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The chronicle of the evil sect’s why Boko Haram terrorists must be withered.


WE are all currently witnessing the inhuman and heinous destruction of precious lives of people and property across the country, Igbos inclusive and targeted. But what vey many of us today, weren’t witnesses to, were the HELLACAUSTAL pogroms, ethnic cleansings and genocidal perpetrations, months preceding the full-blown civil war between BIAFRA and NIGERIA, which claimed well over three (3) million souls of my people, the IGBOS of Nigeria! Some may argue, perhaps quite rightly, that the victims of this modern jihad engrossed and enveloped people from different ethnicity and religion.

Great! But the Igbos must not continue to fold their hands, open their eyes and stare as our people are being unjustly decimated. The population of my people is currently surpassing 60 million, and because we are dispersed all over the country (in resilient spirit of both one Nigeria and natural entrepreneurial endowment), any and every event of killing, barbecuing; maiming of innocent people and hard-earned property affect us tremendously and hugely, more than any other people in the country.
Let me reiterate this: the introduction of global communication device and medium has truly empowered people like us and indeed others to air and pursue our candid focus on how best our society and the world could be bettered.

And I can never be a prisoner of conscience in my own land, my own country, therefore can never be threatened out of the land/country, because of my ardent believe that this MENACING EVIL SECT MUST BE WITHERED!
Former President of South Africa and Freedom Fighter of all times, made it clear and I paraphrase, ‘This is a CAUSE for which I’m ready to lay down my life if need be,” commenting on his firm believe to see his people free, from the painful clutches of the apartheid system, even if his life was snuffed off.
The difference between President Madibo Mandela and I is that while the aforementioned affirmation was right, I chose to be alive and witness the revolution that must reshape the political, religious and economic landscape of my country or any other or others that may be formed out of it. It is my intention and strong belief ‘to fight and live to fight again if need be’.
Having highlighted and outlined as above, let us run through some of the known acts of inhumanity meted by this SECT onto our people, and quickly appreciate further, whether its continuity remains the best option or a way out seriously devised, implemented and measured goals achieved! This highlight is to spread the knowledge of the evil tentacles BOKO HARAM (Jama ‘at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-da’wal-Jihad/or western education is SINFUL)) is continually expanding.
Since its inception, inspired by the late Islamic Preacher, MAITATSINE, even as I personally see a synergy between this and that of great inspiration driven by inter-ethnic hatred and disputes, all embroiled in religion, over nearly 17,000 deaths, between 2001 and 2013 have been recorded. That number has been increased with the recent spates of national attacks, between 2009 and 2013, the most recent I have lately written and commented about (see my write-up on the GAMBURO Border Killings) in Borno State perhaps running to thirty (30) thousand deaths, not to mention the half-dead and the maimed.
In subsequent write-ups, if Sovereign God spares our lives, I intend to itemize the details, with dates and locations, but suffice to mention a few herein selectively:
1) December 25th, 2010 at Jos city: 32 people (officially dead) and several others injured. 2) April 8th, 2011, at INDEPENDENT NATIONAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION, SULEJA: 16 people killed and very many injured a followed up investigations revealed that more death followed from the injured. 3) August 26th, 2011, UNITED NATIONS Building, ABUJA: 26 people killed and nearly 200 people injured. 4) June 26th, 2011, at Maiduguri: 25 people (officially) killed, great percentage Igbos, and nearly forty people injured, many died thereafter. 5) December 25th (Christmas day), at Churches in Jos, Suleja and Yobe (mostly Christians of Igbo extractions), about 50 people killed and very much more maimed and injured. 6) January 5th/6th, 2012 at Gombe and Adamawa (I was at Adamawa State during this period to research more on the Igbos/Hebrew that stayed on in the north-eastern Nigeria, during the great dispersal of the Igbos some millennial ago, pertinent to my works on the ancestry of the Igbos, a branch of Israel sometimes considered wrongly as the ‘the lost tribe?’) 28 people killed and over 50 maimed. 7) January 20th, 2012 at Kano city, 162 people killed and scores monumentally maimed and injured, many died as days passed by I was precisely in the town of New Bussa, at the Zadok family, being the Paramount King of the Land. I later went to Michika, Mubi and the southern town of Ganye. 8) March 11th, 2012, at Jos city Church, 10 people were killed (including Igbos). 9) February 3rd and May 25th, 2012, Nigerian Police Station at Kogi and Nigeria police H/Qters at Maiduguri, 11 officers killed and very many injured. 10) April 8th, 2012, at Kaduna, 40 people killed and nearly 70 maimed. 11) June 17th, 2012, at Zaria and Kaduna, 40 people were killed and nearly 100 people injured, very many of Igbo extraction. 12) July 6th, 2013, 42 people were killed, while at Bama on May 7th, 2013 and Maiduguri, October 8th, 55 and 35 people were killed respectively, while well over 255 were injured in both destructions. As I said, my people, a great percentage of the Igbos were being sent to their graves untimely and that is why we must fight back. Onitsha is not safe, Okija is not. Asaba and Aba and Lagos are not, so BOKO HARAM ISLAMIST SECT MUST BE WITHERED!
While this may be a war on the entire country, but my people are the chief recipient of the jihad, because of our being located in virtually all nooks and crannies of this country. I am chronicling a comprehensive data on this, and will release so in the very near future, threats on my life, notwithstanding. But for now, we can deeply appreciate the enormity and profundity of the scale of loss of lives and properties being meted by BOKO HARAM. This will help us more in truly understanding the state of the situation in our country. IGBOS must either find a way to stop this killing and burying of corpses or revert urgently to the BIAFRAN CAUSE! PERIOD.

With records, so alarming and destructive of human understanding and compassion, how in the world can we close our eyes? Even the most recent intelligence, had it that their agents are currently disguising as vegetable and fruit vendors on wheel-barrows and carts, preying on innocent people to destroy. From Onitsha to Asaba and Warri, Ogbomosho to Aba and Jos, Lagos to Kaduna people are now sleeping with their eyes closed but indeed, OPEN! The Yoruba Socio-cultural group, AFENIFERE has recently warned that the destruction ‘would be taken’ to the North, if the activities of BOKO HARAM were not properly checked in the South west. What happened to my Igbo brothers and sisters? Why are they keeping mute at the face of a boisterous, pernicious and deliberate incursion to our land, identity and future of our race? Or are we surreptitiously condoning the steps that over four decades ago, saw our people annihilated and destruction? TUFIAKWA!!! LET my Igbo race stand up and fight this evil now, before the cancerous nature engulfs us all. “Onye e ji n’aka mana ogu na-anu,” he, who is captured or victimized, appreciates fully, the negative enormity of war, is an Igbo proverb.

Founder/Secretary General
IGBO GA-ADI WORLDWIDE (Campaign for restoration of the Hebrew race)
Cotonou, Benin Republic

Source: Radio Biafra.

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