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Christie’s Star Dims as Stories of Bullying, Double Dealing Emerge.

Image: Christie's Star Dims as Stories of Bullying, Double Dealing Emerge

By Sandy Fitzgerald

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still a favorite in presidential polls, but the popular politician is already being singled out by Democrats and in the national media before he has announced his future intentions.

“It’s all a setup,” Michael Steele, who chaired the Republican National Committee in 2009, when Christie first ran for governor, told The Daily Beast. “It’s unbelievable. It says to me that there are interests in the media and in politics who don’t want the status quo to change, and who actually like this red/blue politics crisis-management model.”

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Just two months ago, Christie beat Democratic opponent Barbara Buono by a 21-point margin. Since then, polls have shown him in a virtual tied race with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the presidency, with a CNN survey showing him as being slightly ahead.

The media attacks did not come far behind his second-term win. Last week, a front page article in The New York Times painted Christie as a bully who uses his political power to get revenge against his enemies.

Among several complaints, The Times article included the “Bridgegate” scandal, which targets Christie as being behind closing access lanes from Fort Lee, N.J. on to the George Washington Bridge. The lanes were shut down for four days after the city’s Democratic mayor refused to back Christie’s re-election campaign, and two Port Authority officials have resigned their posts over the issue.

In addition, the book “Double Down” was released just before the November election, using details from former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s vice presidential vetting team. The book painted Christie as being a politician who did favors for his allies and lobbied for business interests of people like Bernie Madoff.

Christie loyalists say that the governor is used to media scrutiny. One aide said that he’s also not surprised when “media outlets and Democratic organizations make him a target.”

Steele said such negative coverage plays itself out in many ways, “sometimes aided by the main target, sometimes by subordinates or opposition camps. There’s a tendency to reach that turning point so that the knives come out and the new narrative begins.”

However, it’s not just the liberal media that has turned against Christie. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck recently blasted Christie during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, calling the New Jersey Republican “a fat nightmare” and labeling him as a “progressive.”

Some of the scrutiny also started in November 2012, when Christie hugged President Barack Obama after Superstorm Sandy, which experts say will likely haunt him if he runs for the presidency.

But even with the negative coverage, Steele said, Christie “is the same guy today as he was when he sat in my office when I was national chairman during his first bid for the governorship of New Jersey . . . He’s still the same breath of fresh air, the same guy who can create a new narrative for the Republican Party and the country, which is longing and starving for it.”

Steele says Christie needs to be sure he doesn’t become his “own worst enemy” and fuel
new headlines.

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Seaworthy Vessels.

But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin; and sin when it is accomplished, bringeth forth death. —James 1:14-15

I have seen great ocean liners docked in the ports of Hong Kong, vessels weighing thousands of tons with mammoth engines that propel them across the oceans.

But they will be docked in the bay and a little old tugboat can hook a chain to that boat and draw it away.

It would be a different story if that ocean liner suddenly started its engines and threw its gears in reverse.

The same thing is true of believers.

The devil cannot take you in tow unless your engines are shut down. Second Timothy 2:26 says, “These are they that are taken captive of the devil at his will.”

Don’t allow the devil to dry dock your spirit.

If you shut down your mind to the things of God, you will give in to your own lusts and passions, allowing the enemy to seduce you into watching soap operas or football games.

Ride the waves of adversity fueled by the Holy Ghost.

Let His wind fill your sails and empower you toward His destination.

God, fill my engines with the fuel of Your power.

Ignite me with Your Spirit.

With Your Wind, propel me in the ways You want me to go. Amen.


Mayflower Sailed, Taking Pilgrims to New England.

September 6, 1620

One of the most significant chapters in American history opened on this day, September 6, 1620. 

After failed attempts to sail from England, leaving behind her sister ship Speedwell, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth for the New World.

Aboard were 101 passengers.

By today’s standards the ship was little bigger than a yacht.

Ninety feet long and twenty-six feet wide, it hardly seemed the vessel to alter world history.

Cramped in so small a space and subject to rough weather, the passengers suffered a good deal.

The sailors cursed the pious Pilgrims, whom they detested.

Food consisted of dried fish, cheese and beer.

The only sanitary accommodation was a slop bucket.

There was nowhere to bathe.

Seasickness was rampant during storms.

With little air below decks, the conditions were nauseating at the best.

Despite this, only one passenger died at sea.

However bad matters were aboard ship, they would prove far worse in the “hideous and desolate wilderness” which soon confronted them.

Two months and five days after sailing, the ship landed at Cape Cod.

Before going ashore the Pilgrims signed the famous Mayflower Compact.

This not only made them a completely religious entity but broke political ground, too, in that it placed them under their own governance while still paying formal respect to the king of England.

The compact was essentially a church covenant, signed by most of the adult men who were aboard.

It probably staved off a mutiny, for tensions were running high.

At their destination, the Pilgrims were a long while making up their minds where to settle.

The sailors grumbled and wanted to force them off ship before all the provisions were consumed.

Fortunately, some of the men who first went ashore found berries and corn which could supplement their rations.

The ship remained over winter. Inadequately prepared, the Pilgrims died by the dozens. Less than half survived the first winter.

Shelter was lacking.

The houses they built were of wattle and clay.

But enough settlers survived to establish a community and to open an incomparable chapter in American history.

The idea of a social contract as embodied in the Mayflower Compact would become important in the theories of John Locke, Rousseau and others.

Christian forms had a good deal of influence in shaping the character of early American governments which were largely the creation of Christian exiles.


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Last updated April, 2007.

By Dan Graves, MSL.

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