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National Conference Nigeria’s unity, no-go area.



*All 492 delegates to be nominated *75% majority to approve decisions *Conference may begin late February

THE Federal Government, yesterday, declared that the indivisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria would be the only no-go area for the planned National Conference which may be convened before the end of February.

This was disclosed by Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, while briefing newsmen in Abuja on the Federal Government’s endorsement of the recommendations of the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue which submitted its report few weeks ago.

During the briefing, Anyim was flanked by Chairman and Secretary of the Presidential Committee on National Dialogue, Senator Femi Okurounmu and Dr. Akilu Indabawa, respectively.


He also said the Federal Government had provided for the confab in the 2014 Appropriation Bill currently before the National Assembly.

Anyim further disclosed that a total of 492 delegates would be expected to attend the conference which is scheduled to take place in Abuja after the conclusion of nomination of delegates slated for February 20.

The SGF said that the confab which is scheduled to last for three months shall have a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson of “unimpeachable integrity.” He added that the exercise must be concluded before the commencement of political activities leading up to next year’s general elections.

According to Anyim: “The official name of the conversation/conference shall be “The National Conference”.
He stated that decisions at the National Conference shall be by consensus, but where it is not achievable, it shall be by 75 per cent majority.

He further stated that the National Conference shall advise the Government on the legal framework, legal procedures and options for integrating the decisions and outcomes of the confab into the Constitution and laws of the country.

Anyim disclosed that a Conference Management Secretariat shall be established to manage, administer and run the affairs of the Conference.

He also stated that nomination of delegates which shall begin immediately must be completed by all stakeholders before a date for the commencement of the confab could be fixed.
List of nominees
According to him: “The list of nominees shall be submitted either online to or in hard copy to the Office of the Permanent Secretary (Special Duties Office), Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase I, 3rd Floor, Central Business District, Abuja.”

The SGF also released a list indicating the details of the proposed composition of the conference which showed that the Federal Government would nominate a minimum of 73 delegates.

A break down of this figure shows that the President shall appoint the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary of the confab. He shall also nominate 37 elder statesmen representing the 36 states of the federation and the FCT. The document further indicates that the Federal Government shall directly nominate 20 delegates, of which six shall be women.

The confab shall also have six retired judiciary nominees which would be appointed by the President. Another six nominees who shall represent outstanding youths in the country shall be appointed by the Federal Government to represent the nation’s six geo-political zones.

The list further shows that state governments and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, would nominate a total of 109 delegates to represent the nation’s Senatorial Districts. Each state in the federation would be expected to nominate three delegates while the FCT would be represented by one delegate.

The list provides that ethnic nationalities in the country, alongside socio-political and cultural groups will produce a total of 90 delegates which shall comprised 15 per geo-political zone. Nominations for delegates in this category must reflect the ethnic and religious diversity of the various geo-political zones.

The comprehensive list
The comprehensive list is as follows: Retired military and security personnel:
Military – six delegates: one from each geo-political zone; Police- six delegates, one from each zone; State Security Service and Nigerian Intelligence Agency NIA, six, one from each zone.

A total of 13 traditional rulers in all shall be delegates at the confab. Every zone shall send two traditional rulers, while one would come from FCT. Retired civil servants would nominate six delegates from the six zones.

The Nigeria Labour Movement shall be represented by a total of 24 delegates which shall comprise 12 each from the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and the Trade Unions Congress, TUC.

The Organised Private Sector would be represented by eight delegates who are to be nominated by NECA, MAN, NACCIMA and NESG. Each of them shall nominate two delegates.

Nigerian youths shall also be represented by 18 delegates at the confab: Six of them shall come from the six zones; six from NANS representing the six zones while another six ” outstanding youths and role models” would represent the six zones.

Women groups in the country would be represented by a total of 24 delegates. Among the groups that would nominate delegates are NCWS-12; Market Women associations- six, reflecting the six zones. Other women groups that would send two delegates each are NAWOJ, FIDA and WINBIZ.

Political parties in the country which have members in the National Assembly would also be represented by two delegates each; they include PDP, APC, Labour Party, APGA and Accord Party.

The two major religions in the country that is Christianity and Islam are to be represented by six delegates each, while civil society groups are to be represented by 24 delegates who are expected to reflect the nation’s federal character.

Nigerians in diaspora would not be left out as eight of them would also participate in the confab as delegates. The eight delegates are to represent Nigerians in the Americas-two, Europe-two, Asia and the Middle-East, two and Africa-two.

People living with disabilities would nominate six delegates to the confab, one from each zone.
The media would also be represented by NPAN, NUJ, NGE and BON which were allotted two slots each.
Professional bodies in the country would also send 13 delegates. They include NBA, NSE and CIB. Others include NMA, NIM, NIA, ICAN, ANAN, NIPR, AAPN, NIESV and Nigeria Environmental Society. They are all expected to send one delegate each.

The various academies in the country would send a total of five delegates. They include: Academies of Science, Engineering and Education. Others are academies of letters and social sciences. Each of them would send one delegate.

Former political office holders would also be accommodated at the confab. Former governors in the country would send six delegates- from the six zones. This also applies to former Senators, former members of the House of Representatives and Association of former Speakers. Former chairmen of local government areas would also send six delegates reflecting the six zones. They would be nominated by ALGON.

It would be recalled that President Goodluck Jonathan had during his Independence Day broadcast last October, informed Nigerians that he had set up a Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue with the following composition: Senator Dr. Femi Okurounmu-Chairman; Dr. Akilu Sani Indabawa -Secretary and

Senator Khairat Abdulrazaq-Gwadabe as member.
Others included: Senator Timothy Adudu; Professor Olufunke Adeboye; Professor George A. Obiozor and Professor Ben Nwabueze, SAN, NNOM.

Also appointed into the committee were Dr. Abubakar Siddique Mohammed; Malam Bukhari Bello, MFR, mni; Mr. Tony I. Uranta; Col. Tony Nyiam (Rtd); Alhaji Dauda Birmah, OFR and Dr. Mrs. Mairo Ahmed Amshi, MFR.

In his remarks while inaugurating the Committee on October 7, 2013, President Jonathan had said it comprised of ‘Nigerians with wide experiences from various disciplines. He also described the formation of the Committee as ‘a child of necessity.’ He stated that the foundational principle that drove the composition of the Committee was to work towards convening a national conversation.

By Okey Ndiribe

Source: Radio Biafra.

Anambra LG Poll: Electoral officer arrested in Nnewi North; general reports say there was rigging.


Jega inec2

The Electoral Officer in charge of the council polls in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Mr Aloysius Muoka was yesterday arrested by the police from Nnewi Area Command at the council headquarters for his inability to explain an alleged disappearance of election result sheets in his custody.
Sunday Sun gathered that at about 5am yesterday, a red Toyota Corolla wagon drove into the premises of the council headquarters with three occupants who were said to have gone to where the sensitive materials were packed upstairs and lifted three bags, popularly called Ghana-must-go filled with election result sheets, which the suspects had allegedly loaded into the booth of the car ready to drive off before they were intercepted by a member of Labour Party in Nnewi North as police were said to be outside the gate as the incident unfolded.
After the arrest of Mr Muoka, another Electoral Officer, Mr Peter Nwogbo was quickly deployed from Awka to take over. Even at that, the election in the council area was botched, as the result sheets were not available.
Voters queued up in the morning, under the sun till sunset without casting their votes since no election materials were distributed to the 198 polling booths in 10 wards in Nnewi North.
When Sunday Sun contacted the newly deployed electoral officer in Nnewi North at 4pm while filing this report to ascertain whether the election would still hold, he said he was yet to be told the next thing to do from Awka.
A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) collation agent, Mr Dan Onyejegbu said at the council headquarters that party agents were not allowed to inspect the sensitive election materials. This, he said, raised suspicion and made them call for cancellation of the election.
Member representing Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon Chris Azubogu said he would not as a lawmaker say that the election could go on or not until he hears from Awka even though he had earlier suggested to the EO that other materials could be distributed to the polling units while waiting for the result sheets.
Although there was a hitch-free council polls at Nnewi South Council Area, Ihiala Local Government recorded the same non availability of election result sheets, according to Sunday Sun check and there was no election there.
When Sunday Sun went to the Nnewi Area Commander, Mr Amiyi over the arrested EO, he referred the reporter to the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Awka, Mr Emeka Chukwuemeka who did not pick his call.

Source: Radio Biafra.

As Opportunity Beckons: History Awaits Our Sculpting Hands By Jaye Gaskia.

By Jaye Gaskia

We begin with the paraphrasing of the verse from Y.B Yates brought to popular consciousness by our own Chinua Achebe; ‘We returned to our places, these kingdoms; but it is no longer at ease here with the old dispensation, with an alien people still clutching at their godfathers…..’

If there are still any persons left that are yet to accept the reality of a critical, and fundamental crisis of governance within the classes – ruling and subordinate alike; and between the classes; then the events of the recent weeks ought to be clear enough a manifestation for every conscious person to at the very least begin to discern the monumental challenges that confront us as a people and nation; as well as the historic opportunities that open up because of these challenges.

Lenin while analysing and writing, as well as preparing for the Russian Revolutions, on the crisis of revolutionary proportions which confronted the world at the turn of the last [20th] century identified some very basic but key conditions for revolution to take place: The first being that the crisis is of such a proportion that the ruling classes can no longer rule in the old ways! The second, being that conversely, the exploited and subordinate classes are no longer willing to be ruled in the old ways.

Now all of these elements are present in the current national and global scenario, and have been present since the global onset of the current all embracing crisis with the food crisis of 2007, and the financial crunch of 2007/2008. What has been missing is the third condition; the availability of a conscious political vanguard of the exploited and subordinate classes, that can direct and coordinate the disparate responses and activities of the poor and channel this towards a conscious contestation for power, and in the first instance, state power!

Let us take a deep, critical, reflective and dispassionate look at the current situation in our country; a crisis that has been unfolding and deepening since 2007, and which reached an apogee during the January Uprising of 2012!

There is at this moment in time, and the closer we get to the 2015 general elections, no major party that has not, or is not facing a crisis.

The ruling party got split into three components – the PDM, the New PDP, and the Old PDP. The new PDP has announced its intention to merge with the opposition APC; and even in this it risks a split within the New PDP. The Old PDP, remains still at war with itself! The most significant indication of this is it’s contradictory response to the electoral sham in Anambra during the Governorship elections.

The APC, a recent merger of major opposition parties is itself going through its own internal turmoil. In Ekiti state, there has been a split from the party with the splitters moving into that unashamed commercial political sex worker of a party called the Labour Party; the most significant stock exchange party existing in the country, where rejected  dissident politicians from other main parties, can for the appropriate fee, buy the party’s ticket for any office!  In Anambra state on the other hand; CPC, one of the major constituent parties of the merged APC, was one of the 16 so-called political parties that came out to affirm the fairness and freeness of an election, that the main umpire itself has admitted suffered major lapses, up to the point of raising the allegation of sabotage!

The point being made is that this behemoth of an opposition party, even much more than the ruling PDP it seeks so desperately to displace; is a marriage of strange, if not antagonistic bedfellows! This merged party which is still eagerly approaching and trying to swallow up other dissidents, is still parading an interim national leadership; and is yet to conduct any national or state conventions for the purposes of electing party leaders! It is a party united more by the desire of its disparate members to unseat the PDP and take over power, than by any common ideological or programmatic vision of transformation of the conditions of living and existence of our people.

What can we say about the other parties? Well a majority of them are just waiting for the next big man of small big man to decamp from one of the parties and then consider their party as a platform to realise their puny ambitions.

And, oh of course, less I forget, there is also APGA. Which APGA? Which of the factions/ or Fractions within factions is being referred to?

The scenarios painted above represent very distinct and clear front lines of the intra class struggle within the thieving, light fingered, treasury looting ruling class. What about the dimensions of the inter-class struggle; between the exploiters [the top 10% of the population that own and control 41% of national wealth], and the exploited [the bottom 20% of the population that control and own only 4.1% of national wealth; or the bottom 50% of the population that own and control only 20% of national wealth]? What about these ongoing now open, now covert struggle between the classes? The crisis in Education and the marathon strikes of academic staff at one point or the other during this year, across tertiary education [ASUU, ASUP, COESAU], is one of the most dramatic manifestations of this inter class struggle!

But so was the January Uprising of 2012, in even more significant and poignant ways! The health sector has also witnessed unprecedented mass general strikes over the last few years; as have other sectors at national and state levels.

What about the demolition of the homes of the poor in the name of urban renewal? Or the criminalisation of the livelihoods of the poor and their harassment by government agencies; again in the name of security and urban renewal? Are these not very valid expressions of the intensified nature of the class struggle between the poor and the rich? If the strikes are examples of class struggle waged by the poor against unbearable exploitation; the demolitions and banning of livelihoods of the poor without alternatives are clear indications of the class struggle waged by the ruling class to increase the exploitation of the poor!

And an example of the of intra class struggle among the poor, exploited and subordinate classes? Well look no further; the crisis in tertiary education is also manifested in the attitude of the non teaching/non academic staff unions to the struggles and demands of the academic staff unions? Every struggle, demand and strike by academic staff has very often been opposed and stridently too by the non academic staff [junior and senior alike]. Or the situation when every time a corrupt politician is exposed, crowds of poor and exploited youths and older persons including toddlers and children are rented to participate in ‘paid for rallies’ to support their son or daughter, and insist that their son or daughter should not neither be exposed nor punished for dipping their dirty fingers into our collective teal!

So now we see clearly the current context, and the scale and scope of crisis within and between the classes. If we quickly note that the context within which these political and social crisis is taking place, is that occasioned and driven by a economic crisis of historic proportions; then we can understand, that these holistic and all embracing crisis when flipped on the other side like a coin, also presents immense historic opportunity!

First a quick summary of the socio-economic crises; poverty levels of 70%  and 46%; one that rose from 54% in 2001 to 70% in 2012; unprecedented high unemployment figures that rose from 9% in 2001 to 23.9% in 2012, along with a 45 to 50% unemployment rate for youths between 18 and 35 years of age; or is it the rate of treasury looting that now hovers above N220bn per month figure; with kidnapping for ransom and crude oil theft now some of the most profitable industrial sectors of the informal economy? Just check that in spite of annual security and surveillance contract in excess of N30bn annually to 6 militant generals and their crews; crude oil theft has shot up from less than 200,000 barrels per day prior to 2010, to more than 400,000 barrels per day in 2013, amounting to a colossal loss of nearly $18bn annually!

This is the context within which, and the background within which the political crises is unfolding; so much so that the ruling class is finding that it can no longer rule in the old ways; while the exploited classes are also refusing to be ruled in the old ways!

And it is this context that provides the historic opportunity, that this generation of Nigerian patriots, activists, and active citizens are called upon to seize, and take advantage of. It is important for us to build the type of mass, and popular political movement, autonomous of political Godfathers, and independent of the ruling class political platforms; to organise our resistance, mobilise our anger; and undertake our frontal cahllenge of the thieving and historically inept and corrupt ruling class for power!

It is upto us to take our destiny into our own hands; It is time we organise and mobilise to Take Back Nigeria; And Now!

Follow me on Twitter: @jayegaskia & @[DPSR]protesttopower; Interract with me on FaceBook: Jaye Gaskia & Take Back Nigeria.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Ngige and APC (Hausa/Yoruba Party) Once Again Crushed In Anambra State Governorship Supplementary election.

Willie ObianoThe Labour Party candidate, Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah, came fourth with 37,495.
The formal declaration was made by the Chief Returning Officer, Prof. James Epoke, who is also the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calabar around 1 am on Sunday.
The declaration of the winner brought to an end a long-running and controversial process of electing a new governor for Anambra State.
The entire process of electing the new governor was dogged by controversy as three of the major political parties that fielded candidates called for its cancellation and vowed to boycott the supplementary election.
The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, who admitted the errors committed in the election, apologised to the nation but said the errors were not substantial enough to warrant the cancellation of the entire exercise.
The supplementary election was eventually held on Saturday but was characterised by low turnout. The Agbaja Polling Unit 22 in Abatete, Idemili North Local Government Area, which has a voting population of 739, for instance, had only 24 candidates accredited and 20 of them voting in the supplementary election.
The main election, which held on November 16, could not be concluded on the same day and INEC announced that election in 65 polling units in Obosi ward in Idemili North Local Government Area would be repeated.
The Chief Returning Officer said the voting population in the areas where election did not take place was large enough to make the second or third person defeat the leading candidate. He, therefore, declared the election inconclusive.
Following the development, INEC  declared  that supplementary election would in 210 polling units, where 113,113 voters could not vote on November 16. The areas affected  cut across 15 local government areas and most of them (160)were in Idemili North.
Epoke said the Electoral Act required that for a winner to be declared in an election, the difference in the total voting population of the areas where election was cancelled should be less than the difference between the votes scored by the candidate with the highest votes and the votes of the candidate with the second highest votes.
The returning officer had reported that the total voting population in the areas where election was cancelled was 113,113, which was higher than the 79,754 difference between the leading candidate’s votes and the second highest candidate’s votes, saying the commission had no choice but to declare the election inconclusive.
“The rule guiding this election is that for a winner to emerge, he must have majority of votes cast and the required spread of 25 per cent of votes in two thirds of the local government areas.
“We observed that due to many reasons, there were a lot of cancelled votes that made it difficult for a winner to emerge,” Epoke said.
He said the winner of the election would be declared only after election has been conducted in areas where the election was cancelled.
In declaring Obiano winner, Epoke said the APGA candidate did not only win the majority of the votes cast, but also fulfilled the requirement that the winner should score 25 per cent of the total votes cast in two thirds of the local governments in the state, in Anambra’s case 14 local government areas.
Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission Resident Commissioner in Rivers State, Mr Aniedi Ikoiwak, has commended the people of Anambra for coming out to vote in Saturday’s supplementary governorship election.
The electoral commissioner, who supervised the election in Onitsha South and Onitsha North council areas, spoke at Okija hall, where voting took place in four polling units.
“The important thing here is that for so many places where I have visited, the party agents were  there, especially those of the major parties.
“It is a clear indication that there had not been any boycott of the election by any of the parties.
“The people were interested in completing this exercise so that at the end of the day, their governor would be announced to them,’’ he said.
Ikoiwak said NEC directed its poll officers to display the Form 60E on the day of the exercise, which would show that the election had been completed peacefully.
“You cannot display that form if you do not have a conducive environment.
“And that form would display the result in each unit for members of the public to copy and know what happened in the unit,’’ he said.
Source: Radio Biafra.

Start writing your handover notes, G7, Baraje group tell President Jonathan.


THE defunct Abubakar Kawu Baraje led splinter group of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP which prior to Tuesday had in its fold, the G7 governors, asked President Goodluck Jonathan to start writing his handover notes ahead of the 2015 Presidential election.

According to the group in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, joining the All Progrsssive Congress, APC, the opposition party was now the majority party in the country while it said it tagged PDP as a minority party, adding, “In the circumstances, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must now start writing his handover notes because his ambition to maouevre the party structures so as to get a third term in office in 2015 has suddenly collapsed.

On dumping the PDP, Eze said, “Now, we have reached the stage that we can only say: “PDP, your sinking ship has been abandoned to you! You brought this

misfortune upon yourself, now you must bear it alone!”

“As for us, we are happy to belong to the APC, where our value is appreciated, where we are made to feel truly wanted, and where we can now join forces with like minds in our struggle to liberate Nigeria from PDP’s misrule, which is soon to end.”

Recalling what happened on Tuesday at Kano Lodge, Asokoro, Abuja, Eze said, “Late this morning, at about 11:46, the National Chairman of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, formally announced the merger of the party with the All Progressives Congress (APC). The merger was contained in a communiqué which Alhaji Baraje read to journalists at the end of a meeting between the leadership of New PDP and that of the APC held at the Kano Governor’s Lodge in Abuja. The communiqué signed by Bisi Akande the APC National Chairman and Kawu Abubakar Baraje the National Chairman of NPDP reads, “A meeting of the leadership of All Progressives Congress, APC, and the new PDP met this morning at the residence of the Kano State Governor, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, in Abuja and after exhaustive deliberations the two parties agreed to merge in order to rescue our fledgling democracy and the nation.

“With this development, the G7 Governors of New PDP, namely, Babangida Aliyu (Niger), Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kano), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto), Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), Abdulfatah Ahmed (Kwara) and Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers), are now members of the APC. The merger thus shoots up the number of APC State Governors to 18 while PDP’s shrinks to 16, with All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and Labour Party having one governor each. A similar permutation exists in the National Assembly where we now have the majority with PDP and its allies in minority.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Why Jega Must Be Sacked As INEC Chairman!.

By Tony Ishiekwene

Professor Jega has supervised over some of the worst elections in Nigerian history, particularly in our Delta state. The man has very little asset, in fact more deficits and liabilities, in terms of conscience, and he masterminded some of the worst electoral manipulations and fraud that took place in the 2011 elections where many Nigerian souls were needlessly lost in the name of Presidential elections, particularly in the Northern parts of Nigeria where the people resisted the daylight robbery by Jega, his corrupt INEC officials up and down the country and the cancerous PDP, that benefitted from all the 2011 charade, Jega called Elections!

Joe Igbokwe- Lagos APC spokesperson– was commenting on some of the Nigerian-wide webgroups I belong, recently and he talked of 10 reasons why Ngige ( the APC gubernatorial candidate) would win the governorship election of Anambra state, which in a fair election should be a very correct prediction of the November 16th Anambra governorship election.

However he, or rather his new mega party, APC, don’t seem to grasp yet that the “axis of evil” party, the PDP never like fair contest, when it comes to electoral battles, and use all state funded institutions to “decimate” the opposition! They may not rig for themselves in Anambra but they will aid and abet APGA to “win” just to punish APC and deceive the world that the feared APC stood no chance in 2015 general election.  APC officials must be prepared for all the challenges of November 16th, 2013 in Anambra and beyond especially the coming 2015 general elections, where PDP theatrics and rigging will be much more violent and virulent!!

The APC leadership must have seen what happened in Delta Central senatorial by-election, supposedly held last Saturday 12th October, whereas Election results were written by PDP gangsters including governor Uduaghan, Delta Assenmbly man Monday Igbuya, Commissioner Akpeki and a few other mafians that predominate that evil party across Delta state, since the night before, precisely Friday (11/10/2013) night in Sapele?

Yes the PDP is scared stiff of the mega-party (APC) and they knew they stood no chance against the formidable candidate APC presented-Olorogun Otega Emerhor (OON ), so what did the vile PDP do on Election Day proper? They recruited the ARMY & NAVY, then bribe NYSC polling officers with such sums ( too much money to buy their conscience) they cannot refuse, and the ballot box snatching and thumb printing party-the PDP way was activated with enormous ferocity- the way armed robbers operate, firing gun shots into the air, as they disappear with their loot!

I saw some of the results PDP and their complicit in evil agents were posting late Saturday night in some of the web groups I belong, and I chuckled how dumb the mafians and their masters can be! They award themselves 98% of the votes in about 90% of the polling booths, Wards  and local government, leaving the APC and DPP(represented by Chief Ede Dafinone, also a very solid candidate) the two front running opposition with less than 2% of the “Thumb printed” votes purportedly cast by Delta Central electorates.

Only in Nigeria would a single party score 90-99% of votes cast in a supposedly multi-party elections; not even in Cambodia, Timbuktu, Afghanistan, or any other God forsaken country election do you see such patterns of votes. You can’t get that in a two-party state, never mind multi-party Nigeria. Check every near flawless election, in Ghana, Sierra Leone and even Mali recently, the margin of victory is often less than 10% of the first opposition. It tells you how dumb, mediocrely and no-brainers PDP buffoons rig and write election results for corrupt INEC to read for gullible, but short-changed Nigerians.

APC and the opposition parties must now call for the dismissal of Prof Jega. That man is a corrupt PDP man, inside and wears their skin outside. This plonker has conducted 3 fake elections in Delta state, starting with the the January 2011 governorship rerun election, and later the April General elections, where chief Great Ogboru of DPP trounced Uduaghan on both occasions in the Delta state gubernatorial elections, but Jega-Jega’s INEC called it for PDP’s Uduaghan on both ocassions. Now Jega-Jega, acting on instructions from above( the presidency) has called another fake result in Delta Central senatorial election. PDP stood no chance in last Saturday’s election; it’s either APC ( Otega Emerhor) or DPP ( Ede DAFINONE) for the taking. I doubt if PDP would have been able to take the third spot in a fair contest. Some other fringe parties in the contest, like Labour Party and PPA may have beaten them, if the contest was anything near free and fair elections, that Jega has consistently denied the people of Delta state since he assumed the helmsmanship of INEC.

You can now situate why the evil PDP members boast they will rule Nigeria for 60 years, uninterrupted. Their game is to use INEC and the security agencies to rig every election for themselves irrespective of whom they present- black, white, yellow, green; or religious divide- Muslim, Christian, Hindu or madman; or ethnic tribe- Ibo, Kanuri, Itsekiri, Yoruba,Ukwuani, Efik or Hausa.

What they have just done in Delta Central is a foretaste of what they plan to do in 2015. That election is going to be very violently rigged by PDP, who are very scared of APC’s formidable rising profile. They know they stood no chance of beating APC in a general election come 2015, but they will still try! Knowing that the opposition APC, as an equally mega party, with wider reach would resist and stand toe-to-toe with them in every polling unit across Nigeria, they will resort to harassment, bullying and outright violence- using the Army- real and/or camouflage. Their agents will put on military and NYSC uniforms, cart away the ballot boxes and go thumb print elsewhere. But that may be the end of NIGERIA, because APC will fight them to a standstill! It means the American prediction of “Bye-bye”Nigeria by 2015 may well come to pass! How dumb can Africans, particularly the Nigerian version of it, to prove the Americans right, even with s 20-year per-event warning. Black man, particularly the Nigerian version, you are cursed!

It beats me that in this day and age- the 21st century- anyone can still feel happy “enjoying” the fruits of a stolen vote. Only a Nigerian, particularly of the PDP stock, would not shriek and fell bad about stealing his people’s voice; that is worst than armed robbery. That’s why crooks run Nigeria- from the presidency to the local government councillors. Why on earth in this day and age of technological advancement and “Electronic voting” even in Ghana and Kenya recently can’t Jega and his INEC fraudsters deploy Electronic voting to end this nightmare of vote rigging and multiple thumb printing?


Tony Ishiekwene


Why Credible Parties Like NCP, Labour Party And PRP Will Not Be Part of APC – Balarabe Musa.

By Saharareporters, New York

As many political parties continue with activities aimed at winning advantage in the 2015 general elections, Mallam Balarabe Musa, a former Governor of Kaduna State and chieftain of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), has said that ‘credible’ parties cannot be part of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Alhaji Musa, who is remembered as one of the few Second Republic governors who did not amass wealth for himself, identified ideological differences for being the hurdle.

The ex-governor was speaking on Friday at the Kaduna State Congress of the National Conscience Party (NCP). He said it was a fact that the ruling PDP has be forced out of power by 2015 and would require a strong opposition force to oust it, but that the current composition of the APC is not a good alternative for that purpose.

“This makes us think that there may be need for a third force, which is not also healthy for Nigeria,” he said.

“For instance we can think of a third force by credible parties, led for example, by the Labour Party. But I do not want that. I do not like that we have a third force because it may make it difficult to force out the PDP.  But we cannot join APC because we cannot sacrifice our ideology and what we stand for.”

The former PRP chieftain praised the liberty being enjoyed by political parties in the country today as the product of one of the legal battles fought by late human rights crusader, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, who also founded the NCP.  He said the party deserved support rather than neglect, which was his reason for working in solidarity with it during its Kaduna State congress.

In a similarly remark during an earlier congress of the party in Ogun State, the National Chairman of the Party, Mr. Yunusa Tanko, also said it would amount to an unholy alliance to sacrifice the ideology upon which the party is built for a merger with parties whose objectives would not liberate the masses in the end.

“For instance, NCP is the only party where you could contest for free,” he said. That is part of our ideology; to give the platform for free to citizens so they can represent their people in government.”

He drew a parallel with other political parties which as much as demand N10m from potential candidates. “If you contest and win, you will not be able to represent the interest of your people rather you will want to recoup the N10m first and then enrich yourself.”

At the congress in Kaduna on Friday, the NCP inaugurated new party executives for the State in an open election, and the National Chairman tasked them to keep the interest of the masses at heart just as the party had given its platform to them for free electoral contests to represent their people.

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