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Inferno Remark:Jonathan hails armed forces of Nigeria for Killing Biafrans to Keep Nigeria Together.



President Goodluck Jonathan has commended the Nigerian Armed forces for keeping Nigeria united,adding that but for their sacrifices, Nigeria would have been two or more nations today.President Jonathan said that the only to honour those who paid the supreme price for the nation to remain one was for  leaders of today,  to watch what they say and ensure that they song they sing will bring honour to the fallen heroes and peace to the country.
The President said this Sunday at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration 2014 Inter-denominal church service, at the National Christian Center, Abuja
Jonathan who reiterated that his personal ambition was not worth any Nigerian spilling his/her blood, urged  politicians to heed the warning of the cleric, Revd. Oche that threats will not push the people to the polling stations come 2015 and without people voting no manipulation of figures will declare one a winner.
He commended the country’s armed forces particularly those that paid the supreme price to ensure Nigeria’s unity and urged Nigerians to emulate their selflessness in their service to the nation.
“I always believe that it could have been worse than this in terms of our challenges within and in the global trend but because of your prayers God has been kind to us.
“Pray for us to always remember our fathers because we are in a political environment and politicians always have ambitions, we really appreciate your prayers”.
The President commended the Archbishop for admonishing politicians in this era of camping and decamping.
“The Armed Forces Remembrance Day is a unique occasion but this year’s programme is even more unique because 1st January this year Nigeria marked 100 years as a nation, its not easy to get there.
“There were a lot of challenges. For us to have reached 100 years some people paid dearly for it, some people worked for it.
“The first group of people we can remember that worked and paid dearly for it are the armed forces. You know the challenges they had to face during the civil war, but for them we wouldn’t have celebrated the Centenary, Nigeria would have been two or more nations by now. But they worked for it, some died in the process, some died serving the world outside.  These are the people we are remembering today.
“We also have to emulate them. Those who have paid supreme sacrifice to keep our nation together, those of us who are alive especially leaders today, the only way to honour them is to watch whatever we say, whatever song we sing should be a song that will bring honour to them and peace to this country.
“Sometimes I get worried when I listen to provocative statements that come from very senior citizens. People that ordinarily you perceive are very senior citizens. People who are probably 70 or 80 years who have seen it all who ordinarily should know the unity of this country is more important than the interest of any individual.  Sometimes they preach hate and even encourage young people to carry arms and kill themselves.
“I have always said it that any ambition I have at any time is not worth the blood of any Nigerian. I will never ever expect a Nigerian to spill a drop of his blood because Goodluck Jonathan must fulfil his ambition.
“I pray that all politicians should know that there will be no nation if we kill ourselves, just like the Archbishop said if you want people to come out and vote why do you threaten them. If you threaten them people will stay in their houses and how do you intend to win election is it by manipulating the figures and declare yourself a winner?
“So in an occasion when we are remembering those people that have kept this country one for us to be celebrating our centenary we should admonish ourselves the key actors today, we should preach peace, we should preach unity. If all of us collectively talk about the unity and peace of this country then of course all our economic, security problems will be resolved and the country will move in the direction we want it to”.
Earlier in his sermon, Most Rev. Job Oche,  titled How do we keep Nigeria one? Noted that the fallen heroes of Nigeria did not just fight for the survival of the nation but for Africa and beyond.
He noted that in spite of the rise and fall in the nation’s history, Nigeria is still one of the leading nations in Africa.
He urged that since the fallen heroes died to keep Nigeria one and their families be taken care off by government and all concern, “because without their sacrifice we will not remain one today.
“We should do our best to keep Nigeria one so that their labour will not be in vain.
“How to keep Nigeria one is by doing our quota instead of criticising all the time. We must appreciate the transformation in aviation, agriculture sector, we must reduce unemployment rates. We must stop hiring thugs to murder opponents in order to realise our ambitions.
“Stop uttering words that will weaken those in authority and we must rebuke those who are power drunk. Speak things that will edify you and me.
“By hating other tribes or religion, this will not eliminate the tribes nor religion. No religion will surrender to the other no matter the hate, the tribal wars is as a result of land tussle etc.
“We must learn to be tolerant of others because God knows why he allowed all to exist. Every religion is meant to build the nation”.
The cleric advised politicians to give Nigerians peace, saying “some of the utterances are sending fears in the spin of Nigerians, and making us anxious of 2015.
“If you need our vote don’t threaten us because none of us will appear at the polling station. Leave 2015 alone God knows what he will do with 2015.
“Political ambition does not know father.  Pray for this nation and stop destroying one another because of ambition.
“Why are you threatening us that 2015 will be bloody? Do you know God rules in the affairs of men? Nabuccardnezar in the Bible did not know but he was taught a lesson.
In this era of decamping, the church has no answer to that because they are also decamping. Whether you decamped or not the Most High God will speak.
“No rebellious group in the Bible ever succeeded, recalled how Absulum rebelled against his father? He died by hanging”.
First Scripture Reading from Psalm 91:1-16, was taken by the Chief of Army, Lt. Gen Azubike Ihejirikan while Second Scripture Reading from Ephesians 6:10-19a, was taken by President  Jonathan
Prayers were said for the President, for the Armed Forces and Peace in Nigeria and for the Legislature and the Judiciary.
Prayers were also said on insecurity,  terrorism, conflicts and unrest as well as for the families of the fallen heroes.
Some notable personalities in attendance were, Senate President David Mark, Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, the President’s mother, Eunice Jonathan, Chairman Board of Trustees of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)N Chief Tony Anineh, Secretary to Government of Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, Chief of Staff to the President and other presidential aides.
Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Air Staff and their wives, DG SSS, Ita Ekpenyong, Comptroller General of Immigrations and the Nigerian Civil Defence Corp, members of the diplomatic, members of the judiciary among other personalities.
by: Biafra Galaxy

Chief Justice Roberts: Federal Courts Need More Funds.

Image: Chief Justice Roberts: Federal Courts Need More Funds

Congress and the White House need to restore funding to the nation’s federal courts to keep from undermining “the public’s confidence in all three branches of government,” Chief Justice John Roberts said Tuesday in his year-end report.

Roberts has made similar calls for more money in the past.

“I would like to choose a fresher topic, but duty calls. The budget remains the single most important issue facing the courts,” he said.

The courts have been severely affected by government cost-cutting, Roberts said.

“The combined effects since July 2011 of flat budgets followed by sequestration reduced on-board court staffing levels by 3,100 (14 percent) to about 19,000 employees — the lowest staffing level since 1997, despite significant workload increases over that same period — and reduced federal defender offices staffing by 11 percent in fiscal year 2013 alone,” he said.

What would happen if the sequestration cuts continue? If Congress instead freezes court funding at sequester level, it “would lead to the loss of an estimated additional 1,000 court staff,” Roberts said.

“The first consequence would be greater delays in resolving civil and criminal cases. In the civil and bankruptcy venues, further consequences would include commercial uncertainty, lost opportunities and unvindicated rights. In the criminal venues, those consequences pose a genuine threat to public safety.”

Court officials are calling for $7.04 billion for fiscal year 2014, which they calculate at less than two-tenths of 1 percent of total federal outlays.

“In the coming weeks, and into the future, I encourage the president and Congress to be attentive to the needs of the judicial branch and avert the adverse consequences that would result from funding the judiciary below its minimal needs,” Roberts said.

“The judiciary continues to depend on the vision and statesmanship of our colleagues in the executive and legislative departments. It takes no imagination to see that failing to meet the judiciary’s essential requirements undermines the public’s confidence in all three branches of government.”

The judiciary system also is working to save money by ensuring any new space requested by a judicial circuit is offset by an equivalent reduction in the same fiscal year. The courts also are looking to reduce their overall space by 3 percent by the end of fiscal 2018.

“The only exceptions from these policies are new courthouses and repair and alterations projects specifically approved by Congress,” Roberts said.

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Politicians, traditional rulers offer us bribe, says retiring S-Court Justice.


As the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Mariam Aloma Muhktar, intensifies effort to weed out corrupt elements from the judiciary, a retiring Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Stanley Shenko Alagoa, yesterday, admitted that some judges collect bribe from politicians and traditional rulers to pervert the course of justice.

Speaking at a valedictory court session that was held in his honour at the apex court yesterday, Alagoa who is bowing out of active judicial service after clocking the 70 years mandatory retirement age, disclosed that politicians often resort to intimidation and harassment in their uncanny bid “to influence judges to depart from their sacred oath of office and the path of honour and rectitude.”

According to him, “I will be failing in my duty especially at this time if I do not say a word or two about allegations of corruption in the judiciary. Time was when this canker worm was confined to the Magistracy and Customary or Native Courts. With time it is said to have spread and has now gained ground in the High and some say appellate Courts.

This trend must be worrisome to any discerning person as some highly placed persons including distinguished and respected retired Justices of the Supreme Court and other legal luminaries have expressed grave concern over this ugly trend.

“The greatest challenges to the judiciary are politicians followed by businessmen.

Traditional rulers must also share in the blame. It is this class of persons that bribe, intimidate, harass or influence judges to depart from their sacred oath of office and the path of honour and rectitude.

“A judge who hobnobs with this group may well be unwittingly allowing his position to be compromised and possibly jeopardized. A judge must hold fast to his faith in God and be bold. This done, these class of persons, like bees can only buzz around but must certainly lack the power and ability to sting.

“A necessary first step is the selection process. Only men and women of proven integrity and courage should be picked to sit on the bench,” he added.

His revelation came on a day the body of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, warned against frequent change of headship of the apex court.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Manipulating judiciary will lead to chaos – Soyinka.

NOBEL laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has urged politicians to desist from manipulating the judiciary to prevent a state of anarchy in the country.

Soyinka explained that though the judiciary was making headway in reforms, there was still the need to tackle some dark areas in the sector.

The literary giant, who spoke with reporters on Monday in Port Harcourt, pointed out that such dark areas had created the political crisis rocking the state.

Soyinka was in the state to mark the emergence of Port Harcourt as the 2014 World Book Capital.

Decrying pettiness in governance, the Nobel laureate urged politicians and those in authority to pay attention always to issues that affect the people instead of focusing on inconsequential things.

He said, “The judiciary right now, while it is trying to reform itself, we recognise that there are still some dark areas, such areas appear to have created the political crisis in the state.

“I think pettiness at any level is unbecoming of any democratic situation. That is all I want to say about that. I see that I cannot escape all what is going on. I have also put some questions myself, I mean, obviously, I am a citizen of this nation. So, I am affected personally by what is happening at the opposite end of the nation.

“I am very much concerned about the imbroglio in which the state (Rivers State) appears to be involved at the moment and my main comment is for heaven’s sake, whatever happens internally between parties and so on, please do not debase and do not manipulate the judiciary.

“That is my appeal to governance at all levels. Please do not manipulate the judiciary because when you do, you have chaos, you have total anarchy, you reduce the nation to a space of complete breakdown of law and order, which is what this nation had better avoid.”

Soyinka, however, congratulated the government and people of the state on the emergence of Port Harcourt as the World Book Capital.

He expressed the need to use knowledge to fight the forces of retrogression, violent negativist as represented by members of the Boko Haram sect.



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