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The Touch Of Faith.

Immediately Jesus, perceiving in himself that the power had gone out from him, turned around in the crowd, and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” – Mark 5:30

How did he know that one touch amid all the press of the crowd? The people were close to Him, pushing up against Him. The disciples even thought it was strange that He would ask the question. The people could not help but touch Him. There was one touch different from all the rest, though! There was a heart’s cry in it. It was not like the press of the crowd, an accidental or a thoughtless touch, the simple touch of nearness; there was a soul in it. Amid all the pressure of the crowd He recognized it.

In every church service all are near to Christ, but not all are blessed. All press up against Christ, but some go away as they came, carrying with them wounds unhealed, brokenness unmended, and heart-hunger unfulfilled. Others, sitting close by, receive help. The first, even though they are near near, reach out no hand of faith, while the others touch the hem of Christ’s clothes.

The services of the Church may be compared to telephone wires through which messages are always passing. You may climb up and put your ear to the wire, or hold it in your hand; but you will not hear a word of all the important messages that are flashing through it. But if someone comes with a phone and attaches it he or she hears every word. Similarly in the services we touch the invisible wires that bind heaven and earth together. Along these wires messages are flying up from earth to heaven, prayers, praises, heart cries, faith filled desires; down from heaven to earth answers of comfort, cheer, joy, and help, along with blessings of pardon, healing, life, peace. Sadly many know nothing of all this. For them there are no flash of healing, no new life. No joy, or help comes to them. They are close, but have no true connection. The others touch by prayer and faith.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: July 1st…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
Psalm 136-140 2 Kings 3-4-37 Acts 21:1-26 Psalm 78:56-72

The Hearer Of Prayer.

He awoke, and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” The wind ceased, and there was a great calm. – Mark 4:39

He did not hear the roar of the storm in His sleep, but the moment His disciples cried out for help He woke up. What a powerful image! He is never asleep when His people call Him. Amid the craziest circumstances of this world He always hears the smallest cry of prayer. He never too tired to listen to the requests we make in our distress.

We have another illustration of this same quickness to hear our prayer in the hours of Christ‘s suffering on the cross. His life was ending. His own pain was enormous. Around Him a storm of emotion surged. Many cursed Him. Amid all this hate He was silent. He did not respond to all these insults and curses. Then amid the jeers of the crowd there came a voice of prayer. It came from one of the crosses beside him. It was the heartfelt cry of a soul – “Lord, remember me.” And in all the turmoil of the hour He heard this feeble request. Despite His own pain He gave instant answer. Do not doubt that this Jesus always hears prayer. His love is always watching, ready to catch the quietest note of distress.

Though He awoke suddenly in the middle of the storm and His disciples fear, Jesus was calm and peaceful. Dean Trench says “It is such cases as these – cases of sudden, unexpected terror, met without a moment of preparation – which test a man what spirit he is of, which show not only his nerve, but the grandeur and purity of his whole nature.” Here we have an illustration of what Christ’s peace was, and of what He meant when He said, “My peace I give unto you.” It was thus He moved through all the turbulent scenes of His earthly life.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: June 24th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
Psalm 101-105 1 Kings 12:25-14:20 Acts 16:1-15 Psalm 78:1-8

Faithless Fear.

He himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion, and they woke him up, and told him, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are dying?” – Mark 4:38

These words imply that the disciples thought Jesus did not care about them in their danger – that He was neglecting them by sleeping while they might die. This was not true at all! They were never safer than they were that moment, in the middle of the storm. The boat the Lord traveled on could not sink . Faith should have trusted despite the darkness.

Yet don’t we also, at least in our hearts, say the same thing to our Lord? When we are in a difficult time and He does not come to save us; when we seem about to be crushed by the waves of adversity, and no relief comes down from Him. Do we never say, “Jesus does not care that I’m dying” ? When we pray so hard and long that a heavy burden would be lifted and no answer comes, does the thought arise in our minds that Jesus doesn’t hear us?

Such a complaint is never just. Sometimes he may notseemto care. The disciples had some lessons to learn. One was how helpless they were in the face of a dangerous world. Another was that Christ alone could deliver them. They could not learn these lessons except in the storm with their Master asleep. Like the disciples, we have lessons we cannot learn until Christ withholds his help for awhile. Sometimes He hides Himself for a season just to teach us faith, but He is never indifferent to us. He never neglects or forgets us. He always pays attention and at the right moment He comes to help us.

We should learn to trust our Lord so strongly that any time we are scared we can have peace from our worry knowing that He will take care of us.  After all, no matter what happens in this life we are assured of salvation and eternal peace and joy in the next!

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: June 23rd…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
Psalm 96-100 1 Kings 11:14-12:24 Acts 15:22-41 Psalm 77:10-20

The Warning Light.

but whoever may blaspheme against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin – Mark 3:29

Few words in the Bible have caused more anxiety and fear than these. Those that have studied the Bible do not agree exactly what it means to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. But not matter about the exact meaning of the words; they stand as a warning against a terrible danger. They are like a flashing red warning sign hung over a dangerous place. While we may not know what constitutes the sin, it certainly is our duty to keep as far away from it as possible.

Any deliberate and determined resistance to the work of the Holy in our lives is a sure-fire way to approach this danger. Jesus‘ words should encourage us to pay attention to everything the Holy Spirit is telling us — that we should never resist, but always yield to his influence.

We have no other Friend in this world who can guide us home. If we drive him away from us for ever, we shall be left in the darkness of eternal night. We don’t know how long we could continue to reject Him without going over the line that marks the limit of hope, but the very thought that there is such a line somewhere should shock us into accepting the guidance He offers.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: June 7th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
Psalm 16-20 2 Samuel 11-12 Acts 4:1-22 Psalm 71:1-8

Good Things From God.

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! – Matthew 7:11

No father will answer his hungry childs’s cry for bread with a stone, or give the child a serpent if he asks for a fish. Even sinful parents have in their hearts something of the image of God‘s own fatherhood. The argument is from the less to the greater. If a true earthly father, with all his imperfection, will not mock a child’s cry, but will respond lovingly, how much more will our Father in heaven do for us?

“How much more?” is a question none can answer. We can only say as much more as the heavenly Father is more loving, and wiser, and more able to give, than is the earthly father. Yet we must explain this promise also by other scriptures. The gate of prayer is set very wide open in this verse, yet those who would enter must come in the right way and seek“good” things.

While no one who asks for bread will receive a stone, neither will one who asks for a stone receive a stone. And many times do we come to God pleading with Him to let us have a stone. Of course we imagine it is bread, and that it will be food to us. It is some earthly thing, some gift of honor or pleasure, some achievement of ambition, some object of heart desire. It looks like bread to our deluded vision. But God knows it is only a cold stone, that it would leave us starving if we were to receive it; and He loves us too well to listen to our piteous cries for it, or to be moved by our earnestness or our tears to give it to us. When we ask for a stone He will give us bread. Thus it is that many requests for earthly things are not granted. Yet the prayers are not unanswered. Instead of the stone we wish, God gives us the bread we need. We do not always know what is bread and what is a stone, and we must leave to God the final decision in all our prayers.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: May 21st…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
Job 1-3 1 Samuel 8-10-8 John 12:12-26 Psalm 65:1-13

Enduring Temptation.

Give us today our daily bread. – Matthew 6:11

It is impossible to live in this world and escape temptation. In olden times men fled away from active life and from human companionships, hoping thus to evade enticement to evil. But they were not successful; for wherever they went they carried in their own hearts a fountain of corruption, and were thus perpetually exposed to temptation. The only door of escape from all temptation is the door that leads into heaven. We grieve over our friends whom the Lord calls away, the little child in its sweet innocence, the mother in her ripened saintliness, the young man in his pride of strength; but do we ever think that we have far more reason for anxiety, possibly for grief, over those who live and have to battle with sin in this world? Those who have passed inside, in the victorious release of Christian faith, are for ever secure; but those yet in the sore battle are still in peril.

This petition is a prayer that we may never be called needlessly to meet temptation. Sometimes God wants us to be tried, because we can grow strong only through victory. We have a word of Scripture which says: “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life.” Yet we ought never ourselves to seek anyway of life in which we shall have to be exposed to the peril of conflict with sin. Temptation is too terrible an experience, fraught with too much danger, to be sought by us, or ever encountered save when God leads us in the path on which it lies. We must never rush unbidden or unsent into any spiritual danger. There are no promises for presumption.It is written,” said the Master“Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” When God sends us into danger, we are under His protection; when we go where He does not send us, we go unsheltered.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: May 8th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
2 Chronicles 28-30 Judges 7:9-8:35 John 5:31-47 Proverbs 11:19-28

Secret Prayer.

But you, when you pray, enter into your inner chamber, and having shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. – Matthew 6:6

One of the most important things we ever do in this world is to pray. No business transacted anywhere so deeply touches the interests of out lives. We ought therefore to learn to pray aright, so as to be sure of answer. We ought to be eager to get every smallest fragment of instruction about prayer.

In our word for today we have one of our Lord‘s plainest and most significant instructions about the manner and the nature of prayer. He is speaking, not of public prayer, as when the minister leads the congregation, but of personal prayer, when the child of God wants to talk to his Father of his own affairs, and lay at His feet his own individual burdens. We should seek to be alone in all such praying. Other presences about us disturb our thoughts and restrict our freedom. So we are to “enter into our closet” and “shut the door.”

This shutting of the door is significant in several ways. It shuts the world out. It secures us against interruption. It ought to shut out worldly thoughts and cares and distractions, as well as worldly presences. Wandering in prayer is usually one of our sorest troubles.

Then it shuts us in, and this also is important and significant. It shuts us in alone with God. No eye but His sees us as we bow in the secrecy. No ear but His hears us as we pour out our heart’s feelings and desires. Thus we are helped to realize that with God alone have we to do, that He alone can help us.

So we are shut up alone with God, so also are we shut up to God. There is precious comfort in the assurance that when we thus pray we are not talking into the air. There is an ear to hear, though we can see no presence, and it is the ear of our Father. This assures us of loving regard in heaven, also of prompt and gracious answer.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: May 1st…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
2 Chronicles 7-9 Joshua 19-21-19 John 2:1-25 Psalm 54:1-7

Blessed By Sickness.

A certain man was there, who had been sick for thirty-eight years. – John 5:5

That was a long time to be sick. It is very hard to be an invalid year after year. This day’s reading may come to some who have been thus afflicted, and we may as well stop a minute to think about their case. Christian invalids have many comforts, if they will but take them to their hearts. God makes no mistakes in dealing with His children. He knows in what school they will learn the best lessons, and in what experiences they will grow best.

It is the same in spiritual life. We have no power in ourselves to do Christ‘s will, but as we begin to obey the needed grace is given. Young people often say that they are afraid to enter upon a Christian life because they can not do what will be required. In their own strength they cannot. It would be as easy for them to climb to the stars as unaided to live a noble and lovely Christian life. Human strength in itself is inadequate to life’s sore needs. But the young Christian who sets out in obedience to Christ, depending upon Him to open the path of duty, will never fail of needed help at the moment of need.

Richard Baxter has a strange note on this passage :

“How great a mercy it was to live thirty-eight years under God’s wholesome discipline ! O my God, I thank Thee for the like discipline of fifty-eight years ; how safe a life is this in comparison with full prosperity and pleasure!”

Sick-rooms should always be to us sacred places, as we remember that God has summoned us there for some special work upon our souls. We need to be very careful lest we miss the good He wants us to receive. It is only those who trust Christ and lie upon His bosom that are blessed by sickness.

Too many invalids grow discontented, unhappy, sour, and fretful. Sickness ofttimes fails to do good to those who suffer. There are few experiences in which we so much need to be watchful over ourselves and prayerful toward God. Be sure to keep the sickness out of your heart, and keep Christ there with His love and peace.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: April 8th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
1 Kings 7-9 Deuteronomy 9-10 Luke 12:1-34 Psalm 42:7-11

Strength Bestowed.

“I tell you, arise, take up your mat, and go to your house.” – Mark 2:11

That was surely a very strange command to give to a paralyzed man. He could not rise up. He could not lift up his bed. He could not walk a step. He was as helpless as a corpse. Why did Jesus require of him such an impossibility? But as we look on the helpless form we see that it at once starts up. The limbs move, the man rises, takes up his bed, and walks away in the presence of all the people. As we watch him going his way, we learn that when Christ gives any command which seems impossible, He always gives strength to perform it. As the man’s will began to obey Christ’s bidding, power came back into his long-paralyzed body, and he was able to rise up and walk.

It is the same in spiritual life. We have no power in ourselves to do Christ’s will, but as we begin to obey the needed grace is given. Young people often say that they are afraid to enter upon a Christian life because they can not do what will be required. In their own strength they cannot. It would be as easy for them to climb to the stars as unaided to live a noble and lovely Christian life. Human strength in itself is inadequate to life’s sore needs. But the young Christian who sets out in obedience to Christ, depending upon Him to open the path of duty, will never fail of needed help at the moment of need.

Older Christians also often shrink from duties because they have not the ability to perform them; but for them, and for all who attempt any work or service in obedience to Christ, it is true that the effort to obey will always bring with it the strength to obey.

We should notice too that the strength will not come until we try to obey. If we will not attempt to do our duty, we shall remain for ever poor paralytics; but as we put forth the exertion the life will flow into our souls, and we shall be strong.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: April 7th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
1 Kings 4-6 Deuteronomy 6-8 Luke 11:33-54 Psalm 42:1-6

Death, The Gate Of Life.

When he heard that Jesus had come out of Judea into Galilee, he went to him, and begged him that he would come down and heal his son, for he was at the point of death.– John 4:47

He was just on the edge of death, just at its door. The point of death is a point to which all of us some time must come. We pass through this world by many different roads. Our ways run in diverse directions, crossing each other at every possible angle. No two of us go in precisely the same path. If we could see a map of the world, with all human paths marked out on it, it would be a strange network that we should behold. But however diverse our courses, every one of us comes at last to the “point of death!” This is a point no one can ever evade. There is no road in life which goes around it. It is a strange point! At it the life suddenly passes out of sight, passes from earth, and enters on a new existence in the eternal world.

What preparation have we made for this “point of death” ? Are we ready for it, so that our sudden coming to it at any moment shall not terrify us? What preparation is necessary? Only this – that we be saved in Christ, and have our work for Him well and faithfully done up to the last moment. Christ changed this ” point of death” to a “point of life.” He tasted death for every man, and absorbed all death’s blackness and curse. Now if we are true believers in Christ, dying is but leaving darkness and sin and danger to pass into light and holiness and safety.

A poet represents one coming up to a gate on a mountain-side, over which were written the words “The Gate of Death;” but when he touched the gate, it opened, and he found himself amid great brightness and beauty; then turning about he saw above the gate he had entered the words, “The Gate of Life.” If we are in Christ, death is abolished, and the point which earth calls the point of death is really the point of life. We need then to make sure of only one thing – that we are truly Christ’s by living faith and loving obedience.

By Vine.

Bible In A Year: March 20th…

By Book Old Testament New Testament Proverbs & Psalms
1 Samuel 4-6 Numbers 9:15-11:3 Luke 3:1-22 Psalm 35:19-28

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