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Fresh Boko Haram Scare Hits Imo Nigeriens, Northerners Flood Owerri.


Palpable fear and uneasy calm is gradually enveloping in Imo state following the unprecedented increase in the number of Nigerians and Northerners in the state.
It would be recalled that the PDP in Imo state had at a press briefing few weeks ago raised alarm about possible Boko Haram in Imo when it alleged that people from the Northern part of the country where activities of Boko Haram is dominant were being trained at the state government built ICAPS complex on Egbu road Owerri. Later discoveries indicate that youths from a particular Northern state were undergoing training at ICAPS. The trainees were later sent back to the respective state by concerned authorities in Imo.
However, heavy presence of Nigerians believed to be from the Northern part of the country is being noticed in the state capital especially in Owerri and other developed towns of Orlu, Okigwe Mgbidi, Ahiara junction and Nwaoriebu.
Our reporters who have been monitoring the developments since the beginning of the year, noticed that major corners in the state capital like Douglas/Mbaise Roads, and Ama JK are witnessing beehive of activities swelled by the presence of the foreigners who have turned to itinerant artisans and craftsmen. Apart from textile and petty trading, some of them are involved in cobbler and roadside merchandising.
Trumpeta visit to Ama Hausa, abode for Northerners showed that the quarters have been over filled with people from the Hausa Fulani speaking states and foreigners with little or no space to operate. Same applies to major areas in the state capital where uncompleted buildings and shanties have turned to places of abode for these foreigners and Northerners alike.
The reasons for the influx of foreigners and Northerners could not be ascertained as to press time but reports have it that if might not be unconnected with inclement security conditions in the Northern parts of the country. It was gathered that the heavy military presence coupled with exercises of soldiers searching for Boko Haram suspects sent many Northerners and foreigners from the sect’s infested areas to terror-free zones to avoid either been caught in cross fire or nabbed by the soldiers.
However, their presence has not gone down well with residents of the state who are scared and expressing misgivings over the influx of non indigenes from the North. Apparently aware of the Boko Haram scare in Southern states like Lagos and Rivers state occasioned by heavy presence of Northerners and foreigners, Imo residents are experiencing uneasy calm, palpable fear and tension.
Some residents, who spoke to our reporter on the increasing presence of foreigners and Northerners on Owerri streets, noted that it is a dangerous trend security agencies should delve into, adding that proactive measures must be instituted to check any action likely to cause insurgence in the state.

By peter uzoma.

Source: Radio Biafra.

We are seeing hell – Borno Elders.


The Bornu Elders, Monday gave a graphic details of how life in Borno and the entire north east has been reduced to hell by the activities insurgents.

Addressing a gathering of Northern Elders Forum in Kano, Zanna Hassan Boguma who delivered a goodwill message on behalf of Borno Elders Forum declared that the entire region is now engaged in full time war from enemy within.

Boguma stated that “we have been seeing hell, our people are constantly decimated, our towns and villages razed, properties destroyed, schools and places of worship burnt, even innocent travelers were not spared” .

The elder stateman said that from the inceasant attack that the axis had witnessed in the last weeks was a confirmation of how vulnerable the entire region is.
He disclosed that the region has been turn in to a war zone with attendant humanitarian crisis, stressing that this is the time the whole country should mobilized to stop the carnage.

Boguma who doubted the intention of the perpetrators of this crime against humanity in the region was quick to add that “much as we know, the whole matter has nothing to do with claimed intention of a section imposing their will on the others, or issues of sharia or making the country ungovernable for the President or a religious war as they want to look at it”.

He however accused the Federal Government of lacking the political will to address the crisis, pointing out that Borno Elders is surprised at the grave yard silence of Government and its inability to implement several report on the insurgency turned in by expert engaged to do so by the same Government.

The Borno Elders noted that the solution to the crisis does not lie with the PDP or APC, maintaining that the situation at hand transcend politics and urged the entire Country to identify with them at the moment of need.

This catastrophe which has befallen us should be the concern of all Northerners irrespective of tribe, region, or creed. Those of you who are residing far away shold know that other citizens needed your sympathy and attention”.

Boguma posited that “until those who were namd as supporters, financiers, and alliesto the Boko Haram were brought to justice, until the political Boko Haram were apprehended and prosecuted, until the operations to contain this madness is sincerely handled, lives of our innocent villagers will continued to be sacrificed”.

By AbdulSalam Muhammad

Source: Radio Biafra.

Only In Unity Do We Stand A Chance – Karo Orovboni.

By Karo Orovboni

As most Nigerians are religious or should I say portray to be religious, I will start by taking two quotes, one from the Bible, and the other from the Quran.
“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” – Matthew 12:25

“Do not be like the ones who became divided and disputed, despite clear proofs that were given to them. For these have incurred a terrible retribution” – Quran 3:105

Nigeria has become an extremely polarised nation, to the extent that the white on the national flag, which signifies unity, is crying for a colour change. Almost every national discussion you hear will most certainly have a sectional undertone. Political officers are chosen based on what part of the country they are from or to satisfy some political interests and not necessarily for their leadership capabilities or the intellectual skill set they possess. It is now endemic in Nigeria that a person who steals from the public purse is not a thief if he or she is from the same ethnic region; they are termed “my brother” or “my sister”. This in itself is shocking!

Almost every Nigerian you speak to is dissatisfied with the state of the nation; people are angry and blame each other for the deterioration of the nation. The northerners will tell you it is the southerners, the southerners will tell you the northerners have ruled Nigeria for too long. Some have even conceived that the amalgamation of 1914 was a terrible mistake; that we would have been better of if there was no amalgamation. But before we start pointing accusing fingers and blaming the problems on the other ethnic region, I have some advice. Why not look inwards and ask your regional or ethnic leaders that are in political positions or have held political positions in the past some salient questions like:

What have you done with the allocations given to you from the treasury?

Can you point to the projects you have executed with utmost transparency and accountability?

Where are the policies you initiated that have benefitted the average Nigerian and alleviated the level of poverty?

Can you in all sincerity tell us that you have not soiled your hands in the public purse?

This list of questions is in no way exhaustive but you can begin to form an idea of the kind of questions you need to ask them.

The secession of Nigeria is far from the solution, in fact, it will indeed worsen the problems. If Nigeria splits into many parts, the prevalent problems of today will still remain. If we don’t learn how to live in unity as Nigeria, we will never be able to live in unity even if Nigeria splits into fifty parts. There are only two sets of people in Nigeria – the good and the evil, and they both exist in every geopolitical zone of the country. The ethnic and religious division is nothing but a deceitful seed sown by greedy politicians that has now grown into a mighty forest that has since been nurtured by the same group. The divide and conquer rule is not a myth, it works, and it will continue to as long as you allow yourselves to be divided along ethnic and religious lines. The more the ethnic division continue, the more the greedy politicians increase in political and financial power – the division suits their purpose.

I have said it previously that the problem of Nigeria is not the Northerners or Southerners, it isn’t the Christians or Muslims, but the major problem is corruption in high places. This is the common evil that we need to wade at all cost. A poor man from Calabar is of no better than a poor man from Sokoto. The same denominator, poverty, joins them.

I will like us to ask ourselves some questions. Of what benefit is it to you personally if the president is from your region but you have just lost a close family member because you could not afford to pay for sound health care, or when pregnant women in your region have a slim chance of surviving child birth due to bad health care service that is in its own coma? Of what use is it to you personally if the governor is from your village but yet the probability of it snowing in Nigeria is higher than you finding a job after graduation? What benefit is it to you if the local government chairman goes to your church or mosque but yet the road to your house is still impassable?

As the body is of many parts, so is Nigeria of many ethnicities, languages, and dialects. God that made the human body didn’t make a body of the same part but of different parts. There are many parts of the body but they all work together. The eye cannot say to the mouth that I do not have need of you, neither can the feet say to the hand let us depart in peace. The nose cannot perform the functions of the stomach, neither can the ear do the functions of the mouth, each member has its own important part to play in the body. The tender tongue in the midst of 32 soldiers (teeth) cannot do without each other, even though they fight at times (teeth bites the tongue), they still live together and cannot be separated.

Nigeria is a diverse country; we should draw strength from our diversity and not division. We should understand that we have different religions, ethnicities, and culture; we should learn to respect each other, live with our differences and treat everyone fairly. Every Nigerian should be able to live the way he wants in conformity with his culture, ethnic preference, and religion.

The future of Nigeria is indeed bright and it needs the brightest of brains from the north, south, east and west to joins hands to move this nation forward. We should see people for who they are or what they can contribute to the emergence of a better Nigeria and not for the geographical location they represent. If we follow the holy books we claim to believe in, we realise that we stand a better chance if we unite to advance this great nation.

Karo Orovboni

You can engage Karo on twitter @K_Orovboni


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters 

The Coward Called Asari Dokubo And His Empty Threats By Joe Igbokwe.


By Joe Igbokwe

We live in interesting times in Nigeria today. Cowards and Villains nobody knew when it mattered most in Nigeria between 1985 and 1998 are the ones terrorizing Nigeria today. Lily-livered men without bones who could not raise a voice in the days of locusts are the ones telling us today that they are courageous and strong. Men who are women who could not stand up the way the Late Ken Sarowiwa stood up to Abacha Regime are now the common fools abusing our nationhood.

Now enter Asari Dokubo, the emergency activist, the only bold one in Nigeria, the man stronger than all the armies of Nigeria. Nigeria can never change. Some of the things we accused Northern Military leaders of doing from 1985 to 1998 are repeating itself today in Nigeria. Sectional Politics, Ethnic preoccupation, Mediocracy, Favoritism and impunity are driving leadership in Nigeria today.

When the good man, the late President Yar’ Adua was hospitalized and could not continue in office in his capacity as the president many raised their voices to call for President Jonathan to be sworn in but the coward and opportunist Asari Dokubo did not threaten fire and brimstone.Today Asari Dokubo, the school drop out has become the defender and strong pillar of the President. Asari Dokubo has been making provocative and irresponsible statements abusing everybody who do not share his ideas and sentiments. He has threatened blood shed and war times without number and yet he continues to walk the street as a free man. Others from other sections of the country have been picked up and detained for doing the same thing Asari Dokubo is doing today. Mallam El Rufai was detained in Awka for going to witness Anambra Guber elections. Mallam El Rufai was also questioned recently by SSS for saying that there maybe bloodshed if we mess up with 2015 elections.

Asari Dokubo and Chief Edwin Clark may think they are helping President Goodluck Jonathan but in actions and deeds they are creating big problems for the President.  Nigerians know that President Goodluck Jonathan has empowered Asari Dokubo, Chief Edwin Clark and others in such a way that they are now multi billionaires. The world knows that Asari Dokubo and Clark have never had it so good. No wonder both of them are now planning to set up a university each. But success is supposed to be managed. Asari Dokubo and his co-traveller Chief Edwin Clark lack the capacity and the common sense that this is the time for consultations with other Nigerians and not confrontation. Both lack the discipline to consider the feelings of other Nigerians at a time like this. One understands the politics of tribes in Nigeria very well and both have  the right to support one of their own but thinking in terms of other people is the way to go for the sake of unity, peace and harmony.
I blame the past presidents of Nigeria for depending so much on crude oil instead of developing other sectors of the economy. Japan has no oil and yet is a world power today. Singapore has no oil and yet it is one of the best countries in the world today. Nigeria can do without oil if and only if we can have a thinking and creative Leader. The world today is thinking of what is in our heads and not what is underground. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Ford Motors, Toyota, Mercedes, Intel, Twitter, Panasonic, KIA, Hyundai are not oil companies. Asari please take notice that the world is moving away from crude oil.
Asari Dokubo in his stupidity thinks that President Jonathan will be installed into office in 2015 by executive fiat. No sir! It is going to be decided through the ballot box and i know that politics is a game of numbers. We may have been writing Presidential election results  in the past but Asari Dokubo must put it in his head that votes will count in 2015. Everybody’s eyes are wide open now and woe betide any crook that will want to do something funny in 2015.

Again we must register into the consciousness of every Nigerian that it is not a must that every President in Nigeria must get eight years in office. The reason why elections are conducted every four years is for the electorates to have the liberty to change a bad leader or to re-elect a good leader. A leader that lacks the capacity to perform should not be re-elected.

All things considered ,there are many compelling reasons why President Jonathan may not be re-elected in 2015. One is that we have to worry about the feelings of other ethnic groups in a democracy. The unity of this country is very important. If the President is re-elected in 2015 he would have ruled for 10years in 2019. I do not think it is fair judging from the circumstances that lead to President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death. Secondly, corruption at the federal level under President Jonathan is alarming and unacceptable. Thirdly, impunity has assumed a frightening dimension under the leadership of President Jonathan. Fourthly, the inability of President Goodluck Jonathan to tackle the  problem of insecurity is threatening also. In the midst of plenty our institutions are collapsing with no end in sight. The power sector is still down.

Asari Dokubo must shut up now and hold his peace. The best he can do now is to start moving round the country with the billions President Jonathan has provided for him to canvass for votes for Jonathan. Asari Dokubo cannot continue to preach hate to the Northerners and yet still think they will vote for President Jonathan. I plead that the loquacious Chief Edwin Clark should do the same. This is the only way to help President Jonathan to win in 2015.


Nigeria was born deformed 100 years ago and has died long before, says Bakare.

bakare 2

PM NEWS LAGOS – The General Overseer of Nigeria’s Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that the country called Nigeria was born deformed 100 years ago, adding that it died when Major General Aguiyi Ironsi abolished the regions in 1966.
The convener of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, said this while speaking on the topic: “Birthing A New Nigeria Without Complications” during a live programme on Eko FM 89.75, on Tuesday, and monitored on the SNG’s twitter handle @savenigeria. Bakare added that the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” is a lie.
He said with the way the Nigerian is currently structured, we can never produce the Nigeria of our dreams.
“If we are going to become a united nation, we need to sit down and renegotiate our destiny. The foundation of our problem is that the British ensured that for 46 years there was little interaction between the North and the South. The British ensured that the military was basically north. Where ever there is economic interest you will see military. The British were here for the economic interest
“The January 1 1914 amalgamation was merely administrative. The amalgamation of the judiciary was in 1916 and that was of the legislature was in 1947. Awo and Zik were nationalists, they set up AG and NCNC but the northern parties were given northern identities. Nigeria died a long time ago when Major General Aguiyi Ironsi abolished the regions
“The “Federal” Republic of Nigeria is a lie. This baby (Nigeria) was already born deformed. The way the Nigerian government is currently structured can never produce the Nigeria of our dreams. If we don’t restructure and have a people’s constitution, we are deceiving ourselves. Elections cannot produce it. We must not put the cart before the horse,” he warned.
Bakare wondered if there are still people in this nation capable of birthing the new Nigeria.
“George Washington refused salary as president but Nigerian politicians go into elections to make money. But there are people who will put the nation first. I am a beneficiary of Awolowo’s free education policy”
“Don’t trust anyone who has never been tested with power. The way we are going, America is beating the drum that there will not be a Nigeria by 2015 and we are dancing to it. We can avert disaster by going to the negotiation table,” he said.
Speaking on the National Confab, he said,”no matter by what nomenclature the government sets up a national conference, let’s go to the negotiation table. Any constitution that will not bend will break.
“Time has come to recaliberate prayer, evangelism and social activism. There is no time better than now for Nigerians to talk. This confab must produce a new constitution. There is hope for Nigeria.”
“We have had so many low men in high places but we have had good leaders as well. Sixty five per cent of the electorate are youths and they are the ones that can actually change things. When the youth refuse to bow they will not burn
“It’s not difficult to fight corruption. First you must be incorruptible yourself. The reason I teamed up with General Buhari was his anti-corruption track record.
“Pepper thieves are sent to jail while corrupt bank executives are kept in 5-Star hospitals,” he laments.

Source: Radio Biafra.

The ‘Northern’ blackmail of Nigeria.



I HAVE never voted in a Nigerian election. I have only ever voted once, but it was in Britain and not in Nigeria. As a Commonwealth student in England in the 1970s, I was allowed to vote for the re-election of Harold Wilson’s Labour party. However, I am seriously thinking of casting my vote, for whatever it is worth, in Nigeria’s forthcoming elections in 2015. There is only one reason for this. I am determined that a “Northerner” must not be the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


I have nothing against the North per se, but I have reached the conclusion that it would be unhealthy for Nigeria’s next president to come from the North. To accede to the insistence of certain loud Northern politicians that the North must produce the next president, is to send a wrong signal to the North. The North has become

the spoilt-child of Nigerian politics. It always has a grudge when it is not in power. This must be discouraged.

When Moshood Abiola, a Southerner, won the election in 1993, the Northern elite conspired to scuttle it. When they finally succumbed to a Southern presidency in 1999, some of them nevertheless sought to make trouble by politicising sharia. When Jonathan won in 2011, there was instigated rioting in the North. Some of the elite even decided to sponsor terrorist activities in disgruntlement. This terrorism has now backfired, to the extent that it is now beyond the control of its initial sponsors.

The North has to learn to live without political power at the centre. The rest of the country has learnt to do this over the years, as the Northern elite have monopolised power. But Northern politicians seem to believe political power is their entitlement. As a result, the “Northern” blackmail is now in full swing. Certain spokesmen of the so-called North are threatening to hold the country to ransom come 2015, if a Northerner is not elected the president of Nigeria. They are saying: “It’s either our way or no way. If we don’t get the presidency, then Nigeria cannot continue.” This is poppycock!

Vain threats

Adamawa Governor, Murtala Nyako, says: “we must stop President Goodluck Jonathan’s attempt to go for second term, as that will lead to civil war.” Who exactly are the “we” Nyako is talking to here and who is going to start this civil war? Senator Joseph Waku of the ACF (Arewa Consultative Forum) says: “President Jonathan should not even contemplate making any move to contest the 2015 election because such will be catastrophic.” I am curious as to what the catastrophe would be.

Junaid Mohammed says there will be mayhem in Nigeria should President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP rig the 2015 election. Junaid is a Second Republic politician. When Northern Shehu Shagari rigged the election in 1983 and won by a “moonslide,” Junaid did not declare mayhem on Nigeria at the time. When the election was massively rigged for Northern Yar’Adua in 2007, we did not hear of mayhem from the likes of Junaid. But with the probable re-election of a non-Northerner, Junaid is threatening violence. Well, the violence will consume no one but Junaid himself.

Precisely because of these bombastic threats, it will be impolitic for Jonathan to decide not to run in 2015. The entire nation must call the bluff of these power-hungry Northerners. Let us see what they will do if Jonathan not only runs, but is re-elected. These threats are irritating and vain. Southerners do not throw these tantrums when Northerners are in power. The Igbo are a major ethnic group in Nigeria. They have been denied the presidency for virtually all of Nigeria’s 53 year history. Yet, they are not crying wolf. They are not threatening fire and brimstone. But those who have monopolised the presidency for 38 out of 53 years are the ones shouting till they are blue in the face. What cheek!

It is not the birthright of Northerners to rule Nigeria. It is the prerogative of all Nigerians to decide who will be our president. The ethnic chauvinists of the ACF have no right to determine who Nigeria’s president should be or where he or she should come from. If the president of Nigeria does not come from the North for the next 20 years, there is nothing the ACF or anybody else can do about it.

Smoke and mirrors

The ACF position is just so much smoke and mirrors. The body does not speak for the North. It is simply the mouthpiece of certain Northern politicians who are indolent and are craving another opportunity to loot the treasury at the centre. The fact of the matter is that the North no longer exists if it ever did. It is hardly a homogeneous political entity. More than any other part of Nigeria, the North is deeply divided between the haves and the have-nots. After 38 years of deception and betrayal by Northern politicians, the Northern poor do not need to be told that such mouth-organs as the ACF and NEF (Northern Elders’ Forum) have little or no interest in their plight.

The North is currently at war with itself. The Boko Haram has become an instrument for further Northern division and impoverishment. It has started an intercinine war where some Northern Moslems have been killing Northern Christians. Undoubtedly, the effect of this scourge in dividing the North politically along religious lines will be evident in future elections.

Moreover, as was evident in the 2011 elections, the far North no longer shares traditional affinity with the Middle belt or with the North Central. The far North voted en bloc for Buhari, while the Middle Belt and the North Central voted en bloc for Goodluck Jonathan. Abuka Onalo, president UMYC (United Middle-Belt Youth Congress) insists the people of the Middle Belt are not Northerners and have never been treated as Northerners by the Hausa/Fulani. He says they are: “now remorseful of their roles in past actions of spearheading Northern interests that did not benefit their people.”

Back-room deals

Nyako maintains Jonathan signed an agreement with some northern governors in 2011 to serve for a single term of four years. This position raises a number of annoying questions. Who exactly are these northern leaders and what special place do they have in the selection of a Nigerian president that anybody needs to make an agreement with them? Nyako and his colleagues are dreamers. Whatever role they presume to arrogate to themselves in Nigerian politics is a result of their delusion. Goodluck Jonathan did not need them in order to win the last election.

In 2011, Jonathan lost to Buhari in all the far northern states of Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe, and Zamfara. Nevertheless, he still went on to win the election at the centre with a plurality of over 10 million votes. Therefore, it is immaterial whether or not he made an agreement with these Northern jokers. Those he is alleged to have made the agreement with could not even deliver their side of the bargain. Nevertheless, Jonathan went on to win the election. That should tell these pretend power-brokers that they are actually irrelevant in the Nigerian political equation. Under the circumstances, it is preposterous to now insist Jonathan must keep his part of the alleged bargain. Clearly, the bargain, if it ever existed, was a waste of time.

It is disrespectful to Nigerians for Nyako to have the audacity to say that, in a democracy, a group of Northern governors reached a private agreement on who should be the president of Nigeria. That is balderdash. Perhaps, we should just cancel elections altogether and have Nyako and his friends decide every four years who should fill what posts. These people are just fooling themselves. The fact that Jonathan subsequently became president should not obscure the fact that their presumptiveness was shown to be false. The governors could not deliver the North to him. Obviously, they had no control over Northern voters.

One-term agreements

For 38 years, when Northerners ruled Nigeria, there was no talk of any agreement with anybody to serve for a delimited period. Balewa signed no agreement for six years. Gowon entertained none for nine years. Murtala did not deem it necessary to put any pen to paper. Shagari ran for a second term without making a treaty with the South-South. Buhari succeeded Shagari without thinking it was high time a Southerner became head of state. Babangida replaced Buhari for nine years without signing an agreement with anybody. Rather than entertain Southern rule, Abacha truncated it. After five years, he reached an agreement with himself to succeed himself. After Abacha came Abdulsalaam; yet another Northerner.

But once Obasanjo, a Southerner, became president; the Northerners started talking about an agreement that he should only be president for one-term. The same irritating noises are being made again now that, for once in the history of Nigeria, a South-South man is president. For this very reason, under no circumstances should the next president of Nigeria come from the North. In the interest of national unity, these cry-baby Northern leaders need to be taught a lesson. I repeat: the presidency of Nigeria is not their birthright. If these characters don’t know this by now, 2015 is the time for them to know it.

People like Professor Ango Abdullahi of the NEF claim to be against President Jonathan on the grounds that his government has not performed. Pull another leg! The North is not known to produce good presidents. Yar’Adua was a remarkably lousy president. He was also the most tribalistic president in Nigeria’s history. He ignored federal character and filled the government with Northerners. For example, under him, the Minister of Finance, Minister of National Planning and the Governor of the Central Bank were all from Kano. The NEF kept mum even when a sick Yar’Adua was holed up in a Saudi Arabian hospital, while his Northern acolytes went on a looting spree of the treasury, forging cheques in his name.

By Femi Aribisala

Source: Radio Biafra.

North responsible for Jonathan’s failure – Alamieyeseigha.



Diepreye Peter Solomon Alamieyeseigha
NATIONAL MIRROR – Former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, yesterday warned that the failure of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan would amount to the failure of the North. Alamieyeseigha made this declaration on Friday in Abuja during the award given to the chairman of HMG Oil and Gas, Alhaji Hamza Mohammed by Arewa Youth Forum
According to the former governor who was the chairman of the occasion, Jonathan was surrounded by northerners placed in strategic positions, hence the failure of the present administration should be blamed on the northerners in office.
His words: “If you look at the structure of this country, those that have made it happen, those in the driver’s seat, President Goodluck Jonathan is only one person. One out of so many around him; and quickly, the next person to him is the vice president. He is from the North.
The third person is the Senate President; he is also from the North. The head of the judiciary is also from the North. The Inspector- General of Police is also from the North. The Chief of Defence Staff, the Chief of Air Staff, the Comptroller- General, Customs, the National Security Adviser, Comptroller-General, Immigration, CBN Governor, INEC Chairman, EFCC Chairman. I can keep counting. Tell me, which office is left?
They are all from the North. So, if this government fails, the north has failed. Not only Goodluck Jonathan from a small state called Bayelsa State.” Alamieyeseigha also blamed the economic misfortune of the nation on former leaders of the northern part of the country, whom he said had failed to develop their region despite the privilege to do so. He said: “As a child, I am 61, so I have a fair knowledge of this country.
I went to Defence Academy; I also have fair knowledge of the North. Most of their leaders, I am directing it to the Northerners. All their houses are in Kaduna, Abuja, Lagos. Go to their villages, they don’t even have houses in their villages, but they have parents left behind, no water, no electricity. Because they are enjoying urbanisation, they have forgotten where they come from. “Leadership has been with some of them. If they have used the resources of this country in developing our rural areas, we won’t be talking about this level of poverty in our remote areas.”
While describing the awardee who was honoured with “Medal of Fellow of Northern Youths” as young promising leader, detribalised and an embodiment of professional qualities, he expressed optimism that there was hope for Nigeria should her youths be groomed to overcome her present challenges.
Alamieyeseigha also scolded opposition parties for welcoming members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. “These are some of the persons that are talking, making nonsense of themselves. They are saying that PDP is bad. It is not a party that people should belong to. But the opposition, when PDP members defect to their so called opposition party, they celebrate.

They are happy getting those people that are not good to join them. There is no hope, if they are not thinking of better persons to transform this country but the same people that have failed.

Source: Radio Biafra.

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