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Some Abuja Traders Protest Plans By FCT to Allocate Their Shops to New Owners.

By Ayo Balogun

Hundreds of traders staged peaceful protest in Abuja on Thursday over alleged plan by Abuja Investment and Property Company Limited (AIPCL) and All Purpose Shelter Limited to allocate the shops to new allottees.

protest aSome of the inscriptions on the various placards carried by the aggrieved protesters, include: ”We have lost livelihood due to 11 years of oppression”; “We reject exploitation”; “Mama CJN save our soul, let justice prevail”; “11 years after ejection, handover our shops” among others.

They also raised alarm over violation of Court Order which directed the parties to maintain status-quo pending the determination of the suit filed by the traders.

Speaking on the development, Barrister Sepiribo Peters of the God’s People Legal Counsult, warned the Developer, against violation of substantive Order.

He observed that the original allottees who were unsatisfied with unfolding events, dragged Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and the developer, All Purpose Shelters Ltd and Abuja Investment and Property Development Company Limited to Court adding that attempt by the developer to open the shops for operations tantamount to Contempt of Court.

The land for the construction of the allottees under the aegis of Association of Wuye Ultra-Modern Market Allottees, was approved in 2002 by the FCT Minister after taking the census of the traders who were displaced by the inferno that gutted the new Wuse market (now NNPC Mega station) in 2001.

“The subject matter in court is to the effect that the plaintiffs are entitled to their shops as they have paid the sum the Honourable Minister of FCT asked them to pay to be allocated the shops. Instead of delivering the shops to these poor traders, the FCT wants them to pay millions of naira to a private company for another re-allocation of same shop to the tune of N5 million,” Peters said.

In a petition letter dated 2nd January 2014 and titled “Threatened violation of court orders in Abah Dennis & 369 ORS vs Hon. Minister of FCT & 3 ORS”; addressed to the FCT Minister also called for the intervention of the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

It reads “It has become necessary and too unavoidable to alert the authorities of the several threats of the defendants especially All Purpose Shelters Ltd. and Abuja Investment and Property Development Limited to disobey the orders of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja that ordered that status quo ante bellum in respect of matters pending to the occupation and use of all the shops in Wuye Modern Market, should be maintained.

“In the spirit of violating the orders of the court, the defendants especially All Purpose Shelters Ltd. and the Abuja Investment and Property Development Company Ltd. have decided to re-allocate the already allocated plantiffs’ shops to others and taking huge sum of money from these unsuspecting members of the public.

“This act sounds so much in violation of the subsisting orders to the Court. Again, it is also sounds a bit curious and unlawful for shops that the plantiffs have paid for to be re-allocated to others by the said mentioned defendants.

“People are pointing accusing fingers at Mallam el-Rufai, the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime. He is said to be behind the taking away of the people’s shops to give to All Purpose Shelters Ltd. a private company acting under the cover of Abuja Investment and Property Development Company Ltd.

“It is advisable that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s adminsitration do not give an approval to the clear oppressive acts of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Mallam el-Rufai against the poor market people. These are fellow Nigerians although they are not as rich as chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Mallam el-Rufai. These poor people’s interest should be sacrificed on the altar of societal and political status of these politicians.

“We are soliciting for your intervention as we equally seek for the intervention of all well meaning and God fearing Nigerians to please come to the aid of these poor market people.

“The present administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the Honourable Minister of Federal Capital Territory Abuja should have sympathy for those poor market people.

“Please and please, do intervene and let not the oppressive act of the past administration be taken as part of the minuses of this administration.”

While over 500 traders who got allocation in the Wuye Ultra Modern Market are yet to take delivery of the shops, others who were allotted shops in Mabuchi and Garki markets have taken delivery of their respective shops.

Source: African Examiner.

Has Success Ruined Gov. Adams Oshiomhole? By Jude Collins.

By Jude Collins

When Omotala, a renowned Nigerian actress secured a slot in the Time Magazine’s highly coveted positions, for the 100 most influential people in the world, for the year 2013, a very humane comment describing the quality of her rich personality, was made by Richard Corliss, Time’s movie critic.  According to him, Success hasn’t spoiled Africa’s most renowned leading lady. Rather than going Hollywood, Omotola wants to stay Nollywood. What Richard Corliss pointed out about Omotala is a rare quality among the rich and the influential in Nigeria. In Nigeria today, there is a social phenomenon that is being created by what I have chosen to articulate as ‘celebrity syndrome.’

Once people who were hitherto nobody shoot their way to fame and stardom, the next thing that follows is a radical change of attitude. Beginning with the pomp and pageantry that announce their movement, as well as the security details that glow all around them like the halo of holiness, one cannot but expect, as a necessary corollary of such status, a paradigm shift in their relationship with the common folk. True to this claim, some events in the past and even at present have etched into our collective consciousness the utter reality of this paradigm shift. For instance, not so long ago, a buzz about Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, dissing a fan on his Twitter handle for daring to correct his wrong grammar rented the sky. I think the exact words of Wizkid read like this; broke people always think they have opinion. What of the embattled words of our amiable Chimamanda Adichie, describing Elnathan John, one of the nominees for the 2013 Cain prize, as one of her boys at the workshop she normally organizes?

Those words might appear mindless and patronizing when viewed dispassionately. And most recently, our collective consciousness was once again jostled by a verbal assault, from a serving governor to a poor widow. It was a most unfortunate statement in which Gov. Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state, told a poor widow hawking her goods at one of the road sides in the state, to go and die for daring to use widowhood as an alibi, for indulging in the roadside trading that has been banned in the state.  All these mindless comments of our elite men and women and the constant media buzz trailing them, is a testament to the reality of the social tension rife in Nigeria. Mind you this is no attempt to pithy the poor against the rank and files.

However, the point is that unlike our amiable Amazon, Omotala, success has spoiled most of our elite men and women and especially our elected officials. Within the privileged circle of Nigeria’s elites and celebrities, one notices a culture of exclusivity, poshness and a disturbing elitism that not only set them apart from the rest of the masses, but also dubs them as sacred cows. In Nigeria today, the divide securing the world of the rich from the poor is clear and impassable. There is hardly any meeting point. But the irony of our age is that we celebrate this divide using beautiful expressions like: celebrities, elites, V.I.Ps, aristocrats, cream of societies and so on without knowing the enormous claims they are making on the fabric of our social life. How prescient was Fulton Sheen when many years ago, he summarized the leanings of this age with a most perceptive title of a book called Old Errors and New Labels?  It is pretty concerning that our sociologists and other social activists are not being perceptive to how portentous such seemingly harmless expressions are becoming for the health of human family.

While there is a vast corpus of literature condemning the ancient and traditional caste system for the stigmatization and segregation it has brought to human family, there is hardly any known voice (be it political or religious) condemning the social tension celebrity syndrome is creating in our age. But the fact is that these seemingly harmless phrases have no doubt fragmented and stratified the human family with a radical nature never seen before. Think of the many young men and women who have been killed or maimed just for the crime of falling in love with the daughter or son of a wealthy man. Think of the human struggle for survival in Nigeria and how many Nigerians that loses that battle on daily basis. Think also of the fact that social media like facebook has created a celebrity page where poor masses can neither send nor receive the offer of friendship from men living on the affluent strata in our society.  For all its atrocities as a social crime, caste system has never been anywhere near the fatality score-card of celebrity syndrome. As the world counts her victory over the strongholds of caste systems of the old and traditional order in some parts of the globe, she should warm up for a more challenging task. Celebrity syndrome has created a new social caste system that is more infernal than the old caste system.

Gov. Adams Oshiomhole has already given the red light betraying the banality of this social phenomenon. While the caste system of the old and traditional order regards its human victims as totems that must not be abused, the new caste system created by wealth and fame treats its human victims as sub-humans with debatable humanity at that. What is destroying human family today is far from hunger and poverty or even the major humanitarian emergencies like war and religious crisis. It is rather the ever widening gap securing the world of the rich from the poor. No one who visits places like Ajegunle and Victoria Garden City both in Lagos or Okpoko and Akpaka housing estate both in Onitsha will come out without having the feeling that ours is a cruelly divided planet. And to aggravate issues, the major dramas of today’s world are continually being cast and recast on the stage of the rich and mighty where the poor could hardly gain access. How many of the people living on the poverty divide in today’s world, could relate with the reality of a world whose affairs are constantly being modeled on the aristocratic patterns of wealth, bureaucracy and opulence?

The day I encountered a woman struck with childlike wonder and fascination, on seeing a running tap for the first time in her life, was the day it dawned on me that human family has left many of its members far behind the light of civilization, as she struggles to keep pace with the very few privileged ones. Henri J. Nouwen was closest to the truth of this type of encounter when he said; “From time to time someone enters your life whose appearance, behaviour, and words intimate in a dramatic way the contemporary human condition.”

The contemporary human condition is that, giving the ever-widening gap between the worlds of the rich and the poor, the poor have become so backward and out of touch with the trends of time, while the rich have allowed wealth and success to spoil them, to the extent of making them deride and ridicule the poor with impunity. Gov. Adams Oshiomhole’s encounter with a certain poor widow remains a point of reference in this regard. Interestingly, Gov. Oshiomhole seems to be getting an invitation for something special. Of all the governors in Nigeria, the destitution of his own people keeps making headlines of our national dailies. The first time it was the saga of the stowaway kid whom he eventually gave scholarship. This time around it was the poor widow whom he offered a job and N2 million in cash.

As good as all these gestures might appear, they are nevertheless akin to the act of a physician treating the symptom of a disease without curing the cause of the disease. Who knows the struggle for survival and how many people that lose that struggle on daily basis? Must we wait for public outcry before something is done? Therefore, I challenge Gov. Oshiomhole to go beyond the mere use of using palliative measures in tackling the problems of his people and look for more concrete things to do to heal our divided planet. I challenge him to prove to Nigerians that success has not spoiled him and that he has not taken a tumble into the pitfall of fame.

A story told of Siddhartha Gautama, popularly known as Buddha, the founder of Buddhist religion was that, as a child from a wealthy family, he was ordered by Suddhodana, his wealthy father, to live a life of total seclusion which made it impossible for him to relate with the poor folks in his land. But one day as providence would have it, Siddhartha ventured out into the world and was confronted with the reality of the inevitable suffering of life. The next day, at the age of twenty-nine, he left his kingdom and newborn son to lead an ascetic life and determine a way to relieve universal suffering. This is how Buddhism-a religion that strives to bridge the divide between the rich and the poor-was born. Who knows if Oshiomhole’s encounter with the poor is not an invitation from God for him to found-may be-a new religion that can address concretely the problems of his people. If he so wishes, we can call it Oshiomholeism.

(You can reach the writer through

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Ralph Uwazuruike’s MASSOB clashes with Nigeria Police in Onitsha One killed, 11 injured.



The members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, on Friday clashed with the police in Anambra State, leaving one person dead, and eleven others in various degrees of injuries.
A source told DailyPost that trouble started when a police team on surveillance flagged down a motorist along the ever busy Onitsha/Owerri road in Onitsha, which drew the attention of MASSOB members that were controlling the traffic.
MASSOB members have been involved in voluntary traffic control since the yuletide.
As they intervened, there was a heated argument which resulted in assault between the MASSOB and police, prompting one of the policemen to shoot a MASSOB member and he died instantly.
Consequently, the MASSOB members in anger barricaded the ever-busy Onitsha-Owerri road for two hours and made bonfire with fairly used tyres forcing traffic to divert to the Obosi by-pass.
Meanwhile, the corpse of the dead member was said to have been taken to the Awada Police Station.
When contacted, the Onitsha Police Area Commander, Mr. Benjamin Wordu confirmed the incident but said that trouble started when MASSOB and a rival group had a bloody clash.
He said on hearing of the incident, he dispatched a team of policemen to the troubled area, adding that normalcy had since returned.

Source: Radio Biafra.

MASSOB urges police to release body of slain member.


Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has called on the police in Anambra State to release to them for burial, the corpse of one of their members, one Chimezie Anigbata, who they alleged was brutally killed by the police.

The group said it was a taboo in Igbo land for a man to die and not to be properly buried.

MASSOB equally called on the police in the state to free three of their members; Uchenna Ajogwu, Kelechi Nkwuda and Ifeanyi Agbom, who they alleged have been in detention since October this year.

The organisation’s Regional Administrator for Awka North, Anthony Nwodo, who made the call in Aba, Abia State, said Anigbata was killed by the police on

October 14 as they were holding a meeting in Onitsha, when the three members were also arrested.

Nwodo, who said he was in Aba to avoid being arrested by the police in Anambra State, claimed the police were after him and that it was unfortunate that the police could kill Anigbata after MASSOB members had arrested and handed over to them (the police), one Chinedu who impersonated a MASSOB official and was demolishing a building at Otigba 33, in Oyi Local Government.

Nwodo alleged that in an attempt to evade arrest by the MASSOB members, the police branded them kidnappers and charged them to court. He said the court discharged and acquitted them but that police re-arrested and re-branded them armed robbers and has since detained the three persons.

He appealed to President Goddluck Jonathan and the Inspector-General of Police, to as a matter of urgency, not only order the officer in charge of SARS in Anambra State to free the three MASSOB members held incommunicado since October 14, but also to release the corpse of Anigbata to them for burial.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Ohanaeze seeks closer S-East, S-South cooperation.


AWKA—Apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has called for a closer cooperation between the South East and South South geo-political zones for the purpose of improving the economic base of the two zones.
Anambra State chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Chris Eluomunoh, at a news conference in Awka, urged the two zones not to succumb to the antics of other sections of Nigeria who preferred that the two zones, which cooperated well in the defunct Eastern

Region, be made to remain antagonistic to each other.
According to him, it is the people of the two zones that are losing out in the face of lack of cooperation between them.
He said: “This is the right time for these two zones to evolve ways of enhancing the welfare of their people and economy of their states.

“The campaign of divide and rule being championed by some people in the zone should be put behind. It is in the best interest of the Igbos, the Ijaws and other tribes in the two zones to work together as this will fast track development in the area.

“The first opportunity to begin this cooperation will be offered by the proposed national conference. The two zones must work together and bring to the front burner issues that will be of great benefit to their people during the national conference.”

Eluomunoh also debunked the argument in some quarters that President Goodluck Jonathan had not done much for the people of the South East, noting that it was only the present administration that had appointed Igbos into sensitive positions hitherto considered no-go areas for them.

He argued that the Jonathan administration had completed a number of important projects in the zone, including Enugu International airport, Onitsha seaport and set a machinery in motion for the construction of the second Niger bridge and the rehabilitation of federal roads in the zone.

The Ohanaeze boss also spoke on the recently-concluded Anambra State governorship election, calling on those who vied for the position to join the winner, Chief Willie Obiano, in moving the state forward.

He said further: “The election has come and gone and Ohanaeze is satisfied with its conduct and our advice is that anybody who is not satisfied with the outcome of the election should approach the court for redress.

“We believe that the voting pattern is the wish of the people and if the election is contested again, the voting pattern will not change.”

By Vincent Ujumadu

Source: Radio Biafra.

Biafra agitation is lawful says United Nations.

United Nations

Clarification on the issue of legal protection for Biafrans in Nigeria and elsewhere from the Executive Council of the Indigenous People of Biafra

United Nation’s Defined Rights of Indigenous People and their Implications for the Indigenous People of Biafra?

According to the United Nations charter for the Rights of Indigenous People, all fears hitherto holding down the Indigenous People of Biafra from accessing clearly defined indigenous peoples’ rights have been put to permanent sleep. As Indigenous People,

this charter to which the Africa union and Nigerian State is a signatory, clearly states that we reserve the right to agitate for Biafra without fear of intimidations from within the Nigerian State and/or even in the diaspora.

This global human rights charter therefore shields the Indigenous People of Biafra from undue harassment, arrest, detention and even murder from the Nigerian State. The Nigerian Police has no right whatsoever, to arrest any peaceful gathering of the Indigenous People of Biafra; if they do, they are in material breach of the binding covenant they entered into and are in effect inviting anarchy. A breach of this by the Nigerian State is a tantamount to a collision between the Nigerian State and chaos on the one side, and the United Nation and the Indigenous People of Biafra on the other side.

The Indigenous People of Biafra hereby duly notifies the Inspector General of Nigerian Police, Director of SSS, all State Governors, Speakers of Houses of Assembly all over Nigeria and State Police Commissioners that Indigenous People of Biafra are entitled to hold meetings without fear of arrest or molestation. Formal letters will be issued to them via the offices of the Association of Lawyers for the Defense of the Rights of Indigenous People based in Onitsha.

Henceforth all coordinators in Nigeria and African countries are mandated to display the legal notice below in a banner or board at the entrance to their meeting chamber or hall. They must also have copies of the UN Charter to make available to anyone wishing to have sight of it should the need arise.


This meeting of the Indigenous People of Biafra holding here today is lawfully convened under rights granted by the UNITED NATIONS as contained in the United Nations DECLARATION on the RIGHTS of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES 2007

By virtue of this and in pursuant to Articles 3 & 4 of this Charter-interpreted for our purposes below and its objectives:

We the Indigenous People of Biafra under Article 3 of the above UN Charter, have the right to self-determination. By virtue of this right, we wish to freely determine our political status and also to freely pursue our economic, social and cultural development.

We the Indigenous People of Biafra under Article 4 of the above UN Charter, is free to exercise our right to self-determination, we have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to our internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing our autonomous functions.


A free copy of the UN Charter is available on demand

Source: Radio Biafra.

2 die of exhaustion at Onitsha Bridge traffic gridlock.


ONITSHA—Two persons yesterday died on top of the Niger Bridge, Onitsha in Anambra State following a heavy traffic jam on the bridge.

The victims, a middle-aged man and a little child, allegedly died due to exhaustion arising from the long hours spent in their vehicles while trying to cross the Niger Bridge which passage has for some time now remained a nightmare to both transporters and their passengers.

Vanguard sources, however, said that the deceased whose identities were not immediately known was a minor who was coming back with his mother in a commercial bus from Lagos, while the second victim, was a trader who travelled all the way from the North to Onitsha to sell his goods.

It was learnt that while the small child died instantly on her mother’s lap at the Bridge, the business man died minutes after crossing the bridge to Onitsha from the

North. It was alleged that the child had cried for a long time due to heat in the vehicle while waiting to cross the bridge before the mother eventually discovered that her child was no longer breathing.

The bewildered mother was said to have become hysterical as she burst into tears running helter-skelter when she discovered that her child whom she thought fell asleep was actually dead. The trader was also said to have boarded the vehicle from the North and travelled smoothly until the Asaba end of the Bridge where they spent several hours under the scorching heat in an attempt to cross the Niger Bridge. An eye witness account said that the victim and other passengers with him in the vehicle had already crossed the bridge and was offloading his goods from the vehicle when he suddenly slumped and died.

The Federal Government had repeatedly promised in the last 10 years to build a second Niger Bridge to ease traffic congestion on the bridge which is the gateway from the Lagos and other South-west states to the South-east and South-South.

Source: Radio Biafra.

MASSOB declares war on Police.


Members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB on Friday gave the Nigeria police and

other security agencies a four-day ultimatum to release over 11 of its members who were recently arrested and shot in Onitsha.

Addressing journalists in the commercial city of Onitsha, the MASSOB administrator for Awka North region, Mr. Tony Nwodo said the movement has given the police just four days to release all its members arrested or charge them to court.

He further called for the immediate release of the corpse of one Chimezie allegedly shot dead by a joint team of army and police at Nkwelle Ezunanka recently during a shoot-out, adding that after the expiration of the ultimatum, the movement may explore alternative avenue to seek justice.

Mr. Nwodo also accused the police of torturing MASSOB members while raising the alarm over the whereabouts of over five members of the body, adding: “We are still searching for five of our members who got missing after the police shot one of us”

He gave the names of the detainees as Ifeanyi Pota, Ifeanyi Agbom, Kelechi Nkwuta, Emeka Martin, Chibuike Okafor, Osita Anene and Chimezie who was shot dead during the operation. He also said John Okechukwu, Chidubem Sunday, Okafor Ede, Emeka Nwani and Greg Chimezie are still missing.

The regional administrator further challenged the police and other law enforcement agencies to charge their members to court if they were found to have committed any crime, adding that they would be forced to go to court to seek redress over the alleged killing of their member.

“The police should release our members within these four days we have graciously given to them. Our members are not criminals and MASSOB has stood tall in maintaining law and order in the state and Igbo land in general”, he said.

He wondered why police and other security agencies could be hunting for MASSOB members, maiming and killing them without any justification. “We have taken our case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague to look into the inhuman treatment we are facing in Nigeria” he said.


Source: Radio Biafra.

Onitsha shoot-out MASSOB accuses Army of killing member.


Following the alleged shoot-out yesterday between joint team of Army, Police and suspected kidnappers at 3-3 in the commercial city of Onitsha, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has faulted the claims by the security agencies that the suspects were kidnappers.

It alleged that its member was killed and later dubbed a kidnap suspect by security agents. The group’s regional administrator, Awka North, Chief Tony Nwodo, faulted the claims that there was a shoot-out between the joint team of army and police personnel and suspected kidnappers.

He said the security agents stormed MASSOB meeting venue, opened fire on their members and killed one while others sustained various degrees of gunshot injuries.

Nwodo disclosed that there was no case of kidnapping in the area as MASSOB members had on Friday arrested one Sunday, (sure name withheld) a native of Nkwelle, who was impersonating MASSOB members to commit crime including robbery and handed him over to the Divisional Police Officer in charge of 3-3, Mr. Ekene.

“What happened on Monday, October 14, 2013 was a cover-up because the army and the police knew the truth; they knew there was no case of kidnapping anywhere around the area. MASSOB members had on October 11 arrested one Sunday from Nkwelle, who was using MASSOB name to commit all sorts of crime including armed robbery and destroying people’s property.

We handed the suspect over to the DPO, 3-3, Mr. Nonso which is on record.”

“Then on Monday, October 14, MASSOB members also arrested one other suspect, Chinedu, for impersonating the movement, to use it to intimidate the residents of the area in the name of MASSOB and our members were on their way, to handing him over to the police at 3-3, when soldiers stormed the area and opened fire on our members and in the process, killed one of us, injured many and arrested over 10 members of MASSOB,” he said.

Nwodo disclosed that apart from the deceased whom they gave his name as Chimezie whom the security agents alleged was a kidnap suspect; over 10 members of MASSOB were undergoing torture in police cell while five other members are still missing without any trace to their whereabouts.


Source: Radio Biafra.

GUO escapes assassination in Onitsha.



Barely 48 hours after operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) killed six suspected kidnappers in Ihiala Council Area of Anambra State, a business magnate and transporter, Chief Godwin Okeke (GUO motors) escaped death by the whiskers yesterday when gunmen suspected to be hired assassins attacked his car.

The attack occurred barely one month after the owner of the Young Shall Grow Motors, Chief Vincent Obianodo escaped suspected assasins’s bullets in Festac Area of Lagos.

Okeke escaped death miraculously within his residence at Government Reserved Area (GRA), Onitsha, while he was returning from work at about 6.45 pm when the gunmen trailed his car to the gate of his home.

Though the business magnate was not hurt, it was gathered that after he came in, one of the drivers in his convoy went out with a black Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with Reg. No ME70AAA, and the assailants trailed him and opened fire on the car.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Okeke said he had come back about 10 minutes earlier and sent his driver on an errand with the car and on his way back, gunmen operating in a Toyota Siena car trailed him to his gate and opened fire on the vehicle.


His words: “I came back yesterday about 10 minutes earlier and I sent my driver to go and buy something. Shortly after that, we began to hear terrifying gunshots in front of the gate.

“It was when the assailants trailed the car, thinking that I was inside; they first opened fire at the windscreen, directing it at the front seat where they thought a security man was sitting.

“They shattered the windscreen, shot again at the driver and the bullets miraculously missed his forehead and just scratched his head and the bullets also hit his hand.”

“They also shattered the tyres of the vehicle and riddled the whole vehicle with over 60 bullets. The operation was a very brief one because it lasted for about five minutes.

“The assailants came purposely to eliminate me because within the last few months, I have been receiving threats from various criminal gangs, ordering me to leave Onitsha and Anambra State completely.

“But I told them that nobody can force me out of Onitsha or Anambra State. They probably thought I was inside the car because when they forced the door open, they were asking where is Oga?, before they left.”


Source: Radio Biafra.

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