statement defending the cell’s activities, saying, “In his capacity as a neighborhood activist in the youth department, the head of the cell has done his job very efficiently. The municipality and the residents of the city fully support his work. The members of the cell are operating exclusively within the law and with noteworthy dedication and efficiency.”

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Netanyahu to Obama: ‘Only Israel’s Citizens Decide’.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Twitter)

“No one decides for the citizens of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, in an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom. The prime minister was responding to a recent Jeffrey Goldberg article in Bloomberg View that quoted U.S. President Barack Obama as saying that “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”

In the interview, the full version of which will be published on Friday, Netanyahu said he did not know whether Obama was behind Goldberg’s article, but he stressed: “I think that President Obama knows that the ones determining Israel’s vital interests are the citizens of Israel, and they will be the ones to choose who will protect those interests in the best possible way.”

Netanyahu also touched on alleged tensions with Obama during a tour of a Gaza Division base on Wednesday, telling soldiers that “everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens will determine who faithfully represents the vital objectives of the State of Israel.”

Speaking to Israel Hayom, Netanyahu said: “I can see three main objectives. Preventing Iran from arming themselves with nuclear weapons, not going back to the indefensible 1967 borders, and keeping Jerusalem united. These are fundamental objectives.”

Politicians tend to call every election “critical,” but in light of the dramatic developments in the Middle East and global economy, that characterization seems apt this time around.

“Many people want to support me as prime minister,” Netanyahu said. “So I am asking them to give me the power to succeed and to lead. We have begun changing things. The horizon is in sight.”

Netanyahu forcefully rejected Hatnuah party leader Tzipi Livni’s fear tactics regarding Israel’s ties with the U.S.

“The relationship between Israel and the U.S. is rock solid,” Netanyahu said. “There is tight security and intelligence cooperation. There are also differences of opinion regarding the best way to achieve peace. This is not new.”

Netanyahu also touched on recent claims that President Shimon Peres had interfered in the election.

“There are many things we agree on and also more than a few things we disagree on,” Netanyahu said of Peres. “Ultimately, it is the government of Israel that sets Israel’s policies.”

In an interview with Army Radio on Thursday, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said the Obama administration was interfering in the Israeli election because some Israeli politicians had expressed support for Obama’s Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the U.S. presidential election last November.

“We were dragged into the recent election in the U.S., partly due to a lack of understanding by some here in Israel and partly because of certain elements within the U.S. who pushed us into a corner regarding the election,” Ayalon said.

Romney: Obama ‘abandoned’ Bush’s freedom agenda.

The Romneys arrive in Israel (Charles Dharapak/AP)JERUSALEM—Mitt Romney has said repeatedly he won’t criticize President Barack Obama on foreign soil.

But the presumptive Republican nominee got in a dig at his Democratic rival ahead of his arrival here, telling the Israel Hayom newspaper that the Middle East is in turmoil because Obama “abandoned the freedom agenda” pursued by former President George W. Bush.

“The Arab Spring is not appropriately named. It has become a development of more concern and it occurred in part because of the reluctance on the part of various dictators to provide more freedom to their citizens,” Romney told the paper. “President Bush urged (deposed Egyptian President) Hosni Mubarak to move toward a more democratic posture, but President Obama abandoned the freedom agenda and we are seeing today a whirlwind of tumult in the Middle East in part because these nations did not embrace the reforms that could have changed the course of their history, in a more peaceful manner.”

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The interview is notable, in part, because the paper is owned by Las Vegas casino magnet and major GOP donor Sheldon Adelson, who is expected to attend a fundraiser Romney is holding Monday morning here.


By Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News | The Ticket

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