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Nigeria’s Problems Rooted In Ethno-Religious Intolerance -Fashola.

Ayo Balogun, Lagos

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State says the main problems confronting the Nigeria nation are rooted in ethno-religious intolerance and advocated unity of purpose among the citizens as a means to solve the nation’s problems.

Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola

Lagos state governor Babatunde Fashola

In his New Year message to Lagosians, Fashola said the problems currently bedeviling the country were mainly man-made and that such would only take an agreement among the people to resolve to remove the things they find unacceptable in the society.

According to him, the nation’s problems, whether economic, social or political, were rooted in ethnic and religious intolerance, saying that the panacea lay in the belief by citizens in the Nigerian Project and the resolution to determine the kind of country of our collective dreams.

“Looking back at all that we went through in the past year, perhaps, the time has come for us all to take an introspective look at ourselves in an attempt to get to the root of our problems and challenges. The truth of the matter is that, whether it is the downturn in the economy or our worsening security situation, the challenges are traceable to ourselves”, the governor said.

Fashola recalled, with nostalgia, the situation in the country in the early sixties when the citizens saw themselves as just Nigerians irrespective of tribe, tongue or religion, and declared, “We have, as a result of myopic self and group interests, created an octopus that is threatening to devour our collective heritage. That Octopus is embedded in the twin evils of ethnic and religious intolerance.”

“Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Command Performance of “Kakadu, the Musical”, and it reminded me of the Nigeria of the early post-Independence era when it did not matter where you came from. It is a story that we all must imbibe in order to recreate that glorious era when we were all Nigerians, though tribe and tongue and religion may differ. It is set against the background of a newly Independent Nigeria brimming with hope, dreams and expectations. So we have a reference base,” he said.

He pleaded “that hope, dreams and expectations must not be lost, we must resolve this New Year to return to ourselves and give impetus to them. To do this successfully, we must begin to believe in Nigeria and the Nigerian Project once more. We must start by defining for ourselves the kind of future that we want. It is only when we agree on this that we can unite our efforts towards recreating the Nigeria of our collective dreams and make it come true.”

The governor expressed his delight that the situation in Lagos had been that of religious harmony even in the midst of the challenges and difficulties that had bedeviled the country in recent times, adding that almost every family in Lagos has members of different Faith living together in harmony.

“In spite of the growing population of Nigerians of all Faith and ethnicity in this city, Lagosians have been able to define themselves and each other not by how they worship but who they are, how godly they are, how humane they are, how warm and friendly they are. It is a harmony that we do not intend to keep to ourselves alone but to share the essence with other states,” he stated.

He thanked all Lagosians “for achieving this feat even in the midst of manifest intolerance and sometimes provocation”, urging them, however, not to rest on their oars. “We must work very hard not only to keep it that way but to improve on it continually. Our modest success in the past years in transforming our dear State into a model mega-city in Africa has had its foundation on this peaceful and harmonious co-existence.”

He promised that his administration would continue to make the people its focus by putting in place policies from which enormous advantages could be drawn for the people’s benefit adding, “The policies and programmes such as the massive infrastructural renewal, Greening and Beautification as well as our investment in security and street lighting which we embarked on in the last six years have created thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly, for our people.

“From these people-oriented programmes and many others, we have created new economies which were hardly there at the beginning. Night life and night economy, which had hitherto disappeared from our lives have been brought back”, the Governor said pledging that the administration would continue on this trend till the end of its lifespan.”

Wishing all Lagosians a prosperous New Year 2014, Fashola, however, advised, “I will only enjoin you to continue to play your parts as good and law- abiding citizens. Be vigilant and resist all attempts by detractors to distract us from our set goals. Our development plan encompasses the whole State and we will reach all parts    with the quality service which we believe that you deserve.

“In this brand New Year 2014, therefore, please let us continue to work together and pray for both our country and our dear State for peace, stability and let us continue to lead from the front in all that is right and worthy in this country and Continent.”

Source: African Examiner.

Zoological republic of Nigeria at 100, Break-up won’t guarantee freedom –Atiku.


Former vice- president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has admonished Nigerians to guard the unity of the amalgam,

jealously. In his message on the centenary celebration of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates which formed Nigeria, the former vice-president cautioned that agitation for balkanisation of a united federation would not automatically transform to freedom and economic prosperity, citing the experience of Southern Sudan.
“My message to fellow countrymen and women as we mark this landmark occasion is that we should not take our unity for granted or push our luck too far. We should learn from the recent experiences of other African countries. The current situation in South Sudan is a reminder to all African champions of division and pursuit of ethnic superiority that the secession of a group of people from a nation based on ethnic, racial or religious identities does not guarantee freedom from the struggle for life and only deepens the trivial divides which distract us from our common humanity. The gains of independence in South Sudan are now going up in smoke because of inter-ethnic rivalries and hostilities at the expense of unity. Nigeria and its people can no longer afford to weave a tangled web of fractious identities wrongfully defined by their opposition to one another.
Atiku further noted that Nigeria’s diversity was her strength and urged Nigerians to guard it jealously.
” As we mark the centenary celebration of the amalgamation of the Lagos colony with the Northern and Southern Protectorates by the British Colonial occupier forming one country, Nigerians need to pat each other on the back for we have truly come a long way. However, we must redouble our efforts towards building a stronger and more united Nigeria rather than concentrating energies on division or breakup.
The recent clamour by some of Nigeria’s leaders for a renegotiation of the continued being of Nigeria are dishonest and an unnecessary distraction from the future that we can build. Such leaders need to be concentrating their efforts on tackling the challenges ranging from lack of security to addressing poverty and unemployment through infrastructural investments. The victims of structural ineptitude are not distinguished on the basis of their ethnicity, tribe, religion or region. It is also a truism that both the perpetrators and their victims are Nigerians and secession will not fix these woes. Rather, if our leaders devoted more energy on dealing with these basic challenges facing ordinary Nigerians, ethnic and religious differences would have sunk to the background as people will be able to focus on the economic and social opportunities available to them. Once the citizens are contented through the availability of opportunities granted by good governance, these dividing lines will gradually become symbols of Nigeria’s unique composition, driving progress through a collaboration of perspectives and ideas.To me, it is regretful that more than 40 years after the unfortunate and devastating civil war the country went through, leaders could still be busy playing the ethnic and religious cards to gain power while poverty, unemployment, hunger and disease continue to ravage our people, leading many to venture into illicit and sometimes violent activities in order to provide for their families. True leaders must at all times shun the temptation of taking Nigerian’s perceived resilience for granted. Rather than being a source of weakness, diversity remains a major challenge to which all Nigerians must be sincerely committed.”


Source: Radio Biafra.

Minister for Defence, Mr Maku, said the military would wipe out the Boko Haram terrorists in 30 minutes, if the terrorists would agree to line up in an area to face the troops.

labaran maku

SUPERVISING Minister for Defence, Mr Labaran Maku, in Abuja, on Tuesday, said the military would wipe out the insurgents perpetrating acts of terror in the country in 30 minutes, if the terrorists would agree to line up in an area to face the troops.

He said what made the battle against terrorism in the country a bit complex was the fact that the insurgents hid among the citizens to strike and had refused to be identified.

Maku, who doubles as Minister of Information, spoke in Abuja, while presenting the scorecard for 2013, adding that the violence in the North East was as a result of violent politics allegedly played by certain unnamed politicians.

He maintained that politicians stopped the Federal Government from deploying troops to the troubled region for years, noting that even when the

troops were eventually deployed, critics pushed for them to be withdrawn.

Insisting that all insecurity in the country was created out of local politics, Maku commended the military for pushing the insurgents close to the borders, noting that much success would have been recorded if the military were fighting external army.

He noted that insurgencies in the North east were currently localised, adding that “they can still occur anywhere, because this is terrorism.”

Speaking on corruption, Maku noted that a lot of allegations bordering on corruption were mere political talk and way of getting newspaper headlines by politicians.

He, however, said rate of corruption was high in the country because the economy revolved round the government, adding that government-induced economy would always induce corruption, a reason “we must hand over some things to private sector.”

According to him, “about N13 billion worth of counterfeited financial instruments were intercepted by NIPOST, as against N9.27 billion in previous years, while about N1.5 billion has been released by the Federal Government for the payment of pension arrears to 5,206 NIPOST retirees.

“Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the fastest growing in the world. GDP growth rate in 2013 was put at 7.2 per cent by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The Federal Government maintained stable exchange rate. The dollar exchange has remained stable in the last two years, between N155 and N160.

“Inflation rate is declining and has been in single digits all year. Current inflation rate is eight per cent in September, down from nine per cent recorded in January 2013.

“As per rising external reserves, as of May 2013, Nigeria’s foreign reserve was $48.4 billion, up from $32.08 billion in May 2011.

“Excess Crude Account (ECA) rose from $4 billion in 2011 to $9 billion at the end of 2012. The ECA is now helping the country to cushion the effects of current low earnings from oil.

“National debt burden is low. Nigeria’s debt to GDP is 21 per cent, compared to South Africa, 42.7 per cent; United States, 106 per cent; United Kingdom, 90 per cent and Japan, 225 per cent.”

He said the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration had put in place financial management systems to check leakages, improve efficiency and check corruption.

Battle far from over –NLC
Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), in its New Year message released on Tuesday, said the recent successful attacks on military posts and installations by Boko Haram insurgents showed that the battle was far from over.

The congress called on all Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliation, to rally behind the government and the security forces in the fight to restore security to our country.

In a statement entitled: “New Year Message To Nigerian Workers,” signed by its president, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar and the acting general secretary, Chris Uyot, the congress said insecurity remained a major national challenge during the year 2013.

“The Boko Haram insurgency continues to pose serious threat. The declaration of state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states yielded initial successes and ushered in relative calm in the polity for which government received commendation from the citizenry.

“The same cannot be said of the situation at the moment, as the Boko Haram insurgents seem to have regrouped, slipped behind military and security forces to unleash mayhem on civilian populations, especially students who have been mass-murdered in hundreds.

“Recent successful attacks on military posts and installations show that the battle is far from over. We call on all Nigerians, irrespective of political affiliation, to rally behind the government and the security forces in the fight to restore security to our country,” the statement read.

The congress said the ongoing constitutional review by the National Assembly, with an attempt by the Senate to distort the National Minimum Wage Act against workers’ interest, was another sour note in labour relations in 2013.

On recurrent strikes, the NLC said “there were several strikes and work stoppages during the year, particularly in the public sector… While we are glad to be associated with the process which led to the final resolution of the strike, we believe that a more proactive disposition of government to industrial disputes is needed, to ensure that the nation is not subjected to such lengthy strikes.”

Canada designates Boko Haram, Caucasus Emirate terror organisations
Canada has formally designated Boko Haram and the Caucasus Emirate as terrorist organisations, under the country’s Criminal Code.

Its Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Steven Blaney, made the announcement in a statement dated December 30 in Ottawa and posted on the ministry’s website.

“Boko Haram is an organisation that is responsible for over 300 attacks in northern Nigeria, which have resulted in the death of over 1,000 people.

“The Caucasus Emirate has carried out terrorist activities in Russia, resulting in the death and injury of many Russian civilians and security personnel,” the statement said.

It quoted Blaney as saying that listing these organisations as terrorist entities sent a strong message that such actions would not be tolerated.

The statement added that listing terrorist entities would facilitate the prosecution of perpetrators and supporters of terrorism, as well as countering terrorist financing.

According to the statement, under Canada’s criminal code, any person or group listed may have their assets seized and forfeited.

Source: Radio Biafra.

We all have heard of ‘THE END’, This is it, unless… B’Haram to Biafrans/Christians : NIGERIA AMALGAMATION EXPIRES DECEMBER 31.

killed by bh

As the amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorate by the British will be put to an end this year on December 31, groups, regions and individuals have called for a new negotiation to decide whether the country should divide or not.
Certain documents signed into law at the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 indicate that the country was created as an experiment meant to last for 100 years, and break up if the peoples are not compatible.
The documents, known as ’Tinubu Square Edict’ or Accord of 1914 was said to be similar to the British/China accord of Hong Kong to be enforced for a centennial reign. Although the document is kept secret, this fact is generally known to the ruling class, most dons of political science and law as well as the government of UK. However, there has been a consistent effort by Nigerian government to keep this knowledge out of public as it may lead to agitation for breaking the country into two; pre-1914 status especially by those in the south.
But following the frequent agitation by those in South for balkanization indicates that the secret has been known to them. There are strong indications that the United States of America, USA, may be gearing up for a possible balkanisation of the country following developments in the last few years.
This indication is contained in a publication credited to NEWSRESCUE in America, where accounts of an article written by Director of the African Security Research Project in Washington, DC and Guest Columnist of AllAfrica Global Media, Mr. Daniel Volman and speakers in an AFRICOM conference held at Fort McNair were given. So let everybody be watchful and Muslims be aware of any possible scenario that may hinder our Deen. May Allah protects all Muslims and save the Nation.
Ta’awun Public Relations

Source: Radio Biafra.

Our President Took All The Christmas Toys And Left Us None.

By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

This September it was announced that the Malawi government was selling their presidential jet to use the proceeds, $15 million to feed the poor. The proceeds will be used to purchase maize locally and some for legume production. President, Mrs. Joyce Banda, said the cost of running the jet was too much and as such she was selling it to help feed the 10% suffering from food shortage in the African nation.

President Banda also cut her salary by 30 percent and pledged to sell off 35 Mercedes Benz cars used by her cabinet.

Nigeria according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has 112 million poor with 100 million ‘destitute,’ living under a dollar a day. The number of poor has doubled since 2004, midway into the predecessor Obasanjo’s government, when the number stood at 54 million, to the present 112 million in 2013.

Despite Nigeria recording impressive economic growth, the wealth is simply not reaching the poor who are getting poorer and more desperate while the government and business friends of the government are getting stupendously rich, cutting up chunks of the nation’s resource and sharing its assets among themselves.

As the year 2013 draws to a close, Nigeria is promised more of the same. The government, unlike that of Malawi has budgeted to purchase another presidential jet to add to 10 jets already in the presidential fleet.

According to a recent report, the proposal for the new aircraft has already been included in the 2014 Appropriation Bill submitted to the National Assembly. This latest toy to be added to the presidential fleet will cost 1.5 billion naira.

It is no secret that most of these presidential jets are used for personal business including the ferrying of the president’s political campaigners and even for transporting questionable cabal, investigated for national fraud. In November 2012, Jide Omokore, a front-man of the Nigerian president and minister of petroleum was flying from Monaco to Paris when the presidential jet was detained for two days by the French authorities, as reported here.

As Nigeria’s military does a great job checking the atrocities of Boko Haram in the north east, several sources in the military have complained that they lack proper equipment. This has led to vulnerability to attack with the superiorly equipped Boko Haram being able to ambush and destroy military barracks’.

In the recent attack of a barrack in Bama in which several soldiers were killed and their family members burned alive, raped and also killed, it was reported that the base had only one armored personnel carrier (APC). Most of the equipment used by the Nigerian army was purchased since the Shagari regime.

The battle against terror can never be won by military force alone, however it is almost unheard of for rebel forces to sack military barracks. Even if the army falls short in protecting civilian villages, it is expected that they are armed and equipped enough to protect themselves. However Nigeria’s government satisfies itself, getting all the toys, in private jets for politics and business and bullet proof cars, while the army is left exposed and civilians suffer living under a dollar a day without things as simple as drinking water.

It is true that the raping of Nigeria did not start with this or the immediate previous governments during this 6th republic; however Nigerians are tired of being raped. It is no excuse that because others from other ethnic groups have forcefully seized power via coups and raped the country, that the people must open up to all 500 ethnic groups to rape the nation’s people, civilian and military in succession.

While many in urban areas and the totally abandoned villages will be going to bed with empty stomachs, lit kerosene lamps and no hope of employment and restitution, those in the corridors of power sleep once again with all the latest toys.

While the army at war stays up at night afraid that Boko Haram terrorists will sweep their camps, lacking in craft, APC’s, drones and modern technology to keep them ahead in the war, Nigeria’s leaders will fly high-speed and happy in latest jets and drive safe in their bullet proof jeeps.

We pray for a miracle in 2014. We pray the Lord will give us leaders who will not free convicted murderers, but will help us arrest and lock up all the government thieves of the past… lockup the cabal thieves as the poor thieves are locked up today, for what is mete for the poor is likewise mete for the rich.

We pray the Lord replaces this crop with leaders who will start the process of cleaning up the oil polluted swamps of the Niger Delta. Who will protect the gold mining poisoned children of Zamfara. Who will repair government assets and not sell them to their friends to extort us in unregulated monopolies. Who will create a path to create jobs for our 50% unemployed Youth. Who will resurrect our police force, equipping them with the toys and decent wages they need to work proud and effectively in curbing crime. Who will build roads without taxing us and even build subway systems. Who will encourage the setting up of automobile industries in pure competitive fashion, without first punishing us by banning us from importing cars we manage; while they hand themselves unlimited waivers.

We pray the Good Lord will abruptly seize power from the wicked and give it to people with kind hearts, selfless nature and astute judgment, people like Malawi’s President, Joyce Banda, for we cannot last like this much longer.

And we pray the Good Lord strengthen each and every one of us to stand up and say NO! And demand our rightful toys. To resist temptations of xenophobic stupidity which make us complacent to corruption and rape when it is ‘one of ours.’  We pray for progress.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian


Former FCT Minister, .nAbba-Gana proposes how to move Nigeria forward exactly 5 days to the expiration of the Zoo.



All over the world countries make constitutions, rules, regulations and social and economic policies which reflect and accommodate their history, well known peculiarities and social, economic, religious and ethnic diversities. That is how the much desired unity in diversity can be achieved or realized – by having sensible rules and realistic fundamental laws for our meaningful existence on our God given, full of resources territory called or named Nigeria.
There is the saying that nothing human is so good that it cannot be improved upon. Therefore, there is always room for some improvement in any human affair. The fact previous efforts at National Constitutional Conferences and Political Reforms have not met our great expectations does not mean that we cannot make Nigeria to work much better for the greater good of all Nigerians.  Definitely, and God willing, we can make our country better and greater.  It is possible.
Now, President Goodluck Jonathan has given all Nigerians another golden opportunity to make Nigeria much better and more efficient by setting up the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue/Conference. I believe Borno people, like majority of other Nigerians welcome this action of Mr. President.
This can be the roadmap to the realization or achievement of all our lofty and highly desirable National Objectives.
As the inspiring example of President Abraham Lincoln of USA, shows, failures in the past cannot prevent success in the future.  It was said that Abraham Lincoln failed in 31 endeavours, in business, politics and marriage, but finally won election to become one of the best and greatest American Presidents.  He abolished slavery, fought and defeated the Southern States over their slavery policy and prevented them from leaving the union and laid the foundation of the United States of America, which has now become the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.  So, current political leaders of Nigeria should do to Nigeria what Abraham Lincoln did to the United States of America. It is a matter of choice and political will.
In the circumstances we have now found ourselves, it is necessary for the President to avoid all legal obstacles. As a result he has to prepare in good time and send a Bill to the National Assembly to give legal backing to the proposed National Dialogue/Conference and how and which agency should implement the outcome of the Dialogue/Conference should be contained in the Bill.  It may even be necessary to amend certain sections of the current constitution, before the take off the dialogue slated to begin in February, 2014.
It is pertinent to point out at this juncture that with Executives and Legislatures functioning properly and constitutionally at both the Federal and States levels, any call or wish for Sovereign National Conference is a deliberate call for chaos and may be a clever way to disarm an dis-possess the ruling party. On the structure of the conference, it is a matter of common sense that National dialogue/Conference of this nature is better managed, guided and supervised by seasoned administrators of justice.  Therefore I would like to recommend the 1994/1995 Constitutional Conference model to this Advisory Committee.
For the 1994/1995 Conference we had distinguished Justice Karibe Whyte, as the Chairman while Justice Mamman Nasir was the Vice Chairman.  They were highly knowledgeable so all the delegates to the National Conference respected them and the conference achieved its objectives.  There are many highly respected retired judges.  The Chairman can come from the North or South.  The Vice Chairman can come from the South or North.  But their personalities should blend well and they must be team players.
It is necessary that some delegates be elected and some nominated.  There are many distinguished and knowledgeable Nigerians whose ideas and experience can benefit the country but will not or may not like to subject themselves to any electoral process. Therefore, I recommend to the committee that let the conference/dialogue consists of 75% elected delegates and 25% nominated delegates.
To save time, the committee should consider using the existing Federal Constituency where each of the 360 House of Representative members is elected.  So if every Federal Constituency elects one delegate we have 360 elected delegates.  The election can be done through Electoral College arrangement.  For the nominated delegates, 3 or 4 delegates from every state and one for the F.C.T is good enough.  If 3 delegates are nominated from each of the 36 states and one for the F.C.T. The total number of delegates for the conference is 469.  If 4 delegates per state are nominated and one from F.C.T, the total number becomes 505. The nominated delegates should come from various professional, institutions, civil society, religious groups and ethnic groups.
It is suggested that, the nominated delegates, some can be nominated by their states while the Federal Government also nominates some.  The National Council of State may peruse the list of nominated delegates to ascertain their integrity.
A country of Nigeria’s size, population and diversity is a natural federation.  So the present structure of Federal, 36 states and the F.C.T plus 774 LGAs be retained and consolidated.  If Nigerians can change their attitude toward politics, government, religion and business, we can make success of both the presidential and parliamentary Systems.
Any honest researcher of our present political system and its dynamics can discover that only three of the six Geo-political zones – south East, South West and North West (minus Southern Kaduna) can be converted into happy and comfortable regions.  The rest, North East, North Central and South-South Geo-political zones are so diverse that their peoples cannot willingly sacrifice the self-government and independence their peoples now enjoy in their respective states

.nAbba-Gana is former FCT Minister.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Emperor Jonathan: My Person Of The Year By Bayo Oluwasanmi.

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Yoruba proverb says “Oruko nroni,” which literally means your life is shaped by your name. As President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan name suggests, he has a habit of being in the right place at the right time. Apart from his first name which means good fortune, the middle name Ebele is equally propitious. Ebele means God’s wish.

Born in 1957 in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, Mr. Jonathan is a Christian from Ijaw ethnic group. He came from a family whose trade was canoe-making. He studied zoology at the University of Port Harcourt. He worked as an education inspector, lecturer, and environmental protection officer before going into politics in 1998.

Just as his rapid rise to power in the federal government owed a lot to luck, so too did his promotion to a state governor. He was elected as deputy on the ticket of Governor Dipreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa in 1999. While serving his term though without distinction as deputy governor, in what would be a providential turn; Alamieyeseigha was impeached on corruption charges. Mr. Jonathan took over as governor and two years later he was handpicked by President Obasanjo to run on the PDP ticket with Yar’Adua. The demise of Yar’Adua turbocharged his ascent to the presidency. Mr. Jonathan assumed the presidency May 6, 2010.

In choosing Mr. Jonathan as my Person of the Year, I rely on Time Magazine’s definition of the Person of the Year. Time defines its Person of the Year “as the individual who, for better or worse, had the greatest impact on the news and our lives this year.”

Mr. Jonathan has re-written our political history. He’s the first minority to be elected President of Nigeria. He’s the first PH.D to hold the office. He’s the first president associated with Fedora Hat. More than all these, he’s the president Nigerians hoped would at least begin the reconstruction of Nigeria in some areas in the real sense of the world. Charles de Gaulle once said: “History does not teach fatalism … People get the history they deserve.” And Mr. Jonathan would get the history he deserves.

There are so many runners-up in Nigeria for my Person of the Year, I believe no one person or event appropriately fits the definition more than Mr. Jonathan. For good five months, ASUU dominated the news for the shutdown of the country’s entire university system. The 160 million dumb Nigerians remain subservient, intimidated, and immobilized in the face of tyranny.

The inmates of the National Asylum a.k.a. Senators and Reps of the National Assembly sponsored many earthquake shaking bills that confirmed their dumbness and numbness of the reality of the Nigerian situation. The Gospel Comedians are on top of their games. The EFCC still finds it impossible to at least bark to scare away thieves. The economy is stuttering along the obituary column of economies of failed states of Third World nations. We’re still in perpetual darkness. The taps still run dry – as ever. The roads are forgotten priority. The hospitals have finally assumed the status of hospices. The lives of Nigerians now worth only two sparrows. The times in our nation’s history couldn’t be worse.

When he assumed office, Mr. Jonathan cited anti-corruption, power, and electoral reforms as priorities of his administration. He stated that he came to office under a “very sad and unusual circumstances.” However, since he moved to Aso Rock, Mr. Jonathan has put in place policies and programs for re-engineering corruption and for re-inventing the structural causes of poverty. As a dapper and contended member of the corrupt ruling class, he has transposed his support, approval, and more importantly his active involvement in corruption into comedy of all times.

Mr. Jonathan is well known for his profligacy and he serves as a shining light for his cabinet and others to imitate. Corruption is Nigeria’s existential problem and threat to our corporate entity. Mr. Jonathan’s contrary assertion on the extent of corruption has never been confirmed by the facts. The biting paradox of his corruption infested administration is fueled in part by his lack of vigilance, for being absentminded, for forgetfulness, and for recognized incompetence.

He lacks a talent for empathy and for engaging people in intelligent conversation. He remains a divisive figure for his party and for the nation. He’s widely regarded as a politician without a political base and more of a follower than a leader.

Mr. Jonathan’s three-year presidency is everything that is most disappointing. Nigeria is identified with him all that is wretched and dispiriting – brutally unequal, violent, and corrupt –  landmarks of his tenure. The Jonathan administration is an intentionally overripe comedy about corruption, duplicity, lawlessness, incompetence, and series of unbelievable astonishments.

His administration has been mangled and bungled by chains of overt lapses and covert lopsidedness. Lately, he’s been weakened by oil disputes, OBJ’s attack, civil war within the PDP  and CBN’s question of lack of accounting for $50 billion in oil revenue.

Not only does Mr. Jonathan lacks the elementary knowledge and workings of democracy, he also displays absolute arrogance. He thought himself as a god and demands that Nigerians see him the same way. As president, he wields great power but little character or wisdom.

How a leader deals with the circumstances of life tells you many things about his character. Crisis doesn’t’ necessarily make character, but it certainly does reveal it. Adversity is a crossroads that makes a person choose one of two paths: character or compromise. Any time a leader chooses character, he becomes stronger even if that choice brings negative consequences.  Remember how he responds to some of the challenges he faced: the Boko Haram terrorists, the petroleum subsidy saga, the Governor’s Forum crisis, the ASUU debacle, the Oduah gate, Governor Amaechi and River State affair, the rebel PDP governors, his “I don’t give a damn” answer when asked to declare his assets, etc.

Mr. Jonathan’s administration is laced with series of cruelty. All one needs to verify the truth is take a trip across the country. The federal presence – might, money, and responsibilities are not felt. With violence, crime, and poverty impacting so many of our young people across the nation like never before, Mr. Jonathan has turned blind eyes and  deaf ears to the problems he was elected to solve.

One of his greatest failure is making use of old politics with the same old players and expect a different result. Only a madman would keep trying the same old failed formula. Political leadership isn’t all that complex, it simply requires a willingness to take responsibility.

Nigerians are living in tough times. And everybody you meet is fighting a battle and Mr. Jonathan is searching for a bandage. Born into poor family “without shoes,” he’s a member of a rejected minority ethnic group. Grew up in obscurity in a little town that was mentioned only in scorn, Mr. Jonathan failed to learn more from his defeats than from his victories.

Emperor Jonathan won the award for my Person of the Year based on being a witness against himself: for aiding and abetting corruption, for being a spendthrift manager of our resources, for his arrogance of “I don’t give a damn” attitude to the cries of the suffering poor, for creating a whole new mess and mockery of a democratic system due to his spineless refusal to lead, for his confused priorities, for his impure motives, and for his damaging leadership that has lost him the trust of many common Nigerians.

I have been a reader of biographies for many years, and I have yet to find a successful president whose administration is free from problems and difficulties. Here were people who did not complain or threatened to sue the media. They accepted the difficulties of their office and used them as stepping-stones to leave behind a rich and poignant legacy which we still romanticize and fantasize today.

In the remaining term of his administration, Mr. Jonathan should represent a strong leader willing to accept the consequences of his choices and learn from his mistakes. He must show remarkable wisdom and insight as well as a heart receptive to truth. Sheer use of force, intimidation, harassment, and manipulation would rather sink than save his presidency.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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