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John Bolton: Groups Will Keep Trying to Terrorize Olympics.

The terrorists who bombed a Russian city twice in the past two days, less than two months before the Winter Olympics, will likely attempt more attacks, says John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

We should be concerned. I have no doubt . . . that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin will pull out all the stops for security,” Bolton told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“But by the same token, the terrorists will respond in kind. These bombings . . . are obviously intended to show they can hit vulnerable civilian targets,” Bolton said Monday.

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Earlier Monday, a suicide bomb killed at least 14 people in the city of Volgograd, just a day after an explosion at Volgograd’s main train station killed 17 people and wounded at least 35. Authorities declared both bombings terrorist attacks.

Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said he fears the terrorists “are going to do everything they can to infiltrate and make their terrorist case again.”

“I’m not myself aware of the prior Olympic games where we’ve had this level of threat of terrorism . . . If I were on the American team, I would be taking extra precaution.”

Bolton said he was disturbed by a New York Times investigative report into the attack in Benghazi, Libya, last year that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, calling it “an editorial disguised as a news story.”

The report by David Kirkpatrick intimated the attack was the work of local militia groups and not al-Qaida.

“They should be embarrassed about this, but I’m sure they’re not. It really is a tribute to their ideology that they can put this out there and hope that it will go unchallenged,” Bolton said.

“It’s just filled, not only with the inaccuracies and contradictions, [but] it contradicts previous New York Times reporting about the involvement of al-Qaida.

“So, I am just amazed that anybody would give this thing credibility. It’s filled with irrelevant facts to make it look like a news story, but its basic conclusion isn’t supported by the reporting that’s actually done.”

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By Bill Hoffmann

Bolton Compares Obama to Rome’s Nero.

Image: Bolton Compares Obama to Rome's Nero

By Lisa Barron

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton says the Obama administration is focused on salvaging the president’s domestic policies at the expense of addressing international affairs that are critical to U.S. security.

Writing in The Washington Times Tuesday, Bolton compared Obama to Nero, infamously known as the Emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned,” maintaining that the president has “resolutely consigned foreign and defense issues to the bottom of his policy agenda, resulting in increasing disarray both domestically and abroad” over the past five years.

“The United States needs strategic thinking internationally, and we are getting the opposite.”

Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, continued, “Mr. Obama’s personal Rome, the Affordable Care Act, is indeed self-immolating, and he responds by giving speeches (his version of playing Nero’s cithara) rather than taking command to save his eponymous program before the administration itself is consumed.”

“Domestic troubles, however, in no way justify indifference to foreign affairs. If anything, political weakness at home only exposes a president to greater risks internationally,” he added.

Bolton also took aim at Secretary of State John Kerry, asserting that he “has spent inordinate amounts of time in and around Israel banging away on the ‘Middle East peace process . . . ‘

“Mr. Kerry is following the widely held but erroneous view that resolving the Israel-Palestinian issue is the panacea for Middle East peace and security.

“Empirically, this view has little to recommend it, and years of bloody evidence to refute it,” Bolton continued. “Nonetheless, Mr. Kerry (and, one assumes, his president) are uninterested in debating establishment theology. They are too busy lighting candles at the altar.”

Meanwhile, Bolton argued, they are ignoring “spiraling crises” elsewhere, pointing to several recent developments.

“While Kerry waited for Ben Gurion Airport’s runways to be cleared of snow last week, the Associated Press headlined, ‘As ties warm, EU parliament delegation visits Iran,’ and the Financial Times blared, ‘Iran thaw cheers French carmakers,” he wrote.

“These news headlines are the visible manifestation of Iran’s massive psychological breakthrough in the Geneva talks . . . Iran has flipped international expectations to its advantage, while Mr. Kerry has worried about Israeli construction of apartment buildings near Jerusalem.”

Bolton also highlighted the growing unrest in Eastern Europe, citing The New York Times story, “Signs of Momentum Shifting to Protesters in Ukraine.”

“Mr. Putin will not watch quietly as Ukraine slips out of Moscow’s orbit to join the West, but Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry seem completely inattentive,” he said.

Turning to East Asia, Bolton noted the Times’ headline, “American and Chinese Navy Ships Nearly Collided in South China Sea,” and The Washington Post’s “China-Japan rift silently grows.”

“Rarely in world history does a shift in the balance of power occur quickly and visibly. That may well be happening in Asia, though, as America’s defense capabilities, particularly its once-dominant Navy, wane and Beijing takes advantage of the vacuum thus created,” he said.

Bolton continued, “Unfortunately, this is but a partial list of disturbing headlines from recent days: Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea and others could be added.

“Time is growing ever shorter,” he concluded. “Ask Nero how it turns out.”

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John Bolton: China Sees US on ‘Path of Decline’.

harshly worded editorial by the official Chinese news agency called for a “de-Americanized world,” and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says he knows why they are upset.

The Xinua editorial published Sunday shows what’s going on in minds of top Chinese officials, Bolton told Fox News Channel’s “Your World.”

China holds a large amount of U.S. debt, so the country is right to be worried about what is going to happen to its value.

Also, Bolton said, China is tired of being accused by the U.S. government of manipulating their currency when the the United States is doing same thing with quantitative easing, a form of electronic money-printing.

“I think the Chinese are fed up with that,” Bolton said. “And let’s face it, they’d love to bring the U.S. dollar down as the world’s reserve currency.”

The editorial suggested a new reserve currency “so that the international community could permanently stay away from the spillover of the intensifying domestic political turmoil in the United States.”

The Obama administration is seen as weak, Bolton said, and the budget and debt ceiling crisis in Washington is seen as proof “we’ve lost our way.” China is watching Obama institute policies it knows from own experience are going to hobble America’s economy, he said.

“They thought we understood how to keep the economy strong,” Bolton said. “They see us heading on a path toward Europe – that is a path of decline, and they are going to try and take advantage of it.”

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By Greg Richter

John Bolton: Iran Has ‘Been Lying’ for 20 Years About Weapons.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces an uphill battle in his quest to persuade the world not to trust Iran and its overtures toward nuclear disarmament.

He adds that he doesn’t believe Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s diplomatic gestures “for a minute.”

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“It’s a very difficult task for Prime Minister Netanyahu. He’s trying to warn the world that this charm offense, as everybody calls it, from the new Iranian leader is a complete fraud. It’s a propaganda effort,” Bolton told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“There’s no distinction between Iranian moderates and hardliners when it comes to their nuclear weapons program,” he said Wednesday.

Bolton thinks President Barack Obama, who last week spoke by phone with Rouhani, fears an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear program more than he fears Iran’s getting nuclear weapons.

“We know what we know, but let’s be clear, there’s a lot about Iran’s program we don’t know, and all of that information that’s unknown to us is bad news,” Bolton said.

“But it’s even worse from Obama’s point of view. He knows things that are not true, and as Reagan said, that’s always the most dangerous knowledge.”

Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said he doesn’t believe in the gestures by Iran to end its nuclear weapons program.

“I don’t believe their good faith for a minute. I think they’ve been lying to us for 20 years about their nuclear weapons program,” he said.

“The most likely outcome at this point is a very bad agreement that allows Iran to continue enrichment, and they will promise, solemnly … not to go to any level closer to weapons-grade uranium, and they will open some of their facilities again to international atomic agency inspectors,” he said.

“But they won’t open the facilities they’re not going to disclose and don’t tell us about, some of which might even be in North Korea, where they’ve cooperated with North Korea on a variety of nuclear and ballistic missile-related projects.”

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By Bill Hoffmann

John Bolton: US Could End Up Worse Off If Obama Acts Against Syria.

If the United States takes military action against Syria, it could end up worse off than if it did nothing, says former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

Washington is abuzz with talk of possible cruise missile attacks after the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad crossed a “red line” set by President Barack Obama a year ago.

Last week was the second time U.S. intelligence has confirmed Syria has used chemical weapons on civilians in the country’s civil war. And there was video purporting to show children injured and dying in the latest attack.

Obama’s “red line” quote occurred a few months before the 2012 election and was “one of those rhetorical flourishes that the president likes,” Bolton said Monday on Fox News Channel’sOn the Record with Greta Van Susteren.” “He never thinks through the implications.”

Military action, at this point, is “almost unavoidable,” Bolton said. In addition to Obama’s “red line” being crossed, Secretary of State John Kerry took to the podium Monday to blast the latest actions as a “moral obscenity,” which fueled speculation that military action is inevitable.

Any action taken by the administration should be the result of a calculation of what is in America’s national interest, Bolton said. The United States should destroy Syria’s chemical weapons and kill Assad, who ordered the attacks, he said.

But Obama must act quickly, he added.

“Every day that he waits, every day that he dithers, every day that he looks for some amorphous international approval, gives the Assad regime the chance to move those chemical weapons and hide them,” he said.

But even if Obama uses a large military force, the United States could still end up worse off than if he’d done nothing at all, Bolton told Van Susteren.

Obama “has a real credibility problem in his own mind if he doesn’t do something,” Bolton said. “That doesn’t mean he has the slightest idea what the strategic effect of the use of military force is going to be.”

It would take a “character transplant” for Obama to move effectively, he said.

“To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you go to war with the president you have,” Bolton said. “And I don’t think this president understands enough about the implications of what he’s about to do, or even that he can define what his objective is, that it doesn’t put us more at risk of using military force and actually undermining our long-term interest.”

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By Greg Richter

Bolton: Israel Should Attack Iran Now.

Image: Bolton: Israel Should Attack Iran Now


By Melanie Batley


Israel is in “greater danger” of nuclear attack with every day that goes by and it doesn’t attack Iran, said John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

“Israel should have attacked Iran yesterday. Every day that goes by puts Israel in greater danger, every day Iran makes more progress,” Bolton told The Jerusalem Post.

“I can understand why Israel wants us to take action, but the longer Israel waits for something that is not going to happen, the greater the danger Israel is in,” said the senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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While the Obama administration indicated that the U.S. would not resupply weapons to Israel to attack Iran, Bolton said, he believes that the U.S. would take the measures necessary to argue that Israel was acting in self-defense.

Bolton’s interview came a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was “approaching the red line,” a warning that Israel could attack Iran as a last resort to prevent it from gaining nuclear-weapons capability, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Bolton said he believes the election of Hassan Rouhani as Iranian president will only lull the U.S. into a false sense of security that the country can be negotiated with to stop its nuclear program.

“The idea that Rouhani will negotiate seriously shows that this administration is on a different planet,” Bolton said, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Rouhani, Bolton said, repeatedly had boasted about how he “suckered” the European Union during negotiations. If Israel attacks Iran, Israel and the U.S. must be politically aligned and sharing intelligence, he said.

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John Bolton: Obama Remains ‘Irresolute While Egyptians Riot’.

Image: John Bolton: Obama Remains 'Irresolute While Egyptians Riot'

By Dan Weil

The United States should continue giving financial assistance to Egypt, despite the view of some Americans that we shouldn’t support a military coup, says former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

What policy should the U.S. adopt amid Egypt’s turmoil? he asks in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. 

“Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a policy. Even President Obama’s media supporters now complain that he remains irresolute while Egyptians riot, the Camp David accord with Israel teeters, and world oil prices rise for fear that the Suez Canal might close.”

Obama may be smart to remain publicly quiet about Egypt now, but behind-the-scenes action is critically necessary, says Bolton, now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Many Americans, concerned that a ‘democratically elected’ government has been ousted, argue that we should, as current law requires, terminate assistance to Egypt until another election takes place.” That view is wrong for several reasons, he writes.

“First, while the Muslim Brotherhood prevailed in the 2012 elections, it worked assiduously thereafter to cement itself in power by manipulating the instruments of governance, such as packing the military, challenging the Mubarak-era appointees in the judiciary and writing a constitution that suited its ultimate objective of an Islamist state,” Bolton writes.

In addition, democracy is about much more than just holding elections, Bolton states. “Liberty is the more profound objective, encompassing attributes like freedom of conscience and speech and constitutional restraints on government power.”

Former President Mohammed Morsi‘s single-minded effort “to establish a harsh theocracy that would put an end to freedom of conscience and dissent was manifestly unacceptable,” Bolton writes.

“Accordingly, the military had little choice but to move, both to prevent the Brotherhood from continuing its own creeping coup and to avoid potentially deadly civil conflict. … Had the army hesitated beyond last week, instability, carnage and the threat to any prospect of a free, open society would likely have been much worse.”

In light of those facts, dropping U.S. aid to Egypt would be a big mistake, Bolton says. Congress should quickly fix the law so that U.S. aid to Egypt can continue to flow, he says.

Events in Egypt cry out for U.S. leadership, Bolton says, “not to sort out Egypt’s manifold internal political difficulties, but to assert a clear-eyed view of America’s enduring interests in the Middle East. Let’s hope the Obama administration wakes up in time.”

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV Tuesday, Bolton made much the same points. “We’ve got to find a way to keep this calm,” he said. Showing a signal of support for the military will certainly keep our leverage where it is now. And the military, sad to say, is the only institution in Egypt that’s capable of restoring peace and getting stability into the equation.”

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John Bolton: Snowden ‘Committed Act of War Against United States’.

Edward Snowden is a “traitor” who has “committed an act of war against the United States,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.

The self-confessed leaker of top-secret documents detailing the National Security Agency’s phone- and Internet-surveillance programs is a “deceitful and dishonest man” who violated oaths he undertook to keep secret classified information about a program approved by all three branches of the government to protect Americans, Bolton added.

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“Treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution and it talks about waging war against the United States — which this is — and giving aid and comfort to our enemies, and God knows they’ve gotten a lot of aid and comfort from this release,” Bolton said in the interview with Newsmax TV.

“Let me ask, who died and made him king? Who gave him the authority to endanger 300 million Americans? That’s not the way it works, and if he thinks he can get away with that, he’s got another think coming.”

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Bolton pointed out that treason is punishable by death, but accepted that it is unlikely the Justice Department would charge Snowden with espionage. However, he said the now-fired Booz Allen Hamilton contractor should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

“If he gets a jail sentence it ought to be about five life terms running consecutively.”

Bolton defended the NSA program, saying it was unlike scandals involving the IRS targeting conservative groups or the cover-up of the killings in Benghazi, Libya, where President Barack Obama’s administration may have been using the power of government for political purposes.

Bolton said he could see why the NSA program has a 60 percent favorability rating among Americans, according to a Washington Post-Pew Research poll.

“The American people understand that we are threatened not just by terrorists but, for example, by China’s incredible cyberwarfare capabilities. … Technology is a wonderful thing, but it has its upsides and downsides, and America needs to be defended,” he said.

“Here, the power of government is being used to protect innocent American civilians.”

Bolton said Obama‘s poor management style is part of the problem with the way the NSA leak has been handled.

“This is a real failing of Barack Obama, who before becoming elected president had never managed anything bigger than a Senate office and it almost seems like he doesn’t even know where part of his federal government is.

“I’m wondering really if he understood or paid attention when he was being told about these various NSA programs,” he said.

Bolton also reflected on recent CBS News reports that the State Department may have covered up allegations of misconduct and illegal activities, including an underground drug ring, sexual assault, and the hiring of prostitutes by members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail.

“The culture of the State Department is very self-protective, but having investigation after investigation quashed really raises a lot of questions about what’s going on,” he said. “I’ve lost count of how many scandals we’ve got going at the moment — but on a clear day this would be a scandal big enough to rock any administration, and it’ll have its impact here.”

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He said that while Clinton was seemingly adept at keeping her “fingerprints off” the issue by having her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, intervene, it’s likely she was aware of what was happening and was involved in decisions to keep the issue quiet, as she likely was about the Benghazi scandal.

“Whether it’s Benghazi or this allegation,” he said, “it goes right back to the secretary’s office door and [it’s] very hard to see how it doesn’t end up right on her desk.”

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By Melanie Batley and John Bachman

John Bolton: UN Arms Treaty Isn’t Viable, Despite Kerry Push.

The United Nations Arms Treaty should and will be ignored by Congress, Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says.

“Fifty-three senators have already signed a letter saying they’re not going to vote in favor of this treaty,” Bolton told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

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“Since the treaty requires two-thirds of those present in voting, it’s obvious it’s nowhere close to getting that supermajority. And it was a bipartisan group of senators who took that position.”

On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. will sign on to the treaty over the objections of many lawmakers who believe it goes against the nation’s Second Amendment, which guarantees the right the bear arms.

The U.S. “welcomes” the next step in the treaty’s ratification, Kerry said.

“This is an example of Secretary Kerry‘s ideology, the administration’s ideology, and they just want to put a marker down internationally,” Bolton responded.

“Congress will ignore this as they should and will proceed as if it hadn’t happened.”

Bolton said he believes the Obama Administration may be “reliant on a theory . . . that says when you sign a treaty, you can’t take any actions which defeat the purpose of the treaty.

“Some people think the administration will now try to resort to executive orders and given the propensity this administration to do that, it’s out there.”

But Bolton said he is sure it is clear both houses in Congress would act to overturn any such executive orders.

“So a lot of this is political symbolism. If it turns out to be something more, then there’s going to be a huge political fight,” Bolton said.

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By Bill Hoffmann

John Bolton: Christie Decision to Hold Special Election ‘Mind-boggling’.

Former Ambassador John Bolton says he’s perplexed at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s surprise decision to hold a special election to replace late Sen. Frank Lautenberg instead of appointing a Republican.

“I’m mystified by this decision,” Bolton told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“It is just mind-boggling and it will expose him to criticism from nearly everybody — and that’s what happens when you make a decision that’s too cute by half.”

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Christie on Tuesday set a special election for October to fill the seat of Lautenberg, a move that could cost taxpayers as much as $20 million. He will appoint someone to temporarily fill in, but hasn’t said who yet.

“One of the important aspects of electing a state governor is the prospect that he can fill vacancies in U.S. Senate seats,” Bolton said.

“Even the state legislature’s own research body concluded that Christie would be well within his discretion to appoint somebody through the November 2014 election.

“To say that he’s then going to change basically a practice he established last year and hold a special election at the cost of $20 to $25 million . . . is just mind boggling.”

Bolton — whose run as President George W. Bush’s temporary U.S. Ambassador ended when the Senate failed to confirm him to the post — called it a “fact of political life” that governors appoint senators when vacancies occur.

But it’s a mystery as to why he didn’t turn to the qualified Republican for an appointed replacement, he said.

“This just may be a case where Christie said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do anything controversial.’ But it ends up . . . that decision turns out to be the most controversial of all,” Bolton said.

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