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Visions of Christmas: Seeing Green.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2 Peter 3:18

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Chlorophyll,” a green pigment, comes from two Greek words that mean “green” and “leaf.” Chlorophyll allows for photosynthesis to take place — a plant’s ability to absorb energy from light and use that energy to cause growth.

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If we had to pick a color for Christmas, it might be green because of all the greenery we see — Christmas trees, holly, mistletoe, and evergreen garlands gracing banisters and mantels. All that greenery is there because of chlorophyll — the energy-producing growth factor in plants. So when we decorate with greenery this Christmas it can remind us to ask, “How can I grow in Christ this Christmas season? What can be my spiritual chlorophyll?” No one needs reminding of how busy Christmas can be, crowding out quiet time for prayer and Bible study. Assuming we maintain those disciplines, what can we do to reach higher and farther — to actually grow? Consider looking for opportunities to do what Christ came into the world to do: to serve others in love (Mark 10:45).

Every time we deny ourselves in order to serve someone else, we grow in Christ. Make that a goal this Christmas.

Galatians 4-Ephesians 3

By David Jeremiah.

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