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Creationist Debates ‘Science Guy’ with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham carried their evolution/creationism debate onto CNN Tuesday night as Piers Morgan tried to bring global warming into the fray.

Nye and Ham debated Tuesday night at the Petersburg, Kentucky-based museum, then appeared jointly on “Piers Morgan Live.” 

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Though Ham said that climate change was not a part of the debate, Morgan queried him, “Who is responsible for this massive snowstorm raging across America: God or science?”

Ham didn’t answer directly, and Morgan asked whether he thinks it is alarming that the percentage of people who deny global warming is on the rise.

“I didn’t even tell you what I believe about global warming,” Ham responded.

“I was under the assumption that you don’t believe in global warming as an entity,” Morgan said.

“Well, no, I’ve never said that,” Ham said. “Where have I said that?”

Ham said he believes that climates do change and that there should be investigation into what is happening and why.

“The Bible tells us that the world is running down,” Ham said, “so we do have extremes in weather patterns today.” Climate change has existed since “the flood of Noah’s day,” he told Morgan.

Nye said he is skeptical the world is winding down because of punishment from a deity and he does not believe a “great flood” occurred 4,000 years ago.

Morgan next asked Ham if he believes that dinosaurs and man co-existed, as is depicted in his museum. Ham said he does; his beliefs are based on the biblical account that all land animals were made on the sixth day of Creation.

“You don’t find dinosaur bones with labels on them,” Ham said, questioning how anyone could know a dinosaur bone is 70 million years old.

Morgan noted that Nye was looking at Ham “with a look of vague bafflement on your face.”

Nye said the debate had been “very respectful” and both men gave it their best. He said he participated because he fears the next generation of scientists won’t understand that scientific uncertainty isn’t the same as scientific doubt.

Both scientists and people of faith were wary of the debate even being held. Scientists feared it would give creationism equal standing with evolutionary theory in the minds of the public. Christian groups worried that observers would think all people of faith reject science, making for an either/or proposition.

The Creation Museum said the event sold 800 tickets, and more than a million were expected to watch via a live Internet steam. The Associated Press reported that some of those in attendance wore “Bill Nye is my home boy” T-shirts, and that one fan wore a bow tie and Nye’s signature lab coat.

Nye was host of the educational TV program “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in the 1990s.

“I just want to remind us all there are billions of people in the world who are deeply religious, who get enriched by the wonderful sense of community by their religion,” Nye said during the debate. “But these same people do not embrace the extraordinary view that the Earth is somehow only 6,000 years old.”

Nye has previously urged parents who doubt evolution not to pass those beliefs on to their children.

“Creation is the only viable model of historical science confirmed by observational science in today’s modern scientific era,” Ham told the debate audience. He also introduced scientists who he said were also creationists.

“I believe the word ‘science’ has been high-jacked by secularists,” he said.

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By Greg Richter

Tonia’s Rough Road.

Searching for Love Christian Testimony.

For many years Tonia thought she knew the Lord. After hiding behind a facade, trying to please people and searching for love, Tonia ran away with the carnival. Her rocky road got rougher and love was always just beyond her reach, until one day Tonia realized she couldn’t fool God. Now that she has received the love of Jesus, her life is finally moving in the right direction.

Tonia’s true story is one of many uniquely featured testimonies from you, the members and visitors of this site. Each story reveals a life transformed by Christian faith. If your relationship with God has made a significant difference in your life, we would like to hear about it. Submit your testimony by filling out this Submission Form. To receive weekly messages of hope and encouragement from real-life stories of changed lives, sign up for eTestimonies.

Tonia’s Rough Road to Redemption

When I was young I went to a church and one summer I attended camp. While at camp I thought, if there is a Jesus I will be safe if I say the sinner’s prayer, and if not, then I will have lived a good life.

So I said the prayer and from that day on I thought I was saved. I know now that I was not.

Yet from 11 until age 19, I was being pursued by God. I said all the right words. I went to church, Sunday school and youth group. I even started a witnessing group for kids in my high school. Each week we would share our witnessing techniques, have a Bible study and pray for our school.

God’s Sense of Humor

God has an amazing sense of humor. He used a girl who thought she was saved to save others, even when she herself was still lost! But all that time I was so sad and lonely.

I have always been a people-pleaser at heart. I built a fake facade that represented all that I thought I should have been in reality. I hid behind that. I showed very few people who I was and what I thought on the inside.

Then came graduation!

I went to a party and almost had sex with a guy I hardly knew. I was longing for love and looking for a real connection with someone. I got so drunk I could not think straight. I left that party humiliated.

Two weeks later I ran away with the carnival. Yes, I became an honest-to-God carny! I was warned by three nice old guys who had 35+ years experience in the carnival, that I had better find a boyfriend or I would eventually have my virginity raped from me.

My Bad Choices

So I found the first guy who was interested, and we had sex. This was the worst choice of my young life. You see, I had been molested once and someone else had attempted to rape me at age 12. I knew I didn’t want a casual boyfriend, but I wanted to feel whole. I thought having a man would give me that. I left him and went from one man to another. There was nothing left to stop me. I was not a virgin anymore.

I handed each man my heart the first time he used my body. And usually he handed it right back when he found someone prettier or skinnier—proving to me I was not good enough.

Then I met a guy who did love me, or so I thought. We lived together for a while and then his mother found out about us. She invited me to her house and asked me if her son had told me about his ‘issues.’ I said no. Then she called him and told him he had to come over and tell me, or else she would. Well, sure enough, he came over and told me that he had molested his sisters several times.

Because he had offered me love, I did not dump him like the bag of crap he was, and would later prove to be. I stayed living with his mother and dating him for almost a year. I even planned a wedding with him. Thank God that never came to fruition.

Two months before our wedding, he left me for another girl who had kids.

Soon after that I became suicidal and went to a place called Freedom Village USA. There, on November 4, 1998, I got saved for real.

God’s Love for Me

Pastor Fletcher Brothers was speaking that day on how much God loves us. I finally got it. God loves me. I realized that all the rotten stuff I had done was just me trying to fill the hole in my heart where Jesus wanted to be. I learned that I could not fool God. I could fool men, and I could fool myself, but Jesus and God couldn’t be fooled by anyone! That day I learned what I had been missing.

I left Freedom Village not long after that. I regret leaving earlier than I should have, but ’til the day I go to be with Jesus, I will have a place in my heart for Freedom Village USA. There I was treated like God would treat me. They loved me and wanted nothing from me. It was so refreshing.

I left there and went to work at a few places. Eventually, by the Lord’s leading, I went to Word of Life Bible Institute. I spent a year there learning about Jesus and the Bible. I was taught through the writings of experts in theology and apologetics, like Ken Ham, Charles Ryrie, John Whitcomb and Sumner Wemp. I had the year of a lifetime.

My spiritual life was at an all-time high. And then … when I left, I started to cave.

That young man I almost married came back into my life. I still had love for him in my heart—do not ask me why! I started a relationship with him and again ended up living with his mother. But it was a good thing, because she was a Christian woman. She managed to keep me grounded and for a while things went well.

Then I left and found a job. Eventually I met and married my husband, who is not a perfect man, but he does love me. I am privileged to have him in my life. And now I have a little boy.

Moving in the Right Direction

My life is moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time. My spiritual journey has been bumpy, and man, have I sinned! But I love Jesus and am finally starting to walk my faith.

I pray the road ahead is straight and not too rough. Yet if it gets curvy or rocky, I know that so far God has never left me. He has carried me when I wandered into fields that have looked greener, but turned out to be the quick sand to hell on earth.

I tell you the truth, better is one day in God’s house than a thousand elsewhere!

From Tonia Spencer

Communist Thinking Threatens Christianity in Russia.


 (APImages/Musa Sadulayev)

With trends such as a high rate of foreign immigrants, new leadership and policies, and sliding back to a communist mindset, it’s little wonder that Russia is putting greater pressure on the church.

Eric Mock with Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) says Russia is in the process of establishing its identity.

This includes the new leadership putting an emphasis on going back to Russia’s roots—roots from which communism had sprouted from in the past.

“I think their leadership tends to be more controlling, and as such, it’s kind of a top-down approach, so the social system works off of that,” says Mock.

“But I think the major transition that we’re seeing is that the ground for the gospel is so much harder.”

As Mock sees it, a very small percentage of those who claim a Christian faith would hold to salvation by grace through faith and a literal heaven and hell.

He’s finding Bible-teaching churches are limited in Russia.

With such a crisis setting in for the Russian church, SGA is stepping up its game to initiate conversation about Biblical truths and train up Russian leaders who will establish biblical foundations for the church.

For example, SGA recently partnered with Ken Ham’s “Answers in Genesis” to produce his “Foundations” series translated into Russian.

This series presents Ham’s major talks about Biblical truths with a heavy emphasis on Genesis.

 It also comes with a curriculum kit that can be used as a study guide by churches and small groups.

“We would like to help the local church be able to communicate a biblical worldview where we understand that Scripture is completely adequate for all aspects of life, that it’s true from cover to cover, and that, in this case, science and religion don’t need to be two separate things,” Mock says.

“In fact, the Bible is the lens by which we view the world around us.”

Please pray for people of Russia to understand that their hope does not rest in the government, but ultimately in the Lord.

 Pray that more Russian church leaders would become grounded in biblical truths and train up others to go out and spread the gospel to every corner of their country.

By Mission Network News.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Michael Youssef Blames Church for Gay Marriage Laws.

In the wake of New York passing a gay marriage bill last Friday, there are many voices crying out.

Some in the secular world—and even in the church—are celebrating.

Others, like Dr. Michael Youssef, are weeping.

Although many are blaming Republicans, Youssef is pointing a bold finger directly at the church of Jesus Christ.

As he sees it, the church allowed this abomination to rise up and the church is the only body on earth working to restore God’s righteousness to the land.

Charisma News caught up with Youssef, founder and president of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef, a worldwide television ministry, and senior pastor of The Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, to discuss his thoughts on the gay marriage campaigns across the country and how the church should respond now.

Charisma News: What are some of your thoughts on this gay marriage law passing in New York?

Youssef: Here is another one that goes down the tubes.

The stats say one in nine Americans are living in states where gay marriage is legal and it’s not going to stop there.

Let’s go to the beginning. When we begin to be immoral people we will cease to be blessed people.

God blessed us as a nation through the years because of the faithfulness of the Founding Fathers to God’s Word.

It might not be explicit but implicit in every action of their deliberation.

Now we come to a time where we are removing the boundaries of our forefathers and as we remove these boundaries we are removing ourselves from the hand of God’s blessing and protection.

It is very disturbing to see the greatest nation leading the world in this abomination.

It is very, very sad. This is a group of Republicans that made this happen.

This is not a Republican-Democrat issue anymore.

It is a moral issue.

Those who love the Scripture and God’s ideal for our society must be very repulsed and speak against it.

We need to examine every candidate for office from now on—to check not how he is going to help the economy, but how he is going to uphold God’s moral standard.

Charisma News: You are right.

With 2012 coming up, we have an opportunity and I hope we take that opportunity very seriously.

I have seen many people coming out against the Republican Party in outrage.

Youssef: It is not really about the Republican Party.

I have said this all along.

Many of us who were in the party loved Reagan and Bush.

The Republican Party hasn’t been able to do anything.

They haven’t been able to make decisions or to lead.

They have made speeches but I think it has to be a grassroots movement from the bottom up.

These are not social issues that so many folks in the media are telling people to lighten up on if they want to get elected.

They are moral issues and we have got to make a decision as a nation whether we are going to be a moral nation or we aren’t going to be.

Younger evangelicals have been sucked in by false teaching and are now walking away and turning their backs on biblical morality.

The only morality they look at is taking care of the poor by the government—not by us but by the government.

That is very dangerous.

The problem is that we are not taking the warnings that God has gently been giving us, from tornadoes and floods.

God keeps sending us these gentle warnings to wake us up, but we are not waking up at all.

We just keep saying we can overcome and keep putting our hopes in ourselves.

Charisma News: What is it going to take then? Is the Church doing its job? Are we doing enough? Praying enough?

Youssef: This problem started in the church.

The society did not begin to collapse on its own, morally, when churches started to reject the authority of the word of God.

The debate about homosexuality started in the church and not politics.

The Episcopal Church started the whole thing by ordaining gays and blessing gay marriages.

That came from the church pulpit into society.

Then the Presbyterians followed and now many evangelicals don’t want to talk about it.

The main issue is rejecting God’s word as authoritative over us as individuals and as a church.

As goes the church so goes society.

The church is the one that needs to repent first.

It is my call to the church through my blog and writing to call the church to repentance.

Until that happens society is going to continue going in a downward spiral.

Charisma News: It seems like that is a message many people don’t want to hear: repent.

Youssef: I saw this program the other day with Ken Ham with his theme park about creationism in Oklahoma. Guess who is opposing him? Pastors in the area.

One pastor came on PBS and said they believe in evolution and not this stuff and they are going to fight him.

These are pastors in Oklahoma.

We have to clean house before we point fingers.

They will point the finger back and say we as believers need to cry to the Lord in the Spirit of repentance.

Charisma News: That is the bottom line.

Youssef: I was given the keynote address to NRB three years ago

. It was almost prophetic that I was quoting Jeremiah Chapter 9 where he was saying “I want to weep over my people.”

You look at the condition of the church and we need to be weeping, not celebrating.

We need to be weeping because the condition of the church is so dire.

As we weaken we have all these massive churches and they are all preaching self help and we have selfed ourselves to death.

Charisma News: What will it take to get the church to repent?

Youssef: It is a combination of the faithful to keep crying to the Lord.

I have a personal view that isn’t from Scripture that we are in for a big catastrophe.

Why America? Because we should know better.

Why not China? Because they are pagan.

How are they to know better? We do.

They don’t have the biblical foundation we do.

God judged Israel into exile.

Why Israel? Because they should have known better.

They got into idolatry and did not repent.

Prophet after prophet would call them to repent and they wouldn’t.

God had enough and sent them into Babylon.

This is the way God works and this is His character.

This is what is going to happen sooner than we realize.

Charisma News: People don’t want to hear the truth. It is good that you are saying these things. If it does happen at least we will remember we were warned.

Youssef: It will serve as a witness. But when you read Revelation and there are catastrophes that literally come and wipe out one-third of the population and do you think their hearts would repent? No.

God is not going to be mocked and He is going to justify and vindicate His own name.

By Jennifer LeClaire.

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